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					               FIRE & SOUND
                                                                                        VOLUME 1, ISSUE 5

                GE SECURITY
                                   SA L E S                         C O N N E C T I O N S !
                                   JUNE 5, 2009—SOUTHEAST REGION EDITION

                              SOUTHEAST REGION DISTRIBUTOR OF THE YEAR

                              Each year one Strategic Partner is selected as the           Strategic Partner in 2001. To the benefit of EST
WHO’S WHO?            2       regional distributor of the year and honored with a          and Mike’s employees the growth did not stop
                              special plaque recognizing this achievement. The cri-        there. In 2008 EES eclipsed the $1mil mark and
                              teria by which a partner is evaluated against include        became part of an exclusive membership that for
MNEC SUCCESS          2
                              sales volume, growth, market share and a host of             any business person would certainly be proud of.
                              other metrics that set this company apart from their
                                                                                           Congratulations to the entire organization of EES
                              peers. Each year it’s a touch choice to decide on who
TAKING STOCK          3                                                                    and to his District Manager Pete Zsoldos who has
                              is most deserving for we have so many partners that
                                                                                           been there supporting his customers every step of
                              go above and beyond expectations each and every
                                                                                           the way.

                              For 2008 the Southeast Region Strategic Partner of
                              the year is Edwards Electronic Systems in Clayton NC.
                              EES has been a part of the EST family since 1998
                              when they were granted the status of Engineering
                              Systems Distributor. Over the next 4 years Mike Ed-
                              wards, the owner of EES, grew his business and his
                              team and more than doubled their sales with EST
                              product in that time. It was this performance and busi-
                              ness growth plan which earned EES the status of

                              2008 STRATEGIC PARTNER ACHIEVEMENT RECOGNITION

                              The SER would like to congratulate the following com-                                100% Club
OF INTEREST:                  panies for their 100% quota achievement in 2008!
                                                                                      Diebold Fire Protection Services—Charlotte NC   209%
                                                                                      Milton J Wood Fire Protection—Jacksonville FL   175%
                                              Million Dollar Club                     Safe Tech—Ft Myers FL                           174%
• SP of the year 2008                                                                 Signature Systems—Castleberry FL                165%
                                                                                      Edwards Electronic Systems—Clayton NC           161%
                              Diebold Fire Protection Services—Charlotte NC           BETA Systems of Virginia—Chesapeake VA          143%
• SP 100% of Quota                                                                    Fire Control Systems—Cantonement FL             132%
                              Edwards Electronic Systems—Clayton NC                   Harris Security Systems—Ozark AL                131%
                                                                                      Hunter Security—Daphne AL                       124%
                                                                                      Haynes Technologies—Ashville NC                 124%
• Contact info back pg        SAI—St Petersburg FL                                    Central Station—Birmingham AL                   122%
                                                                                      Integrated Security Systems—Miami FL            121%
                                                                                      Johnson Electronic Systems—Cordele GA           120%
• June Calendar back pg       Jacksonville Sound & Communications—Jacksonville FL     Keller’s Inc.—Wilmington NC                     113%
                                                                                      CMI Electronics—Montgomery AL                   111%
                              Building Systems Technologies—Knoxville TN              Diebold Fire Protection Services—Richmond VA    110%
                                                                                      SAI—St Petersburg FL                            109%
                                                                                      Integrated Systems of Florida—Oldsmar FL        108%
                              Engineering Systems Technology—Hialeah FL               Carter Brothers—Deerfield Beach FL              105%
                                                                                      Carter Brothers—Atlanta GA                      104%
                              Convergint Technologies—Atlanta GA                      Jacksonville Sound & Comm—Jacksonville FL       103%
                                                                                      Building Systems Technology—Knoxville TN        103%
                                                                                      Richardson Technology Systems—Suwannee GA       101%
                                                                                      Commercial Systems Group—Apopka FL              101%
                                                                                      Advanced Alarm Service—West Palm Beach FL       100%
                                                                                      Ivanco—Ft Walton Beach FL                       100%
        VOLUME 1, ISSUE 5                                                                                                  Page 2

 Steve Johnson is this months Sales          built his business and exper-        Steve left Simplex in 2002 after 24
 Connection’s Who’s Who! Steve’s             tise consistently growing sales      years and spent a short time as
 career has spanned a very fast              year over year. Since Steve          branch manager from an SP in
 paced 32 years dedicated to the fire        was such a consistent per-           Fort Myers and then Johnson
 alarm industry. Except for working in       former against expectations          Controls in Knoxville, TN. In 2005
 a gas station in high school and a          he was invited to attend every       Steve became the South Atlantic
 lumber company in college it’s been         100% Sales recognition event         District Managers for GE-EST and
 his chosen profession. Steve at-            during this time. In 1993 he         the partner of Timm Weber.
 tended Blackhawk College in Moline,         took a promotion as branch
                                                                                  Steve has attained the level of
 IL where he studied Electronic Tech-        manager and moved his fam-
                                                                                  NICET IV in fire protection engi-
 nology and graduated with an asso-          ily out of Illinois south to Chat-
                                                                                  neering technology and holds an
 ciate engineering degree in 1977.           tanooga, TN. There he became
                                                                                  EF electrical contractors license in
                                             fond of sweet tea and boiled
 Immediately upon graduating Steve                                                the State of Florida.
 began his career path as a techni-
                                                                                  Steve has two daughters, Libbey a
 cian for Simplex Time Recorder               During the next 5 years the
                                                                                  veterinarian in Phoenix AZ and         Steve Johnson —With Steve’s
 Company installing and maintaining          branch grew under his direc-
                                                                                  Sarah who is married and attend-       experience and industry knowl-
 fire alarm systems. In 1983 Steve           tion from just under $1M to                                                 edge he can relate easily to his
                                                                                  ing nursing school in Orlando. He
 received a promotion and transfer to        over $3.5M. In 1998 Steve was                                               customers challenges and
                                                                                  lives in Fort Myers with Sheila
 the Peoria, IL branch as a project          presented the opportunity to                                                provide valuable input that
                                                                                  enjoying the warm winters, their
 engineer designing and managing             move even further south to                                                  helps them become more suc-
                                                                                  new house and riding their Harley      cessful. He is a trusted factory
 fire alarm projects throughout cen-         Fort Myers, FL. Steve became
                                                                                  Davidson motorcycles.                  rep and well respected by all
 tral Illinois. After three years of engi-   the branch manager for Sim-
 neering and design work Steve got           plex for the Ft Myers office.                                               those who know him well.
 his start in building systems sales.        During the next four years,
 Steve began quotation and design of         Steve grew the branch from
 fire alarm systems, security and            50 employees to 100 and
 nurse call systems providing esti-          $4.5M in sales to just over
 mates to owners and electrical con-         $12M.
 tractors. Over the next 8 years he

 Situated on 176 acres of land in        will serve additional buildings          bel presented an upgrade solu-
 the southwest corner of Georgia         planned for the future.                  tion utilizing GE/EST EST3 that
 Bainbridge College is a two-year                                                 would allow the reuse of the
 college, which prepares stu-            In January of 2008 Bob Kurbel,           existing detectors, modules as
 dents to transfer to a four-year        GE’s District Manager of Geor-           well as the majority of wire. Mr.
 institution or technical program.       gia, was contacted by Roy &              Johnson and Mr. Kurbel lever-
                                         Mark Johnson from Johnson                aged their years of selling ex-
 Bainbridge College is one of the        Electronic Systems our SP in             perience to understand the cus-
 fastest growing colleges in the         Cordele, GA. regarding the up-           tomers need behind the needs &
 State of Georgia & offers several       grade of the fire alarm system           uncovered what was keeping             Americans will
 degrees, including associates in        at Bainbridge College. This              the administers awake at night.
 the arts, applied sciences, busi-       opportunity was going to need                                                   reach the moon by
 ness, nursing & technical certifi-      some direct factory sales sup-           The college was concerned with
 cations as well as cooperative          port and Bob was at the ready.           the recent issues involving ter-       standing on each
 degree programs with four area                                                   rorist tactics on college cam-
 colleges/universities.                  The existing fire alarm system           puses & the threat of tornadoes
                                                                                                                         other’s shoulders.—
                                         consisted of a few independent           in South Georgia. The admini-          John F. Kennedy
 Bainbridge College is a com-            EST IRC3’s with standard horn/           stration was focused on commu-
 muter campus with a total en-           strobe configuration for alarm           nicating & notifying the faculty
 rollment of 2,781 students & 73         notification in nine buildings.          as well as the student body in
 faculty members.                        An appointment was scheduled             the event of an emergency situa-
 20 buildings cover the 176              with the administration, facili-         tion. This information provided
 acres including administration,         ties director & Nottingham,              the basis of our solution &
 academic, student union, as well        Brooks & Pennington the con-             placed Mass Notification Emer-
 as maintenance facilities. An           sulting engineer firm out of             gency Communications at the
 additional academic building is         Macon, GA. to oversee the pro-           forefront of our discussion.
 now being constructed which             ject. Mark Johnson & Mr. Kur-
        VOLUME 1, ISSUE 5                                                                                                    Page 3


This month the editors at SC          Standard & Poor's target price          HON has a valuation of $33/sh
have been following our com-          was $36 on May 30th and they            which makes this stock currently
petitor Honeywell (HON) on the        were right on that call. Current        over priced. Waiting for a pull      In the News— Boston June 2nd, Diversi-
market and have some interest-        analyst are ratings HON a 4 of 5        back to around the $32/sh level      fied US manufacturer Honeywell Interna-
ing news that could put some          stars and a strong buy from 6 of        would signal a good entry point.     tional reported that it has landed a con-
cha-ching in your bling.              12 analysts. Five have HON at a                                              tract worth up to $700mil over 10 years
                                      moderate buy.                           HON has a P/E ratio of 10.28 and     to provide logistical services to the US
                                                                                                                   Marine Corps.
While Honeywell may raise the                                                 a dividend of just under 3.5%
hair on the back of your neck         If you are a longer term investor       which is nice for consistent earn-
                                                                                                                   The Morristown NJ based company will
they can also raise the value of      HON is a must look based on             ings from just holding the stock.
                                                                                                                   handle maintenance and supplies for 14
your portfolio.                       their strong balance sheet and
                                                                                                                   ships that serve 15,000 Marines.
                                      ability to generate significant         HON is at a 41% discount from a
Over the past two months HON          amounts of cash from their              year ago which is in line with the
has had a nice run up from $28        global operations. This is much         S&P’s decline.
to $35 as of June 2nd and             like GE. Both of which play in the
there is still room to the upside.    Industrial & Aerospace industry.


The sales team of Mark &             After all the data was col-
Bob verbalized to the cus-           lected the assistance of
tomer the benefits of using          GE’s applications depart-
the EST3 platform as the             ment was solicited for input.
backbone for a campus                It was important that we
wide MNEC & Life Safety              provide a comprehensive
system. This solution sell-          solution that would allow for
ing proposition was wel-             future growth of this cam-
comed by the university and          pus wide MNEC & Life
the next requirements were           Safety System.
                                     Mr. Johnson & Mr. Kurbel
The university requested             developed a specification,
that a specification, layout,        system hardware layout &
& sequence of operations of          sequence of operations then
the system be developed              presented this solution to
and presented to Notting-            NBP & Bainbridge College.
ham, Brook & Pennington,             The proposed solution was
the design engineers of              approved with minor
record, for review and then          changes & adopted as the              with SIGA devices which allowed the contractor to re-use as much of
comment to the customer.             basis for design at the col-          the existing wire as possible. The equipment totals were significant
                                     lege.                                 and helped us realize the profit potential is doing just one of these sys-
Immediately following the                                                  tems each year.
initial meetings with the end        The MNEC & Life Safety
user a thorough campus               System consists of 10 EST3            This one opportunity which was successfully executed has led to more
review was conducted by              nodes on class A fiber with           in the area. Johnson Electronics has been negotiating the upgrades for
visiting various areas of the        two 3CPU’s in each node.              the Life Safety System at an adjacent university & will incorporate the
campus in order to compre-           There are 10 ASU’s (one in            backbone of GE’s MNEC solution presented in Atlanta GA last month.
hend & understand the lay-           each node) which facilitate
out of each buildings in rela-       paging in each building as            All of us here at GE would like to send a special thank you to JES and
tionship to one another and          well as building-to-building          Bob Kurbel for embracing the GE solution and working through the
the parking areas. Also re-          paging from any node.                 learning curve that can sometimes be overwhelming. For in the end it is
viewed in detail was the                                                   worth it. The world becomes a safer place when you combine advanced
evacuation plans previously          Internal to the building              GE technology solutions with our Channel Partners hard work. This
crafted by the University.           Geneses speaker/strobes,              combo has never failed and it never will.
                                     were used & re-entrant
From the site survey de-             speaker/strobes were used
tailed drawings were con-            for outdoor communica-                                                             Special thanks to Johnson Elec-
structed of the nine build-          tions. All existing detectors                                                      tronics and Bob Kurbel for the
ings and parking areas.              & modules were upgraded                                                            details on this success story.
                                                                                             The Southeast Regional Fire & Sound
                             We are on the web @ GESECURITY.COM                              sales team is comprised of 8 dedi-
                                                                                             cated professionals whose primary
                                         WWW.EST.NET                                         mission is to help you grow your busi-
                                                                                             ness. With over 150 years of com-
        GE SECURITY                                                                          bined experience in the industry, we
        FIRE & SOUND                                                                         are one of the most seasoned and
                                                                                             successful teams in the country. Our
       Customer /Tech Service—800-655-4497                                                   diverse skill sets have helped small
                                                    SER EST/Dukane Team                      businesses throughout the SER dou-
       Customer Service Fax-888-378-8778
                                                    Pete Zsoldos-919-606-7734                ble and triple their sales in a relatively
       Apl Eng—Dave Muklewicz-941-309-8523          Bob Kurbel– 770-331-5830                 short period of time.

       Credit Dept—503-885-5825 (Craig Locke)       Timm Weber-772-418-2041                  The SER is comprised of 7 states
                                                    Steve Johnson-239-272-1351               which includes southern VA, NC, SC,
       Editor—Mike Ventola
                                                    Corporate Contacts                       GA, AL, TN and FL. We organize over
       Phone: 813-655-1534
                                                    Kevin Barley—941-739-4311                100 independent channel partners
       E-mail:                                                        who promote, sell, install and service
                                                                                             GE fire & sound products. Our busi-
                                                                                             ness continues to flourish as we grow
                                                                                             stronger and more diverse each year.

                                                                                             Our customers are best in class who
                                                                                             chose to do business with a company
                                                                                             that produces products and services
                                                                                             which are also best in class.
      O U R   C U S T O M E R S     S U C C E S S                  I S         O U R
      D E E P E S T   D E S I R E !

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