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									Star Panzer

 Proposed by:
  Eric Nelson
        Story Introduction
The year is 2492. The peoples of earth
have taken to the stars and explored the
near reaches of the galaxy. With its
strength united, the earth has established
many colonies. Two days ago, unknown
ships were sighted near the newly formed
colony of New Brazil, on Oberion II.
        Story Introduction
The United Earth Space Navy has an
orbital base at Persius, the third moon of
Oberion IV. You are an Admiral stationed
here. Command has selected you to
investigate the occurrence. You are to
select your force and make best speed to
the planet within the hour.
                Mission 1
• The player shows up at the colony with
  their fleet. A small enemy force is
  bombarding the planet. They immediately
  break off and attack the player. When the
  battle is concluded, the survivors abandon
  the colony and return with the player to the
  Persius orbital base.
                  Mission 2
• The player is briefed that they will be scouting
  some of the nearby systems in force. As their
  squadron is launching, a medium sized enemy
  heavy strike force jumps in. The player engages
  the enemy, only controlling their fleet. A friendly
  force that just left on a mission returns a few
  minutes into the fight to aid the Earth forces.
  The player must defend the base while it
  launches the warships that are still docked.
               Mission 3
• Reinforcements from Earth arrive. The
  player gets orders to go with them to
  attack an enemy installation. The
  combined fleet gets pulled out of
  hyperspace en route to the target and is
  ambushed. After this battle, the player’s
  force continues to the supply depot. After
  a small skirmish with enemy defenders,
  the player strips and destroys the supply
      Resolution ( The End )
• With this task completed, the sector is
  secure from further attacks. The player is
  recalled to Central Command on the Lunar
  Base to give a briefing on the enemy.
            Appearance A
• The ship graphics will be sleek and
  streamlined, as opposed to the clunky
  view of spaceship design with function
  taking priority over looks.
• Ships will have full freedom to move in any
  direction on the x, y, z axes.
            Appearance B
• A heads up display will show the hull
  damage for each compartment of the
  player’s ship. This display will also show
  the status of each weapon on the ship.
• Another display will show which attack
  method is set for orders given to the other
            Appearance C
• In between missions, the player can
  navigate displays to upgrade their ship
  and add additional ships to their fleet. The
  quality and amount of these will increase
  with the completion of each mission.
               Player Roles
• The primary roll of the player is to exert
  total command over their ship, and give
  orders to the rest of the ships in their fleet.
• A ship given orders will carry them out
  based on AI coding.
• The player may order one or more ships to
  attack, defend, move to, or form up on
  another ship.
• Ships told to attack will do so in one of
  three methods, based on the option
  selected in the Attack Method Display.
• The options are standoff, charge, or flank
  the enemy.
        Flagship Destruction
• Should the player’s personal flagship be
  destroyed, a command class escape pod
  will be launched.
• The player may then select to dock with
  the nearest ship, or the strongest ship left
  in the fleet.
• Traveling will take a small amount of time,
  but going a shorter distance will be
  significantly quicker.
           Influence Points
• The player may spend influence points
  earned during each mission on personal
  ship upgrades and on adding additional
  ships to their fleet.
• Possible ship upgrades will include thicker
  armor plating, engine upgrades, and
  adding a selection of additional weapons.
• A series of levels with increasing difficulty
  will take the player through the storyline.
  The story will be linear, but the player can
  choose which ships are added to their fleet
  at the start of each level.
            Ship Selection
• Ship selection is the primary strategy
  component, as the player may choose to
  deploy a weak but agile fleet, or a smaller
  fleet of juggernauts that will have to cope
  with being outmaneuvered.
• Hardware: Standard Computer
• Software: C++ compiler, graphics
  program, writing application
• Algorithms: Focused on implementing
  artificial intelligence aspects.

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