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        By: Elaine Higgins
                                            everything is green, whether it is
                                            grass or weeds, it’s green.
                                              You will notice again that our
         FROM THE                           Newsletter is for two months. We
      BLUE HERON BAY                        have a few things scheduled for
        PARK OFFICE:                        September, including A Labor Day
     We hope this newsletter finds          Dinner and our End of Summer Ice
you well and that everyone is having        Cream Social and of course, the
a good summer. We are confident             Ladies Luncheon. With that said
that this news will make it even            for September, you will notice that
better and give you some peace of           October things start picking up.
mind.                                       We start filling up the calendar
   Even though Polk County taxes            with things to do and places to go.
are on the rise again, we have been         Be sure and take a look at your
able to keep our costs down, and            newsletter calendar and see what
Blue Heron Bay will NOT have a              all you need to sign up for or in
rent increase this year. We hope            some instances, purchase tickets
this helps and we wish everyone the         for.
best.                                       AND, not only will our activities
                                            start picking up, but so will the
                                            traffic. We will start seeing our
                                            northern friends arriving soon.
                                            With that said, be careful and more
Here we go. . . . Getting ready for a
                                            attentive to the speed limit here in
new season ahead of us. It sure has
                                            the park. The speed limit is posted
been a HOT one. We have gotten a
                                            at 15 mph through out the entire
pretty good amount of rain this
                                            park.    PLEASE adhere to this
summer and you can really tell by
the looks of everyone’s lawns. Most

      LABOR DAY CLOSING                       will be the third year that a group
    Our office will be closed                 of Residents have hosted a Craft
Monday,     September       5     in          Fair here at Blue Heron Bay. Each
observance of Labor Day. We will              year it seems to get better and
re-open on Tuesday, Sept. 6 at 9:00           better.

                                               BOCCE BALL / SHUFFLEBOARD
 POOL UMBRELLA PROCEDURES                        These games are open to all and
Roll up……Roll down,,,,,,,Roll up…..Roll       everyone. If you would like to play
down. Well, you get the picture.              with other residents, just come on
When using the umbrella’s please              down at the scheduled times which
be sure and roll them back down               are posted on the activities
before leaving the pool area.                 calender every month inside your
                                              newsletter. Teams are picked at
                                              the beginning of each game and are
   GARAGE SALE DONATIONS                      different every week depending on
The Blue Heron Bay recreation will            who all comes. So we just wanted
be accepting donations for the Fall           everyone to know that if you want
Garage sale starting October 1.               to play, come on down.
Please hold onto your donations
until that date. At that time you              NOTE: DAY CHANGE FOR THE
may call myself or one of the other                  LADIES LUNCHEON
committee members for a pick up                  Our Ladies Luncheon has been
or you can drop off your stuff at             moved from the third Thursday of
the clubhouse by the door that is             each month to the third Tuesday of
right of the stage More info on               each month, unless otherwise
the Fall Garage Sale is in the                stated. As always it will be on the
October Scheduled Events column               monthly calendars and posted on
in this newsletter.                           the Bulletin Board.

       CRAFTERS WANTED                           STARTING MID OCTOBER
    If you would like to purchase a                Sausage Dogs and Coffee &
table and sell your crafty items at           Donuts will be starting up again at
our 3rd Annual Blue Heron Bay                 the Clubhouse the third week in
Craft Fair, which is scheduled for            October. These are two of our
Saturday, Dec. 3rd, please contact            great social get togethers that
Linda Colhardt at 421-8601. This              draw a pretty good crowd.

     Be sure and sign up for the           will surely be missed by all,
Coffee & Donuts, which does have           especially the committee. Thanks
more to offer than just Donuts.            again Bob for all your help.
We are adding Bagels and Cream
Cheese along with the English
Muffins. Just be sure and mark on                 HOSTS/HOSTESSES &
the sign-up sheet which you prefer.               VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:
    As for the Sausage Dogs, Don’t              As our busy season is coming
let the name fool you. It is just          upon us, we want to start planning
what we call it. Weekly Volunteers         our future events successfully. And
cook sausage dogs, hamburgers and          to do that we will need hosts and
hotdogs with all the fixin’s,              volunteers to help with our weekly
including chips & dessert. This is a       and or monthly socials/events.
weekly event that is done every                I have posted on the bulletin
Wednesday through April, from              board two separate sign-up sheets
11:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. It is a        for these hosts and volunteers.
very casual lunch that allows us to        These are NEW sheets for this
get together on a regular basis and        upcoming 2011-2012 season. So
visit with friends       and    new        if you signed-up last year and can
residents.    The prices are very          help out again this year, please
reasonable.                                sign-up again.
                                               One sheet is for hosts and/or
       FARMER’S MARKET                     hostesses to host our scheduled
  The Produce Man will be returning        annual and holiday events, and also
on September 21. He will be here           our scheduled entertainment, which
EVERY Wednesday at 9:a.m.                  includes setting up for these acts.
                                           The hosting objective is to get a
                                           group of people to work together
BINGO - GET YOUR BINGO ON!                 with you to make sure each event
     Every Thursday at 7 p.m.              goes off well. You know, like a
We want to recognize Bob Sweeney           project manager.
and thank him for his time and                  Please notice that there are no
efforts he has given to Bingo for          scheduled potlucks,          soup &
the past 15 years. Bob has helped          sandwiches,       spaghetti, lasagna,
this Committee out in many ways            chili, mexican nite, fireside roasts,
and has been a great asset to Bingo.       etc. These have all been hosted by
He will be stepping down from his          individual(s) in the past. If anyone
service as of September 1st. He            would like to host anything like this

please just let a recreation                is just around the corner. There is
committee member know and we                a place to sign up to host this
can put it on the calendar. We              dinner on the bulletin board.
didn’t want to schedule these               Remember if you choose to host
things for you, but thought that            Thanksgiving, you have a list of
you could pick your own date and            helpers that have signed on to help
which month and let us know.                with this dinner at the clubhouse.
   Also, on the bottom of that              Other than cooking the Turkey’s,
sheet is a place to sign up if you          which     you   ask   friends   and
want to host a monthly breakfast            neighbors to help you with, then all
or a potluck. Every Saturday we             you need to do for this event is
have coffee and donuts, but in the          basically set up and break down and
winter months we try to have at             clean up. Everyone else will be
least one cooked breakfast and or a         bringing a dish. The decorating
breakfast potluck.                          committee will decorate, and I will
   The other sign-up sheet is for           do the sign-up sheets.
helpers and volunteers to help with              What we are looking for is
these events. So, that when these           someone to oversee them and make
folks that are hosting are in need          sure they go off as planned. If you
of help, they can look at this sheet        have any questions give one of us
and get some helpers.                       rec committee members a call.
   Remember our recreation is run
by volunteers and with out you all it
would not be possible. So please                   SEPTEMBER EVENTS
consider being a BHB volunteer. If
you have any questions or want to           Thurs. Sept. 1 – DEADLINE TO
host an event or dinner that is not               PURCHASE TICKETS FOR
on the calendar, please let one of                THE LABOR DAY DINNER.
our committee members know and
we will surely get it on there.
   Thanks to all of you who have
                                                              COFFEE TIME
already made your choices. It is            SAT.   SEPT. 3 –
                                                                8:30 a.m.
important for all of us to work             SAT.   SEPT. 10 –
                                                              SEE BULLETIN
together to keep our recreation             SAT.   SEPT. 17 –
                                                               BOARD FOR
running successfully.                       SAT.   SEPT. 24 -
 Also our Thanksgiving dinner is
coming up and we definitely need a
host(s) for this one. Thanksgiving

      LABOR DAY DINNER                   Tues. Sept.20-Ladies Luncheon**
           Provided By:                        B-JAY’S at the LOOP
   BROCK’S SMOKE HUT BBQ                 Meet at the Clubhouse at 11a.m.
            5:00 p.m.
     TICKETS - $10.00 p.p.               Wed. Sept. 21 –
         Dinner Includes:                      FARMER’S MARKET
 Pulled Pork, Baked Potato with               EVERY WEDNESDAY
 Butter and Sour Cream, Baked                      9:00 a.m.
Beans, Cole Slaw, Bread, Dessert
          and Beverage.
  Bob Andrew . . . . 422-8979
Carolyn Brittingham . . 353-1547         Sat. Oct. 1 –    COFFEE TIME
                                                            8:30 a.m.
 Linda Colhardt . . . 421-8601
 Connie Novack . . . 419-0174            Sat. Oct. 8 –      BULLETIN
                                                           BOARD FOR
                                         Sat. Oct.15 –     LOCATION

 Sun. Sept. 11 – End of Summer
      ICE CREAM SOCIAL**                    Mon. Oct.3 - GARAGE SALE
   BIRTHDAY & ANNIVERSARY                                        SIGN-UP
          CELEBRATION                                           8:00 a.m.
            7:00 p.m.                         Monday, October 3 sign-up for
     CELEBRANTS ARE FREE                 the garage sale tables for the sale
       OTHERS ARE $2.00                  to be held on Saturday, November
If     your     Birthday    and/or       12 at the clubhouse.         Numbers
Anniversary falls in the months of       given on arrival to each person
May, June, July, August or               indicate your place in line.
September, come on down and let’s        This is done on a first come, first
celebrate- It’s FREE for you. And        serve basis.
for any others that want to come            There are 21 tables in the main
down and enjoy the fellowship and        room and 20 of them rent for
conversation, not to mention the         $5.00 each. The table that is in
sweet treats, it is only $2.00 for       front of the stage will also have
you.                                     some use of the stage and will rent

for $7.00 because of the extra                  The Recreation Committee is
floor space it also has.                    also accepting donations for the
       The pool room will be divided        Rec. table. So if you have items
in half and will rent for $8.00 per         that you wish to donate, give one of
half with each person getting half          us a call. Our numbers are listed in
the pool table and half the room.           the back of this newsletter.
Each person may bring in extra                  We will also be having a Bake
small tables or racks for display.          Sale on that Saturday. Someone
(All your items must be kept in the         will be contacting you for that at a
pool room and cannot extend into            later date.
the main room).
    You are not allowed to bring in
large items such as bicycles, lawn
mowers, lawn furniture, motors,             Sun.Oct.9–ICE CREAM SOCIAL**
chairs, large exercise equipment or            BIRTHDAY & ANNIVERSARY
other large items that relate in                      CELEBRATION
size to the above. Take a picture                        7:00 p.m.
of these items and display them on               CELEBRANTS ARE FREE
a poster board. People can then                    OTHERS ARE $2.00
make arrangements to see them at            If     your     Birthday     and/or
your home at a later time. Items            Anniversary is in October, come on
cannot be displayed outside the             down and let’s celebrate- It’s FREE
clubhouse nor may any pictures be           for you. And for any others that
hung outside the clubhouse of               want to come down and enjoy the
items that are for sale. You may            fellowship and conversation, not to
display items on the floor in front         mention the sweet treats, it is only
of your table, as long as they do not       $2.00 for you.      So everyone is
extend out into the aisle for people        welcome.
to trip over.
   Now is the time to start pulling
out and cleaning out all those items
that you have hung on to for                Tues. Oct. 18-Ladies Luncheon**
another year thinking that you were                    CHILI’S –
going to use them. Well, maybe I                   EAGLE RIDGE MALL
am just speaking for myself.                Meet at the Clubhouse at 11a.m.
Hopefully, this will give you enough
time to get your sale items all

Wed. Oct. 19- Sausage Dogs                 Sat. Oct. 29 - Coffee,
                  Starts Up Today!               Donuts & MORE! **
    This will be a weekly event that                  8:30 a.m.
will be held EVERY Wednesday                          $2.00 p.p.
through April at 11:30 a.m. -12:30
p.m. It is a very informal get
together.     The prices are very              SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29
reasonable.       Hot Dogs-$2.00,            HALLOWEEN HOOPLA
Sausage Dogs are $2.50 and a                    6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Hamburger is $3.00. Each of these
                                               TICKETS - $7.00
is served with Chips and Dessert.
Sodas will be available for .50
                                            FUN – FOOD – B.Y.O.B.
cents.                                      WITH MUSIC & KAREOKE
    We are still needing to schedule          BY “WILD WILLIE”
volunteers for this weekly event.            COSTUMES ARE OPTIONAL
There is a sign-up sheet to                 (Costumes are fun, but you do
volunteer for this at the clubhouse.       not have to dress up to attend).
                                           PURCHASE TICKETS FROM:
                                             Bob Andrew . . . . .422-8979
Sat. Oct. 22 – Coffee,                     Carolyn Brittingham . . 353-1547
      Donuts & MORE! **                     Linda Colhardt . . . . 421-8601
           8:30 a.m.                       Connie Novack . . . . . 419-0174
           $2.00 p.p.

Sun. Oct. 23 – Social Dinner**             **Sign-up sheets for these events
           OUTBACK                         are in the clubhouse. PLEASE sign
        WINTER HAVEN                       up for events as soon as you know
    Meet there at 4:00 p.m.                that you will be attending. Knowing
                                           in advance the number of attendees
                                           for each event helps us in our
Tues. Oct. 25 – DEADLINE                   planning and making the necessary
  TO PURCHASE TICKETS FOR                  arrangements and/or reservations.
  THE HALLOWEEN HOOPLA.                        Also, if you see that you cannot
                                           attend an event that you previously
                                           signed–up for, PLEASE cross out
                                           your name on the sign-up sheet.
                                           Thank you.

RED HOT-RED HAT HAPPENINGS                 fast? Remember when we had small
           Terry LaRock                    children and it seemed that
                                           September would never come again,
   Red Hats still getting together         so our little darlings would go back
while trying to stay cool, having          to school.
Italian food for lunch and a Tom              Even though things have slowed
Hanks and Julia Roberts movie for          down on the BHB social scene, we
dessert.                                   have managed to do some fun
   Connie has notified all of us           things. Memorial Day was once again
Scarlett Belles near and far about         hosted by the Andrews with the
our 1920's      Flapper Party. It's        usual      success.     Food     was
going to be fun just getting ready         exceptionally good and 55 residents
for it. If any of you red-hatters          were served. All was prepared by
have ideas as to food, games or            Connie and Bob. Helpers were
decorations let Connie or me know.         Carolyn Brittingham, Karen Brown,
My e-mail address is                       Dick    &    Pat    Johnson,   Mitzi           Dellapenta, and Myself.
guess I can't lie about my age with
that address.                                  WOW!! going from NO 4th 0f
   Connie "had a lets do again" with       July dinner at the clubhouse to
eats at "Floradino's Pizza and the         ONE of the best happened when
movie "The Help' for August outing.        Lola Doty's daughter Linda Proctor
   Short column this month, but            heard the news and said "why
just wait and see what Connie has          that's downright unpatriotic" so
been planning for the upcoming             she decided to host it. WOW!!
season. New places to go and new           again, this was something different.
sites to see and do.                       Linda proved that she can be as
  See you again in Sept. I'll be on        creative and inventive as her Mom.
pins and needles waiting for my            She decided that the usual eat and
Summer Rose (my 1st great-                 run fare would not do for a great
grandchild) to arrive.                     4th so Linda, Lola and Mary set up
                                           hors d’oeuvres     and had a very
                                           sweet and funny movie Disney's
    YOUR NEWSY NEIGHBOR                    "The Princess & the Frog" during
        by Terry LaRock                    the first 2 hours. Several of us
                                           pulled up chairs, grabbed a bag of
   How did it get to be September          popcorn and enjoyed. Thanks to
again? And how did it happen so            Barb Smith for manually keeping

the volume in check for us viewers.        action this season, as we water
Well, we couldn't find the remote.         aerobics ladies and gentlemen are a
When it was time for the real food         splishing and a splashing every
most of us were full, but not              morning. This summer has seen
wanting to hurt the hosts feelings,        more Esther Williams and Johnny
we forced ourselves to indulge. A          Weissmullers wanna bee’s than ever
beautiful American Flag cake was           before, and we have a great time
provided by Carolyn B. and Connie          moaning and groaning the pounds
and Bella added their specialties to       away.
the array. Of course once again
Mitzi was found in the kitchen                "ZUMBA" at the clubhouse has
doing her much appreciated duties.         taken on a new activity courtesy of
Thank you to Linda, you proved that        Linda Colhardt. It's going great,
one resident in this park can make a       but one look and I knew that you
big difference, and host an event          had to know your left foot from
that we all gained from.                   your right so that left me out, but
                                           Nancy T and Carolyn B have been
   We did manage a Ladies                  faithful and really enjoying the
Luncheon at the Azteca Mexican             workout, it's fun and they all do it
Restaurant in Winter Haven after           at their own pace. My place would
which I had a great time leading all       be to sit down and watch the show.
us bargain hunters to the thrift
shops in WH. We all bought one                Ladies Luncheon was at the
thing or another, but Bella bought         Olive Garden and that's always a
lots and lots of one thing or the          great meal, and of course we
other and now I have taken on              shopped afterwards. Seems as if
"another duty as assigned" by              every time we eat we want to shop,
having to find bigger and better           now there's nothing wrong with
shops to spend our money.                  that, except that are closets are
                                           getting fuller and our wallets are
   The "breakfast club" have been          getting smaller.
meeting at different eateries on               As you read this I am once
Saturday mornings and that's been          again in New York awaiting the
a great idea. A good meal with             birth of my first great grandchild,
friends and giving some of our             a GIRL!!!! I'll be back to report the
locals business during the slow            goings on at BHB for another
season.                                    season so keep your ears and eyes
   The pool has been seeing lots of        open for me.

          FOR SALE AD:                      Sunshine Committee:
                                            Ann Bunke………..1-847-804-3078
FOR SALE- 2008 CLUB CAR                        Will send cards to residents
             GOLF CART                      hospitalized or ill, death in the
  ASKING $3,000.                            family, etc. So please, if you know
BILL & MARILYN CLAPHAM                      of any of our neighbors that are ill
CALL – 863-422-0571 OR                      or have passed away, please let Ann
        863-421-8252                        know.
LIGHTS.                                             Welcome Committee:
   If you would like to place a For         Judy Churley & Kay Watson,
Sale ad, notice or an announcement          Ralph & Denice Curtiss,
in the newsletter, the deadline is          Fran Hein &Terry LaRock.
the 20th of each month. The ads             Welcoming Coordinators - Bob &
are $5.00. You need to write the ad         Virginia Carmichael – 422-2019
up the way you want it to appear in         Directory Coordinator –Walt
the newsletter and bring it into the        Ellsmore – 419-0979
park office before the deadline.
Residents are not allowed to place          Recreation Committee:
any ad or other items on the                Bob Andrew. . . . . . . . . . 422-8979
bulletin board in the clubhouse.            Carolyn Brittingham . . . . .353-1547
                                            Linda Colhardt . . . . . . . . . 421-8601
      BHB Contact Persons:                  Doug Conran . . . . . . . . . . .421-9568
                                            Roger Mullauer . . . . . . . . .438-6140
Neighbor in Need Committee:                 Connie Novack . . . . . . . . . .419-0174
Terri LaRock . . . . . .419-9620            Dave Davis . . . . . . . . . , 422-0525
   For any general assistance, such         Elaine Higgins .. . . . . . . . . .422-3157
as a ride to an appointment, a meal
fixed when ill, etc. or if you need         Bingo Committee:
some medical equipment that we              Walt Ellsmore . . . . . . . . . 419-0979
may have on hand, such as,                  Evan Shirley . . . . . . . . . . . 421-2545
crutches,       canes,      walkers,        Mary Umphrey . . . . . . . . . 419-2977
wheelchair, bedside potty seat, etc.
                                            BHB Group Travel Coordinator:
                                            Walt Ellsmore . . . . . 419-0979


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