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									GEOGRAPHY 101

What is Geography? Geography is broken up into four main categories of study. There is physical geography, human geography, global systems and cartography. With this in mind, careers tend to focus mainly within these categories. Physical geography is the study of earth systems and environmental processes. Human geography concentrates on the study of human settlements and organizations. Global systems studies examine the ways in which regions and landscapes acquired distinctive characteristics resulting from their locations, resource potentials, settlement, appraisal, and use by particular peoples and cultures. Cartography is the creation, study and use of maps. Did You Know? Geography graduates have average annual earnings of $36,500 20% of Geography graduates become Secondary and Elementary School Teachers 7% of Geography graduates become Police Officers and Firefighters 6% of Geography graduates become Policy and Program Officers 5% of Geography graduates become Computer and Information Systems Professionals History Astronomy Chemistry Cartography Hydrology/Hydrogeology Mining Meteorology Oceanography Paleontology Land Surveying Physics Oil and Gas Well Drilling Philosophy Related Areas of Interest Mathematics Economics Environment Business Government and Law Actuarial Science International Development Statistics Teaching Research and Analysis Investment Banking Policy Analysis and Development

Related Volunteer Organizations SMU Environmental Society SMU Engineering Society SMU Geology Society Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) SMU International Development Studies (IDS) Society

Ecology Action Centre Multicultural Association of Nova Scotia SMU Commerce Society SMU Political Science Society Students in Geography Also… Become Tutors Become Research Assistants Participate in Co-op Programs Participate in Internships Participate in Study Abroad Programs Volunteer with a Society or Organization CAREERS IN GEOGRAPHY The occupations noted below may be directly or indirectly related to Geography. Some of the careers may require education beyond a Bachelor's degree. Agriculture Extension Agent Air Pollution Specialist Air Quality Analyst Avalanche Specialist Budget Planning & Marketing Manager Census Geographer Civil Engineer Coastal Zone Manager Consulting Engineer Community Development Analyst Community Planner Correspondent Customs Officer Demographer Demographic Analyst Director of Industrial Development Director of Planning and Zoning for a Township Energy Analyst Fishery/wildlife Manager Foreign Service Officer Government Forestry Aid Geodesist at the Defence Mapping Agency Geographic Area Specialist Health Services Organization Manager Health Services Planner Immigration Agent Industrial Developer Industrial Planner Intelligence Officer Landscape Consultant Land Use Feasibility Analyst Land Use Planner Map Analyst Map Curator Map Room Clerk Mining Reclamation Specialist Multiple Resource Use Planners Natural Hazards Consultant Natural Resource Communications Specialist

Natural Resource/Environmental Educator Natural Resource Journalist Naturalist Park Ranger Photogrammetric Engineer Political Campaign Worker Population Study Consultant Professional Forester Project Planner Property Manager Public Natural Resource Manager Public Utilities Specialist Recreational Resource Planner Redevelopment Co-ordinator Regional Development Officer Regional Environmentalist Regional Planner Regulatory Compliance Enforcement Officer Alumni Affairs Co-ordinator Conservation Education Co-ordinator Library Aid Map Editor Map Librarian

Resource Database Manager Resource Development Director Resource Development Proposal Evaluator Resource Economist Resource Planner Risk Analyst Spatial Data Specialist Topographic Engineer Traffic Administration Traffic Management Specialist Transportation Planner Urban Planner Urban Planning Research Assistant Water Conservation Planner Water Resource Specialist Wetland Conservation Supervisor Zoning Administrator Zoning Inspector


Special Education Administrator Student Activities Advisor Student Union Co-ordinator Teacher

Justice System Fire Management Specialist Legislative Aid Resources/Environmental Lawyer Airlines Researcher Biologist Climatologist Earth Scientist Educational Researcher Ecologist Energy Researcher Research Environmental Researcher Geographer Geological Laboratory Assistant Geologist Geomorphologist Geophysics Assistant Financial Researcher

Historical Research Assistant Hydrogeologist Hydrologist Institutional Researcher Land Scientist, Consultant Lobbying Researcher Market Research Assistant Market Research Assistant Account Executive Market Research Project Supervisor Meteorologist Natural Resource Researcher Publications Researcher

Radio/Television Researcher Real Estate Development Researcher Real Estate Research Analyst Research Analyst Research Assistant Research Meteorologist Sales Facilities Research Analyst Site Researcher Sociological Research Assistant Soil Conservationist Soil Scientist Supervising Topographic Engineer

Business & Industry Airline Cargo Marketing Executive Geographic Information Systems Advertising Media Planner Database Manager Business Analyst Geographic Information Systems Cartographer Remote Sensing Specialist Cartographer - Illustrator Hazardous Waste Specialist Cartographic Editor Hotel Concierge Cartographic Technician Insurance Agent Cartography Compiler International Business Representative Computer Cartographer International Investment Analyst Computer Programmer Investment Banking Analyst Trainee Construction Surveyor Trainee Labour Relations Researcher Consulting Operations Administrator Land Surveyor Data Analyst Mapping Designer for a Corporation Economic Development Analyst Mapping Specialist Economist Marketing Analyst Economic Geographer Marketing Development Manager Energy Administrator Physical Scientist at a Geographical Energy Communications Specialist Survey Foreign Area Analyst Pollution Control Specialist Foreign Area Study Consultant Principal Scientist in a Corporation Forest Products Business Person Private Sector Resources Manager Geographic Information Systems Real Estate Appraiser Analyst Real Estate Manager Geographic Information Systems CoReal Estate Planner ordinator of Environmental Studies Remote Sensing Specialist Resource Management Consultant

Surveyor Survey Assistant

Tourism Developer Travel Agent

Community & Social Services Archivist Environmental Impact Specialist Area Specialist Environmental Policy Analyst Community Developer Geopolitical Specialist Computer Mapping Specialist Health Care Planner Computer Specialist Historian Deputy Assistant Director Historical Museum Administrative Director of Computer Assisted Assistant Reporting Historical Projects Co-ordinator Environmental Administrator Historical Society Administrative Environmental Advocate Assistant Environmental Communications Housing and Student Life CoSpecialist ordinator Environmental Consultant Natural Historian Environmental Manager Political Analyst Environmental Planner Recycling Co-ordinator Environmental Scientist Wildlife Manager Aerial Photo Interpreter Film Copywriter Film Researcher Freelance Writer Fundraiser Outdoor Guide Peace Corp. Volunteer Preservation/Restoration Assistant Other Reporter Staff/Writer Restoration Specialist Trade Show Co-ordinator Weather Forecaster Web Master Youth Agency Administrator Zoo Keeper

For More Geography Information Go To Geography at Saint Mary's University The Canadian Association of Geographers The Association of American Geographers

The Geography Network The Geography Homepage Geography World National Geographic Online The Virtual Geography Department Royal Geographical Society International Geographical Union National Council for Geographic Education Geography 101 developed and distributed by Career Services with information adapted from career and university web sites, as well as professional associations.

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