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					                                              Seven Streams of ELEC Studies
                Microelectronic                                                                                                Communications
                 Devices and          Integrated Circuit        Photonics and          System and             Biomedical         & Computer                Signal and
                 Technology                Design                  Optics              Automation             Electronics         Networks                Information

Core Courses   ELEC 102 (1S) Electronic Circuits I                                                        ELEC 202   (2F) Electronic Circuits II
(ECE)          ELEC 151 (1F) Digital Circuits and Sys tem s                                               ELEC 211   (2F) Signals and Systems
               ELEC 152 (1S) Computer Organization                                                        ELEC 214   (2S) Communication System s
                                                                                                          ELEC 254   (2S) Microprocessor Experiments

Core Courses   COMP 104 (1F) Programm ing Fundamentals and Methodology
(CSE)          COMP 171 (1S) Data structures and Algorithms

               ELEC 221 (2F)                                  ELEC 221 (2F)         ELEC 271 (2S)         ELEC 317 (3F)        ELEC 210 (2F)          ELEC 210 (2F)
Essential      Semiconductor         ELEC 301 (2S/3S)         Semiconductor         Automatic Control     Digital Image        Probability & Random   Probability & Random
Courses        Materials & Devices   CMOS VLSI Design         Materials & Devices   Systems               Processing           Processes              Processes
               ELEC 321 (3F)         ELEC 302 (2F/3F)                               ELEC 377 (3F)         ELEC 383 (2F/3F)                            ELEC 212 (2S)
               Integrated Circuit    Embedded System          ELEC 241 (2F/3F)      Digital Control       Biosensors &         ELEC 314 (3F)          Digital Signal
               Devices               Design                   Electromagnetism      Systems               Bioinstrumentation   Digital Communications Processing
                                                                                                                               ELEC 315 (3F)
               ELEC 322 (2S/3S)       ELEC 303 (2S/3S)                                                                         Computer               ELEC 317 (3F)
               Integrated Circuit     ASIC Design w ith       ELEC 308 (2S/3S)                            ELEC 384 (2S/3S)     Communication          Digital Image
               Fabrication Technology FPGA                    Physical Optics                             Medical Imaging      Netw orks              Processing
                                      ELEC 304 (2S)
                                      Analogue IC Design &
                                      ELEC 321 (3F)
                                      Integrated Circuit
                                      ELEC 221 (2F)                                 ELEC 212 (2S)         ELEC 212 (2S)        ELEC 212 (2S)
Recommended    ELEC 241 (2F/3F)       Semiconductor           ELEC 301 (2S/3S)      Digital Sigal         Digital SIgnal       Digital Signal         ELEC 314 (3F)
Courses        Electromagnetism       Materials & Devices     CMOS VLSI Design      Processing            Processing           Processing             Digital Communications
                                                              ELEC 303 (2S/3S)      ELEC 341 (2S/3S)                                                  ELEC 331 (3F)
               ELEC 301 (2S/3S)      ELEC 241 (2F/3F)         ASIC Design w ith     Introduction to       ELEC 241 (2F/3F)     ELEC 241 (2F/3F)       Speech & Image
               CMOS VLSI Design      Electromagnetism         FPGA                  Intelligent Systems   Electromagnetism     Electromagnetism       Compression
                                                              ELEC 342 (2S/3S)
               ELEC 303 (2S/3S)      ELEC 271 (2S)            Optoelectronics &     ELEC 374 (3F)                              ELEC 331 (3F)          ELEC 332 (3S)
               ASIC Design w ith     Automatic Control        Optical Fibre         Introduction to       ELEC 308 (2S/3S)     Speech & Image         Information Theory &
               FPGA                  Systems                  Communcations         Robotics              Physical Optics      Compression            Error-Correcting Codes

                                     ELEC 344 (2S/3S)                                                                          ELEC 332 (3S)          ELEC 333 (2S/3S)
                                     Microw ave                                                                                Information Theory &   Digitial Speech
                                     Engineering                                                                               Error-Correcting Codes Recognition

                                     ELEC 351 (2S/3S)                                                                          ELEC 343 (3F)          ELEC 360 (2S/3S)
                                     Introduction to Pow er                                                                    Wireless               Digital Media &
                                     Electronics                                                                               Communication          Multimedia Applications

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