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					5th October 2012

Dear Parents,

Re: Sha Tin Schools Fair 17 November 2012

The School Fair is fast approaching. It is a highlight of the school calendar, providing an
opportunity for the communities of both schools to come together, meet friends, enjoy a
festive occasion and raise funds for school projects.

The funds raised provide for extras that are outside of the regular school budget. Last year, for
instance, a significant proportion of the funds raised helped towards the provision of a
gymnasium at SJS and were used to support the PTA's ongoing proposal to create a Green Wall at

The Fair Raffle is an important means of raising funds. This year, in addition to approaching
local businesses for prize donations, we are asking students to help out as well. We would like
students in every year group to identify a raffle prize. Do your parents run or work for a
company that manufactures goods that can be donated for raffle prizes? If you have an idea for
a prize donation, please contact our PTA Administrators (contact numbers below). Examples
of great raffle prizes are; household and electronic items, spa products, clothing, wine, food or
anything else that people in the Sha Tin School Community would like to win. The committee
is confident that the students and parents of the Sha Tin Schools can come together to make
the raffle a success again this year.

Unfortunately, our raffle is subject to a strict application process and the deadline for prize
notification is Monday 15 October. So please let us know about any potential raffle
donations as quickly as possible this week.

Please let's work together to create a great fair and a successful fund raising effort. We can
build a raffle with prizes that have people lining up to buy tickets. All it takes is you!

If you are able to help out, please contact the school PTA office, Deirdre Leung at 2697-4070
or Katherine Liu at 2693-4519.

Perry Tunesi                                                       Marc Morris
Sha Tin Junior School                                              Sha Tin College
                                        REPLY FORM

To: Sha Tin College PTA & Sha Tin Junior PTA
(Fax: 2695 0592 or pta@shatincollege.edu.hk)

□ General Donation
I would like to donate the following.
       ○ Raffle Prize              ○ Money             ○ Small Game Stall Prizes
(stationery items)
      ○ General sale New Items/ Samples to sell on our school stall               ○ New
       ○ 2nd Hand Books
Cheques can be made payable to “Sha Tin College Parent Teacher Association Ltd”

□ Voluntary helpers Saturday 17th November
I would like to offer help for these
        ○ Food Stalls                   ○ School Games Stalls         ○ General Help

□ Home Made COLD Food items
        ○ cakes        ○ Cup Cakes           ○ Cookies ○ Muffins
        ○ Sandwiches           ○ Pies ○ Others

□ Home Made Food
       ○ Chinese         ○ Korean            ○ Vegetarian       ○ Other

Name: ________________________            Phone: __________________

Child’s Name: __________________________          Class/Form: _____________________

Please return by Monday 15th October 2012

Your generosity and co-operation is greatly appreciated.

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