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					                                                                                                    June 2009

                                                           Ups and Downs—Calgary Down Syndrome Association

                                    Getting Up On Down Syndrome

                                 Teen and Young Adult Conference!
Points of Interest
     Dance Class An-             This year‘s conference was a huge hit! With over 35
     nounced for teens
     and young adults
                                 teens and young adults in attendance, everyone had the
     this summer, see            opportunity to connect with old friends or meet new
     page 3.                     ones. Our day included yoga, nutrition, personal hy-
     Be sure to register         giene, hip-hop dance, and Artist trading cards.
     for Street Meet
     2009 by June 4th            The pictures say it was fun! More pictures can
     and guarantee your          be seen on page 8. A big thanks to all our volunteers
     T-shirt size.               who put this year‘s conference together.
     Did you know that all
     our newsletter mail-
     outs are prepared by
     an individual with
     Down syndrome?

Inside this issue:

Upcoming events            3

Announcing                 3
dance lessons!!!

CDSS national              7
conference report

Helping a Star Shine,      6
words from Krystal Naus-
baum’s mother
More Teen & Young Adult    8
Conference photos

Summer camps               9,
               Getting Up On Down Syndrome

Schedule of Events                       June 2009
                                         Sun       Mon            Tue    Wed       Thu        Fri       Sat
 June 20th– Street Meet 10k Run & 3K
 Walk                                              1              2      3         4          5         6
                                                   Office opens                               Office
 July 18, 25, Aug 8 & 15 Teen & Young              at 3:00pm                                  Closed
 Adult Hip-Hop Dance lessons

 July 25 - BBQ in North Glenmore Park,   7         8              9      10        11         12        13
 Snowy Owl Site                                                                               Office
 August TBA—Teen & Young Adult Event

 August 7-9th- Our Lady Queen of Peace   14        15             16     17        18         19        20
                                         SUMMER    Coffee                                               STREET
 Ranch                                   HOURS     Morning                                              MEET 2009
 August 25th– Golf Event

 September 26th– Get UP by getting
                                         21        22             23     24        25         26        26
 DOWN with Cooking!

 October 30th– Teen and Young Adult
 Dance                                   28        29             30
 October 31st– Pumpkin Hunt

 November 6th– Dinner & Dance
                                         SUMMER OFFICE HOURS (Start June 14th)
 November 29th—Wonder Years Confer-      Monday 9:00—2:00, Tuesday 11:30—5:00, Wednesday 9:00—2:00,
 ence                                    Thursday 9:00—12:00, Friday 9:00—2:00.

                                         Come join us for our
                                         Ups & Downs Coffee Morning
                                         We‘re serving up the cappuccinos, lattes and espressos for parents
                                         young and our monthly coffee morning. If you have a child
                                         with Down syndrome, this morning is set aside for you to relax, chat
                                         and connect with other families in the community. We love to see the
                                         kids, so feel free to bring them along!
At the June meeting
                                         Our coffee mornings take place on the third Monday of every month at
we will learn some                       our location in the West Hillhurst Community Centre. Should you have
massage techniques for                   any questions or would like directions, please feel free to call Amber at
infants & toddlers!
                                         Where:          Ups and Downs Office (2nd flr)
                                                         West Hillhurst Community Centre,
                                                         1940 – 6th Avenue NW
                                         Dates:          June 15, July 20, Aug 17, Sept 21,
                                                         Oct 19, Nov 16 and Dec 21.
                                          Time:          9:30 – 11:30 am

                                         JUNE MEETING—Massage Therapy Techniques (Learn for FREE!!)
             Getting Up On Down Syndrome

                                                    STREET MEET 2009!
                                                    Date: Saturday, June 20th
                                                    Location: Fish Creek Park,
                                                    Glenfield site B
                                                    Cost before June 4th: $35 (Family),
                                                    $10 (Individual), $35 (Runner)
                                                    Cost after June 4th: $40 (Family),
                                                    $15 (Individual), $40 (Runner)
                                                    Be sure to get the sneakers out of the
                                                    closet and start stretching those mus-
                                                    cles as Street Meet 2009 is going to
                                                    be bigger than ever before.
Fish Creek Park is the place to be on Saturday, June 20th. There will be food, fun and
games for the whole family. ...and don't forget the prizes for all the top fundraisers, rac-
ers and raffle winners.
                                                                                               Become a Top
If you miss the deadline date, be sure to arrive early as we will have a few on hand for       Fundraiser!
those registering the morning of.
         Brochures, pledge forms and on-line registration are available at:

                        HIP-HOP DANCE CLASS for
                        TEENS and YOUNG ADULTS
                                                                                               We‘re getting closer
                        The instructor is Joanna Murphy. The young people who at-              to our fundraising
                        tended our recent Teen conference can all tell you how much fun        goal of $20,000 but
                                                                                               we‘re not there yet!
                        they had at the class Joanna taught that day!
                        Lessons will run from 10:00 to 10:50. The room will be open            There‘s still lots of
                                                                                               time before June 20th
                        from 9:50 each morning for the kids to be dropped off. Partici-
                                                                                               for you to even be-
                        pants must be picked up promptly at the end of class.                  come one of our top
                                                                                               fundraisers at Street
         Class size is limited to 16 people, so sign up early to ensure a spot!                Meet. For more de-
                                                                                               tails on how to be-
Instructor: Miss Joanna                                                                        come a top fundraiser
Dates:      July 18 & 25 and Aug 8 & 25                                                        just watch our on-line
Time:       10am—10:50am                                                                       video at: http://
Location: West Hillhurst Community Centre,
            Hospitality Room (2nd floor), 1940 6th Ave NW                                      pledgeathon/
Cost:       $35.00                                                                             Participant.htm
RSVP:       403-289-4394
Getting Up On Down Syndrome

                Summer BBQ
                                                    July 25th
                                                    Glenmore Park
                                                    Time: 11:30—2:30pm
                                                    Cost: $10/ family
                                                    Address: 7305 24th Street
                                                    SW, Snowy Owl Site
                                                    (marked by star on map)

                                                    We‘ll be having fun and en-
                                                    joying a picnic lunch with
                                                    hamburgers, hotdogs, drinks
                                                    and more. Everyone is wel-
                                                    come, plan to come and join

                2009 Golf Tournament, August 25th

                     TO REGISTER:            You can enjoy a fun filled
                 Send in your registration   day of golf along with
                 form for our golf tourna-   breakfast and lunch
                       ment today!
                                             while supporting Ups
                 Phone: 403-289-4394         and Downs for only
                  Fax: 403-289-1015          $215. Team registra-
                                             tions and sponsorships
                    Mailing Address:         are also available.
                      P.O. Box 61180
                     Kensington RPO                 This year’s golf
                                              tournament will be held at:
                   Calgary, AB T2N 4S6
                                             Lynx Ridge Golf Course
                 On-line registration at:
                   #8 Lynx Ridge Blvd NW
                                                  Calgary, AB
               Getting Up On Down Syndrome

Tell Your Child’s Story in Our Coffee Table Book
Would you like to have beautiful photographs of your child,
taken by a well known photographer, in a coffee table book to
share with your family and friends?
Ups and Down‘s is producing a book that will share uplifting stories and images of our
kids, their friends and families. The magical photographs will be taken by Noah Fallis
and will reflect the individual person-
alities of the children. The stories will
be written by the families. We‘ve seen
examples of Noah‘s work and know                               The CDSS 22nd
that this book will be amazing!                                National Conference
To participate, you must submit a
short story (maximum 400 words)
                                             As with any conference, I think there are always highlights for eve-
about a time when the individual
                                             ryone. For me, this year‘s conference was no exception. After
with Down syndrome in your life in-
                                             seeing the CBC documentary about Norm‘s story on TV, I really
spired you, or helped you to experi-
                                             enjoyed the opportunity to hear from Norm, his family and the
ence joy or friendship, or how
                                             producers of the documentary. While Norm is now facing a new
they’ve brought you happiness or a
                                             challenge with the onset of Alzheimer‘s, it‘s his sister‘s love for
new understanding about life.
                                             him that will ensure he will continue to remain in a loving suppor-
Don‘t worry about being a great writer.      tive environment. (Don‘t we all wish we had sibling like that?) If
Help is available to polish your story.      you missed the TV release of the documentary you can see it on-
It is your experiences and insights that     line at:
we want to share. In fact, we may use
only a portion of your story or a won-       On another note, this year‘s conference also highlighted a great
derful phrase that works well with a         teen program in Halifax, Team Possibles. This group of teens
particular photo.                            comes together every week to produce a new masterpiece in art,
                                             movies, photography or music. Some of their art work is currently
The stories have to be submitted to          touring in Ontario and is quite fantastic to see. To see highlights of
Amber in the office by June 30,              their accomplishment and work visit their blog at: http://
2009. The photo sessions will be   
scheduled only for those whose sto-
                                             It was also fun to hear Krystal Nausbaum star of The Memory
ries have been received and the fam-
                                             Keeper’s Daughter speak at one
ily must be available for the photo
                                             of the sessions, (see pg 6 for an
sessions between 11:00am and
                                             in-depth story on her rise to
3:00pm on July 12, 2009. We are
                                             fame). I loved how down to
unable to provide any alternate
                                             earth she was, when someone
times for photos to be taken.
                                             asked ―What would you choose
Please call or email Amber with any          for a career if you weren‘t act-
questions or help with appropriate top-      ing?‖ To which she replied,
ics. Her contact information is on the       ―Probably something with little
back page of this newsletter.                kids. I love little kids.‖ Me too
                                             Krystal, me too.                   Amber & Norm
This is going to be a wonderful book so
please consider participating!
             Getting Up On Down Syndrome

                                  Helping a star shine
                                  Reflections of a devoted stage mom, by Madeleine Greey
                               Years ago, I met TV actor Chris           old brother Nick, have served as crucial
                             Burke, a young man with Down syn-           role models. They are sometimes eager
                             drome who starred as Corky in the           to brag about her accomplishments,
                             popular ABC series ―Life Goes On.‖ As       telling people that she starred in the
                               a volunteer with the Down Syndrome        Emmy nominated made-for-TV-movie
                                 Association of Toronto, I‘d scored      The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, but
                                  the plum assignment of going to        they are also quick to keep Krystal‘s
                             the airport to greet this famous keynote    modesty in check and remind her to
                             speaker for our national conference.        treat them respectfully. And, some-
                                                                         times, like in any relationship, they‘ve
                             I was thrilled to meet Chris, especially
                             as the mother of a six-month-old baby       been the victims of her errors.
                             with Down syndrome named Krystal.           Throughout her childhood, Krystal‘s
                             But in truth, I was a lot more eager to     older cousins watched out for her and
                             meet his dad Frank.                         were sometimes a little over-protective.
                                                                         But I always felt the most challenging
                             At the first opportune moment, I pulled
                                                                         and confusing familial role was being
                             Frank aside and bluntly asked, ―How‘d
                                                                         Krystal‘s younger brother because it
                             you do this?‖
                                                                         shook the laws of birth order. Kids
                             ―We always treated Chris like all the       have an innate sense of what you
  Madeleine Greey            rest of our kids,‖ he explained. They       ―should‖ be able to do at a certain age.
   talks about her           have five.                                  That‘s why her six-year-old brother
 daughter Krystal’s          ―We knew that Chris wouldn‘t be ac-         was so perplexed years ago when
rise to stardom in the       cepted outside our home if he didn‘t        watching a home video taken shortly
                             learn to act appropriately within. As for   after his birth when Krystal was four.
    TV movie The                                                         He asked me about it at dinner that
                             being an actor, well, that was always his
  Memory Keeper’s                                                        night.
                             desire and we just helped him get there.‖
      Daughter.                                                          ―Mom, how come Krystal doesn‘t talk
                             I took his words to heart.
                                                                         like a four-year-old in that video of me
                             Flash forward to my 19-year-old daugh-      coming home from the hospital?‖
                             ter Krystal on a recent episode of Can-
                             ada A.M. She‘s asked by co-host Bev-        Krystal, who was 10 at the time of this
                             erly Thompson, ―Did you ever think          conversation, instantly detected a slight
                             you‘d be able to say to yourself ‗I‘m a     and rallied with a spunky reply, ―I had
                             movie star‘‖? To which Krystal re-          a cold that day.‖
                             sponds, ―Yeah, I am...I‘m a star.‖          But there was no denying it. Four-year
                             This little moment in television history    -old Krystal, captured on our home
                             always makes Krystal‘s cousins smile.       video, had halting, often indecipherable
                             Her blunt immodesty tickles them, but       speech. For Nick, this was a moment
                             most of all, they‘re proud. When any        of reckoning. It was the first time he
                             child grows up and meets success,           had put words to something he‘d
                             there‘s pride. But when that kid is born    probably sensed for a while: his sister
                             with challenges, pride doubles, even        was ―different‖. My first impulse was
                             triples, spilling over all the people who   to avoid this incredibly sensitive topic.
                             took part in the process. Krystal‘s cous-   I felt caught. I knew I owed my son
                             ins and even more vitally, her 15-year-     an explanation but I didn‘t want to hurt
   Page 6
his sister in the process.                It helps when Krystal remembers          anything she was interested in. The
                                          her triumphs.                            lucky winner was acting. She took to
―Krystal doesn‘t always do and act
                                                                                   it instantly. Almost more impor-
like other kids,‖ I tried. ―She‘s got     Like walking down the red carpet
                                                                                   tantly, the acting community took to
something called Down syndrome            in Hollywood last April at the pre-
                                                                                   her. No other community has inte-
and has to try harder than other          miere of The Memory Keeper’s
                                                                                   grated her more gracefully and effort-
kids to do stuff. It sometimes takes      Daughter where she posed for a
                                                                                   lessly than the acting world, whether
her a little longer.‖                     phalanx of shouting paparazzi
                                                                                   it was day camp, Saturday drama
                                          (―Look over here, Krystal!‖), field-
Krystal wasn‘t happy to hear this.                                                 classes or most recently, the high
                                          ing three or four interviews with
Who would be? Talking about                                                        school ensemble         at Toronto‘s
                                          TV reporters, then traipsing off to
Down syndrome felt like airing                                                     Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young
                                          the after-party in a shiny white
dirty laundry and none of us were                                                  People. We feel grateful.
                                          stretch limo with her ―hot‖ buddy,
enjoying the process. Yet this was
                                          American actor Dermot Mulroney.          It‘s a sentiment I often feel in this
a pivotal point in Krystal‘s child-
                                                                                   journey that was just getting started
hood. It was the moment when her          But for me, all of this is super
                                                                                   the day I shared a limo ride with
―differentness‖ was verbalized, rec-      sweet icing on a fluffy kind of cake
                                                                                   Chris Burke and his dad. After shak-
ognized and ironically, normalized        called fleeting fame. In my paren-
                                                                                   ing their hands, I watched Chris so
in our house. Before that day, we         tal book, what really counts is
                                                                                   intently I‘m sure his father sensed I
never uttered the words Down syn-         Krystal‘s happiness and self-worth
                                                                                   was the parent of a baby with Down
drome in front of Krystal or Nick.        and she reaped oodles of that play-
                                                                                   syndrome. I was kind of nervous,
Bur after that day, my husband and        ing Pheobe in The Memory
                                                                                   too, hoping to see what I was ready
the kids and I all slowly got used to     Keeper’s Daughter way before it
                                                                                   to see in this person with a disability
rolling those clunky, previously          went to the editing room. On the
                                          movie set in Halifax, Krystal was        that my baby shared.
taboo words around in our mouths.
It felt clumsy at first, but with prac-   respected as a valuable team             But it was Chris who picked up on
tice, it didn‘t. Over time, Down          player. She made friends. She            my discomfort first. As his dad
syndrome lost its bogeyman status         worked hard. She had the experi-         looked out the window of the limo,
and settled into our reality-             ence of a lifetime and was accepted      Chris waved at me frantically to get
especially Krystal‘s- and once we‘d       for who she was. That‘s all we           my attention, pointed at his dad, then
accepted it, it was a lot easier for      want for our kids.                       twirled his finger dramatically
other people to, as well.                                                          around his right ear, making that un-
                                          Raising Krystal has challenged us.
                                                                                   mistakable sign language for ―he‘s
Our approach isn‘t Pollyanna-ish.         It‘s not always easy for my hus-
                                          band Don and me to understand            crazy!‖.
Krystal often breaks into tears of
frustration and says, ―I hate being       how some things can confuse her          Chris was laughing at his joke and I
Down syndrome.‖ We talk about             so.                                      knew then that I was in for quite a
her challenges, how math feels like       When that happens, our saintly pa-       ride.
a monster, how difficult it is to tell    tience flies out the window like a       Reprinted with permission from
the truth all the time and how deep       renegade angel. Using money,             Exceptional Family , Canada’s Re-
the jealousy runs when her cousins        navigating directions and decipher-      source Magazine for Parents of Ex-
get driving licenses and university       ing the subtleties of social etiquette   ceptional Children . To subscribe to
degrees, things she can only dream        can all dumbfound her at the best        Exceptional Family , visit
of.                                       of times. Of course, when we are
My heart breaks alongside hers. I         inspired to bestow ―teachable mo-
don‘t want to acknowledge that she        ments‖, Krystal responds with a
won‘t reach those milestones and          disinterest so large it growls.
the instant I do, a scratchy knot         One thing that does work is moti-
builds in my throat. I look into her      vation. You can‘t teach it, but you
tearing eyes and want to wipe away        can do your darndest to harvest it.
all the injustices. My motherly so-       When Krystal was young, we tried
lutions feel hugely inadequate:           to capture that elusive learning in-
warm arms, wet eyes and a sharing         gredient by exposing her to
of the pain.
         Getting Up On Down Syndrome

...more pictures from the Teen & Young Adult conference

                                          “I learned a lot and had fun.
                                          The speakers were interesting
                                          and I enjoyed the activities.”
                                                 -Greg Gyryluk

                             a t a ing
                          Wh u go ?
                           yo draw

                                                IP –HIP
                                          The H s of fun!!
                                          was lo
Page 8
             Getting Up On Down Syndrome

Other Community Events
Therapy Express Camps
Therapy Express camps are half-day, week-long therapeutic expressive arts experi-
ences for children with special needs and their parent or aide. Therapy Express
camps incorporate music therapy, art therapy, movement, drama, and relaxation.
Program Information:
All programs cost $275 per week per child, plus GST. There are camps available for
Preschoolers (6 and under), Elementary (7-12) and Teens (13-17). All programs are
located at the JBMT Clinic, 5232 4th Street SW (within Providence Children‘s Cen-
Persons who Benefit from Therapy Express Camps:
Children and teens with communication challenges including developmental dis-
abilities, autism, learning challenges and brain injury.
For more information about how to register visit their website at:

Inclusive Education Summer
Institute Community Rehabilita-
tion & Disabilities Studies
JULY 6—24th
The University of Calgary, in cooperation with
the Alberta Association for Community Living,
offers, as part of the Community Rehabilitation
and Disability Studies Summer Institute, three
half courses on Inclusive Education.
These courses will be of interest to teachers, ad-
ministrators, parents and others who are commit-
ted to educating students with developmental
disabilities in the regular classroom and are of-
fered for credit and audit.
Classes include:
   Ethics of Caring and Inclusion: Implications
   for the Education Reform
   Adapting Curriculum in Schools from K-12
   Addressing Challenging Behaviours in the
For more information:
Phone: 403-220-2271 (Beth Parrott)
Independent Living                                           Calgary Parent Advisory Committee
                                                             The Calgary Parent Advisory Committee (CPAC) is
Summer Adventure Program                                     composed of 12 parents, who have a current agree-
                                                             ment with the Family Supports for Children with
The LEARN and Peer Support Program with the Inde-            Disabilities program (FSCD), together with repre-
pendent Living Resource Centre of Calgary (ILRCC)            sentation from management from Calgary & Area
have combined programs for the summer months to              Child & Family Services Authority (CFSA). The
offer a variety of exciting and interesting day trips in     purpose of the CPAC is liaison between families of
and around Calgary for adults with disabilities. Some        children with disabilities and CFSA and related
of the activities include: visits to the Glenbow Mu-         agencies to insure input to policies, procedures, ser-
seum, Telus World of Science, the Calgary Zoo, a visit       vices and future developments of the FSCD pro-
to Heritage Park and much, much more! The day trips          gram.
are meant to be interactive and educational for partici-     For further information e-mail the Parent Advisory
pants who attend. There are a variety of trips planned       Committee at:
to tailor to everyone‘s likes. So if you feel like keep-
ing busy during the summer months and having fun at
the same time, sign up for some new and exciting day         Children’s Link
trips. Come out and meet new friends and see what            Holds regular coffee socials for parents and caregiv-
Calgary has to offer for recreation and leisure pro-         ers of children with special needs. Various times and
grams.                                                       locations are offered. Call 230-9158 for details.
For more information or to register please visit their
website at:                                  Down Syndrome Clinic
                                                             If you have a child with Down syndrome who is
                                                             three years of age or younger and is not accessing
 Resource Section                                            Program Unit Funding (PUF) to attend a program,
                                                             this group may be of interest to you.
 This section is a selection of exceptional and useful re-
 sources for our membership. If you are aware of any         Families have been enjoying our Friday morning
 that you feel should be included in this section please     groups where they have been able to access support
 contact                                  from our full team (Physiotherapy, Occupational
                                                             Therapy, Social Work, Speech Language Pathology,
 Brilliant Beginnings                                        Clinical Nutrition and Nursing). We are now able to
 Brilliant Beginnings Educational Centre, run by             add an alternative to our Friday group sessions for
 Melanie Gushnowski, MSc, is a new addition to               parents who want to focus on motor skills only.
 the Calgary landscape of early education. Just
                                                             The ACH Down syndrome team invites you and
 down the street from Ups & Downs‘ main office, it
                                                             your child to attend our motor treatment group to
 provides programs designed for children at birth to
                                                             address any concerns you may have that you feel
 the age of 4. Children with special needs as well as
                                                             require the advise or input from an Occupational or
 typical children are all welcome to partake in the
                                                             Physiotherapist. Group sessions with will be offered
 specialized programs offered in a separate or inte-
                                                             on designated Thursdays from 10:00 a.m.–12 noon
 grated setting. Other services provided include
                                                             in room B2 200 at Alberta Children‘s Hospital. No
 Shantala baby massage, baby signing classes, par-
                                                             appointment is needed, just feel free to ―drop by‖ on
 enting consultation and workshops, and special
                                                             the date or dates that work for you.
 needs services.
                                                               Please bring along a snack for your child & his or
 So if you are a new parent be sure to check out
                                                               her favorite toy.
 and/or register at their website , call 283-KIDS                    Since space is limited, we regret that we are un-
 (5437), or visit their establishment at 207A 19th             able to have brothers and sisters come along so
 Street NW.                                                    please make alternative arrangements for their
                                                               care. You may wish to use Emily‘s Backyard (the
                                                               short term child care service at ACH) 955-2500.
 Page 10
   Since treatment will occur in a group, we will
   be reminding families of the need to honor the       Family to Family Connections
   privacy & confidentiality of other families in       Family to Family Connections orients, supports and
   attendance. If you wish to speak privately with      encourages family volunteers to connect with a re-
   any of the therapists, please let us know & a pri-   questing family member who needs to talk, ask ques-
   vate conversation can occur on the day of the        tions and receive support regarding the health and
   group (if the concern can be addressed with a        well being of a child or youth.
   brief conversation) or at a later time.
                                                        Call the Coordinator to set up a time to talk about
    If an interpreter is needed, we do require at       your family and your need for information and sup-
    least one week advanced notice to make ar-          port.
    rangements. Please contact our clinic secretary
    (943-7340) who will endeavor to organize in-
                                                             The Coordinator will connect you with a Sup-
                                                             portive Family Volunteer who will call you.
    Educational or information sessions may also
    be offered based on the group‘s wishes if there     Typically, families and volunteers will connect
    are common themes, and in this case advance         through one to four phone calls over two months, but
    notice will be provided.                            this can vary. To learn more, call 403-955-2456 or
Please call Donna Heerensperger at 955-7275 if you      see
have further questions or concerns, or talk to your
Child Developmental Specialist.
2009 Group Dates:
June 11, June 25, July 09, July 23
                 Getting Up On Down Syndrome

                                  Chatterbug                   Casino Volunteers Needed
                                  Summer                       We are urgently needing volunteers to fill spots
                                                               for our upcoming Casino on August 21st and
                                  Camp                         22nd. As this is our biggest funding source for
                               The Chatterbugs—                Ups and Downs, volunteers that help out are
                               Articulation Camp               definitely appreciated. We are looking for vol-
  will focus on speech sound development and                   unteers to do shifts on either day at any of the
  practice. Specific sounds will be targeted at lev-           following times:
  els appropriate for each child, as determined prior
  to camp. Sounds will be practiced through                    August 21st                   August 22nd
  games, art, stories, songs and physical activity.            10:30—7pm                     10:30—7pm
                                                               6:15pm—2:30am                 6:15pm—2:30am
  Children whose primary challenge is articulation             10:30pm—3:30am                10:30pm—3:30am
  are most appropriate for this camp.
  WHEN: July 27—31, 12:45—3:15pm                               Volunteer positions include:
                                                               Banker, Cashier, Chip Runner, and Countroom
  COST: $350/week ($100 non refundable deposit)
  WHERE: Renfrew‘s Main School,
           2050 21St NE                                                   To volunteer please call
                                                                         our office at 403-289-4394.
  AGE: 5-6 years old
  REGISTER: 403-291-5038

                                      BOARD of DIRECTORS
                                      President— Melanie Grant e-mail:
                                      Vice President—Sherrill Rechner, e-mail:
                                      Treasurer—Chin Wei Eow, e-mail:
                                      Secretary—Chantal Petersen, e-mail:
West Hillhurst Community Centre       Communications—Jacquie McKechnie, e-mail:
1940 6th Ave NW                       Program Co-ordinator— Jeannie Ing, e-mail:
Calgary, AB
                                      Member at Large—Marcia Bufford e-mail:
Mailing Address:
                                      Visiting Parents Co-ordinator—Sherrill Rechner, e-mail:
P.O. Box 61180
Kensington RPO
Calgary, AB T2N 4S6
Phone 403-289-4394                    Executive Director—Amber Boyd, e-mail:
Fax: 403-289-1015                     Book keeper—Maldeline Chua e-mail:
                                      Office Assistants—Jody Roll and Jamie Bufford
Web Site:

Statement of Policy and Disclaimer
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Ups and Downs does not promote or recommend any therapy, treatment, service or product. Where service providers
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resources for.

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