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   “To be a poor man is hard, but to be a poor race in a land of dollars is the very bottom of hardships.”
                                                                                          -W.E.B. Du Bois

                                                   Opportunity & Diversity: One Industry At a
                                                                 Time, By NAACP President
                                                                     Benjamin Todd Jealous

                                                              NAACP Celebrates Pennslyvania
                                                                             Payday Victory!

                                                                  NAACP Diversity Job Fair and
                                                                      Financial Advocacy and
                                                                      Community Tour (FACT)
                                                                      Tremendous Success in
                                                                              Minneapolis, MI

                                                         The Economic Lessons of Dr. King:
                                                           Remembering the Significance of
                                                    Dr. Martin Luther King’s Freedom Budget

Former NAACP Secretary in Montgomery
                         ISSUE 10 FEBRUARY 2013
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                         Table of Contents
     2        NAACP Celebrates Pennsylvania Payday Victory!

              NAACP Diversity Job Fair and Financial Advocacy and Community Tour
     3        (FACT) Tremendous Success in Minneapolis, MI

              Opportunity & Diversity: One Industry at a Time by Benjamin Todd
     4        Jealous, NAACP President & CEO

     5        NAACP Unit Highlight - Columbus Youth Chapter

    6         What’s Going On In Fair Lending

              The Economic Lessons of Dr. Martin Luther King: Remembering the
    7         Significance of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Freedom Budget

    8         What’s Hot: How To Secure Your Dream Job and Knowing What It Takes!

    9         February Partnership Highlight: Common Security Club

10 - 12       What’s New at the Economic Department: Welcoming Team Members
              and Interns

              NAACP Economic Department Celebrates Successful Year with Holiday
  13          Party

14 -15        Upcoming Events

Note: All articles are written by Heather Qader, Economic Research Intern unless otherwise
             NAACP Celebrates
              Payday Victory!

T       hanks to the efforts of President Jerome
        Mondesire of the Pennsylvania NAACP
        and a broad, diverse statewide coalition
in Pennsylvania, the state’s strong laws against
predatory payday lending remain intact. This victory
means hundreds of millions of dollars will remain in
people’s pockets rather than going toward predatory
loan fees.

During the recently concluded 2012 Pennsylvania
legislative session, the legislature voted on a bill
that would authorize 300 percent APR payday loans
in the state. If the bill had passed, Pennsylvania
neighborhoods would have soon been flooded
with payday loan shops and Pennsylvanians would
have been exposed to a range of harmful long-term
financial consequences including increased likelihood
of bankruptcy, delinquency on other bills and
involuntary bank account closures.

                                                        According to the Patriot-News, a Harrisburg
                                                        newspaper, concerns from a broad coalition of
                                                        groups—including the military, churches, senior
                                                        citizens and low-income residents—played an
                                                        instrumental role in stopping this bill.
                                                        Thank again to the Pennsylvania NAACP and all the
                                                        groups in Pennsylvania for making their voices heard
                                                        and achieving this important victory for economic


        NAACP Diversity Job Fair and Financial
        Advocacy and Community Tour (FACT)
        Tremendous Success in Minneapolis, MI
                         By: Nicole Kenney, Communications Associate
On January 21st, The National NAACP
Economic Department brought its Financial
Advocacy and Community Tour (FACT) to the
Region IV NAACP Diversity Job Fair to assist
local residents with their economic recovery
in Minneapolis, MI.

Over 500 participants attended the NAACP
Diversity Job Fair, which featured employers
from Minneapolis and beyond, including
the Office of Veteran’s Affairs and VetJobs.
com. “We know communities of color are
recovering at a much more stagnant rate
with disproportionately high unemployment,
limited access to economic resources and
growing economic inequality. The Diversity
Job Fair and the Financial Advocacy and
Community Tour (FACT) is a demonstration
of the NAACP’s commitment to bringing
job opportunities, economic education                                              Minneapolis FACT Tour Hosts
and resources to these communities,” says Dedrick
Muhammad, senior director of the NAACP Economic              It was great to be a part of the event and discuss
Department.                                                  the local branches’ concerns and initiatives that are
The Financial Advocacy and Community Tour (FACT)             being pursued to close the unemployment gap in our
provided approximately 300 participants with access          community.”
                                   to hands-on expertise
                                   through financial         This year marks the second year of the Financial
                                   planners, HUD-certified   Advocacy and Community Tour (FACT.) The inaugural
                                   counselors and            year was a tremendous success as the tour exposed
                                   representatives from      over a thousand NAACP members and locals to valuable
                                   financial institutions    resources addressing economic challenges affecting the
                                   and nonprofit             community. The NAACP Job Fair and FACT will be making
                                   economic advocacy         stops in Chicago, Pittsburgh, Houston, Orlando and
                                   organizations including   Dallas over the next several months.
                                   Bank of America,
                                   National Foundation       We look forward to seeing you at the NAACP Diversity
                                   for Credit Counseling,    Job Fair and the Financial Advocacy and Community
Operation Hope, Neighborworks America, Center for            Tour. Come equip yourself with economic empowerment
Responsible Lending and other local partners. President      opportunities and bring this valuable information back
Jeff Martin of the NAACP St. Paul Branch attests to the      to your community!
success of FACT: “Despite the frigid weather, job seekers
came out to keep their quest for a job alive.

             Opportunity and Diversity
               One Industry at a Time
                                          By: Benjamin Todd Jealous, NAACP President & CEO

             here is a missing component to the
             national discussion concerning how to             outreach. And while people of color are 36 percent of
             strengthen and rebuild the American               the population, they make up only 13 percent of the
economy. It is true that high unemployment, a weak             governing bodies in the hotel and lodging industry.
national infrastructure, the need for stronger public          One of the most disconcerting findings of our report
education, the concentration of wealth and the deficit         card is that all of the top five hotel and lodging
are all challenges to the nation’s economy but being           corporations do not collect diversity data from their
left out of the discussion is the continued economic           franchise properties. This means for four out of five
marginalization of racial and ethnic minorities.               of these leading corporations no data is collected
                                                               for the majority of their individual hotels. This is
The American economy has always been strongest                 unacceptable.
when it’s kept the middle class within reach for most
Americans. But with white households holding nearly              The NAACP is calling for these corporations to
20 times the wealth of black or Latino households,               collect the diversity data already mandated by the
and with rising disparities in unemployment, poverty,            government through EEO1 reports. We are also asking
and income, the future of the middle class has                   for planners of major events to request EEO1 reports
never looked more uncertain. As the country rapidly              from any individual hotel they are considering for their
becomes a majority-minority the nation’s economic                event so they can make diversity and inclusion part of
well-being is increasingly tied to overcoming racial             their assessment as to which hotel is worthy of their
economic inequality.                                             business. The National Coalition of Black Meeting
                                                                 Planners has already voiced support for this action and
The economic challenges that people of color                     we will be working with our community and civil rights
face is reflected in the recently released NAACP                 partners as well as local bureaus of tourism to make
Opportunity and Diversity Report Card which analyzes widespread the use of EEO1 data as an important
the hotel and lodging industry. Mediocre grades                  and widely used factor for determining which hotels
among the five leading hotels we examined—Hyatt,                 qualify to hold major events.
Starwood, Wyndham, Marriott and Hilton—reveal                    The EEO1 survey is a primary means that the Equal
the widespread lack of investment in minority                    Employment Opportunity Commission uses to
suppliers, the overrepresentation of people of                   advance its mission derived from the 1964 Civil Rights
color in the lowest-paying entry-level positions, the            Act. Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act focused on
underrepresentation in the more highly-paid career-              prohibiting racial discrimination in employment and
track positions and finally a lack of commitment to              almost 60 years later we still find great racial and
collecting basic diversity data that could be used to            ethnic disparities in business and its workforce. The
strengthen inclusion efforts.Our report shows that               Opportunity and Diversity Report Card and our call to
black-owned businesses, which comprise 7 percent of action for greater use of EEO1 data should not be seen
all businesses in the U.S., make up only 0.9 percent of as just a civil rights matter but should be understood
all vendors receipts —a troubling red flag that signals as a means of dealing with one of the greatest threats
how far corporate America has to go in their supplier facing the American economy over the next thirty
diversity                                                        years: racial economic inequality. We at the NAACP
                                                                 have always seen racial inequality as a grave threat to
 For more information about the Opportunity and Diversity        the country. In the next few decades, if serious action
 Report Card, visit: naacp.org/blog/entry/opportunity-and-diver-
 sity-report-card                                                isn’t taken to bridge this divide, the entire nation will
                                                                 see the economic results of this inequality.
   NAACP Unit Highlight: 4
Columbus Ohio Youth Chapter

T       he NAACP Economic Department
       would like to recognize the Columbus
       Ohio Youth Council and its president
                                                   Recently, the Council held a financial literacy
                                                   workshop at Bexley High School for 15 stu-
Cheyenne Williams for their efforts to promote     dents where Williams and her team presented
financial literacy among youth in their com-       on budgeting, saving and using money wisely.
munity. Cheyenne, a high school junior, has
been with the Council (which has over 200          We’d like to thank The Columbus Youth Chap-
members) for four years and is passionate          ter and President Williams on their hard work
about working with the NAACP Youth Council         in bringing youth a few steps closer to financial
to strengthen membership and educate her           literacy.
members around important life skills neces-
sary for success.

Some of the events the Youth Council orga-
nizes include an annual back-to-school drive
to prepare families with school supplies, and a
civil rights celebration where the Youth Council
educates its members and their community on
less recognized civil rights icons.
The Columbus Ohio Youth Council is also a
recipient of a microgrant from the Financial
Freedom Center to promote financial educa-
tion work in its community.
       What’s Going on in
         Fair Lending
Independent Foreclosure Review Settlement
I recently sat down with Charles Lowery, director of the
NAACP Fair Lending and Inclusion division, to discuss
the $8.5 billion Independent Foreclosure Review
Settlement for those affected by faulty foreclosures.
Originally, homeowners were required to fill out
documents explaining any mistakes that were made in
their foreclosure process, including wrongful foreclosure.
After submitting the paper work, homeowners had to
wait and see if they would receive compensation from
their servicers. “The deadline for the homeowners was
December 31st, 2012. Shortly before that deadline, there
was a change in the IFR process and that’s when the
settlement came into play,” says Lowery.
The change in process illustrates a difficult but very common problem between regulators and homeowners.
While the NAACP and various other nonprofit organizations were involved in publicizing the program, many
homeowners were met with a process marred by confusion, delays and secrecy. Ultimately the regulators
ended the program and instead announced an $8.5 billion settlement that included $5.2 billion in credits
the banks will receive for actions they take to avoid foreclosures. Borrowers will be contacted by the end
of March with news of their payment amount and the
NAACP will continue to monitor how individuals can
receive damages for improper foreclosure.

City LIFT and Neighborhood LIFT
The unique Wells Fargo City LIFT and Neighborhood LIFT
Program offers qualified borrowers the opportunity to
buy a home with the potential for loan forgiveness if
the owner has stayed in the house five or more years .
“It [City LIFT and Neighborhood LIFT] is a really good program. It has the potential to help many people,”
Lowery says. The Wells Fargo LIFT programs support sustainable homeownership and neighborhood
stability. The LIFT programs are a part of a collaborative effort sponsored by Wells Fargo and local nonprofit
organizations. The programs offer down payment assistance for qualified buyers, financial education to help
buyers prepare for homeownership and events to showcase area homes for sale. The program is designed
to attract qualified homebuyers to neighborhoods struggling with a high inventory of unsold homes.

   The Economic Lessons of Dr. King: Remembering the
 Significance of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Freedom Budget
  By: Dedrick Muhammad, Senior Director NAACP Economic Programs

O         ne of the most overlooked aspects of Martin
          Luther King’s legacy is his work around
          economic justice and poverty. Though the
landmark rally in 1963 during which King delivered
                                                          To truly honor Dr. King, we must remember that he
                                                          died on the battlefield fighting for an agenda, which
                                                          to this day remains unrealized. Dr. King’s dream of
                                                          racial equality is still a dream that requires ongoing
his “I Have A Dream” speech is now widely known           struggle to make a reality.
as “The March on Washington,” the complete
title of that event was “The March on Washington          Dr. King and the movement he represents offer us
for Jobs and Freedom.” In fact, in the last year of       many valuable lessons, both as a country and as
his life, Dr. King was organizing the Poor People’s       individuals. A core principle of the 1967 Freedom
Campaign, a multiracial effort to alleviate poverty       Budget holds that smart investments that spur
and provide guaranteed income for every citizen.          economic growth are the best way forward for a
King understood that without greater economic             weak economy. This also holds true for our own
equality, racial disparities and divisions could not be   personal economy. For a young adult out of high
overcome.                                                 school, or an unemployed worker forced to undergo
In 1967, Dr. King wrote the foreword for the              a career change, it may be tempting to keep treading
Freedom Budget — a far-reaching and ambitious             water and avoid risk — but it is often precisely
social proposal created by economist Leon                 during these times of personal economic uncertainty
Keyserling and March on Washington organizer              that we should invest in higher education or job
Bayard Rustin. It involved massive investments            certification programs that will, over the long run,
in public works and infrastructure, training              allow us to bring in more income and gain economic
programs that would upgrade skills and education,         stability.
employment opportunity expansion, affordable              During Dr. King’s famed speech at the March on
public health services, and raising the minimum           Washington for Freedom and Jobs, he stated, “We
wage to two dollars an hour — an amount                   refuse to believe there are insufficient funds in the
equivalent to $13.79 in buying power today, though        great vaults of opportunity of this nation.” One of the
our federal minimum wage is currently $7.25 an            great economic lessons Dr. King has for us all is this:
hour.                                                     The road to prosperity requires of us faith, struggle,
The Freedom Budget, along with many of the                sacrifice, and investment, particularly for the most
economic goals of the civil rights movement, never        vulnerable. On Martin Luther King’s birthday, let us
came to pass, leaving a racial economic chasm that        commit ourselves to Dr. King’s economic principles.
persists to this day. Today the Freedom Budget
remains startlingly relevant, emphasizing issues
such as job creation, living wages, access to better
health care, and wealth redistribution — relevant
and urgent problems that still impair our country.
In remembering Dr. King and the legacy of the Black
Freedom movement for which he gave his life,
too often we revise history and speak as though
the white supremacy he fought against is now a
problem of the past. The truth is since Dr. King’s
time, the Black unemployment rate has remained
twice that of whites, and in the last three decades,
racial wealth inequality has ballooned out of control.
What’s Hot: How to Secure Your Dream Job:
         Knowing What it Takes!

We all know the job market is tough. Securing a job     determines how strong of an employee you are.
is difficult and securing your dream job might seem
impossible, but it’s not! With the help of Randall S.   Stress Interpersonal Abilities: The ability to mitigate
Hansen, Ph.D., and Katharine Hansen, Ph.D. from         conflict, relate with your co-workers and inspire
Quintessential Careers, I highlight some skills below   them to participate is essential given how much time
that will help make your resume stand out among         you’ll spend with them each day.
the rest. Emphasizing
values, personality                                                                        Stress Project
traits, and personal                                                                       Management &
characteristics are                                                                        Organizational
also important. Look                                                                       Skills: Your
for ways to highlight                                                                      ability to design,
these skills and                                                                           plan, organize
characteristics on                                                                         and implement
your resume, cover                                                                         projects and
letters and interview                                                                      tasks within
responses.                                                                                 an allotted
                                                                                           timeframe is
Below are a few employability skills to help you        imperative to the success of a company.
strengthen your resume, build personal values and
become more proactive in your work environment          Employability skills and personal values are the
and/or in your job search.                              critical tools and traits you need to succeed in any
                                                        workplace. These skills and values are all elements
Stress Communications Skills: Successful                that you can learn, develop and cultivate over your
communication—the ability to listen, write and          lifetime. Once you’ve identified your strengths,
speak effectively—is one of the most critical           remember to document and market them in your
business skills.                                        resume, cover letter and interview answers for job-
Stress Flexibility/Adaptability/Managing Multiple       search success.
Priorities: Your ability to manage multiple
assignments and tasks, set priorities and adapt
to changing conditions and work assignments

February Partnership Highlight:
   Common Security Club
  A         s our recovery from the Great Recession
            continues to chug along at a sluggish
            pace, economic security is slipping out
of reach for millions of Americans. Many of us are
worried about our financial future and our ability
                                                      Three Components of a Resilience Circle:
                                                      Learning – A Resilience Circle breaks down the
                                                      structural components of our financial challenges
                                                      on an individual and macro level. Facing these issues
                                                      may be emotional, so a supportive community is
to provide for our children’s futures. Although       essential and beneficial.
the economic climate is tough, many of us still       Mutual Aid – Resilience Circles develop steps toward
internalize these economic problems. We should        personal security through mutual aid activities. For
rely on communities where we can openly express       example, in session five, participants create lists of
our frustrations and fears around our economic        services they can offer and services that they need.
challenges.                                           This helps individuals grasp a new sense of wealth
                                                      and understand how members of the community
                                                      at large can help each other become financially
                                                      Social Action – We need to realize that many of our
                                                      financial challenges are impossible to solve on our
                                                      own. Banding together for local, state, national or
                                                      even global change is an important step toward
                                                      financial empowerment. Many groups choose to take
                                                      action based on their own interests and morals.
                                                      “We used to meet in the basement of the local
                                                      library, about twelve of us, each week. The librarian
                                                      was always asking us what we were laughing at.
                                                      Somehow we just always had a lot of fun when we
                                                      met. And we helped each other in all kinds of ways.”
                                                      - Bill R., Indiana
Resilience Circles are small groups of ten to twenty  “This is one of the best pastoral tools I’ve used in
people who come together to discuss their financial terms of giving members of my congregation a sense
successes and struggles. The main goals of Resilience of agency in their economic lives.” - Rev. Cecelia
Circles are learning, mutual aid, and social action.  Kingman, Edmonds, WA
Resilience Circles help us bravely face our financial Visit localcircles.org to find a circle near you or to
challenges, identify the root causes behind our       start up a circle in your community!
financial problems, develop relationships with
people undergoing similar situations in our
community, reevaluate the blessings in our lives and
help us view ourselves as members of a larger group
looking to advocate for economic change.
Many people across the country have either started
or joined a Resilience Circle. The free curriculum
provides seven initial sessions, and then the group
proceeds as it sees fit.

       NAACP Welcomes Economic
      Research Intern, Heather Qader!
               By: Kristie Dalesandro, Coordinator, Special Projects

 We are pleased to welcome our new Economic Research intern,

Heather Qader
Kristie Dalesandro: Welcome to the NAACP          HQ: I began work-
Economic Department! Tell me some details         ing two months
about yourself and your experience with the       ago at the end of
NAACP?                                            November.
Heather Qader: I am very grateful to be work-
ing at the NAACP. I align with the NAACP’s        KD: What has been your favorite part of the
mission and I believe in the work they com-       job so far?
plete.                                            HQ: I really enjoy the workload and the va-
                                                  riety that the staff provides all the interns. It
I am a graduate from Penn State with a            keeps it interesting and engaging this way. I
bachelor’s degree in international politics. I    am also honored to be working for the NAACP
was fortunate to have many opportunities          because of my tremendous experience during
in college in terms of civil and human rights     college.
projects. I was president of the Students for
Justice in Palestine club and was also a board    KD: What brought you to this position as an
member of the Penn State NAACP college            Economic Research intern?
chapter. In college, we put on a fundraiser       HQ: I was drawn to the challenge of learn-
titled, “Showtime at the Apollo”, which was       ing more about economics. My experience is
our version of the popular variety show.          based on civil rights but I felt the Economic
We raised funds for our NAACP chapter and         Department’s goals match with my own in-
everyone had a fun time participating and         terests in minority rights and inclusion. I have
showcasing their talents.                         already learned quite a bit in my short time
                                                  here and hope to further my knowledge on
KD: When did you start working for the            all aspects of economic education.

New Staff Highlight: NAACP Economic
   Department Team Welcomes
         Kristie Dalesandro!
We would like to welcome our newest member to the NAACP Economic Team, Kristie
Dalesandro. In January 2013, Kristie was promoted to the position of economic coordinator,
Special Projects division, after serving as an intern at the NAACP Economic Department since
September 2012. A native of Southern California, Kristie graduated from The University of
California, San Diego and sought out the NAACP because of her interest in economics, civil
rights and her commitment to public service.

Kristie is very excited to join the Economic Department team full time. “Getting this position
and working with an organization like the NAACP, which has advanced social and economic
justice for over a century, is like a dream come true,” says Kristie. Her favorite part of the job is
the wide variety of projects. “There’s never a dull day here at the NAACP,” she says.
I asked Kristie to share a few tips for other interns and volunteers hoping to secure full-time

 • Brand yourself as the “go to” person. Be open to supporting staff on different tasks.

 • Attitude is important. When you are consistently energetic about assignments regardless
   of type, you’ll likely be noticed and receive a greater variety of projects.

 • Get to know people in your office. While your supervisor may be the person you interact
   with most, the other staffers likely have resources, contacts and knowledge to offer.

 • If you’ve completed your tasks for the day, don’t be shy to ask for more. Even if your
   supervisor doesn’t need help at the moment, ask other staffers if they could use your

 • Time is the greatest resource in the office. So use your time wisely instead
   of leaving early or being unproductive.

 • Ask questions! Some things that your supervisor asks of you may be
 • confusing or complicated. Ask questions to clarify rather than completing
   a project badly.

    NAACP Welcomes Spring Semester
       Interns to Economic Team!

Similoluwa O’Denyi
  The NAACP Economic Department would like to welcome new spring
 intern Similoluwa “Simi” O’Denyi from the University of California, San
 Diego. Ms. O’Denyi explains why she wanted to intern at the NAACP: “I
 admire their work to help underserved groups. It is a great opportunity
 to give back to minority communities! I’ve never been a part of
 anything like that,” she says.

 Simi is excited to be working with her supervisor Mjiba Frehiwot and
 feels welcomed by the department. “Everyone has been helpful in
 acclimating me with the new environment.” She looks forward to the
 increasingly valuable work that the NAACP Economic Department is
 tasked with.

 When asked how she’s adjusting to the east coast, she says, “The                Similoluwa O’Denyi
 weather is drastically different, it’s really cold. But I prefer D.C. to      Economic Program Intern
 California because it feels central. It’s easy to get around, more diverse,
 transportation is easy and everything is closer.” Simi plans on attending
 law school one day.

Theodore Grant Roderick Nelson
 The NAACP Economic Department would like to welcome new spring
 intern Theodore Grant Roderick Nelson. Theo, as his fellow interns call
 him, is a literature major at the University of California, Merced.

 Theo is excited to work with the NAACP because he’s always wanted
 to get involved with causes that addressed social inequities. “I decided
 that this was a great fit for me because as child I always wanted to
 be a part of this historic organization,” he says. When accepted to
 the program Theodore was most excited to step into the professional
 world. “I wanted to see how the organization worked and what I could
 do to help,” says Theo.

 Theo is a native of San Pedro, California. His adjustment period has
 been going well, although he does feel that the weather is a bit
                                                                                    Theo Nelson
 extreme. He believes that D.C. moves at a faster pace than other cities
                                                                               Economic Program Intern
 he’s visited but enjoys it nonetheless. “I look forward to aiding the
 collective efforts of the NAACP,” he says.
NAACP Economic Department Celebrates
Successful Year with Annual Holiday Party

2012 was a tremendously busy but
successful year for the NAACP Economic
Department. The NAACP Economic
Department Annual Christmas
Party is one of the most anticipated
opportunities to celebrate our hard
work. On December 21, the NAACP
Economic Department team gathered to
celebrate the season’s merriment. Each
department member prepared a special
dish to share and also participated in the
extremely popular “Secret Santa” gift
exchange. Photos highlighting some of
the best moments of the holiday party
are below. We hope all our readers had
a great holiday and are looking forward
to an even better 2013!

                JOB FAIRS
February 19th Chicago Navy Pier NAACP Diversity           Black Fraternities
Career Fair includes ‘Special Veteran Initiative.’ Open   July 15th Orlando NAACP National Convention
to all job seekers. FACT Tour included.                   Orange County Convention Center NAACP National
February 26th Washington DC Embassy Suites Crystal        Convention Diversity Career Fair includes 8 Industry
City NAACP Professional & Technology Career Fair.         Pavilions. Open to all job seekers. FACT Tour included.
Open to all with a 4-yr degree & above                    July 25th Philadelphia NUL Conference Convention
March 12th Houston George R. Browns Convention            Center National Urban League Conference & Career
Center NAACP Diversity Career Fair includes ‘Special      Fair. Open to all jobs seekers
Veteran Initiative.’ Open to all job seekers. FACT Tour   August 8th Houston Convention Center Kappa Alpha
included.                                                 Psi National Grand Chapter Meeting Career Fair. One
March 19th Dallas Embassy Suites Market Center            of America’s historically Black Fraternities
NAACP Diversity Career Fair includes ‘Special Veteran     August 16th Washington DC Washington DC Hilton
Initiative.’ Open to all job seekers                      Hotel National BDPA Technology Career Fair. Open to
April 2nd Boston The Revere Boston (formerly the          all IT & Engineering candidates
Radisson) NAACP Professional & Technology Career          September 17th Minneapolis Minneapolis
Fair. Open to all with a 4-yr degree & above              Convention Center NAACP MN State Conference
April 23rd Pittsburgh Marriot City Center NAACP           Diversity Career Fair. Open to all with a 2yr degree &
Diversity Career Fair includes ‘Special Veteran           above
Initiative.’ Open to all job seekers FACT Tour            October 1st Veterans CONNECT Virtual Career Fair.
May 6th New York Hilton Times Square NAACP                Open to all veterans and their spouses
Professional & Technology Career Fair. Open to all        October 8th Dallas Embassy Suites Market Center
with a 4-yr degree & above                                NAACP Diversity Career Fair includes ‘Special Veteran
May 14th Denver Embassy Suites Tech Center NAACP          Initiative.’ Open to all job seekers
Professional & Technology Career Fair. Open to all        October 15th Philadelphia Embassy Suites Airport
with a 4-yr degree & above                                NAACP Professional & Technology Career Fair. Open
May 18th Veterans CONNECT Virtual Career Fair.            to all with a 4-yr degree & above
Open to all veterans and their spouses                    November 1st Veterans CONNECT Virtual Career Fair.
May 21st Minneapolis Minneapolis Convention               Open to all veterans and their spouses
Center NAACP Professional & Technology Career Fair.       November 5th Los Angeles Embassy Suites LAX North
Open to all with a 4-yr degree & above                    NAACP Professional & Technology Career Fair. Free &
Jun 4th Chicago Navy Pier NAACP Professional &            open to all with a 4-yr degree & above
Technology Career Fair. Open to all with a 4-yr degree    November 8th Chicago Navy Pier National Society of
& above                                                   Black Engineers Alumni Professional Development
June 26th Austin Alpha Phi Alpha National                 Conference & Fair. Open to NSBE members and
Conference Career Fair. One of America’s Historically     technology candidates

    Empower Me Tour: 2012 – 2013 Program Schedule:

      March 2, 2013- CIAA/Wells Fargo Family Day:
                      Charlotte, NC
      March 9, 2013- University of Illinois- Chicago:
                       Chicago, IL
     March 30, 2013- University of Southern California:
                     Los Angeles, CA

    For more information, visit www.empowermetour.org

        Bank of America: Home Preservation Events

           Denver Homeowner Assistance Event
       Tuesday, February 26 – Thursday, February 28
               Sheraton Denver Downtown
                     1550 Court Place
                    Denver, CO 80202

         Newark, NJ Homeowner Assistance Event
          Thursday, March 7 – Saturday, March 9
                     Newark Hilton
                   1048 Raymond Blvd
                    Newark, NJ 07102

        Wildwood, NJ Homeowner Assistance Event
         Tuesday, March 12 – Thursday, March 14
              Wildwood Convention Center
                    4501 Boardwalk
                  Wildwood, NJ 08260

        Portland, OR Homeowner Assistance Event
         Tuesday, March 12 – Thursday, March 14
                   Red Lion on the River
                 909 N. Hayden Island Dr.
                    Portland, OR 97217

                                      Economic Department Staff
                        Dedrick Muhammad: Dedrick is the Senior Director of Economic Programs for the NAACP and Executive
                        Director of the Financial Freedom Center. Mr. Muhammad’s responsibilities include the totality of work coming from
                        the NAACP Economic Department, overseeing the Financial Freedom Center as well as leading the NAACP Economic
                        Department in meeting the great economic challenges faced by the nation.

             Lillian Singh: Lillian is the Director of Economic Research and Strategic Partnerships for the NAACP. Ms. Singh’s
             responsibilities include working in the areas of economic equality and education by cultivating strategic partner-
             ships to provide valuable resources to communities suffering from the current mortgage crisis and providing
             research insights to help the unemployed.

                         Mjiba Frehiwot, MSW, Ph.D: Mjiba is the Director of Education and Training for the NAACP. Dr. Frehiwot’s
                         responsibilities include coordinating the national Economic Education Strategy. This includes managing our Finan-
                         cial Freedom Campaign which is comprised of 21 units, coordinating the Economic Departments presence at State
                         Conference and Regional Conventions and coordinating all curriculum creation, resources guides and tool kits and the
                         implementation of these tools. Additionally, Dr. Frehiwot is the primary liaison between the Economic Department
                         and our Unit leadership.

             Charles R. Lowery, Jr.: Charles is the Director of Fair Lending and Inclusion for the NAACP. Mr. Lowery’s
             responsibilities include working on consumer financial services issues such as predatory lending and asset building;
             monitoring the activities of financial institutions which have signed on the NAACP Responsible Mortgage Lending
             Principles; and working with NAACP units on consumer finance advocacy campaigns.

                          Mellisa Gopie: Mellisa       is the Office Manager for the Financial Freedom Center and Executive Assistant to the
                          Senior Director. Ms. Gopies responsibilities include providing support to the Senior Director, managing travel requests,
                          accounts payable, meetings & events and the internship program.

             Dawn Chase: Dawn is the Manager of Diversity and Inclusion at the NAACP. Ms. Chase’s responsibilities include
             cultivating partnerships and programs that create opportunity for enhancing the economic stability of people of
             color. She is also responsible for managing over fifty corporate partnerships that support our corporate fairness and
             diversity initiative.

                         Nicole E. Kenney: Nicole is the Communications Associate, Economic Programs for the NAACP.          Ms. Kenney’s
                         responsibilities includes managing all communications including publications, communications operations and online
                         presence to advance the Department’s campaigns and providing strategic support around special projects.

             Jason Richardson: Jason is the Fair Lending & Inclusion Campaign Specialist. Mr. Richardson coordinates and
             supports NAACP Economic Department fair lending campaigns at the state conference level. Jason also assists in
             advancing campaigns around pay day lending, mortgage lending, and predatory or discriminatory lending along with
             aiding the NAACP Economic Department in building capacity of state conferences to monitor and advocate around
             state budgeting.

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