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					                                       St Mary’s Court #1423
                                          Monthly Minutes
                                         November 18, 2010

The November meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. with an opening prayer by Regent Patty Fuegen.
All officers were in attendance along with thirteen members. The minutes from the October meeting
were approved as stated.

Correspondence: Received a thank you from Lynail Larson for the baby layette and from Agatha
Sherman for the cookbook.

Treasurer Report: $2,672.73 in the checking account. Account Balances are as follows – Gifts for
Baby Jesus $162.42; Priest Masses $71.14; Respect Life Masses $50.31; Dues $549.50; Scholarships
$500.00; and General $1339.26. Bills submitted – National dues $335.00 and State dues $150.00

Hospitality Report: Desamore Dangel will be sending Christmas cards to home bound and nursing
home CD members.

Unfinished Business: 1) Prayer Partners for 1st Communion & Confirmation – First Communion
will be on April 10, 2011 and Confirmation will be held on March 27, 2011. If you have not signed up
for a prayer partner call Patty Fuegen at 460-0911. 2) Yearly Dues FYI – National Dues are $10.00 per
member and State dues are $4.50 per member (breakdown from State dues: $2.00 for state dues; $2.00
for convention assessment and $.50 for JCDA/Youth. 3) Left over balloons from Children’s Sunday –
were given out during Religious Education. 4) White Ribbon Against Pornography – Good response
from area churches. The bookmarks went over much better than the lapel white ribbon. News articles
were printed in the Redfield Press. (In the “What’s Happening” and as a “Letter to the Editor”) Nest
year we will concentrate on making more bookmarkers with a prayer against pornography. 5) Masses –
At the October meeting it was approved to have Masses said for priests and respect life. Mass stipend
for St Bernard’s is needed. (Six Masses for priests and four Masses for respect life total of $100.00.

New Business: 1) Christmas cards to the seminarians of the Sioux Falls Diocese – Motion was made
by Mary Lour Schwarts and seconded by Desamore Dangel. Motion carried. 2) KC?CDA Christmas
Party - CDA will provide children Bingo prizes. Party will be held on January 8, 2011. Dollar amount
for prizes not to exceed $20.00.
3) Christmas gifts to CDA shut-ins – Desamore Dangel has several small gifts. Mary Lou Schwartz
made a motion to send a monetary gift of $20.00 to Fr. Bill Osborn and Fr. Christopher Hughes. Motion
carried. 4) Gifts for Baby Jesus will begin after the Christmas Season for one month. 5) Mass for
deceased CDA members – will ask Father Bill to say a Mass on a Tuesday evening in December or
January. 6) St. Bernard’s Cookbook Profits – 3 DVD’s will be purchased for St. Bernard’s Religious
Ed/Library. The three DVD will total $60.00 (“A Child’s First Penance” $19.95; “A Child’s First
Communion” $19.95 and “The Candy Makers Christmas” for $8.95) 7) Business from the floor – A
motion was made by Shirley Holt and seconded by Deborah Burdick to present new members to the
Redfield parish with a gift of a St. Bernard’s Cookbook as a welcoming gift from CDA.

Announcements: Patty Fuegen asked members to think about attending The State CDA convention
coming up April 15, 16th & 17th in Pierre.

Meeting concluded at 6:30 p.m. with a decade of the Rosary for deceased CDA members and special
intentions and the Closing Ode was resisted.

Submitted by: Gen Zens, Recording Secretary

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