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					             N            T ARGET
O������� P���������� �� ��� C��������� F��� E�������� S������ A����������
                                                       J��� � A����� 2010

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            FOLLOW t h e L E A D E R


                                   Since 1944

                                 N          TARGET
O� ��� M���                                             A��������� I����

T�� P��������’� G����                            4      S�������                                            2

E�������� D�������’� M������                     5      I�S���E�����                                       14
M����� � H���������� N���                        6
                                                        D���� B������� S�������� (DBS)                     17
I������� N���                                    8
                                                        H������� F���������� E��������                     19
F��� 2010 C���������                            10
                                                        S2000 F���� S������ S��������                      20
C��������� C��� I�������                        13

C�������� C������ S��������                     15

C�������� H���������                            16     O     N TARGET is the official publication of the
                                                             Commercial Food Equipment Service Association.
                                                       On Target is published on a bimonthly basis. New
T��������� T������ FAQ�                         16     advertising prices in On Target are now available
                                                       through the end of 2010. Lock in your price and lock out
I������� C�������                               17
                                                       your competition. If you have any questions regarding
C�������� ���� T��� C�������������              18     advertising, content or need further information contact
                                                       Allison Whatley at CFESA Headquarters: Toll Free 877-
                                                       414-4127 or via email at

                        Commercial Food Equipment Service Associa�on
                        2216 West Meadowview Road, Suite 100 � Greensboro, NC 27407
                                    336-346-4700 (p) � 336-346-4745 (f)

P������� � S����� P����������! T�� P��������’� G����, S���� H�����
                   Is your service business growing? In a down economy with less capital spending by our
                   customer base of operators, the service dollars expended increase as older equipment is
                   kept in service longer. In speaking with service company members, I hear this is true for
                   many while others are focused upon “circling the wagons” and suffer stagnant or declining
                   revenue and profit. Spending trends are on the rise with consumers and operators are
                   seeing increased traffic and revenues.

                   This is a great time to grow your service & OEM parts businesses in your markets.

                   Likewise, with current high unemployment the talent pool is uniquely deep, as so many
                   great people seek good jobs. This presents a great opportunity for any business. Retention
                   will improve as we select quality talent and as the generational trend of “previously
                   rampant” job hopping reduces. The labor pool is re-focused on gaining stable employment
                   and staying happy where they are. Seek those persons.

                   It is commonly agreed that CFESA member service companies do not command a majority
                   of the repair work within the commercial food equipment service & parts sector. This
                   represents the best opportunities to increase revenues and margins. CFESA member
                   companies, if you are on your game, should face no threat from non-member companies.
                   Investing in personnel to increase the number of equipment owners that depend on
                   your company for factory trained, CFESA Certified technicians and OEM parts is what
                   distinguishes a forward-moving CFESA Service Company from all the “other” providers
                   (non-CFESA, of course). Where do you measure your operations versus peer competitors
                   in your area?

                   What kind of end users do we seek? Surely, those with whom we can create a profitable
                   relationship-based business connection where it is win-win for the client and vendor.
                   Now consider the client type that might be termed “high maintenance”. They consume
                   an inordinate amount of time & resources to keep happy, sometimes preferring to remain
                   “unhappy” as a vendor management tactic. They do not deliver reasonable margins and do
                   not act on sound advice from a qualified CFESA service company. Then, at the same time,
                   they lay blame on your organization. This may be a hard-nosed mom & pop operation, a
                   big chain with bonus driven managers and an army of facilities and procurement staff or a
                   third-party administrator who comes between the provider and owner of the equipment
                   and struggles to process and pay in reasonable time.

                   That old rule of thumb about getting rid of the lowest 10% of your customer base, as a path
                   to improved business performance, applies here. Consideration of letting this business
                   go to competitors will actually improve margins, employee morale and market-industry

                   This past May in Chicago these few wise words were spoken and shined light on the
                   small business operators’ daily battle: “Work on your business more than you work in
                   your business and be prepared to walk away”.

                   Take a look at your operations from an outsider’s perspective. Now
                   let’s go take control of the market share!

                                                                      Scott Hester
                   It’s your Association - Let’s put it to work!
H��������� U����� E�������� D�������’� M������, C���� S���������
                    There has been a lot of talk about the impact of President Obama’s health care plan
                    on businesses. Without touching on the politics of the matter, allow me to state some
                    specific issues surrounding the health care plan and the situation.

                    In the last 10 years, the premiums for a single individual have risen by 46%. In the same
                    time frame, the premiums for a family have risen by 43%. It’s very easy to look at and
                    blame the insurance companies for “gouging” the American people. However, the blame
                    also lies with each individual.

                    Obesity is described as a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated
                    to the extent that it may have an adverse effect on your health, leading to reduced life
                    expectancy, cardiovascular disease, certain types of cancer and/or type 2 diabetes.
                    Obesity is defined as a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or greater. BMI is calculated from a
                    person’s weight and height.

                    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “during the past 20 years
                    there has been a dramatic increase in obesity in the United States. In 2009, only Colorado
                    and the District of Columbia had a prevalence of obesity less than 20%. Thirty-three states
                    had prevalence equal to or greater than 25%; nine of these states (Alabama, Arkansas,
                    Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and West Virginia)
                    had a prevalence of obesity equal to or greater than 30%.” These prevailing health issues
                    result in rising premiums.

                    I suppose this was motivation for the President’s health care plan. Although there are
                    many unknowns at this time, many employers are being proactive vs. reactive. I recently
                    read an article about the rising cost of health insurance and how this has encouraged
                    some companies to drop coverage for their employees and encourage those employees to
                    take advantage of state-subsidized coverage. Obviously, this puts the burden onto the
                    states who themselves are faced with budget deficits.

                    For example, the Massachusetts state government has a health safety net program for
                    residents who are not eligible for health insurance or can’t afford to buy it. This program
                    replaced another, referred to as “free care,” in 2007. The goal of the safety net program
                    is to guarantee that all residents of Massachusetts can receive health care, regardless
                    of income. Eligibility also includes those who are uninsured or under-insured with no
                    access to affordable health coverage. Also, it includes people of any income with large
                    medical bills that they cannot afford to pay. You must be a resident of Massachusetts but
                    your citizenship or immigration status does not affect your eligibility.

                    The current trend in Massachusetts is for small businesses, who can no longer afford to
                    stay in business and provide insurance coverage, to encourage their workers to register
                    for the government safety net program. Some small businesses have formed together and
                    hired consultants to ensure their employees are properly insured through the state systems
                    rather than “hanging them out to dry.” I tried to contact the Massachusetts Attorney
                    General’s Office insurance division to obtain figures for approximately how many small
                    businesses have given up offering insurance. However, they did not have figures at this
                    time because their quarterly insurance data had not yet been compiled. State officials
                    did anticipate a rise of those applying for the safety net program due to unemployment
                    but did not anticipate a spike in employers ending health care coverage. Many of these
                                                                                       Continued on page 12   5
M����� � H���������� N���
W��� C���� EGS (E�������, G�� � S����) T�������                M��� CFESA’� N�� A������ A������������
                                                               CFESA Headquarters has a new face
CFESA is proud to announce a West Coast EGS training           in the office, Account Administrator
class, to be held November 15 - 20, 2010 in Irwindale, CA.     Christina Tolbert. She graduated
Many members have expressed interest in having a training      with a BS in Business Administration,
course in a location convenient for our members who do         with a minor in Computer Science
not have easy access to the Duke Energy training facility      from Milligan College in Johnson
in Charlotte, NC, where CFESA holds yearly training            City, TN in 1988. She previously
courses. Western CFESA members, help make this event a         worked at a funeral home as a bookkeeper and is very
success by signing up your technicians today.                  glad to now be working among the living! Christina has
                                                               a wonderful husband and two lovely daughters. She says,
Eligible technicians will have 6 months to 3 years             “I am excited to work for such a well organized company
experience in the foodservice industry, be familiar with       and look forward to meeting our members in the future.”
electric, gas and steam theory and have basic mechanical       Please take the time to call Christina and welcome her to
aptitude. Training includes classroom and hands-on             the Association.
education and testing where technicians learn how to
identify and correct problems in many types of commercial      R����� R��� R���������
cooking equipment. Visit
egstraining.htm to find more information about this class       As of July 8, 2010 Ronald Ross, after thirty-nine years with
and to register your technicians online.                       K&D Factory Service Inc in Harrisburg PA, has retired. He
                                                               has sold his share of the business to his sister Carol Dibeler.
F��� 2010 C��������� - S�������, GA                            Ron and his wife look forward to doing a lot of traveling
                                                               in their RV this summer to visit family and friends. K&D
                                     CFESA Headquarters        will continue to function as normal with Carol being
                                     is busy getting ready     the President, Henry Lane being Vice President/ General
                                     for the upcoming          Manager and Daniel Dibeler becoming CFO. Ronald can
                                     Fall 2010 Conference      be contacted at
                                     in Savannah, GA,
                                     October 18 - 20, 2010.    R�C������������ N���
                                     Conference will take
place at the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa.         CFESA congratulates Pierce Parts and Service Inc and
This beautiful hotel is across the Savannah river from         Hagar Restaurant Service for their recent recertifications.
historic downtown Savannah. Ferries are available free of      Certified CFESA companies must recertify every three
charge to take you across the river, where you can enjoy all   years in order to maintain certified status. Congratulations,
that Savannah’s downtown has to offer.                         Pierce & Hagar !

You can register for conference and book your hotel room       F��� NAFEM T������ ��� CFESA M������
online, by following the links at
Conference/2010/fall/10fallconf.htm. You can also view         Are you planning on attending NAFEM 2011 in Orlando,
and download the conference agenda, find a conference           FL? Your CFESA Membership can help you save money! To
information card and sign up to sponsor a golf hole, all       apply for your free badge, visit the Member’s Only section
through CFESA’s Fall Conference page.                          of and look for the link to NAFEM’s
6                                                              ticket ordering page.
M����� � H���������� N���
A S��� D������ R�������                                      D����’� A��� A B�����: A�����, NY

RSI, Refrigerated Specialist                                 This has been called the worst economy since the Great
Inc, would like to remind all                                Depression but Duffy’s Equipment Service is betting big
CFESA members and their                                      on a New York recovery. In July, Duffy’s upped the ante
technicians to drive safely                                  by opening it’s seventh brick and mortar location. Duffy’s
on the roads and always be                                   newest location in the capitol city of Albany has been
alert for unexpected sources                                 added to their existing locations in Binghamton, Buffalo,
of danger.                                                   Rochester, Syracuse, Utica and Watertown.

                                 An RSI technician was       3W��� N��� P���� � S������ ��� M����
                                 involved in a one-vehicle
                                 accident (pictured), and
                                 thankfully, no one was
                                 hurt. He hit debris from
                                 a junk hauler, leading to
                                 a blowout, hit the left
concrete barrier, bounced back, rolled across five lanes
of BUSY afternoon Dallas traffic and burst through a          Due to expanding inventory, 3Wire Nass Parts & Service
guardrail into the open area beside the freeway. Everyone    has moved to a larger facility. The new location, 9436
at RSI knows that they were very lucky. Be safe out there,   Southridge Park Court, Suite 500 in Orlando Florida offers
folks!                                                       3Wire’s customers expanded parts inventory, accelerated
                                                             delivery, improved technology and a new, convenient
N�� CFESA M������                                            parts retail store. Their phone numbers remain the same
                                                             at 800-432-2795 or 407-425-2681, and individual extension
We at Headquarters would like all our current members to     numbers are now 4 digits and require a 7 before the
join us in welcoming one new Affiliate member company,        previous extension.
4C Solutions, and one company who has moved from
Affiliate to Voting membership, Heritage Foodservice          D������ R���� ��� S�����-S��
                 N�� V����� M�����                           Dormont is proud to announce its newest product for
                                                             the foodservice market, Safety-Set™. Safety-Set is an
H������� F���������� E��������                               equipment placement system designed to give operators
5130 Executive Blvd, Fort Wayne IN 46808                     a means to consistently position cooking equipment and
Dave Morris                                                  transportation carts in the same location after every
                                                             cleaning or use. This product will replace Dormont’s
                N�� A�������� M�����                         current Posi-Set product offering.

4C S��������
1201 7th St, East Moline IL 61244
Sarah Studnicka

I������� N���
N�� E����� S��� P��������� C������ S�����                       C�������� �������� �� �������-����� ��������
The Environmental Protection Agency and Department of
Energy have begun revamping the Energy Star program,            Quick-service restaurants feeling more intense competition
partly driven by a Government Accountability Office study        for the consumer’s dollar might not only look at their dining
that uncovered abuses of the existing process. Among key        rivals across the street, but their supermarket down the
provisions is a tightened access to the Energy Star label       block. A growing array of prepared and ready-to-eat foods
and the new requirement for third-party testing of all new      at retail outlets such as Walmart and Kroger are attracting
model numbers submitted to qualify for the label. Part of       consumers and threatening to put a dent in quick-service
the process now involves setting definitions for qualified        business, says a new report from Packaged Facts titled
test facilities.                                                “Prepared Foods and Ready-to-Eat Foods at Retail: The
                                                                New Competition to Foodservice.”
Foodservice equipment manufacturers already have                                                        Source: QSR Magazine
expressed two major concerns, among others. One is that
the economics of third-party testing every model number         P����� ���� Q2 ������ ���� 33%
are prohibitive in an industry like foodservice, in which
the market is highly fragmented and many suppliers              Panera Bread Co. said its net income rose 33% in the
are not large companies. Many model numbers sell in             second quarter as same-store sales increases, purchasing
relatively small quantities, insufficient to amortize test       efficiencies and category management initiatives drove
costs. A second concern is that existing test facilities will   improved operating margins. For the quarter ended June
not be able to keep up with the load of newly mandatory         29, the company reported net income of $26.7 million
testing. For more information, visit      compared to just over $20 million in last year’s quarter.
cfm?c=partners.mou.                                                                          Source: St. Louis Business Journal
                                       Source: FER Magazine
                                                                D�����’� G��� R��� ���� F��� P����������
B������ ������ ���� �� O� ��� B�����
                                                                                            Domino’s Pizza is continuing
OTB Acquisition LLC, an affiliate of Golden Gate Capital,                                    its communication with
has completed its purchase of Brinker International’s On                                    customers by walking down
the Border chain. The new owner has named former Chuck                                      a new avenue of authenticity:
E. Cheese exec Christopher Morris as chief financial officer                                  food photography. In an effort
and ex-Taco Bueno CEO Stephen Clark as chief executive.                                     to display Domino’s Inspired
                            Source: The Dallas Morning News                                 Pizza as authentically as
                                                                possible, all Domino’s national advertising pieces will
H��������� B����� ���� ����� ���� �� ��� ����                   feature food photography without the fancy food artistry
���� �����                                                      or fake food touch-ups. Whether it be a commercial on
                                                                TV or an advertisement in the local paper, the advertising
Boston’s first Food Truck Challenge tasks the city’s mobile      approach promises that all product shots of the Inspired
eateries to create healthier menus as part of the city’s        Pizza have been untouched by stylists or model makers
efforts to promote health and fight obesity.                     typically found on food photography shoots.
                             Source: The Dallas Morning News                                          Source: QSR Magazine

I������� N���
D�����’� ������ ��� ������� ���� �� ��������                    S����� ��������� ���� ������ �� S�����

Darden Restaurants has joined,          The U.S. Senate has approved a bill setting new nutrition
and its chains, including Olive Garden and Red Lobster,         standards for food sold in schools and expanding the
have begun to win Healthy Dining approval for some menu         number of low-income children eligible for free or reduced-
items. The website boasts hundreds of member restaurants        price lunches. A similar bill is awaiting a House vote, and
whose lower-calorie dishes are listed, allowing consumers       first lady Michelle Obama says the legislation will “play an
to search for items such as Red Lobster’s steamed Maine         integral role in our efforts to combat childhood obesity.”
lobster and Olive Garden’s Venetian apricot chicken.                                               Source: The Associated Press
                                     Source: Orlando Sentinel
                                                                MAFSI B������� B�������� R������ S�����
NRA P������ I���������� I����                                   Q������ C���������� L��� S�����

In response to President Obama’s address at American            Overall sales for Q2/10 contracted by -3.3%, which was less
University on the urgent need to fix the nation’s broken         severe than the past three quarter contractions of -5.3%,
immigration system through comprehensive immigration            -12.8%, and -11.5% respectively. This marked the tenth
reform, the National Restaurant Association issued the          consecutive quarter of negative growth and fourteenth
following statement: “Addressing our broken immigration         quarter of the current slowdown. Foodservice Equipment
system is an economic necessity for our industry as well        Reports estimates that from peak to trough, the market
as our country,” said National Restaurant Association           contracted 21% from $9.1 billion in 2007 to $7.2 billion in
president and CEO Dawn Sweeney, who attended the                2010.
President’s remarks. “The nation’s 945,000 restaurant
locations and their millions of employees have much at          By product category, equipment was down by -4.5% (versus
stake in this debate, and the consequences of failure to find    -7.5% last quarter), tabletop was down -1.5%, furnishings
a solution on this vital issue will be severe. The President    was down -0.4%, while supplies grew by 0.4%. Once again,
has been a leading voice working to find a resolution to         we see that smallwares is improving while equipment still
this crisis, and while significant areas of disagreement         lags. As is usually the case, some segments are healthier
exist among advocates, we remain committed to the work          than others, led by schools, universities and healthcare
ahead.”                                                         while B&I, casinos, and country clubs lag.
                                                                                                            Source: MAFSI
“We believe that a bipartisan process has the best
chance of success, and it is imperative that the Congress       B������� S���� S��� W��� C���’� F��������
continues to work toward a solution,” Sweeney said. “The        M������
Association pledges its continued vigorous support of
sensible reform that strengthens our borders; provides a        Coca-Cola’s Freestyle fountain dispenser has contributed to
way for employers to hire from abroad when U.S. workers         increased beverage sales at restaurants testing the concept.
are not available; establishes a verification system that is     Those operators indicate that even though installing the
effective, inexpensive and reliable, and does not unfairly      dispenser and educating consumers on its usage have been
penalize employers; and creates a commonsense solution          challenging, the results have been worth the effort. The
for undocumented workers in the United States.”                 Freestyle System has a touch-screen and allows users to
                                     Source: FEDA First Thing   create more than 100 drinks by combining sodas, water
                                                                and flat beverages.
                                                                                                         Source: NACS Online
     F��� 2010 C��������� - S�������, GA
     M����� O������ 18, 2010                     T������ O������ 19, 2010                     technology to protect equipment
                                                                                              against water-related issues.
     10:00�� - 12:00��                           8:00�� - 9:00��
     B���� �� D�������� M������                  B�������� B�����                             How to Measure a Manufacturers
     All CFESA Members are invited               You can’t learn on an empty stomach!         Performance
     to attend the Board of Directors            Start the day right by enjoying              By: Bruce Hodge of General Parts
     meeting to find out what’s being             breakfast and conversation with              This seminar provides objective
     planned for the future.                     other attendees.                             tools for evaluating manufacturer
                                                                                              performance and the overall financial
     12:00�� - 1:00��                            9:00�� - 10:00��                             impact that these relationships have
     L���� (on your own)                         M��������� M������                           on your business.
                                                 All attendees are invited to join
     1:00�� - 3:00��                             CFESA’s Membership Meeting to                The Rest of the Story...Working
     C�������� M�������                          hear the latest committee updates            with 3rd Party Service Providers
     Here’s your chance to take part             and learn what programs and                  By: Rick White of Tech-24
     in YOUR association. Select a               services are on the horizon.                 An in-depth look at the different
     committee, roll up your sleeves                                                          types of 3rd party administrators
     and get ready to work. CFESA                10:00�� - 11:00��                            and how they affect your business.
     committees include:                         NAFEM S������ M�������                       This session looks at contract pitfalls
     o Business Tech                             M������                                      and explains why disputes between
     o Education Training                                                                     end users and administrators hurt
     o Marketing                                 11:00�� - 11:15��                            service companies, as well as how
     o Membership Service                        M������ B����                                correctly-managed models can make
     o ** CFESA 101 for 30 minutes in each                                                    your company better.
                                                 11:15�� - 12:15��
                                                 H�� �� N�������� M�����������                7:15�� - 10:45��
     5:00�� - 6:00��                                                                          O������� A������� - D����� �� L���
     CFESA R������� L������ M������                                                           � S��’� ��� G���� T������ T���
                                                 By: Jean Choquette of Key Food Equipment
                                                 A point/ counterpoint discussion             Dinner at the Lady & Son’s, Paula
     7:00�� - 10:00��                                                                         Deen’s restaurant, located in the City
                                                 exploring the ins and outs of
     O������ D����� � R�����������                                                            Market is followed by a 90-minute
                                                 manufacturer’s contracts as well
     Mix business (registration) with                                                         ghost tour in the Historic District.
                                                 as the steps to negotiating them.
     pleasure (dinner) during this                                                            Hear the stories behind things that
                                                 This session will be conducted by
     casual networking event. Take this                                                       “go bump in the night” as you ride
                                                 a representative of a manufacturer
     opportunity to catch up with your                                                        through the Historic District and
                                                 and a service company.
     peers and enjoy a fine meal. After                                                        see Savannah’s most haunted places.
     dinner, sit back and relax for a Night
                                                 12:30�� - 1:30��
     at the Movies.

                                                 1:30�� - 2:30��
                                                 R������� W��������
                                                 Water Quality and the Impact on
                                                 By: Bill Hagar of Hagar Restaurant Service
                                                 and Ken Kreuscher of Alto-Shaam Inc
                                                 This session helps you explain to your
                                                 customers how the manufacturer’s
                                                 water quality requirements affect
         Gazebo Overlooking the Savannah River                                                          Members of The Lady & Son’s Staff
                                                 equipment warranties. Learn the
                                                 three steps to determine the best
F��� 2010 C��������� - S�������, GA
W�������� O������ 20, 2010                      7:00�� - 8:00��                           Airport Transfer:
                                                P��������� R��������                      The Westin Savannah is appox.
8:00�� - 9:00��                                 Join your fellow members for a quick      30 min. (15 miles) from Savannah
B�������� B�����                                departing cocktail.                       International Airport. Shuttles are
Start the day right by enjoying                                                           available from the airport to hotels
breakfast and conversation with                                                           in the Historic District for $15 one-
other attendees.                                                                          way and $25 round-trip.

9:00�� - 10:30��                                                                            V���� ���.CFESA.���,
H��������� R����� - H�� ����                                                                 ������ ��� ����� ��
�� A����� Y�� P��������� ��� ���                                                          C���������� � F��� 2010 ��:
B������� O����                                                                            - Register & Pay Online
                                                                                          - Book Your Hotel Online
10:30�� - 11:30��                                                                         - Download a Fax-In Registration
I������� F�������                                                                           Form
By: Wes Tyler of North American Commercial
                                                                                          - View the Conference Agenda
Parts & Service Inc and Doug Fryett of Fryett
                                                                                          - Download the Conference
Consulting Group                                            The Club at Savannah Harbor
Together, Mr. Tyler and Mr. Fryett
                                                                                          - View Committee Agendas
will sum up the industry as a whole,            H���� I����������                         - Download a Conference Info
based on the CFESA Profit Survey,                Westin Savannah Harbor                      Card
with Mr. Fryett presenting the                  1 Resort Drive                            - Sponsor a Golf Hole
manufacturer’s forecast.                        Savannah, GA
12:00�� - 4:00��                                Room Rate: $179, single or double
O������� A������� - H�������                    Reservation Phone: 800-228-3000 or
S������� T������ T��� ���                       Book Online (link at
L����                                           Room Block: Commercial Food
This leisurely tour by trolley explores         Equipment Service Association
the city’s architectural gems and               Web:
historic landmarks. Your lunch stop             Check In & Out:
will be at Mrs. Wilkes Boarding                 4:00pm & 12:00pm
House, a Savannah tradition starting
in 1943. The restaurant offers Family                                                     CFESA C��������� S������:
Style Southern Cuisine.                              H���� C��-O�� D���:                              S�� D��
                                                  F����� S�������� 10, 2010
12:30�� - 12:45��
                                                                                               P������ I������� F���
O������� A������� - G���
T��������� R����������� (T��
T��� - 1:00��)                                     C��������� R�����������
                                                        C��-O�� D���:                       P����� M������      25 �������
CFESA’s Golf Tournament will take
                                                   M����� O������ 4, 2010                   P����� F�����       25 �������
place at The Club at Savannah Harbor,
                                                                                            S�� M�������        45 �������
an 18-hole masterpiece created and
designed by renowned architect                                                              S�� P�������        45 �������
Robert Cupp in conjunction with the             S������� I����������
legendary “Slammin’ Sammy” Snead.                                                            F�� ������� ������� ��� ��
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Golf Sponsorships are also available,                                                     �������� �� ����������� ������
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 F��� 2010 C��������� ���’�                              E���. D�������’� M������ ���’�
                                                         small companies, e.g. restaurants, daycare centers and
            O������� A���������                          retail shops, who typically pay low wages, know that their
                                                         employees will qualify for state-funded health insurance
 D����� �� L��� � S��’� ��� G���� T������                when they terminate their insurance plans.
                                                         In response to the rising health care premiums,
 You will be picked up at the                            Massachusetts’ Governor has proposed legislation to
 Westin Savannah via trolley                             allow the State’s Department of Insurance the power to
 and taken to the Lady & Son’s,                          cap all health care price increases. That proposal is still
 Paula Dean’s restaurant, located                        being reviewed.
 in City Market for dinner. The
 dinner menu for the night will                          The state does penalize these small companies but at a
 be Paula’s Southern Buffet.                             far lower cost than providing insurance. As an example,
                                                         the penalty for not covering a worker is roughly $300.00
                                After dinner you will    annually. Premiums for the same individual would be in
                                enjoy a 90-minute        the thousands.
                                ghost tour in the
                                Historic District. You   Looking toward the future, in 2014, when the majority of
                                will hear the stories    the federal health care law goes into effect, penalties for
                                behind the things in     small companies not providing health insurance coverage
                                Savannah that “go        will be less stringent than those of Massachusetts. For
                                bump in the night” as    example, the federal health care law does not penalize
 you ride through the Historic District and view some    companies with fewer than 50 employees that offer no
 of Savannah’s most haunted places. You will also be     coverage. However, Massachusetts employers with the
 taken into one of Savannah’s most haunted restaurant/   equivalent of 11 full-time employees do face fines for not
 bars.                                                   providing coverage. But, for companies with more than 50
                                                         employees, the federal law is much more stringent.
 H������� S������� T������ T��� ��� L����
                                                         This progression in Massachusetts could become a national
                        This leisurely tour by trolley   trend, forcing individual states to provide the necessary
                        covers a lot of ground           coverage. The answer is not simple. The insurance
                        as you explore the city’s        companies must keep their rates at an affordable cost. This
                        architectural gems and           cannot be done unless we become a healthier society.
                        historic landmarks. The
                        tour includes a stop at an       At the CFESA Fall Conference in Savannah, we will feature
                        elegantly restored historic      a workshop with speakers Bart Basi and Marcus Renwick,
                        house museum and at the          attorneys at law. They will address the implications the
 breathtaking 19th century Gothic Cathedral of St.       federal health care mandate will have on individuals as well
 John the Baptist.                                       as the business owners. You may remember these speakers
                                                         explaining Nexus Taxes at the CFESA Fall Conference in
 Your lunch stop will                                    2007. This and many more pertinent industry topics will
 be at Mrs. Wilkes                                       be discussed. Don’t miss this exciting event!
 Boarding House, a
 Savannah      tradition
 starting in 1943. The                                                                    Carla Strickland
 restaurant       offers
 Family Style Southern

C��������� C��� I������� B�: H������ P����
During the 2010 Spring Conference in Chicago the issue                  The conference registration fee is another contentious
of CFESA hotels and pricing was posed to me again, and I                topic. I am often asked why we do not offer a discount for
would like to provide some insight into the hotel selection             bringing multiple attendees to the conferences. While we
process.                                                                do encourage members to do this and think it shows great
                                                                                                  support for the association, it
                                                                                                  costs the association the same
                                                                                                  per person to attend regardless
                                                                                                  of how many you register.
                                                                                                  The fact is that it doesn’t cost
                                                                                                  any less to feed your business
                                                                                                  partner than it does to feed you.
                                                                                                  Conference fees are calculated
                                                                                                  to cover the expenses for each
                                                                                                  individual to attend all the
                                                                                                  functions offered during the
CFESA Members gather for a Membership Meeting at the InterContinental Hotel in Chicago, IL.       meeting. These costs range from
                                                                                                  speaker expenses (airfare, hotel,
When a conference is held in conjunction with NAFEM or presentation fee, meals) to presentation and audio visual
NRA, we are provided with a list of hotels and room fees materials, conference programs, name badges, printer
those associations have negotiated. From this list, we are fees, entertainment, meals, beverages, transportation
required to pick our top three selections and submit them for optional activities when offered, taxes, gratuity and
to NAFEM or NRA. In turn, they notify us of the hotel shipping of conference materials.
we have been assigned. In these instances we do not have
any negotiating power with room rates or the selection of Room block “attrition” is another “ugly” little term in
hotels on the list.                                                     contracts with hotels. Attrition allows the hotel to hold us
                                                                                                       responsible for the projected
It has been suggested
that we stay at a lower
priced hotel on the list,
and we do keep this in
                                T      he conference registration fee
                                       is another contentious topic.
                                                                                                       income from the room block.
                                                                                                       When negotiating contracts
                                                                                                       for CFESA, the numbers
                                                                                                       are based on last year’s
mind when making the selections for the membership. participation. On average, we are required to fulfill 85% of
The problem lies with the banquet space required to hold our contracted room block to guarantee the banquet space
our conferences. The hotel choices for the NAFEM 09 is free of charge. If we fail to meet the set 85% attrition,
convention consisted of 20 hotels, only five of which had we are held monetarily responsible for the remaining room
adequate banquet space. For instance, an Embassy Suites nights the hotel cannot resell. This means when you make
offers lower rates but doesn’t have enough banquet space to reservations for the conference and then leave early we are
hold four concurrent committee meetings or a breakfast for penalized for those cancelled room nights. The 2010 spring
175 people in one room with the ability to rotate to another conference was the first year we have been penalized with
banquet room for the membership meeting. These types a room attrition fee due to several members checking out
of hotels are great for smaller sessions such as regional early. These penalties affect the conference budget and may
meetings.                                                               result in a conference deficit.

In the event that the conference is not in conjunction             The Board continues to grow the conferences and gear
with a convention, the membership votes on the location            them towards the membership’s suggestions and requests
and we can then negotiate rates with the hotels to offer a         for speakers and topics. If you have topic or speaker
lower room rate. With these conferences we try to keep             suggestions please feel free to contact your Board Members.
the distance of travel from the airport, optional activities,      We look forward to seeing all of you at the upcoming 2010
restaurants and hotel amenities in mind when making a              Fall Conference in Savannah, GA!

C�������� C������ S��������: P��� T��� F��� E�������� I��
Pine Tree Food Equipment Service,        and commercial food equipment
Inc. provides commercial cooking         servicing demands. While, most
equipment, parts and service to the      of the year, Maine ranks only 38th
entire state of Maine and bordering      in the US in terms of population
towns of New Hampshire. The              density, summer vacationers place a
foundation of Pine Tree Food             significant demand on grocery stores
Equipment was laid in 1989, when         and restaurants.
a major grocery chain asked that a
company be formed to serve expanding     The initial years of the company
operational and maintenance needs        focused on serving large commercial
                                                                                   CFESA Master Certified. Pine Tree
in Maine, New York, Vermont and          bakeries. Eventually, Pine Tree
                                                                                   Food Equipment achieved CFESA
New Hampshire. Armed with a tool         acquired a couple of small operations
                                                                                   Company Certification in 2009. While
box, technical experience and an         and began diversifying into servicing
                                                                                   Pine Tree may be one of CFESA’s
idea, Gary and Diane Potvin started      a wide variety of hot food preparation
                                                                                   smallest Certified companies, it
the business out of their home. Gary     equipment. Though Pine Tree Food
                                                                                   represents many of CFESA’s members
was working long hours, covering         Equipment joined CFESA during these
                                                                                   who strive to provide ever-improving
an extended territory with minimal       early years, it was not until 2001 that
                                                                                   quality service standards. Customer
staff. Diane had just finished her MBA    Gary Potvin, Pine Tree’s president,
                                                                                   satisfaction surveys indicate strong
and was doing consulting throughout      attended his first national CFESA
                                                                                   performance despite Pine Tree’s
New England. Even the youngest           conference. Since attending this
                                                                                   relatively small size.
member of the Potvin family was on       meeting in 2001, the knowledge Gary
call for emergency service and, on       has gained through active participation
                                                                                   Pine Tree strives to take a community-
occasion, ladies working in the bakery   in CFESA has made a significant
                                                                                   based approach to service, with their
were treated to the Potvin’s toddler     difference in both the growth and
                                                                                   Service Manager, Parts Manager,
smiling in her car seat on top of the    operational stability of Pine Tree Food
                                                                                   Office Manager and President all just
counter at 4am. During these early       Equipment, Inc. In addition, Gary has
                                                                                   a phone call away from any customer.
days, the Potvin’s idea of a vacation    served on the Marketing Committee,
                                                                                   In 2008, they opened a satellite office
was for the whole family to travel to    leading discussions at conferences,
                                                                                   in Brewer, Maine to support their
New Hampshire while Gary managed         and was recently elected to the Board
                                                                                   technicians in serving customers
an installation.                         of Directors.
                                                                                   throughout eastern and northern
                                                                                   Maine. Their employees have been
                                         When the state of Maine required that
                                                                                   recruited from towns throughout
                                         each technician pass extended testing
                                                                                   the state and collectively possess
                                         to receive their Propane and Natural
                                                                                   comprehensive knowledge of cultural
                                         Gas license, Pine Tree’s experienced
                                                                                   differences, geographical challenges
                                         technicians passed the testing with
                                                                                   and transportation solutions.
                                         flying colors. Each time new techs are
Covering Maine, the farthest northeast   hired, they are mentored by a senior
                                                                                   Pine Tree Food Equipment recently
state in the country, has proved         technician until they successfully
                                                                                   hosted the Region 6 meeting on
to be geographically challenging         complete the testing and can work
                                                                                   July 31st, 2010. Participants provided
over the years. With a total area of     independently. Even a CFESA Master
                                                                                   positive feedback on the speakers
33,215 square miles, Maine covers        Certified technician who is new to
                                                                                   and enjoyed the venue in southern
nearly as much area as the other five     the state cannot work independently
                                                                                   Maine. It was an honor for Pine Tree
New England states combined. The         until they pass the state’s testing
                                                                                   to continue the mission of CFESA.
state boasts 6,000 lakes and ponds       successfully.
and 3,478 miles of winding, rocky        Pine Tree Food
coastline, making travel between         Equipment
customers challenging. In addition       has grown to
to geographical challenges, Maine has    11 technicians,
seasonal fluctuations in population       7 of whom are
                                                                T��� T������ FAQ
                                                                W�� �� I ���� �� ������� ��� ����� ���� I’� �����
                                                                �� �� �������? I� ��������, ���� ��� I �� �� ��
                                                                ���������� ���� ��� ���� �� ���� �������� ���� ��
                                                                ����� ��� ��������� ������������, �.�. ��������
                                                                ���� �� �������� ������ ��� ������� �������?

A SECTION DEVOTED TO THE ON-GOING WORK OF CFESA’S               CFESA requires a specific testing date for the online
                                                                testing because the computer program uses dates to allow
                                                                access to the proctors and tests. The proctor can only
 The Marketing Committee                                        access a requested test on its assigned date. If there is a
                                                                technical difficulty with the technician’s computer during

     Wants Your Two Cents!
                                                                testing, the test can be reset by CFESA headquarters staff.
                                                                Call us immediately at (336) 346-4700 Monday through
CFESA’s Marketing committee wants to know what                  Friday, 9am – 5pm EST and we will assist you with any
Membership Benefit you value most, so we are asking for          difficulties you have at that time. If a technician is going
your input. Is it networking and education at Conferences,      to miss their test due to unexpected circumstances, we
downloadable information from the website or our print          are able to reschedule the test in advance to assist with
and online directories? Tell us!                                the emergency. However, if a technician misses a test, it
                                                                is marked as “Did not take” and the test will need to be
It’s quick and easy to take our one-question survey, located    rescheduled using a new Test Request form. An additional
on the Members Only homepage. Just click inside the white       $25.00 will be assessed for the new test.
box, tell us about the Membership Benefit your company
can’t live without and click Submit. If you would like to see   When scheduling a booklet test please keep in mind the
your comment published in CFESA’s eNews or On Target,           following information: CFESA keeps track of the number
sign your name at the end of your comment.                      of booklets that are sent out, when the tests will be taken
                                                                and when to expect them returned to the office. We reuse
We will use your responses to organize the Members Only         the booklets to help keep your testing costs affordable.
portion of to best suit your needs and            However, if the booklets are not returned when expected,
save you time.                                                  it becomes difficult to schedule new tests because the
                                                                material is not available.

                                                                Another issue to address is that of accountability. The tests
                                                                are sent under strict guidelines and proctors have to sign an
                                                                agreement declaring their faithfulness in carrying out the
                                                                outlined procedures. A part of those guidelines is that the
                                                                tests will be given at a specific time to aid in keeping the
                                                                standards that were set by CFESA’s Board of Directors.

                                                                If you find that taking the booklet test on the assigned
                                                                date is not going to be possible, call headquarters or email
                                                                to to alert us of the change. Your prompt
                                                                action will help us all remain within the parameters set by
                                                                the board. We ask that the test be rescheduled within a
                                                                week of its original date. If that is not possible, return the
                                                                booklet and materials with the anticipation of rescheduling
                                                                the test in the future. An additional cost of $25.00 will be
                                                                assessed at that time.

I������� C�������
                          2010                                          2011
MAFSI A����� C���������                        35�� A����� H����, M���� � R��������� S�����
S�������� 21 - 24, 2010                        S��� �� ��� S��������
S�� A������ TX                                 J������ 25 - 27, 2011
                                               M����� B���� SC
N������� A���������� �� C���������� S�����
(NACS) S���                                    RFMA 2011 S���: B������� S������
O������ 5- 8, 2010                             F������� 6 - 8, 2011
G������ W���� C������� C�����                  L��� B���� C��������� C�����
A������ GA                                     L��� B���� CA

CFESA F��� 2010 C���������                     CFESA S����� 2011 C���������
O������ 18 - 20, 2010                          F������� 7 - 9, 2011
W����� S������� H�����                         T�� P������ O������
S������� GA                                    O������ FL

I������������ H����/ M���� � R��������� S���   T�� NAFEM S���
N������� 13 - 16, 2010                         F������� 10 - 12, 2011
J���� J����� C��������� C�����                 O������ C����� C��������� C�����
N�� Y��� NY                                    O������ FL

CFESA EGS T������� C����                       NRA R���������, H���� � M���� S���
N������� 15 - 20, 2010                         M�� 21 - 24, 2011
E����� CTAC                                    M�C������ P���� C��������� C�����
I�������� CA                                   C������ IL

                                                                  We are the ONLY single

       GlobalEdge Software                                      source software solution for
                                                                       your industry.
         Proven. Complete. Reliable. Experienced

                                                              Customer Management
                                                              GPS/Fleet Management

                                                              Document Imaging
                                                              Job Costing
                                                              Distribution/Point of Sale
                                                              Remote Field Service
                                                              Map-Aided Dispatching
       Davis Business Solutions, Inc. serves more             Service Billing
    CFESA users than ANY OTHER SOFTWARE in the                Warranty Billing
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C�������� ���� T��������� C������������� �� M�� � J��� 2010
AIS C��������� P���� � S������          C���’� R����� S������ I�� DBA            P������ S������
�� P���������                           D�� C��� G����                           S���� W������ CT
P��������� PA                           M����� IL
                                                                                 R�B C��������� S������ I��
A�� S������ C������ I��                 D����’� E�������� S������ I��            A���������� NM
N������ MA                              S������� NY
                                                                                 R���� E�������� S�������
A�� T��� R������������                  E����� E�������� C��� (GCS               G������� IL
M����������� LA                         S������ I��)
                                        S�. P��� MN                              RSI (R����������� S��������� I��)
A������� K������ M�������� �                                                     M������� TX
R����� C�                               G������ P���� LLC
P����������� PA                         B���������� MN                           S � P A�������
                                                                                 U���� S������� OH
A�������� R����� C����� I��             G������ T����� G����
H������ TX                              D�� M����� IA                            S������ P���
                                                                                 F������� NJ
C�������� - CKS                         H������ C��������� A��������
O����� ON C�����                        S������ I��                              S������ S�������� G����
                                        E�������� CO                             C��������� OH
C���������� O���� I��
G������� IL                             K�� F��� E�������� S�������              W����� F����������
                                        L��                                      L�������� SC
C��������� A�������� P���� �            B������ BC C�����
S������ I��
T���� FL                                M���’� R��������� S������ I��
                                        V������� BC C�����
C��������� K������ P���� �
S������ - S�� A������                   P����� P���� ��� S������ I��
S�� A������ TX                          M���� GA

To support quality service, CFESA has a program in which technicians are tested and certified only upon successful
completion of an exam. Our technicians are awarded seals of excellence in electricity, gas, steam or refrigeration and
given certificates noting their CFESA Certified Technician status in that area. Once a technician has passed 3 of 4
tests, they are awarded a Master Technician Certification. The CFESA Certified Master Technicians are among the
most knowledgeable technicians in the industry. Restaurant owners and foodservice managers alike recognize the value
of a highly educated technician when they request a CFESA Certified Technician to perform their maintenance and

If you are interested in having a technician test in the area of Electric, Gas, Steam or Refrigeration you may visit the
CFESA website and download the CFESA testing forms, proctor guidelines and other important documents that relate
to the CFESA testing programs. As a reminder, we now offer Online Testing for your convenience. Be sure to indicate
on the form if you wish to have your technicians take the test using the booklet or online. You may also contact Testing
Administrator Linda Riley at CFESA Headquarters at 336.346.4700 or via email at
CFESA 2010-Inside BC:Layout 1     7/28/10   12:09 PM   Page 1

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