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									                                                                                   Sha Tin College 沙田學院
                                                                                   3 Lai Wo Lane · Fo Tan · Sha Tin

         Sha Tin College                                                           New Territories · Hong Kong
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                               Minutes: Cross Phase Liaison Meeting
                                    Monday February 4, 2013

Apologies: Laurie, Bryan and Amanda

Hugh Beames – Head of Year 6 at Sha Tin Junior School: Assistance with Year 6 Exhibition

Hugh said that the Exhibition Unit remains the final one for the academic year. There are not enough
teachers to accommodate all the Year 6 students so he is looking for support from College teachers
and students as happened in 2012-2013 when both were mentors. This year Hugh’s team will
introduce blogs so students can record their progress (kidblogg) and use them with their mentors so
they can receive feedback this way, too.

Year 6 students are able to choose topics themselves, though they are historically influenced by guest
speakers invited to the school. This year, the students will also be reading newspapers, encouraged
to choose topics which strike a chord with them and about which they are passionate. Some which
appear popular already are: air pollution, endangered animals and poverty. The topics must be able
to be worked on collaboratively and appropriate to the age level.

   ● There are three – five students per group
   ● Minimum of two meetings with student groups but possibly more with enthusiastic students
   ● Start date: May 7. The Exhibition itself is on Thursday June 20
   ● Volunteers: CMR will ask all teachers, the Student Council (via BT) and WH. Lindsay + Chris
       are early volunteers
   ● Hugh will send Chris a list of student topics. He said that STC teachers who have an area of
       interest about anything are welcome to also volunteer to speak to the Year 6 students.

  Feedback from Nicky about Mike Ollerton and Island School Inquiry Based Learning

Four STC Maths teachers watched Mike Ollerton, a pioneer in EBL in Maths education, teach lessons
‘live’ at IS after an invitation from Jenny Wathall, Head of Mathematics. The aim was to broaden the
teaching repertoire of Mathematics teachers to include investigative approaches. Mike stressed the
importance of less teacher led discussions and giving students an opportunity to explore ideas so
deeper conceptual understandings of topics covered would result.

Nicky reported that Mike is ‘passionate about Maths’. She said that IS is redesigning its entire
curriculum to include more inquiry based activities and the Maths Faculty aims to be less reliant on
textbooks (although there will be photocopying implications, she said). Nicky’s view was that Mike
had a positive influence which was far more widely accepted than a mandated curriculum would be
and, as an expert, seeing him engage with students was wonderful. She favours Mike visiting STC
when he returns later in May when Mike returns to IS.

Nicky then reported that she and David Sanda met with Kim Tan, Head of Maths at STJS, last week to
organise some Year 5 + 6 students to join us for ‘Dragon Maths’ on March 5. This will also assist in
                                                                                   Sha Tin College 沙田學院
                                                                                   3 Lai Wo Lane · Fo Tan · Sha Tin

         Sha Tin College                                                           New Territories · Hong Kong
                                                                                   香港新界沙田火炭麗禾里 3 號
                                                                                   Tel: 電話 + 852 2699 1811
                                                                                   Fax: 傳真 + 852 2695 0592

supporting the SEAMC programme in developing competitive teams. (Hugh later confirmed with CMR
that 25 Year 6 students will participate in ‘Dragon Maths’ from Year 6)

Feedback from David Stott about DT links with Sha Tin Junior School

David reported that on February 26 and March 4 DT teachers will be offering mini-lessons to Sha Tin
Junior School Year 6 students. These will link with the aspect of architecture they will be studying as
part of their Unit of Inquiry. It will involve types of wood, metals and also plastics used to make
moulds which will then be used in Food Technology for biscuits. David has met with the respective
Year 6 teachers and his team will help their Year 6 colleagues delivering their lessons. There are
three sessions of 22 students each planned around DT workshop availability.

Transition - Chris

CMR reported that this is the start of the busy transition period. Laurie, Jessica and their team have
already begun. Last week there was a very successful morning with students welcomed from STJS,
BHS, KJS and other schools, who will be in Learning Support Year 6 beginning in August. LS and JYL
will visit students in their own schools to see them in their own learning environments, and contexts,
and parents of the new Year 6 LSC students are coming in to a meeting on Wednesday February 6 at
6:30pm led by Laurie and Jessica.

   ●   Sian May, the new Head of Year 7, has now been appointed - this is very positive and will help
       transition and induction, amongst many other things
   ●   Students from Year 6 at Beacon Hill (those joining Year 7 in August) and Sha Tin Junior School
       (approximately 30) are invited to our CNY assembly on Thursday February 7
   ●   Electronic newsletter - please remember to keep photos of and notes on any work so CMR and
       Jane Yao can include them as they begin compiling this for the Year 6 students
   ●   Jonathan Straker asked if anyone has questions about transition in general to contact him
   ●   No AOB

           ○   James Harrison publically thanked Mike for his Science work at BHS during the meeting
               (below) which occurred on Wednesday January 30

                                 Cross Phase Managers Meeting
4:15pm to 5:30pm, Wednesday 30th January, 2013
Seminar Room 2, Fortis Centre
   1 Apologies for absence
   2 Transition update – round robin of status and plans   20min All
   3 ISA                                                 10min    DK
   4 Curriculum continuum update                          20 min BC/SR
   5 Chinese update                                      10 min WXP
   6 Transition 2013/2014 – planning and communication      5min JS
   7 AOB
   8 Cluster groups                                      10 min   All
                                                                             Sha Tin College 沙田學院
                                                                             3 Lai Wo Lane · Fo Tan · Sha Tin

         Sha Tin College                                                     New Territories · Hong Kong
                                                                             香港新界沙田火炭麗禾里 3 號
                                                                             Tel: 電話 + 852 2699 1811
                                                                             Fax: 傳真 + 852 2695 0592

Reminder of other cross phase dates in 2013

Cross Phase Managers meeting
Wednesday, 8th May, 2013

Clicker Day - 3 parts

   ●  Friday, 26th April, 2013
     Data transfer via MAZE (Admin staff)
    Cross phase information and rubrics (transfer document) via Gateway
    Standardised test scores/assessment data + Chinese Benchmark information via Gateway

Cross ESF pastoral day
   ● Thursday, 30th May, 2013

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