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2012 September - The LSU AgCenter


									                      September 2012

                              Clover Chatter
                        LSU Agricultural Center - Assumption Parish

 National 4-H Week
 National 4-H Week will be observed October 7-12, 2012. You are
 encouraged to plan and carry out a special activities to celebrate
 National 4-H Week.
                                                                           Upcoming Events:

 Suggested Ideas:
 -Announcements over P.A. system to give the history, information, 4-H         September
 activities for the day and week.                                           4-H Club Meetings
 -Bulletin boards and 4-H displays (use project items, books, posters.)
 -Make posters to display at school and businesses declaring the week as      September 3
 4-H Week.                                                                  Labor Day Holiday
 -We ask that everyone wear a green ribbon that
 week to show their 4-H pride. If you can’t wear a                           September 13
 ribbon, tie one to a tree, mailbox, antenna of
                                                                             Jr. Leader Social
 your vehicle, etc.
                                                                           6:00 PM - 4H Office
 -Whatever is done, publicize it in the newspaper.
                                                                             September 19
                                                                            Volunteer Leader
Dear Parents, Members and Leaders,
                                                                              Lamar Dixon
I would like to welcome everyone to another great year in 4-H. There
are many exciting activities planned. 4-H is a community of young
people across America who are learning leadership, citizenship and           September 22
life skills. I invite each of you to join Assumption 4-H, where the fun    St. Jude Bike-A-Thon
never ends.

Margo L. Castro
Associate Extension Agent/4-H Youth Development
Assumption 4-H’ers Attend 4-H Camp
May 28 - June 1, 2012
“We’re Wild About 4-H Camp” was the theme for this year’s 4-H Camp held at 4-H Camp
Grant Walker in Pollock, La. Campers experienced many unique adventures. Going to 4-H
Camp is one of the most valuable experiences a child can have. It’s a learning experience
that helps boys and girls appreciate the outdoors, live together as a group, get along with
others and appreciate people with different interests and backgrounds.

The campers were able to participate in one of 6 tracks: Dramatic Arts, Outdoor Adven-
tures, Food and Fitness-Fit 4 the Future, Get Ready get SET (Science, Engineering, &
Technology), Explore Louisiana (Wetlands, Wildlife & You), and Hunter’s Safety Certifi-
cation. Along with these tracks campers were able to choose different activities during Recreation and Free Time:
swimming, arts& crafts, Sports, tubing, archery, canoeing, water sports, and line dancing.

The following 4-Hers attended camp: Andrew Autin, Jacob Autin, Jayce Bergeron, Gabrielle Berthelot, Alexis
Blanchard, Hope Bourg, Jonathon Burns, Zack Daigle, Heather Garner, Shelby Giroir, Faith Gros, Alissa Guillory,
Miguel Gutierrez, Torie Hebert, Landon Hebert, Jalonda Jennings, Adriana Justilian, Tori LaCoste, Phillip Landry,
Whitney Landry, Lizzye LeBlanc, Layla Leonard, Tippy Lovell, Sophia Mabile, Karrigan Migues, Grace Naquin,
Tabitha Ordoyne, Haley Plaisance, Libbey Porto, Emily Pujol, Cayla Rhyne, Landn Rivere, Haydn Rivere, Elise Smith,
Kaylin Talbot, Kole Theriot, Kate Thibodeaux, Seth Vidos, Elise Vidrine, Brianah Vining, Zachary Washington,
Gregory Washington, Jr, Layni Watson, Megan Wilcox, Robert Williams, and Diamond Winley.

Camp Counselors were Brya Arcemont, Cole Bourg, Mallory Crochet, and Hayze LeBlanc. A big thank you to our
Adult Volunteers: Allison Gravois, Cody Hood, Tanya Rivere, and Rebecca Simoneaux. 4-H Agent Margo Castro also
attended. A great time was had by all. If you would like more information on this event or any event in 4-H please
contact the 4-H office at 985-369-6386.

                     All 8th -12th Graders are invited to the 4-H Jr. Leader Social on
                       Thursday, September 13, 2012 at 6:00 pm at the 4-H Office

Assumption	Parish	4‐H	is	organizing	the	2011‐12	Jr.	Leader	Club.		This	club	is	open	to	4‐H	members	
in	grades	8th‐12th.		The	objective	of	the	Jr.	Leader	Club	is	to	help	others	and	4‐H	members	with		
of icer	training,	parish	activities,	record	book	trainings,	4‐H	Camp	and	community	development.		
                We	are	encouraging	previous	members	to	bring	a	friend	or	friends	who	are	not	a		
                member	to	join.		Existing	members	will	earn	a	point	if	they	bring	someone	who	is	not		
                already	a	Jr.	Leader	member.		Dues	are	$10	club	donation	which	will	include	your		
                community	service	project	for	September.		This	fee	can	only	be	paid	to	the	4‐H	of ice.					

 Page 2                                                                                                  Clover Chatter
Assumption Parish 4-Hers Participate at 4-H University
4-H University was held June 19-22. More than 1,500 students participated, which was held over three days on the LSU
campus. The students participated in 43 contests, 12 Clover College educational tracks or other educational programs.

Contests represented areas such as agricultural product demonstration, computer simulation, insect identification and wildlife
habitat judging.

Clover College tracks explored concepts such as robotics, proper etiquette, life after high school and learning the basic funda-
mentals of sound financial management.

Educational programs involved a visit to a children’s ward at a local hospital, learning about bioengineering and experiencing
how texting and driving are a dangerous combination.

Assumption parish was represented very well. The following is a list of 4-H’ers and their contest:

ATV-Dylan Campo & Caleb Gaudet
Career Preparation-LaShawn Carter Blue Ribbon
Child Development – Mary Gauthe’ Blue Ribbon & Kaylie Theriot 5th Place
Clover College-Mylie Blanchard, Kelsey Gros, Emily Mabile & Dani Madere
Compact Tractor – Cole Bourg & Hayze LeBlanc
Computer Simulation – Spencer Adolph & Tyler Aucoin
Dairy Judging – Buffy Ackman, Michael Landry, Emma Prejean 5th Place Team
Fashion Review Special Occasion – April Gros State Winner
Ready to Wear-Tiffany Loewen
Fishing Sports – Chuckie Daigle & Jacob Richard
Livestock Judging – Carly Boudreaux, Grant Crochet, Todd Landry Blue Ribbon Individual, Blue Ribbon Team
Outdoor Skills - Trevor Prejean
Public Speaking - Myra Boudreaux
Solutions Unlimited Team - Regan Adolph, Cherie Cancienne, Hannah E. Landry Blue Ribbon Team

Ms. Margo Castro, Assumption 4-H Agent, would like to thank everyone who helped in making 4-H University such a big
success for Assumption Parish.

             Family Spook Night
                                           Everyone’s Invited
                       Thursday, October 18, 2012 at the 4-H AgCenter Facility
                           (119 Robin Street, Napoleonville) 6:00 – 8:00 pm
           Cost:   $1.00 and we ask that everyone bring a bag of candy for trick or treating

 Spook night will consist of games, prizes, concessions, a haunted house and more. Bring your trick or
 treat bags because there will be trick or treating at the close of spook night.

 Family Spook Night is not just for 4-H’ers so bring a friend and enjoy the fun! Parents come
 out and enjoy the night off. We will have hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos and cheese for sale.

  Page 3                                                                                                           Clover Chatter
  Unity Day: Make it ORANGE and Make it End!! Unite Against Bullying
                                                  Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What are your true colors when it comes to bullying? If you care about students who are bullied and
want bullying to end, make your color ORANGE on Unity Day, Wednesday, Oct. 10. That’s the day
everyone can link together - in schools, communities and online - and send one large, ORANGE message
of support to students who have experienced bullying.

Ways to unite on Oct. 10:
In your school, home or community:
1. Wear the color orange.
2. Write the word “UNITY” on your hand, on your note-
    book, or on a poster to hang in your locker or hallway.
3. Set up a “unity” table.
       A. Hand out orange “unity ribbons.” (Create your own ribbons. Purchase a spool of ribbon at a craft or dollar
           store. Cut into 12” strips. With black marker, on the ribbon, write “UNITY”, “The End of Bullying Begins With
           Me” or create your own bullying prevention message)
           B. Give the opportunity to donate for the ribbons and send the proceeds to PACER’s National
           Bullying Prevention Center.                               Find us on Facebook:
4. On Oct. 10, update your Facebook status to “UNITY DAY” October 10th - Join the movement to
   make it orange and make it end! If you are being bullied, you are not alone. Unite and be a champi-
   on against bullying!
5. “Share” the Unity Day event with your friends.
6. Post pictures of anyone wearing orange to this UNITY DAY event page.
7. Sign “The End of Bullying Begins With You” Petition.

The Pumpkin Decorating Contest will be held on Thursday, October 18, at the 4-H facility. Registration will be held all day 8:00 am - 6:00 pm. All
pumpkins must be registered for 6:00 pm. Doors will be closed at 6:00 pm and not opened for late registrations. Judging will last until
about 7:30 pm. At that time winners will be announced. This contest will be open to all 4-H’ers regardless of what projects they are enrolled in.

The categories are:
  1) Funniest (humorous, amusing, causes laughter, etc.)
  2) Prettiest/Cutest (nice looking, attractive, beautiful, etc.)
  3) Scariest (fright, shock, alarming, etc.)
  4) Unusual (odd, strange, rare, etc.)
  5) Creative (imaginative, innovative, artistic, etc,)
  6) Carved (engraved, cut, etc.)

Awards will be given to: Division winners per category and Overall Pumpkin. Ribbons will be awarded to Blue, Red and White placing in each cate-
gory (Division CB - Clover Buds, Division I - 4th grade, Division II - 5th and 6th grade, Division III - 7th and 8th grade and Division IV - High school.)

 Page 4                                                                                                                                    Clover Chatter
                                            2012-13 Assumption Parish
                                              4-H Calendar of Events

 	September	                                                 February					
 	       Club	Meetings	as	per	schedule	                    	        Club	Meetings	as	per	schedule	
 3			    Labor	Day	Holiday	(School	and	4‐H	Of ice)	        8	       Dairy	Posters		
 13			 Jr.	Leader	Social,	6:00	pm	‐	4‐H	Of ice	            9‐16	 State	Livestock	Show	
 19			 Volunteer	Leader	Training	                          11‐13	 Mardi	Gras	Holiday	(School)	
 22	     St.	Jude	Bike‐A‐Thon	                             12			 Mardi	Gras	Holiday	(4‐H	Of ice)	
 		                                                        22	 	 Duct	Tape	Contest	
 October	                                                  TBA	 Jr.	Leader	Meeting,	4‐H	Of ice	
 	       Club	Meetings	as	per	schedule	                    		
 8‐12	 National	4‐H	Week	                                  	
 10	     Public	Awareness	Campaign		                       March	 										
 8		 	 Columbus	Day	Holiday	(School)	                      	        Club	Meetings	as	per	schedule	
 18		    Pumpkin	Decorating	Contest,	4‐H	Of ice	           4‐7	     Demonstration	Days	
 18		    Spook	Night,	4‐H	Of ice	                          8‐10	 Jr.	Leadership	Conference	
 20	     Ground	Beef,	Egg,	and	Poultry	Cookeries	          14			 Sew	With	Cotton	garments	due	
 26	     4‐H	Dues	and	Enrollment	Cards	due	                15‐17	 Food	and	Fitness	Camp	
 TBA	 Jr.	Leader	Meeting,	4‐H	Of ice	                      20‐21	 Ag	Day	
 		                                                        25‐Apr.1	Spring	Break	(School)	
 November	                                                 29	      Good	Friday	Holiday	(4‐H	Of ice)	
 	       Club	Meetings	as	per	schedule	                    TBA	 Jr.	Leader	Meeting,	4‐H	Of ice	
 16	     Beef	posters	due	to	4‐H	Of ice	                   		
 16‐18	 Challenge	Camp	                                    April	
 19‐23	 Thanksgiving	Holiday	(School)	                     	        No	Club	Meetings		
 22‐23	 Thanksgiving	Holiday	(4‐H	Of ice)	                 TBA	 4‐H	Awards	Banquet	
 TBA	 Jr.	Leader	Meeting,	4‐H	Of ice	                      TBA	 Volunteer	Appreciation	Banquet		
 		                                                        TBA	 Jr.	Leader	Meeting,	4‐H	Of ice	
 	       Club	Meetings	as	per	schedule	
 1	     Seafood	and	sugar	cookeries	
                                                           	        Club	Meetings	as	per	schedule	
 1	     Pet	Show	
                                                           27‐31	 4‐H	Camp	–	Camp	Grant	Walker	
 7		 	 Deadline	to	register	for	Winter	Wonderland	
                                                           TBA	 Garden	Contest	
 12	     Winter	Wonderland,	6‐7:30	pm	@	4‐H	Of ice	
 24‐Jan.2		Christmas	Holidays	(4‐H	Of ice)	
 24‐Jan.4	Christmas	Holidays	(School)	
                                                           18‐21	 4‐H	University	
 TBA		 Jr.	Leader	Meeting,	4‐H	Of ice	                     	
 	      Club	meetings	as	per	schedule	                     TBA		 4‐H	Day	at	the	Capitol	
                                                           TBA	 District	Horse	Show	 	             	    	
 19	    Parish	Livestock	Show	                             TBA	 Jr.	Leader	Awards	Trip	
 21			 Martin	Luther	King	Holiday	(School	&	4‐H	Of ice)	   TBA		 Records,	clothing	and	lists/applications	for	
 25	    Character	Education	Posters	due	                            4‐H	U	due	to	4‐H	Of ice	
 26‐27	 Fashion	Camp	                                      July		4	 Holiday	(4‐H	Of ice)	 	
 29‐31	 	District	Livestock	Show	                          TBA	 State	Horse	Show	

Page 5                                                                                               Clover Chatter
                             Assumption Community Hospital, 135 Highway 402, Napoleonville, LA

       Name _______________________________ School 4-H Club ______________
                         Please Print

                               Sponsor’s Name                                   Donation Amount

                                           Total Amount Donated

                 Participants turning in $35 or more will receive a St. Jude T-shirt.

                        Please circle size (adult sizes only):       M      L       XL

The St. Jude Bike-a-thon is held every year to raise money to benefit the St. Jude’s Children Hospital. The
Bike-a-thon will be held Saturday, September 22, at the Assumption Community Hospital at 135 Highway 402
in Napoleonville.
Representatives from St. Jude will join us this year and although they realize how much our small community
does by the amount of donations received, we would like for them to meet the people who make this possible.
This will also be an opportunity for us to recognize friends, family and businesses who help us.
              Registration is : 7:30 am             Trike-a-Thon: 8:15 am
              Opening Ceremony: 9:00 am             Bike-a-Thon: 9:15 am
              Awards: 10:30 am                      Box Dinner: 11:00 am

Entry is free however; 4-H’ers must have at least a $5.00 donation to earn a 4-H club point. If you’d like to
receive a t-shirt it is necessary to have a $35 donation. Checks should be made payable to: St. Jude. If you
don’t ride in the bike-a-thon your donation is due to the 4-H office on or by September 19. You can also bring
your donation to the 4-H table at the bike-a-thon on September 22.

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