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Volume XXIII, Issue 4
November 2010

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 Applicant Tracking System

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HR Fact or Fiction                 3

Social Security Info               3
Sessions                               EMPLOYMENT
Open Enrollment Re-                3
minder                                 Coming Soon:
                                       A New Online Employment Applicant
Anniversaries                      A
                                       Tracking System
Transitions                        A

Lehigh Appreciation
Dinner Announcement
                                       C     hances are, before you were a Lehigh employee you were a Lehigh job applicant. And, with
                                             approximately 30 percent of job openings filled by internal applicants each year, many Lehigh
                                       employees have experienced the university‘s application process more than once. As a result, most
Twenty-five-Year Club              B   are aware that with the exception of accepting emailed and faxed applications, the process hasn‘t
                                       changed much over time.
Holiday Party Reminder             B        The same could not be said elsewhere, however. Online employment application systems are
Awards News                        C   becoming the norm in workplaces across the nation. In the coming year, the Human Resources Of-
                                       fice (HR) and the Provost Office will roll out a new online applicant tracking system at Lehigh. As
Save Money and Time                4
with Travel Leaders
                                       Ronnie Blue, Manager, Employment and Compensation Services, put it recently, “It’s time to bring
                                       Lehigh’s employment application system into the 21 st century.”
HR Reminders                       4        Online applicant tracking systems have numerous advantages over their paper counterparts.
IBH: Flu Season                    5   From the applicant‘s perspective, they provide easy uploading of applications, resumes, and CVs;
                                       the ability to apply for multiple openings with one application; and timely notification of the status
Workplace Learning and             6   of an application. From the point of view of hiring supervisors, search committees, and HR they
Performance Schedule
                                       streamline workflow, reduce paper, and ease communications with applicants.
The Grammar Man is                 6        A team including representatives from HR and staff across Lehigh recently completed a rigor-
Coming                                 ous RFP process to select the new system –Image Trend’s Hire Touch. The group reviewed six
Adverse Weather Policy             7   proposals, met with three vendors for initial presentations, and ultimately brought back two finalists.
                                       While both finalists could provide the services the team identified as essential, Image Trend‘s prod-
Coffeepot Chatter                  8
                                       uct was significantly less expensive.
Legal Updates Program              8        Hire Touch offers a number of convenient and powerful capabilities. In addition to the advan-
                                       tages noted earlier, a few highlights include:
Open Enrollment Time-              9             • Electronic notification to applicants and hiring supervisors throughout the process
line and Checklist
                                                 • Background checks (for staff positions) take place within the system
Wellness                           9             • Position description information can be uploaded to easily create job postings (for staff
Spotlight is published monthly by                     positions)
Human Resources. Please address                  • While the system won‘t be mandatory for faculty hiring, it will include centralized
any comments to Hillary Kwiatek,                      CVs, and other materials to simplify committee hiring situations.
Spotlight Editor, Human
Resources, 428 Brodhead Avenue,
send email to,                                    IMPLEMENTING HIRE TOUCH AT LEHIGH
or call extension 85165.
                                           Hire Touch will be launched by the close of the spring semester. Employment coordinators
Current and past issues of Spot-       across campus will receive training in advance of the roll out. Hiring supervisors will then be trained
light can be viewed at:                when they need to use the system to fill vacancies.
                                                                                                                           (Continued on page 2)
Employment…                                   EMPLOYEE RELATIONS ADVISORY COMMITTEE
(Continued from page 1)                                                                    minds of their colleagues. Feedback
                                                                                           covered a wide array of topics and is-
      Implementing Hire Touch provides        News From ERAC                               sues such as work life balance; environ-
an opportunity to improve current em-                                                      ment and workplace culture; the per-
ployment application processes at the
university. A new advisory group is in
place to review current practices and
                                              W       ith the fall semester in full
                                                      swing, the Employee Relations
                                              Advisory Committee (ERAC) is also
                                                                                           formance management process; various
                                                                                           benefits; and issues of equity and equal-
make recommendations for the new sys-         quite busy. As a staff advisory group,            The feedback was compiled and dis-
tem. The internal applicant process is the    ERAC is relied upon by the Vice Presi-       cussed at the October meeting resulting
first to receive a review.                    dent of Finance and Administration for       in ERAC establishing its own “front
      Employee input is a key element in      input on a wide array of staff issues. The   runners” for the coming year, which are
reviewing university processes, particu-      Benefits Allocation Review is an ongo-       1) Environment and Workplace Culture:
larly with regard to internal hiring. Focus   ing topic, and ERAC has representation       Equity & Equality; and 2) Compensa-
groups involving nonexempt staff, ex-         on the Benefits Allocation Review Team       tion. Compensation covers a very broad
empt staff, and hiring supervisors are        (BART).Additionally, ERAC expects to         range of topics such as tuition, vacation,
now underway, with more to come. HR           work with the Strategic Plan Implemen-       short term disability, and medical bene-
will also be designing a survey on the        tation Group (SPIG) and is collaborat-       fits. The overarching goal of the sub-
topic. Because Hire Touch can be cus-         ing with the Council for Equity and          groups' work related to these two topics
tomized in a variety of ways, the input of    Community (CEC).                             will be to broaden the understanding of
the campus community will help HR                                                          our workplace culture, to enhance and
design an applicant tracking system that         UNIVERSITY CHARGE REVIEWED                improve upon equity-related issues, and
meets the university‘s unique needs. HR                                                    to educate our staff on Lehigh's total
encourages you to complete the forth-            Over the past three months, the
                                              board has reviewed ERAC’s University         compensation package.
coming survey, and participate if you are
invited to a focus group.                     Charge and its role within the Lehigh
                                              Governance.      ERAC’s      University                  ERAC EVENTS

                 WHAT’S NEXT?                 Charge states the following:                     On September 22, ERAC hosted a
                                                                                           Brown Bag Lunch on Health Care Re-
     Between now and when the system          The Employee Relations Advisory Com-         form. We hope everyone found this in-
is live, the committee will be gathering      mittee (ERAC) is strongly committed to       formative. ERAC, LTS, and Dining
information on processes and forms, test-     a proactive stance in advising the Presi-    Services also held a Brown Bag entitled
ing the system and making recommenda-         dent, through the Vice President for         “50 Years Ago Lehigh: Come and See It
tions on the process. In addition to          Finance and Administration, on matters       with Your Own Eyes” on Thursday,
Ronnie Blue, Joe Boligitz, Lori Claudio,      of policy and programs pertaining to         October 28. The next event is the No-
Toni Lee Febbo, and Jackie Matthews           employee relations. Areas of primary         vember 10 Brown Bag “Demystifying
from HR, the advisory group members           concern include the following:               the Lehigh Admissions Process.” In
and the areas they represent are:                • Communication                           addition, the very popular Ironpigs
                                                 • Problem solving mechanisms              baseball will be back on June 25, 2011,;
  Mary Kay Baker, Auxiliary Svces.                  (resources)                            ticket information will also be forthcom-
        Kat Bibalo, Research                     • Compensation (salary and bene-          ing.
      Mary Lynn Breiner, CBE                        fits)
    Heidi Casciano, Advancement                  • Working conditions                         Please feel free to visit the ERAC
       Mary Ann Haller, CAS                      • Staff recognition and development.      website at Any
       Stacey Lange, RCEAS                                                                 questions or comments can be submitted
    Linda Mery, Academic Affairs              As noted in its University Charge,           to the Chairperson, Debra Rubart at
  Debra Nyby, International Affairs           ERAC plays a role within the shared ERAC is working
        Robbyn Seier, Payroll                 governance.                                  hard to move Lehigh forward.
        Pam Steigerwalt, LTS
        Gretchen Tillitt, COE                     FEEDBACK YIELDS PRIORITIES
  Tim Wilkinson, Dean of Students
 Mary Yocum, Provost Office & ERAC               In September, ERAC representatives
                                              reached out to find out what was on the
     Feel free to contact any of the imple-
mentation committee members with
ideas, thoughts, and suggestions about
Lehigh‘s process and the online applicant
                                                                                                                  (Continued on page 4)
tracking system.

  Page 2                                      Human Resources Spotlight                                       November 2010
                                             HR Fact or Fiction

 Fact or Fiction?                   Employees covered by Keystone Health Plan Central can change their Primary
                                    Care Providers (PCP) at any time throughout the year.

 Fact!                              Throughout the plan year, Keystone Health Plan Central subscribers can change
                                    PCPs for themselves and their covered family members.

                                    If you would like to change your PCP, we recommend that you go to the company
                                    web site to search for available medical practices. You can find directions on how to
                                    do this on page 34 of the 2011 Flexible Benefits Open Enrollment and Reference

                                    It‘s also a good idea to contact the new physician‘s office to confirm they participate
                                    with Keystone and are still accepting new patients. Once you have confirmation, call
                                    Keystone Member Services at 1-800-669-7061 in order to make the change.

 A Key Reminder                     Changes in PCP designations generally take effect on the first day of the month after
                                    the request. This is important to remember when scheduling appointments with either
                                    your current or new PCP.

 Still have questions?              Contact the HR Office with questions at extension 83900 or

                Free Social Security
               Information Sessions
    The Social Security Administration is hosting two
nights of pre-retirement seminars that are free and open
                                                                                      Open En
to the public.                                                                         Is Unde ment
    Topics include:                                                                            rway!
                                                                             Enroll o
    •    When and how to file for benefits                                 Last Day line by Novemb
    •    How your benefit is figured                                                 to make         er 30.
    •    Rules for receiving benefits while working                                2011 Pla hanges for the
                                                                                           n Year is
    •    Benefits for spouses, widows, and children
         How to file on-line at;
         Medicare enrollment.                                           Decemb
   The sessions are being held in Alumni Hall, Room                                                     er
301, at Northampton Community College (3835 Green
Pond Road, Bethlehem) on Monday, December 6 and
Wednesday December 8. Two sessions will be held
each evening—from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. and 6:30 to 7:30
   Register by December 1 by calling 610-433-3008,
extension 267; or e-mailing

                                                                                            See page nine for more
                                                                                            Open Enrollment details.

November 2010                                      Human Resources Spotlight                                      Page 3
                            In The Spotlight
         Happy Anniversary!                                                         Transitions

        he following Lehigh employees are celebrating a
        milestone work anniversary this month. Congratula-
        tions and thank you for your continued service and
dedication to Lehigh.
                                                                 J       oin us in wishing these individuals success in their
                                                                         new position or career. We are very pleased they
                                                                         have chosen to be part of Lehigh University. All
                                                                 the best of luck!

                        30 YEARS                                                      Newly Hired
            Elaine Kovacs , LTS Client Services                   Congratulations to the following individuals who joined
     Peter Mueller, Civil & Environmental Engineering             Lehigh recently:
             Ann Schadler, VP Student Affairs
                                                                            Debra Burkholder, Controller‘s Office
                        25 YEARS                                           Laura Chiles, College of Arts & Sciences
       Himanshu Jain , International Materials Institute                     Caitlyn Howley, Zoellner Arts Center
          Erika Sell, LTS Library Access Services                           Kimberly Kressman, Human Resources
            Norma Vazquez, Facilities Services                                  Donna McCabe, Advancement
                                                                       Jordan Reese, Communications & Public Affairs
                       20 YEARS
       Berrisford Boothe, Art, Architecture & Design
           Cynthia Brinker, Zoellner Arts Center                                    On The Move
              Louise Brong, Child Care Center
      Vera Stegmann, Modern Languages & Literature
                                                                Congratulations to the following individuals who transi-
                                                                tioned into new positions at Lehigh recently:
                       15 YEARS
                Linda Mery, Provost Office                                  William Doherty, Development Office
     Diane Rankin, Physics – Science Outreach Program                        Daniel Huang, LTS Client Services
     Richard Freed, Career Services/Corporate Relations                 Jeanne Kassis, CAS Interdisciplinary Programs
                                                                                Steven Lomangino, Athletics
                       10 YEARS                                              Diane Snyder, Development Office
            Pasquale Costa, IBE Honors Program

                        5 YEARS
           William Doherty, Development Office
       Robert Nichols, College of Arts and Sciences                        Mark Your Calendar
     Tricia Wilson, Enterprise Systems Implementation                         For the Annual
                                                                        Lehigh Appreciation Dinner
                                                                           Tuesday May 3, 2011

   In last month‘s In the Spotlight, J. Richard Aronson‘s
name was misspelled. We regret the error and again con-
gratulate Dr. Aronson on celebrating his 45th anniversary at

Page A                                              In The Spotlight                                     November 2010
                              Twenty-Five Year Club Luncheon
   Human Resources organizes an annual luncheon honoring staff who have completed at least twenty-five years of ser-
vice at Lehigh. This year the celebration also honored faculty. The 27 th meeting of the Twenty-Five Year Club took place
on Monday, October 4. Guests enjoyed a reception followed by a luncheon in the Wood Dining Room of Iacocca Hall. The
newest members of the Twenty-Five Year Club are:

        Michael Behe                 Frank Gunter                   George Nation                 Larry Taylor
        Glenn Blank                  Mariann Hartman                Noel Perreira                 Jean Toulouse
        Denise Blew                  Deborah Henritzy               Antonio Prieto                Janet Tucker
        Veronica Blue                John Huennekens                Eunice Rankin                 Christine Ussler
        Valerie Burkit               David Johnson                  Michael Raposa                Arkady Voloshin
        Sherrill Bushner             Jean Johnson                   Steven Regen                  Meghanad Wagh
        Terri Csaszar                Susan Kitei                    James Roberts                 Vassie Ware
        Linda Dreisbach              Elaine Kudella                 Arup Sengupta                 Lorraine Wiedorn
        Sandra Edmiston              Linda Lipko                    Laurence Silberstein          Albert Wurth
        Edwin Force                  Charles Lyman                  John Smeaton                  Mary Yocum
        Kathleen Frederick           Barbara Malt                   Joan Smith                    Joseph Yukich
        Judy Frenick                 James Maskulka                 Thomas Smull                  Mary Beth Zingone
        Jane Frounfelker             Rajan Menon                    Denise Stangl

                                            Watch Your Mailbox!

   I    nvitations to the annual Lehigh Holiday Party will be arriving around the Thanksgiving holiday.
        This year‘s event will be held Thursday, December 16 from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. on the third floor of the
        University Center.

November 2010                                             In The Spotlight                                     Page B
                                      Awards News

                               Linda Harbrecht
                         Communications and Public Affairs

    Recently, the university recognized Linda Harbrecht, Communications and
 Public Affairs, with a Spot Bonus Award for her extraordinary efforts. According
 to her nominator, she has ―consistently operated at a level above,‖ but when the
 department experienced an extended period in which it was without three employ-
 ees, Linda took on a number of projects in addition to her regular duties. These
 included writing and producing the Student Affairs annual report, the security re-
 port, community brochure and co-leading a Student Affairs marketing campaign.
 Linda also pulled together a brochure on institutional accomplishments that in-
 volved extensive work with multiple areas of the campus community.

                            Spot Bonus Awards
     Nominations come from supervisors with the endorsement of the appropriate de-
partment head, vice provost, dean, and vice president. For more information on the
criteria and process for nominating employees for Spot Bonus Awards, please visit the
HR website at

                   Tradition of Excellence Awards
     Do you know someone at Lehigh who deserves special recognition? Consider
nominating them for a Tradition of Excellence Award. The Lehigh Tradition of Ex-
cellence Award program was designed to honor full and part-time staff members
(exempt, nonexempt, research) who exemplify through their character, job perform-
ance, or team work, the values that the University embraces.

   Nominations are accepted year-round and awards are announced in April and No-
vember. For more information, including a list of awards committee members and
nomination forms, please visit the HR website at

                      Lehigh University Awards
    The nomination period is now open for the annual Lehigh University Awards pro-
gram. We encourage you to submit nominations for staff and faculty. This is a great
opportunity to let individuals know how much their contributions, dedication, and excellence are valued in our campus

     The nomination period closes on Wednesday, February 16, 2011. Any nominations received after this date will be
considered for next year‘s program. Nominations are submitted online on the University Awards website: http:// The web site contains details about how to nominate individuals, lists
of previous winners, criteria, and other important information. Please take some time to review the site and to participate
in this important process. If you have any questions, please contact Kelli Oliver at

Page C                                            In The Spotlight                             November 2010

                                          and available nights and weekends,
Save Money and                            which is convenient for our needs.”                  Winter Holiday
Time With Travel                               You can reach Travel Leaders‘
                                          call center on their dedicated toll-free
Leaders                                   number for Lehigh, 1-866-502-1924.

                                          Regular travel center hours are Mon-

N      ext time you‘re planning a trip,                                                         cheduled holidays for this winter
                                          day through Friday 7:00 a.m. to 8:00                  season include:
       consider enlisting the aid of      p.m. EST, and Saturday 10:00 a.m. to
Travel Leaders, Lehigh‘s preferred        6:00 p.m. EST.
travel provider.                                                                           Nov. 25:        Thanksgiving
                                               The company also provides a 24-             Nov. 26:        Day After Thanksgiving
     Travel Leaders offers a special      Hour Emergency Service Center
benefit for the Lehigh community —        that will assist travelers after normal
an entire leisure and vacation travel                                                      Dec. 23:        Christmas Holiday
                                          business hours. A phone call to 1-866            Dec. 24:        Christmas Holiday
program available to employees, stu-      -502-1924 provides comprehensive
dents, alumni, and retirees. The Em-      domestic and international reserva-
ployee Vacation and Leisure                                                                Dec. 31:      New Year‘s Holiday
                                          tion assistance. The after hour ser-             Jan. 1, 2011: New Year‘s Day*
Travel Program runs monthly and bi        vices are provided to Lehigh at no
-weekly specials and deep discounts       additional charge.
on vacation packages, cruises, do-                                                         *University Police & Powerhouse
mestic and international leisure                                                           Personnel
                                            -Kristin Pulling ‗11, Purchasing and
travel, and much more.                      Business Services Marketing Intern
     Brenda Bachman, coordinator
for Lehigh‘s travel program says,
―This is an additional, valuable bene-
fit that is available to the Lehigh
community resulting from Travel
Leaders being our preferred travel
     The Lehigh community is al-
ready enrolled in the program and can
automatically enjoy the advantages of
membership, including:
•    No service fees for any cruise or
     tour package
                                                                                                                    0 -11.
•    Package and cruise discounts                                                                        s for 201
                                                                                             g holiday efore June 30,
•    Specially negotiated hotel rates                                             ur floatin e taken b
                                                                        edule yo
     at 19,000 properties worldwide                    emb   er to sch ear that need to b
•    Hotel upgrades                            • Rem are four this y
                                                   T here                                                                  Flexi-
•    Rental car discounts.                                                                                     to submit
                                                   2011.                                          31, 2011 dar year end-
                                                                                         l March for calen
                                                                             have unti
     Discounts are also available to
                                                          ember   that you t reimbursements
family and friends when they book               • Rem ending Accoun
                                                          Sp                     0.                                           ire-
personal travel through Travel Lead-                 ble             r 31, 201                                     tary Ret
                                                     ing  Decembe                                      ur Volun tti Glasgow
ers. There is an additional option to                                                        ges to yo ontact Pa
                                                                                  ake chan                c                      -
sign up with an email address to re-                            ould   like to m tart a new one), he Salary Reduc
                                                      If you w               n  (o r s               d u ). T
ceive exclusive discounts for cruises            •               vings Pla (pjg209@lehigh.e site at http://
and tours. Register for these benefits                 ment Sa         83936                 HR web
                                                                  ion                      e                      .pdf.
                                                       at extens               also on th ents/SRA-2010
by calling 866-502-1931.                                           e ment is               u m
     Travel Leaders offers travel as-                   tion Agre                                      is on cam
                                                         ww  w.lehig                                        it Union m Noon to
sistance in many forms to fit many                                                               ral Cred urces fro
                                                                                       ers Fede               o
types of traveler needs, including                                      he m Teach ys in Human Res om C002 from
                                                    • T     he Bethle n Wednesda                          all Ro
phone service and Cliqbook, a cus-                                   ko                       Iacocca H
tomized online booking tool. Lehigh                       each wee nd Thursdays in
offers ongoing training on Cliqbook.                       2:00 p.m 0 p.m.
                                                           Noo  n to 2:0
     Cathy Plocinik, travel coordina-
tor for the President’s Office, says
Travel Leaders is “always accessible
    November 2010                                                 Spotlight                                             Page 4
                                               sure whether you have the flu, there        for flu-related complications each
Be Prepared:                                   are tests available to diagnose it. The     year. Over a period of 30 years, be-
Flu Season 2010-11                             most common tests are called rapid          tween 1976 and 2006, estimates of
                                               influenza diagnostic tests. These tests     annual flu deaths range from a low of

T     he United States Centers for Dis-
      ease Control and Prevention
(CDC) has provided the following help-
                                               can provide results in 30 minutes or
                                               less. Unfortunately, the ability of these
                                               tests to detect the flu can vary greatly.
                                                                                           about 3,000 to a high of about 49,000

ful information about this year‘s influ-       Therefore, you could still have the flu,    Can the flu be treated?
enza season.                                   even though your rapid test result is          Yes. There are influenza antiviral
                                               negative. In addition to rapid tests,       drugs that can be used to treat flu ill-
When is the U.S. flu season?                   there are several more accurate and         ness.
     In the United States, the peak of flu     sensitive flu tests available that must
season has occurred anywhere from late         be performed in specialized laborato-       What can I do to protect myself
November through March. The overall            ries.                                       against the flu?
health impact (e.g., infections, hospitali-                                                    By far, the single best way to pre-
zations, and deaths) of a flu season var-      Do other respiratory viruses circulate      vent the flu is for individuals, espe-
ies from year to year. The CDC moni-           during the flu season?                      cially people at high risk for serious
tors circulating flu viruses and their             In addition to flu viruses, several     complications from the flu, to get a
related disease activity. Weekly influ-        other respiratory viruses also can cir-     vaccination each fall.
enza reports are available at http://          culate during the flu season and can                       cause symptoms and illness similar to       What are other steps that can be
                                               those seen with flu infection. These        taken to prevent the flu?
How does the flu spread?                       nonflu viruses include rhinovirus (one       • Try to avoid close contact with
    The main way that influenza vi-            cause of the "common cold") and res-           people who are sick. When sick,
ruses are thought to spread is from per-       piratory syncytial virus (RSV), which          keep your distance from others.
son to person in respiratory droplets of       is the most common cause of severe           • If possible, stay home from work,
coughs and sneezes.                            respiratory illness in young children as       school, and errands when sick to
                                               well as a leading cause of death from          help prevent others from getting ill.
If I got the flu last year, will I have        respiratory illness in those aged 65         • Cover your mouth and nose with a
immunity against the flu this year?            years and older.                               tissue when coughing or sneezing.
     In general, a person who is infected                                                   • Washing your hands often will help
with an influenza virus one year will          How soon will I get sick if I am ex-           protect you from germs.
have some immunity to closely related          posed to the flu?                            • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or
viruses that may persist for one or more          The time from when a person is              mouth. Germs are often spread
years. It's important to remember, how-        exposed to flu virus to when symptoms          when a person touches something
ever, that viruses are constantly chang-       begin is about 1-4 days, with an aver-         that is contaminated with germs
ing so antibodies made against one             age of about 2 days.                           and then touches his or her eyes,
strain will become less effective against                                                     nose, or mouth.
new strains as they evolve over time. In       How long is a person with flu virus
addition, there are different types of         contagious?                                     Updated September 10, 2010.
influenza viruses circulating and differ-          Most healthy adults may be able to Reprinted with
ent variants within virus types, and the       infect others beginning one day before      permission from Integrated Behavioral
same type of flu virus does not neces-         symptoms develop and up to 5-7 days         Health.
sarily circulate each year.                    after becoming sick. Children may
                                               pass the virus for longer than 7 days.
Does the flu have complications?               Symptoms start 1-4 days after the virus
    Yes. Some of the complications             enters the body. Some persons can be
caused by flu include bacterial pneumo-        infected and contagious but have no
nia, dehydration, and worsening of             symptoms.
chronic medical conditions, such as
congestive heart failure, asthma, or dia-      How many people get sick or die from
betes. Children may get sinus problems         the flu every year?
and ear infections as complications               Flu seasons are unpredictable and
from the flu.                                  can be severe. It is estimated that, on
                                               average, approximately 5% to 20% of
How do I find out if I have the flu?           U.S. residents get the flu, and more
   If your doctor needs to know for            than 200,000 people are hospitalized

Page 5                                        In The Spotlight                                        November 2010

                                                               Human Resources
       The Grammar Man                                 Workplace Learning and Performance
      Is Coming to Lehigh                                     Fall/Winter Programs
                                                                                                      1st & 3rd Fridays
     Do you struggle with fresh ideas and      Ongoing Real Time Coaching—Your Game Plan
                                                                                                      By Appointment
     Are you responsible for producing                                        NOVEMBER
 memoranda and other types of documents?
     Do you repeatedly need to provide the        12     Webinar: Crucial Confrontations              9:00 to 10:30 a.m.
 same information but want to do so in a
 more interesting way?                            16     Supervisor Series: Privacy                    8:00 to 9:30 a.m.
     John Placona, aka The Grammar
 Man, is coming to Lehigh to help!
                                                  18     GPS: Lehigh’s Performance Management         9:00 to 10:30 a.m.
                                                  19     Legal Update: Finding Our Way Through        9:00 to 11:00 a.m.
                                                         ADA and FMLA
                                                   1     GPS: Lehigh’s Performance Management         9:00 to 10:30 a.m.
                                                   7     Webinar: Change Anything                      1:00 to 2:30 p.m.
                                                   8     *Effective Business Writing ($100 cost)      9:00 to 4:00 p.m.

                                                  14     Supervisor Series: Workplace Violence         8:00 to 9:30 a.m.
      John‘s Effective Business Writing
 Program on December 8 from 9:00 a.m.             21     GPS: Lehigh’s Performance Management         9:00 to 10:30 a.m.
 to 4:00 p.m. will provide you with tips and             System
 tools on the following topics:
                                                  *Your department may pay for you to attend programs that require a
                                               fee. Please check with your supervisor.
     •    Stages of the writing process
                                                  To register for these programs, visit If you
     •    The reader
                                               have questions, contact Mary Jo McNulty at extension 83894 or
     •    Overcoming writers block
     •    Supplementing with research
                                                  For more information about Workplace Learning opportunities, visit
     •    Professional proofreading and
          editing tips
     •    Special situations.

      Elsewhere this program would cost
 more than the $100 fee we are charging.
 However, Human Resources subsidizes           What we’re really talking about
 programs like this for Lehigh employees.      is a wonderful day set aside on
      In addition, many departments have
                                               the fourth Thursday of Novem-
 training budgets that can help defray this
 expense. Check with your supervisor.
                                               ber when no one diets. I mean,
      For more information, contact Linda      why else would they call it
 Parks at extension 85195 or                   Thanksgiving? To register for
 p ro gra m, vi sit w w w .lehig h.ed u/                         — Erma Bombeck

 Page 6                                   Human Resources Spotlight                                  November 2010
How to Know if You                                    (Human Resources can provide        times of severe weather. Departments
                                                      both of these numbers for you       are not empowered to make individual
Have to Go To Campus :                                if you do not know them.)           ad hoc decisions to curtail university
Lehigh’s Adverse                                                                          operations.
                                                      VARYING CONDITIONS,
Weather Policy                                         VARYING SCENARIOS                          INFORMATION SOURCES

B     efore the first snowflake falls, here                                                    If the university curtails administra-
                                                  Now that you‘ve confirmed which          tive operations or cancels classes, the
      is your friendly annual adverse          group you‘re in, there are five possible
weather policy reminder. The univer-                                                       announcement will be made on local
                                               scenarios that can happen during in-        radio stations, on WFMZ-TV (Channel
sity‘s adverse weather policy classifies       clement weather. Decisions about these
employees into one of three Adverse                                                        69), and on the front-page of Lehigh‘s
                                               are made by the Provost after consult-      internal website. Other online resources
Weather Staff Classifications:                 ing with Facilities Services. These in-     include 69 News ( and
   1. Essential Services Staff (ESS) are       clude:                                      the Reading Eagle
      required to report to campus and           • The university remains open. All            Employees can also access updated
      remain on campus during inclement             faculty and staff members are          information through the university‘s
      weather and other emergency situa-            asked to report and classes will be    news voicemail at 610-758-NEWS
      tions. They are defined as those              held.                                  (86397). Every effort is taken to ensure
      needed to deliver student services         • The university remains open and         that information on the voicemail, along
      and maintain campus facilities,               classes are held. Instructional        with the radio stations and other venues,
      campus safety, and security. These            Staff and Essential Services Staff     is updated by 6:30 a.m. on days of in-
      staff members ensure the health,              will report at the normal time. To     clement weather.
      safety, and well-being of our stu-            allow for snow removal, Non-               For more information on the Ab-
      dents given that Lehigh is primarily          Instructional Staff would have a       sence Due to Adverse Weather Condi-
      a residential university.                     delayed start time.                    tions policy, please contact Ronnie
   2. Instructional Staff (IS) includes          • The university remains open and         Blue at extension 85020 or
      exempt and nonexempt staff mem-               classes are held. Instructional
      bers needed in order to hold instruc-         Staff and Essential Services Staff
      tion.                                         are asked to report to work. Non-
   3. Non-Instructional Staff (NIS)                 Instructional Staff are told not to
      includes exempt and nonexempt                 report.
      staff members who do not directly          • The university is closed and no
      support class instruction and are not         classes are held. Essential Ser-
      essential to ensuring health, safety,         vices Staff would report for work
      and well-being of students.                   and Instructional Staff and Non-
                                                    Instructional Staff would not have
    Unsure of your category? Your                   to report to work.
Position Description (PD) now includes           • The university is closed early and
your classification. To access your PD:             classes are cancelled at which
                                                    time Essential Services Staff
    1.   Log on to the Campus Portal                would report for work or stay at
    2.   Select the ―Employee‖ tab                  work and Instructional Staff and
    3.   Choose ―Position Description               Non-Instructional Staff would not
         Information‖ in the Human Re-              report or leave work early.
         sources channel                          It is important to note that the Pro-
    4.   Log into the PD Tool with            vost is the only individual who makes
         your position number and ID.         the decision about campus operations in

                       Snowy weather?...
                       Tune to WFMZ-TV Channel 69
                                         Call LU News at 610-758-NEWS (6397) after 6:30 a.m.
                                                                   Visit or

                                                       find out if it’s business as usual at Lehigh.

   Page 7                                               Human Resources Spotlight                              November 2010

Coffeepot Chatter                                      WE’RE LISTENING                      Though we recognize that faculty
                                                                                        and staff have many duties to accom-
or Water Cooler                                  There are numerous opportunities for   plish, HR relies on the participation of
                                            employees to have a positive impact on      the Lehigh employee community. Each
Wisdom                                      the work environment at Lehigh. Some        time you participate in an HR advisory
                                            require a sustained commitment, while       committee, attend a focus group or
Tom (to Maria): It’s a little early for others involve minimal obligation. A few        complete a survey, you are helping
lunch, isn’t it?                            examples include:                           improve the workplace for everyone.
Maria: Tom, I’m going to an HR focus
group session for the internal employ-           • Advisory committees such as
ment process.. You said you’d cover for               Wellness, Workplace Learning
me, remember?                                         and Performance, and Benefits
Tom: Oh yeah, I did. Why are you the                  Review
only one in our office who’s going to            • Focus groups about a variety
                                                      of topics
Maria: I got an invitation. I believe I was      • Brown bag lunch programs                                  Updates
randomly selected to provide feedback. I         • Surveys.
cleared it with Harry after asking you to
cover the office.                                If you prefer to share your ideas or
Harry (walks out of his office): That’s     concerns privately, you are welcome to
right. Maria was the most recent hire in send an email to or                Finding Our Way
our office so I’m glad she was selected. directly to an HR staff member. You can
Quite honestly, at this point, I don’t even also schedule an appointment with HR.           Through ADA and
recall the process that was used when I The office is open Monday through Fri-                    FMLA
was hired. I know I was never inter- day from 8:15 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. You can
viewed in HR. I believe nonexempt em- find a list of HR staff and the areas they              Friday, November 19, 2010
ployment was decentralized back them.       cover on the HR website.
                                                 Would you rather give your feed-                 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.
Maria: Really? Decentralized? Like the                                                           Location information
exempt process?                             back to a colleague? You can also con-
                                            tact members of the various faculty and             sent with confirmation.
Harry: Yes.
Tom: Wow, how long ago was that?            staff representation committees. Com-
                                                                                          Just when you begin to think you
Harry: Hmm, ten years ago at least. mittee members often fulfill a liaison              might understand the Americans
Maria, go, we don’t want you to be late. role between employees and HR.                 with Disabilities Act or the Family &
                                                         WE WANT YOU!                   Medical Leave Act, it changes.
                                                                                          Please plan to attend this important
                                                  While we are thankful to those who    Legal Update to find your way
Y     ou may have noticed that Human
      Resources (HR) frequently asks for
your input when introducing new proc-
                                             did so, less than 50 percent of faculty
                                             and staff completed the Benefits Survey
                                             last year. Fewer still responded to our
                                                                                        through the labyrinth of the ADA
                                                                                        and the FMLA regulations and find
                                                                                        out how these important laws are
esses, such as the recently concluded        focus group invitations.                   implemented through Lehigh‘s poli-
internal employment application process           If we only hear from half of          cies.
focus groups. The Benefits Allocation        the university‘s employees, we may be        Attorney Robert M. Goldich will
Review Team has been soliciting em-          missing out on vital information.          be presenting, along with the Office
ployee input from across campus in order                                                of the General Counsel and the Of-
to draft a benefits philosophy for Lehigh.                                              fice of Human Resources.
And, at times, we also ask you about                                                          To register, visit
your level of satisfaction with various                                        If
programs, as we did last year with the                                                  you have any questions, contact
Benefits Survey.                                                                        Mary Jo McNulty at extension
     In the HR Office, we want to know                                                  83894 or
what Lehigh employees think. Our Code
of Ethics states, among other things, ―As                                                          There is no cost
human resources professionals, we are
                                                                                                   for this program.
committed to encouraging openness, in-
volvement, and participation from all
individuals in the organization.”

   Page 8                                             Human Resources Spotlight                           November 2010
         Open Enrollment                                                     Wellness
           Timeline                               The Wellness Committee has been meeting this
                                              fall to plan a year full of activities to promote and
  November 1: Online open enrollment
                                              support employee health and well-being. Stay tuned
                                              for announcements of upcoming programs. If you‘d
                                              like to make a suggestion or are interested in joining
  November 30: Online open enrollment
                                              the committee, please contact Mary Jo McNulty in
                                              HR or one of the committee members in their depart-
                                              ments as listed below:
  December 2 to 8: Flex benefit changes
can be requested in writing. Online enroll-                       Cheryl Ashcroft, Dean of Students
ment confirmations can be printed from                                Cheryl Doll, Career Services
your Banner account for your records.                                   Deborah Henritzy, LTS
                                                                    Olga Jacoby, Music and ERAC
   After December 8: Flex changes can                             Hillary Kwiatek, Human Resources
only be made in response to a qualifying                                  Annette Ruhe, LTS
life event.                                                        Adriane Stasurak, Health Center
                                                                   Vivien Steele, English and ERAC
                                                                Douglas Strange, Welch Fitness Center
         Open Enrollment                                 Richard Weisman, Civil and Environmental Engineering
□ Review benefit enrollment materials.                              Quitters Are Winners!
□ Contact vendors with questions or visit
  their websites.                                  Did you know that tobacco use is the single largest preventable cause
                                              of disease and premature death in the United States? In fact, tobacco use
□ Stop by benefit vendor sessions on No-      is responsible for nearly one in five deaths in this country.
  vember 9 or 10.                                  Quitting tobacco isn‘t easy, but it is a fight you can win. Research
□ Complete online enrollment to select        shows that if you pick a quit date in the next 30 days and stick to it, you‘ll
  benefits.                                   be more likely to stay quit for good. The American Cancer Society’s
                                              Great American Smokeout® on Thursday, November 18, 2010 is the per-
□ Review your email confirming successful     fect date to pick.
  benefit enrollment. Changes can still be         If you are a smoker who wants to quit, mark November 18 on your cal-
  made between December 2 and 8. After        endar. When you do, you can look forward to these benefits:
  December 8, changes are final.
□ Complete     a Medical Enrollment/              •    20 minutes after quitting: Your heart rate and blood pressure
  Change Application form if you are                   drops.
  changing plans, the dependents you               • 12 hours after quitting: The carbon monoxide level in your
  cover, or from non-covered to enrolled               blood drops to normal.
  for 2011. Send to Human Resources.               • 2 weeks to 3 months after quitting: Your circulation improves,
                                                       and your lung function increases.
□ Complete a Dental Enrollment form if             • 1 to 9 months after quitting: Coughing and shortness of breath
  you are changing the dependents you                  decrease; cilia (tiny hair-like structures) regain normal function
  cover or changing from non-covered to                in the lungs, increasing the ability to handle mucus, clean the
  enrolled for 2011. Send to Human Re-                 lungs, and reduce the risk of infection.
  sources.                                         • 1 year after quitting: The excess risk of coronary heart disease
□ Print your online 2011 confirmation from             is half that of a smoker's.
  your Banner account for your records             • 5 to 15 years after quitting: Your stroke risk is reduced to that
                                                       of a non-smoker.
□ Review the FSA welcome letter you will           • 10 years after quitting: The lung cancer death rate is about half
  receive if you sign up for either or both            that of a continuing smoker‘s. The risk of cancer of the mouth,
  kinds of FSA accounts for 2011.                      throat, esophagus, bladder, cervix, and pancreas decreases.
                                                   • 15 years after quitting: The risk of coronary heart disease is
 Find all of the resources you need for                that of a nonsmoker‘s.
 Open Enrollment at Open Enrollment                For more information and support, call the American Cancer Society
Central. (       at 1-800-227-2345, or visit

Page 9                                        Human Resources Spotlight                                      November 2010

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