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									Surprises According to Humphrey

          Project By: Hope
       Book By: Betty G. Birney
               Favorite characters
• Humphrey: because is always solving problems. He is so
  cute and funny. He is always there for his friends.
• Mrs. Brisbane: because she is so nice. She’s always solving
  problems for the kids. She’s everyone's favorite teacher.
• Miranda: She is nice and sweet. She is always helping
  Humphrey. She is Humphrey's favorite person.
• Mr. Brisbane: He is nice to Humphrey. He is Humphrey’s
  friend. He took Humphrey to a place that entertains
• Garth: He plays guitar. He is nice to people. He is A.J.’s best
              Favorite events
• When Humphrey was getting chased by a
  cat named sweettums. Sweettums owner
  got the cat in time so Humphrey wasn’t
  eaten. A.J.’s little sister found Humphrey.
• Mr.brisbane toke Humphrey to a place
  where people are entertained. Humphrey
  entertained the people. Everybody said
  “hey, look at that!”
          Fantasy vs. realism
• Fantasy: Humphrey can talk, write and spell.
  He can solve people’s problems. He also
  knows how to open his cage.
• Realism: Humphrey is a cute, cuddly hamster.
  Ogg is a real frog. Cats love chasing little
                  Changing the Story
• Humphrey has a friend that is a hamster. He lives in the cage
  with him. He does everything with Humphrey. They have
  adventures together. It would change the story by making it
  more exciting because they could do a lot of fun and crazy
  things together.
• Ogg can talk back to Humphrey. It would make the story
  better because they could talk to each other.
• Garth has a little sister so A.J.’s little sister can play with her.
  It would change the story because then she would be in the
  story more.
• I would recommend this book because it was
  cute and funny when Humphrey had his
  adventures. I liked how they had wacky
  Wednesday to get Heidi to raise her hand. I
  liked when Humphrey tried to solve problems.

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