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    Varsity Tutors Reveals the Real Cost of College in New
  Resource Helps Parents & Students Better Understand the Breakdown of
             College Expenses and Make Informed Decisions

St. Louis, Mo, April 06, 2013 – To empower parents and students during the
college planning process, Varsity Tutors, a premier one-on-one academic tutoring
and test prep provider, today released an infographic that highlights all the costs of
pursuing higher education. Entitled, “The Real Cost of College,” the infographic
breaks down the average estimated costs for enrollment, sources of financial aid and
debt averages for full-time undergraduate students.

Student debt surpassed credit card debt in the United States for the first time in
2010. In 2012, the average college student left school owing $27,000 in student
loans. These are just a few statistics that emphasize how important it is to
understand all the expenses of college and identify potential funding opportunities
while planning a student’s path to higher education.

“Now more than ever, it’s crucial that parents and students are aware of the total
cost of a degree,” said Varsity Tutors founder and CEO Chuck Cohn. “As the cost of
tuition continues to rise, students need to be vigilant about planning ahead and
finding the best options for funding their education, not only to attend college in the
first place, but also to graduate with an amount of debt they can manage.”

The infographic features key findings from the College Board Annual Survey of
Colleges, including these telling statistics:

   •   The total annual expense of attending an in-state public four-year institution
       – tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, transportation and
       other expenses – averages $22,261; while an out-of-state four-year public
       institution averages $35,312 and a private non-profit college or university
       averages $43,289 each year.

   •   $237 billion in financial aid was given during the 2012-13 school year; the
       average student received $13,218 in financial aid.

   •   67 percent of 2009 college graduates are in debt with student loans.

The infographic also highlights the different types of financial aid available to
students, from grants and scholarships to loans and work study programs. To learn
more about the costs of higher education, view the full infographic at

In its continued effort to help students achieve academic excellence, Varsity Tutors
recently launched a college scholarship program. The monthly merit-based
scholarship, open to U.S. residents ages 16 and older, provides students with the
opportunity to earn $1,000 toward their college tuition. The current submission
period began on April 1st and will close on April 15th.

To learn more about the Varsity Tutors College Scholarship Contest and to view the
official rules, visit

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