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									                                           St. Valentine’s Party

Цели: актуализация изученного материала по теме «Праздники»; совершенствование
лексических и грамматических навыков; формирование положительной мотивации к
изучению культурных традиций английского языка; воспитание уважительного отношения
друг к другу.

Оборудование: стенгазеты; воздушные шары; цветы (розы); сердечки; разрезанные
сердечки; мультимедийная презентация.

                                           Ход мероприятия:

Teacher: Love! Friendship! Happiness! Affection! Romance! Today we can say these words
because it is an unusual and special day – Saint Valentine’s Day. It is a good time to think who are
important to us – Mums and Dads, grandparents, sisters and brothers, friends and classmates,
teachers. It’s a nice time to tell them how much you like them and how you feel.

Student: To each and every friend of mine

         I’ll send a lovely valentine.

         Mom, Dad, Sis, and Brother, too.

         Will receive a heart that says,

         “I love you”

S2: Round is the ring that has no end,

   So is my love for you, my friend,

   Again do take this in good part,

   Along with it you have my heart.

   But if you do the same refuse,

   Pray burn this paper and me excuse.

Ведущие юноша и девушка читают стихотворения и дарят друг другу «валентинки».
T: It’s lovely to meet you here, at the Valentine’s party! Today you will get to know why this
holiday is celebrated all over the world, there will be a short quiz and we will play fun games.

S3: St. Valentine’s Day is a holiday which is celebrated in Great Britain, the USA, and in many
European countries. St. Valentine’s Day has roots in several legends. This is the legend of how St.
Valentine’s Day began.

According to one story, St. Valentine was a kindly priest named Valentine. (1 слайд)

In the III century A.D. the Roman Emperor Claudius edited a decree forbidding marriages. (2

He thought that marriages held soldiers at home and didn’t give them the opportunity to be good
warriors. (3 слайд)

But the young priest called Valentine wreathed the pairs secretly. (4 слайд)

When Claudius found out that the priest didn’t obey his decree, he put Valentine into prison and
sentenced him to death. (5-6 слайд)

In prison Valentine wrote messages to the jailer’s daughter. Young people fell in love with each
other in spite of grim conditions and close death. (7 слайд)

Before the execution in the 14th of February, 270 he sent his girl a short farewell note with the
words “from Valentine” that afterwards began to mean eternal attachment, faith and love. (8 слайд)

Later, as a christian martyr, priest Valentine was canonized by the catholic church. And already in
496 the pope Gelasius declared the 14 of February Valentine's Day. (9 слайд)

There are a lot of symbols of St. Valentine’s Day. In the language of symbols, a red heart, pierced
with an arrow denotes eternal love.

Cupid, the Roman god of love, is a symbol of passionate, tender, or playful love. When his arrow
hits your heart, you’ll fall hopelessly in love with someone. (10-11 слайд)

A red rose is the most romantic symbol of love. (12 слайд)

Nowadays people usually send greeting cards with words of love and affection to their sweethearts
and members of their family. They give roses, chocolates and other presents to them. (13-14 слайд)
S4: Some people believe that St. Valentine was the saint patron of birds. The legend tells that birds
choose their mates on the 14th of February and began to build their nests on this day. More than that
people used to belive that a girl could tell what kind of man her future husband was going to be by
the kind of bird she first saw on St. Valentine’s Day. For example if a girl see a blackbird her
husband will be a priest. (2 слайд)

Robin – sailor. (3 слайд)

Goldfinch – a rich man. (4 слайд)

Sparrow – a poor man. (5 слайд)

Bluebird – a happy man. (6 cлайд)

But if a girl saw a woodpecker, it meant she would never marry. (7 слайд)

Учитель благодарит за содержательный и интересный рассказ о Дне Святого Валентина.
Учащиеся делятся на команды из 6-7 человек.

T: Dear boys and girls, I think you’ve got to know a lot of interesting information about this
holiday. Let’s have a competition on the subject of this holiday. You are going to have several
tasks. Each team will get a red picture in a heart shape if its answer is right. And the team will
receive a pink heart if it’s answer isn’t quite complete. Each team will count all their hearts at the
end of the competition. The winner of the competition will be the team with the largest number of
the red hearts.

                                      The tasks of the competition

I Guess what it means/what it is.

    1. A person whom someone loves. (a sweetheart)
    2. A special card sent on St. Valentine’s Day usually anonymous. (a valentinte)
    3. Valentine’s Day is celebrated during this month. (February)
    4. A very strong feeling of liking someone. (Love)
    5. This colour is a symbol of love. (red)
    6. Something that is given as a gift on Valentine’s Day like a box of chocolate, flowers… (a
   7. The most romantic present which we can smell that is given to girls on Valentine’s Day. (red
   8. Something that is written on valentine cards and addressed to a boy or a girl. (a poem)

II Make “A Broken Heart”

Find two similar halves of the broken hearts. On one half of the broken heart there is a question
about Valentine’s Day. On the other half there is an answer to it.

   1. Who was the Valentine who lived three hundred years after the death of Jesus Christ in the
        Roman-Empire? (a Christian priest)
   2. What did the Christian priest do the night before he was executed? (He write the jailor’s
        daughter a farewell letter, signing it “Your Valentine”)
   3. Why did Valentine who lived in the time of the Roman Emperor, Claudius II, become
        famous? (He married young couples against the orders of the Roman Emperor.)
   4. Why do any people believe that St. Valentine was the saint patron of birds? (the legend says
        that birds choose their mates this day and began to build their nests)
   5. What do people do on St. Valentine’s Day? (They send a postcard with the words of love to
        a person, make special presents in the form of the heart and give roses)
   6. What ornaments usually decorate valentines as symbols? (They are hearts, Cupids of love,
        ribbons, roses…)

III Find a heart

T: I’ve hidden small red paper hearts around this room. You’ll get instructions how to find hearts.
(For example, it is under your desk) The team that finds the most will win this task.

IV Unscramble the words.

T: Each team will be given a heart, on which the word list is written. Unscamble the words from the
list. The team that will be able to do it the first and without mistakes, will be the winner of the task.

Epsnret                            Levniaten                          Alce

Upcdi                              Vole                               Edr

ancyd                              ifnder                             Orwar

(Key: present, cupid, candy, valentine, love, friend, lace, red, arrow, card)

IV “Be my Valentine!”

T: I think you need a little rest. Let’s watch the scene! Try to remember as many adjectives as you

Scene “Be my Valentine!”

Characters: Tom Jones

            Betty Fair

            Valentine Fairy



Tom (turns to the audience.): There’s Betty. She’s so beautiful, clever, sweet and kind! (Sighs) She
is the most beautiful girl in the world!

Betty (looking at herself in the mirror): There, that’s better! (Goes offstage)

Tom (sighing again): Tommorrow is Valentine’s Day. Oh, how I wish Betty would be my
Valentine! (A loud poof and the Valentine Fairy appears)

Tom: who are you?

Valentine Fairy: Why, I’m the Valentine Fairy, of course!

Tom: Wait a minute. I’ve never heard of the Valentine Fairy before! (Turns to the audience) Have
you ever heard of the Valentine Fairy before?

V.F.: So, just because you’ve never heard of me doesn’t mean I’m not real. Do you want this girl to
be your Valentine, or what?

Tom: Yes,yes! What do I have to do?
V.F.: First, you have to be near the girl. Then, you have to say this magic poem:

Be my Valentine,

Wallee, Wallee, Woo,

Now and all the time,

Tippy, tippy, too.

Do you think you can remember that?

Tom: Sure! It’s easy.

V.F.: Good luck, Then!

Tom: Oh, here comes Betty. Let’s see if I can make this work! (comes up to her) Hi, Betty!

Betty: Sorry, Tom. I’ve got to go! I don’t want to be late for my music lesson.

Tom: Wait a minute! I have something to tell you! (Claers the throat)

Be my Valentine,

Lippee loppy loo,

Now and all the time,

Knockee, knockee nu.

(Poof! And Betty turns into a cat!)

Cat: Meow!!!

Tom: Oh no! That’s not right either. Let’s try something else. Dippy, wippy,loo….(Poof! And Betty
turns into a monkey!)

Monkey: (makes monkey sounds and jumps around)

Tom (coming up to Monkey): Monkey, I mean Betty! Oh, what shall I do? (Whispering)

Be my Valentine,
Wallee, Wallee, Woo,

Now and all the time,

Tippy, tippy, too.

(Suddenly, Monkey turns back into Betty.)

Betty: Oh, Tom! Thank you! You’ve saved me! Can I be your Valentine?

Tom: Sure! (He takes her hand and they go offstage.)

V. Задание «Комплименты».

T: You had a little rest. Now it’s turn to say compliments. A pair, consisting of a boy and a girl
from each team, can take part in this contest. You should stand face to face at a distance of ten
steps. You have to go to each other in turn and compliments each other. For example: “You are very

Пока жюри подводят итоги конкурса между командами и подписывают дипломы
победителям и самым активным участникам команд, все учащиеся поют одну из песен,
которые разучивались на уроках английского языка.

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