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					November 2009
Volume 3, Issue 2      HSA Newsletter
                    Saint Dominic School

                    Volunteers Needed                         Open HSA Positions
                    As part of HSA's focus on                 At the end of the school year, there
                    international cultures, we would          will be three open positions on the
                    like to put on a program for the          HSA Executive Board. The
                    students to learn about a foreign         positions of President, Vice
                    country and its holidays, similar         President and Treasurer will be
                    to the Chinese New Year                   open for the 2010-2011 school
                    celebration enjoyed last school           year. Please consider one of these
                    year. If you or a grandparent             positions to help in the enrichment
                    would like to share the traditions        of the students at Saint Dominic
                    about your homeland and the               School. Nominations and elections
                    holidays you celebrate, contact           will be held at the March 24,2010
                    Marie Winters at                          meeting. If you have any questions
                    tmaw3@sbcglobal.net.                      or are considering taking a position
                                                              please contact Bethann Hooks at

                     Santa Breakfast
                     The Saint Dominic’s Annual Santa
                     Breakfast will be held Saturday,
                     December 5th from 9:00 AM to
                     11:00 AM in the church hall.
                     There will be a buffet breakfast,
                     raffle prizes, crafts for the kids and
                     photos with Santa Claus.
                                                                      QuickTime™ and a
                     Tickets are $5.00. A form                 are needed to see this picture.
                     detailing all the information will be
                     sent out shortly.

                     We are looking for volunteer
                     readers to read Christmas stories
                     to the children during the event. If
                     interested contact
                     Kerry Hannify Morin at
                                    Upcoming HSA Events                              November 4th Meeting
          HSA Newsletter
    Saint Dominic School            The HSA will be hosting the first educational     An HSA parent information meeting
         November 2009              program of the school year. On                    was held last November 4th. If
                                    Wednesday, December 9th the group                 anyone is interested in the meeting
                                    "Themselves" will perform An Immigrants           minutes, please contact Bethann
                                    Story for the students in K-5. We hope all        Hooks. They can also be viewed in
                                    will enjoy the show.                              the school office.

                                    Upcoming Programs for 2010                        Highlights/updates from the
                                    Wednesday, February 10                            meeting include:
                                    Faustworks will present The Mask
                                    Messenger                                         Teachers Christmas Gifts – Room
                                                                                      Parents to coordinate.
    HSA Executive Board             Wednesday, April 21
                                    Shane Long will present Native American           School Auction baskets more info
Bethann Hooks, President            Music and Dance                                   to follow from Room Parents.
                                    Wednesday, June 2
Cynthia Plochocki, Vice President   Ginga Brasileira will present Dances of
cindyplochocki@hotmail.com          Brazil
Marie Winters, Treasurer
tmaw@sbcglobal.net                                     On Going Teacher Wish Lists
Alan Weiner, Secretary
aweinermd@sbcglobal.net                                                                            st
                                                                                    Mrs. Lewis – 1 Grade
                                                                                    An easel for Reading
Please send newsletter               The HSA has compiled a list to help
information to:                      the teachers acquire items that they                               nd
                                                                                    Mrs. Novicki – 2 Grade
lynne.doyle@sbcglobal.net            want/need in their classrooms.                 A double map that hangs on the
                                     These are items that the teachers              chalkboard. It has both the world
                                     would love to have to help our                 and the US.
                                     children and are generally bought                                       rd
                                     out of their personal monies. This             Mrs. Ronkese – 3 Grade
                                     program is OPTIONAL and there is               Easel for reading
                                                                                    Statue of Mary
                                     no obligation to purchase anything
                                                                                    Games for indoor recess
                                     on these lists.                                Small white boards for centers/activities
                                                                                    Science equipment kits
                                     We know that the teachers
                                     appreciate anything and everything             Miss Pastyrnak – 4 Grade

                                     we can do for them. If you want to             Recordable CD's
                                     participate in this Wish List just             Science equipment kits
                                     purchase something for any                                          th
                                     teacher and give it to them. Thank             Mrs. Zielinski – 5 Grade
                                     you for your help.                             Trivial pursuit for Kids
                                                                                    Life – Twist and Turn
                                                                                    Monopoly Electronic Banking
                                    Halloween Party                                 Charades
                                                                                    UNO – cards
                                                                                    Regular playing cards
                                     Thank you to all the volunteers
                                     for making this year’s Halloween               School
                                     party a success.                               Additional die cuts for Ellison machine
                                                                                    Large Laminator

LIBRARY VOLUNTEERS-Our volunteer school librarian Mrs. Johanna
Needham has informed me she will be leaving her volunteer position in
order to pursue other volunteer opportunities. Mrs. Needham, assisted by
Mrs. Judy Knott, Mrs. Irene Hart, and Mrs. Chris Biernat, has attended to
our library program for over 20 years. She is delighted that we are
currently automating and updating our collection of books for the students
and feels that we have a capable group of parents undertaking this
endeavor. We thank Mrs.Needham, Mrs. Knott, Mrs. Hart and Mrs.
Biernat for their years of service to our students and generosity to our
school. The library will be closed during the month of December so the
automation project can begin. Library volunteers will visit the classrooms
to read to the students during their regularly scheduled library time.

Automation is Coming The prep work and system and software
installation have all been completed. During the month of December we
will be entering all books to be housed in the library into the library system
and the library will be close. To allow us to get as much done before
Christmas, all library books MUST be returned to the school library no
later than Monday November 30th. Please check your child’s backpack
and home book cases, etc. for any checked out Saint Dominic library
books. Volunteers will visit the classrooms during scheduled library time
for the month of December to share holiday stories to the children. If
there is anyone else who wishes to help out efforts, please contact Sue
Houle at suehoule@sbcglobal.net.

SAVE THE DATE--The School Board will be hosting a Town Hall meeting
on Wednesday evening, December 2 from 6:30-8:30 P.M. in the Parish
Learning Center located on the school campus. Additional details will be
sent home next week. All parents are invited to attend.

SCRIP PROGRAM - For a short amount of time, Shutterfly gift cards will
be paying at 14% instead of the normal 9%. For every $25 gift card we
sell, the school makes $3.50! Plan ahead and purchase Shutterfly gift
cards to use for your holiday photo cards. ShopWithScrip.com now offers
$25 Bertucci's Gift Cards. They pay 10% to the school. We will not be
carrying these in stock to start but can order them on an as-needed basis.
We will have a limited number of $10 Stop & Shop gift cards for the
Christmas season. Start planning your Christmas shopping and utilize
the Bulldog Bucks program to help the school at the same time.

HANDY MAN/MEN NEEDED-Two portable basketball hoops were
recently donated to our school; however they need to be assembled. If
you are able to assist please call or e-mail the school office.

Happy Thanksgiving
             return all ski club forms to the office by Monday,
             November 23rd.

Are you involved in Box Tops for Education? Now is the perfect time to join!

From now until December 1, everyone who joins Box Tops online will earn five Box Tops for
their school*, just for signing up. Plus, if you sign up, I could get a bonus for my school, too!
That's cash our school can use to buy anything they need.

Then, invite your friends and encourage them to invite their friends. Before you know it, you've
turned the power of one into the power of millions!

Thanks for your support,

Gwen Bade, Coordinator

HEALTH UPDATE - Southington Plainville H1N1 Flu Clinic: THE NEXT FLU CLINIC WILL BE
PLEASANT STREET, SOUTHINGTON, CT 06489. The vaccine will be Intranasal, Live Attenuated
Vaccine. There will be no injectable vaccine at that clinic. Second dose (minimum of 28 days following
first dose) will be available for children under the age of 10 years. Proof of Southington or Plainville
residence is required. Limited to Children AND ADULTS 6 months to 24 years old, pregnant women,
household members/caregivers with an infant under 6 months of age, EMS, Police, Fire, Medical care
persons with direct patient care duties on a daily basis. No other person, regardless of age,
profession or medical condition is currently eligible for immunization. Intranasal vaccine (healthy
persons 2 - 49) is thimerisol-free. Inactivated, injectable Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent
Vaccine is restricted for the following priority groups at this time: 1. Pregnant women, 2. Household
contacts and caregivers of infants less than 6 months of age, 3. Children age 6 months through 6 years,
4. Children age 7 through 24 years with high risk medical conditions, 5. Healthcare workers and EMS
personnel who have direct contact with patients or infectious material (also may receive intranasal
vaccine). Consult your physician.
  STUDENTS OF THE MONTH - Congratulations to the following students who were chosen as
  “Student of the Month” for October. The following students were recognized for
  Responsibility: Bogna Prusak, Griffin Prushinski, Matthew Palmieri, Abigail Mullins, Rachel
  Carbone, Evan Zimnoch, Madison Hubert, Emma Panarella, Kelly Doyle, Maddy Richardson,
  Evan Bender, Elizabeth Melvin, Sean Young and Brandon Matta.

 STUDENTCOUNCIL – under the direction of Mrs. Ronkese and Miss Pastyrnak, Co-
 Advisors, students in grades 3- 5 held Student Council elections. The following are the
 2009 – 2010 Student Council: Bianca D’Amore, President; Johannah Litchfield, Vice-
 President; Jillian Pernerewski, Secretary; Anthony Dortenzio, Treasurer; Joey Rappoccio,
 Publicity; Maggie Carroll and Vinny Penisse, School Spirit; Grade 5 Representative, Victoria
 Bairos; Grade 4 Representatives, Maddie Belfonti and Teagan Duffy; Grade 3
 Representatives, Brian Houle and Garrett Prushinski.

HONOR ROLL – Congratulations to the following Fifth grade students who achieved Honor
Roll for the first marking term: Victoria Bairos, Evan D’Agostino, Bianca D’Amore,
Anthony Dortenzio, Rachel Krawiecki, Johannah Litchfield, Brandon Matta, Matthew
Meade, Michael Nanfito, Sophia Penisse, Maighread Scafariello and Michael Zera.

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