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					                 RIVERSIDE CITY COLLEGE
                        Hall of Fame
                       March 19, 2012

CALL TO ORDER    President Lee Nelson called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m. in the
                 Hall of Fame.

ROLL CALL        Academic Senators:
                 Mike Barnes, APC; Counseling
                 Linda Braiman, Library
                 Mark Carpenter, Part-Time Faculty Representative
                 Debbie Cazares, Early Childhood Education
                 Jill Christiansen, Nursing (absent)
                 Jim Elton, RCC Assessment
                 Dorothy Gaylor, World Languages
                 Laura Greathouse, Behavioral Science
                 Dayna (Peterson Mason) Gregg, Art
                 E. Ivan Gutierrez, History/Humanities/Philosophy
                 Lewis Hall, Program Review Chair
                 Ellen Kime-Hunt, Chemistry
                 Mark Lehr, Business Admin/IST
                 Mary Legner, Planning & Budget Chair
                 Richard Mahon, Curriculum Chair
                 Kevin Mayse, Performing Arts
                 Lee Nelson, President
                 Jeff Mulari, Mathematics
                 William. Phelps, Physical Science
                 Victor Sandoval, English
                 Ward Schinke, Vice President
                 John Smith, Physical Education (absent)
                 Yuri Ulloa, Applied Technology (absent)
                 Peter Westbrook, Secretary-Treasurer
                 Virginia (Ginger) White, Life Sciences
                 Wiggs, Micherri, Communication Studies

                 Administrative Representatives:
                 Cynthia Azari, City College President (absent)
                 Virginia McKee-Leone, Dean of Instruction
                 Wolde-Ab Isaac, Vice President - Academic Affairs

                 Mark Sellick, Economics/Geography/Political Science

                 ASRCC Representative:
                 Rikki Hix

                 Recorder of the Minutes:
                 Fröke D. Blessum, Administrative Assistant

Riverside Academic Senate Minutes                                                               Page 2
March 19, 2012

APPROVAL OF AGENDA                  Under New Business, move item VIII-G from last to first item and
                                    move remaining items down one. M/S/C Braiman/Wiggs, 1

APPROVAL OF MINUTES                 2/27/2012 M/S/C Hall/Gaylor, 2 abstentions. No changes.
2-27-2012 & 3-5-2012                3/5/2012 M/S/C Wiggs/Hall, 3 abstentions. Changes: Carla Reible
                                    was present in Victor Sandoval’s place.

PRESIDENT                           Lee Nelson reported the following: Special meeting of the Strategic
                                    Planning Executive Council tomorrow at 12:30 p.m., dealing with
                                    budget only; FACCC weekly report regarding mid-year budget
                                    shortage, $140 million unexpected drop in student fees and property
                                    tax collections; “5 to thrive” speeches to be given before the BOT
                                    starting next month with Moreno Valley which has the distinguished
                                    faculty lecturer series to promote; RCC would begin in June
                                    regarding special presentation of what is being done and what is
                                    being taught, to be in chancellor’s report, reiterated must be five
                                    minutes or less; president’s advisory commission discussion of SR91
                                    project will have significant impact on RCC. Project extends from
                                    beyond Tyler down to 14th street and beyond starting in April,
                                    bridges (including 14th street bridge) will be removed to widen 91
                                    freeway, will involve many detours, road closures and reduced lanes,
                                    expected to last four years. RCC will lose an estimated 71 parking
                                    spaces. Mark Lehr provided input regarding students being impacted
                                    with Cridge Street closure. Virginia White suggested putting a notice
                                    on website to alert students. Input from Peter Westbrook regarding
                                    other closures. $279 million project, includes McKinley through
                                    Green River as well. Events coming up include fundraiser gala to
                                    honor different people in community, Jan Schall will be honored as
                                    well, on 4/26/2012 at $100 per plate. RSA/Coil School of the Arts,
                                    6/27/2012 opening of Citrus Bank, Minnie Okubo Art Center.

VICE PRESIDENT                      Ward Schinke reported regarding Planning & Budget Committee;
                                    election schedule by next meeting; can start recruiting people for
                                    standing committees.

SECRETARY-TREASURER                 Peter Westbrook regarding the plenary attendance next month on
                                    behalf of Lee Nelson; Riverside Faculty recognition committee
                                    report at next meeting.

ADMINISTRATIVE &                    (First monthly meeting only.)

DISTRICT AND LOCAL                  Curriculum – Richard Mahon reported on seven areas of emphasis
STANDING COMMITTEE                  created in 2009 due to being out of compliance with Title 5,
REPORTS                             structure for amending AOE’s was not created; changes voted to
(Second monthly meeting only.)      some of the AOE’s (MVC and Norco did not take action), none of
Riverside Academic Senate Minutes                                                               Page 3
March 19, 2012

                                    the changes went forward; turf ambiguity regarding curriculum or
                                    academic standards issue, pilot a process for making changes, at next
                                    Curriculum Committee meeting next week Tuesday will agendize,
                                    discuss and vote on package of changes to areas of emphasis; if any
                                    courses didn’t exist or were left out, let him know, list to be
                                    compiled before the end of the week. Title 5 language changed a
                                    year ago to allow faculty to establish prerequisites using content
                                    review; second April meeting of Curriculum Committee regarding
                                    closure on whether or not RCC wants to develop a plan to use
                                    content review. Fourth Tuesday in April curriculum meeting.
                                    Broader concern regarding college decision to stop offering all basic
                                    skills courses more than three levels below transfer; resource
                                    allocation; questions raised and addressed regarding Title 5
                                    prerequisite language. Further input and comments from Barnes,
                                    White, Wiggs, Mahon regarding reading the data, Title 5 language
                                    on phasing in prerequisites, student success; senate presentation on
                                    project being done with CLIP money.
                                    Academic Standards – None.
                                    PG&SL – None.
                                    Program Review – Lewis Hall reported regarding working with
                                    committees on changing program review.
                                    Assessment (Riverside) – Jim Elton reported regarding 3/9/2012
                                    meeting and will meet again on 4/6/2012. ACCJC letter response
                                    due 3/31/2012 instead of June; spreadsheets needed to update
                                    numbers; unit plans due 5/18/2012. Richard Mahon with input
                                    regarding data through July, but should be data through fall. Course
                                    assessment in a four year cycle, 2nd report due to ACJCCC fall 2012
                                    regarding levels of proficiency, and spring 2013; working one on
                                    one, contact Susan Mills or Jim Elton for assistance with assessment.
                                    GenEd will meet same afternoon, 4/6/2012.
                                    Faculty Development – Mark Carpenter reported on nominations for
                                    outstanding service award are now being accepted; presentation at
                                    digital library regarding Nepal children being forced into sex slavery
                                    and early marriage, interventions going to counter that, book club
                                    success, CALSTRS updates at Glenn Hunt Center once a month,
                                    check email for dates and times.
                                    Planning & Budget –Mary Legner regarding 50% law. See Mark
                                    Lehr report below.
                                    Student Success –Victor Sandoval regarding Student Success Task
                                    Force; recommendations and branching out into other types of
                                    communications; will be meeting later on next month regarding next
                                    Associate (PT) Faculty – Mark Carpenter regarding budget update
                                    and calculations; north Orange break-even monetary point for full
                                    and associate professors on class sizes, cited document.
                                    Academic Planning Council – Mike Barnes regarding meeting a
                                    week ago; Powerpoint presentation to all chairs and handout were
                                    too small to read. Actual Powerpoint projection charts were seen
Riverside Academic Senate Minutes                                                               Page 4
March 19, 2012

                                    only by half of the Heritage room. Department chairs were,
                                    therefore, emailed with report. Next meeting this Thursday regarding
                                    soliciting information/feedback from departments.

OPEN HEARING                        Kevin Mayse regarding college safety switchboard no longer on this
                                    campus, but on CSUSB. Cited recent event necessitating calling the
                                    safety and police operator, who lacked knowledge of the RCC
                                    buildings and locations. Raised concern regarding problems with
                                    unfamiliarity of RCC in emergency procedures. Fire alarms in
                                    buildings constantly going off necessitating using four digit
                                    extension call set up previously, but now needing seven digits for
                                    which fire alarms are not wired/programmed. Calls now going to
                                    CSUSB and not translating as a result because the computer does not
                                    know how to handle the calls.
                                    Ward Schinke announcement that Jami Brown is presenting the
                                    Vagina Monologues, this coming and next Friday and Saturday;
                                    police stated students cannot be working or doing things on campus
                                    after 10 pm.
                                    Rikki Hix added that students cannot work on weekends either;
                                    stated police pulled their guns out on students last weekend because
                                    they were in a building (doing their work), stated they were told
                                    hours are now 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.
                                    Nelson, White with further input on available hours, and time limits.
                                    Mark Carpenter regarding approval by Santa Monica College
                                    trustees of a two-tier system ($200/unit); raised concern regarding
                                    potential “abuse” of students.
                                    Richard Mahon provided input regarding charging students extra
                                    fees and Santa Monica College fees are set by legislature.
                                    Bill Phelps regarding RCC regional geology field studies students
                                    had an opportunity to meet in Nevada where University of Chicago
                                    researchers and graduate students were doing a paleontological dig,
                                    and to be involved in an actual research environment where they had
                                    the chance to discover a new species from a major mass extinction
                                    event. Analysis of collected materials is being done at University of

UNFINISHED BUSINESS                 A.     Changing of Drop Date with W to 65% instead of current
                                           75% - Lee Nelson read and discussed brief email received
                                           from Cliff Ruth. Motion to change drop date as noted above
                                           M/S/C White/Hall. Discussion followed. Richard Mahon
                                           and Ward Schinke regarding impact on student behavior; last
                                           year’s spring plenary session resolution encouraging colleges
                                           to explore locally to get data on one or two campuses first to
                                           see what difference it would make. Virginia White with
                                           input regarding classes leading into nursing or physician
                                           assistant programs, repeating class in order to get an A to get
                                           into those programs. Mark Carpenter regarding online
                                           courses, rationing education, mastering material instead of
Riverside Academic Senate Minutes                                                           Page 5
March 19, 2012

                                         how quickly learned. Further input regarding 50% which is
                                         not enough to make any difference, justification for not
                                         having it at 50% from Phelps, Gaylor, Hix and Wiggs;
                                         Motion to postpone to next senate meeting (April 2), for
                                         someone from Academic Standards to join in to provide
                                         input and explain rationale. M/S/C Mahon/Gaylor, 1
                                         abstention. Motion amended to say that a member of the
                                         Academic Standards Committee meet with us on April 2
                                         during our regularly scheduled meeting, M/S/C Sellick/? 1
                                         nay, 1 abstention.

NEW BUSINESS                        A.   Approval of ESL certificate (Mahon) - M/S/
                                         Mahon/Westbrook. Richard Mahon presented regarding
                                         amended approval process. Proposal has already been
                                         approved by the discipline and department, approved by
                                         Tech Review approximately two weeks ago, and approved at
                                         the Curriculum Committee last week. Discussion ensued
                                         regarding current proposal possibly eliminating all courses
                                         more than 3 levels below transfer (below 18 units). Locally
                                         approved, not chancellor’s office approved program.
                                         Questions and concerns raised (Lehr, Wiggs) regarding
                                         resources, wording, surveys and levels, addressed by Richard
                                         Mahon who also explained levels below transfer. Dr. Isaac
                                         with input regarding nomenclature; certificate related to
                                         employment, market surveys, advisory council, course
                                         completion. Additional input, questions and concerns
                                         (Barnes, Legner, Sandoval, Braiman) addressed by Richard
                                         Mahon and further discussed. M/S/C Mahon/Sandoval to
                                         postpone item until April 2 in order to ask Carla Reible to
                                         join the meeting. Suggestion made to contact Ron Vito for
                                         information/query on number of students qualified for
                                         certificates. Linda Braiman asked about affordability,
                                         addressed by Virginia McKee-Leone, regarding moving into
                                         the realm of CTE area and another associated level.
                                         Additional discussion followed regarding students entering
                                         courses to complete, course elimination and low level basic
                                         skills courses, accreditation standards violation.
                                    B.   Report on 50% Law and the Budget (Mark Lehr) –
                                         Spreadsheet distributed and discussed. Suggested to call in
                                         Aaron Brown to explain the differences in expenditures and
                                    C.   Discussion of AP 3710 Intellectual Property and
                                         Copyright – M/S/C Wiggs/Lehr to postpone the three AP
                                         items and Committee Appointments.
                                    D.   Discussion of AP 7212 Temporary Faculty - Long and
                                         Short Term
                                    E.   Discussion of AP 7214 Compensation for Substitute
Riverside Academic Senate Minutes                                                            Page 6
March 19, 2012

                                    F.     Committee Appointments - Jody Julian, nonvoting member
                                           on the DAS; Richard Davin and Paul O’Connell, voting
                                           members on the ACTPIS Council.
                                    G.     Suggested Revisions to Mission Statement – Moved to top
                                           under New Business. Lee Nelson provided information
                                           regarding further changes listed in emails received from
                                           Susan Mills. Motion to postpone item for one month, (to
                                           April 16) to allow time for the APC and Susan Mills to make
                                           changes, M/S/C Lehr/Braiman, 1 abstention. Discussion
                                           followed. Rikki Hix with input regarding the April 16th
                                           deadline which is needed in order to make it to the board’s
                                           June meeting. Lee Nelson provided history of item

ADJOURNMENT                         Meeting adjourned at 5:05 p.m.

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