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First Grade


									First Grade
      Our Daily Schedule
•   7:50-8:00 Arrival
•   8:00-9:30 Reading
•   9:30-10:00 Letterland
•   10:00-10:45 Specials
•   10:45-11:30 Remediation/Enrichment
•   11:35-12:00 Lunch
•   12:00-1:00 Math
•   1:00-2:00 Science/Social Studies/Writing
•   2:00-2:30 Recess
•   2:30-2:45 Pack up/Reflection/Dismissal

• Our goal is for      •   Scott Foresman
  your child to be a   •   Letterland
  fluent first grade   •   Basal Readers
  reader this year.    •   Sight Words
                       •   Take Home Readers
                       •   Word lists
                       •   Literacy Centers
• We will be using the writer’s
  workshop approach to teach your
  child writing skills.
•   Math Expressions
•   Math Journals
•   Manipulatives
•   Calendar Time
     Science and Social
• Integrated into
  other subject
• Inquiry based
  science (kits)
Take Home Readers and
      Word Lists
     • Word lists are sent home once
       a week, but MAY be returned
     • Books are sent home daily or
       weekly depending on your
       child’s reading group.
     • Students are given a day of
       the week to return word lists
       and/or books.
• I plan to have a conference with
  everyone at the end of the first nine
  weeks. If you would like to
  conference sooner, please let me
    Agenda Procedures
• Communication         • Agendas must be signed
                          every night.
  between school and    • Students are responsible
  home is very            for putting agendas in the
  important. Agendas      appropriate location every
  are our main          • Money or notes may be
  communication tool.     placed in the front pocket.
                        • A behavior code will be
                          placed in the agenda daily.
Behavior Stamps                  Stamp System
                           • Green- Great Day-Earn two
• Students receive           stamps.
  stamps depending on
  the color they are on
                           • Yellow- Warning-Earn one
  at the end of the day.     stamp.
• Students can earn        • Red- Yellow notice home-no
  extra for exceptional      stamp.
  behavior.                • An office write up will occur
• The color will be in       after two classroom behavior
  the agenda at the end      notices are sent home.
  of the day.
      Parent Volunteers
• Volunteers must fill   Volunteers can:
  out information with   • Assist once a week
  Mrs. Honeycutt.        • Assist every other
                         • Assist on special days
                         • Work from home
                           (cutting, coloring, etc.)
    Snack/Water Bottle
• We will have a working
  snack before lunch.
  Students are asked to
  bring ONE healthy
  snack. Students may
  bring in a water bottle
  for the day. No juice
  or soda!
  Cafeteria Information
• Lunch $2.00              • Lunch 11:35-12:00
• Breakfast $1.00          • First ten minutes of
• Lunch money needs to       lunch are silent.
  be labeled with the      • If you are joining your
  child’s name, teacher      child for lunch you will
  name, and lunch            be sitting on the
  number. Please put         stage. We are
  this in an envelope or     reserving this area for
  baggie.                    visitors and their
• Cupcakes, cookies, etc. may be sent in
  for your child’s birthday. The items
  will be given to the students at lunch.
  These items can NOT be homemade.
• We do have a peanut/tree nut allergy
  in our classroom this year.
           Field Trips
First Grade is       • Hiddenite
planning three       • Catawba Science
field trips this       Center
year. We will let    • Lazy 5
you know the dates
                       We will need to know how
as soon as the trips   many parents will be
are finalized.         attending this trip as soon
                           as possible.
• Attendance is very important to school success! Our
  instructional day begins at 8:00 (tardy bell) and ends at
  2:45. We understand that appointments or illness may keep
  a child from being at school. If your child will be absent,
  you do not need to call unless there are circumstances that
  we need to be aware of. Your child must have a note
  explaining the absence within 3 days of the absence. If a
  note is not sent, the absence will be coded as unexcused.
  You may write the note in the agenda on the day your child
  returns to school. If you are planning a trip or other
  extended absence, you need to ask for a pre-excused
  absence form. Trips are unexcused unless they are pre
  approved by administration. We ask that these be filled out
  at least one week prior to the planned absence. They will be
  sent to the office for approval. See Catawba County
  Schools Parent Handbook pg. 7 for a list of excused
Dress Code
• No Flip Flops
• No spaghetti straps   (two finger
• Shirts must cover the midriff
• Shorts and skirts must be
  finger tip length
• Wear tennis shoes on P.E. days
• Your child may need to bring in
  money for several reasons: lunch,
  field trips, book orders, etc. When
  you send money to school, please be
  sure that it is in a baggie or envelope
  clearly marked with your child’s
  name and the reason for the money.
  This will ensure that the money is
  credited to the proper place.
 Emergency Information
• It is very important that we have up to
  date contact information in case of an
  emergency. Please be sure that any
  changes in phone numbers, addresses, or
  other contact information are given to us
  as soon as the change occurs. It can be
  very upsetting to your child to be unable
  to reach their parent or designated
  contact when they child is sick.
Transportation Changes
• It is very important that your child and we know how
  he/she will be getting home. If there is a change, we
  must have it in writing. The note should include the
  date, as well as the usual method of travel and the
  change. When your child’s usual travel is by bus, please
  include their normal bus number. If they are to ride a
  different bus, please include this bus number as well.
  An administrator must approve bus changes. If we do
  not have a note, your child will be sent home as
  they usually are! Please include the date for the
  change/s. If this is to be a permanent change, please
  include that in the note and when the change is to take
  effect. If your child is a bus rider, please pin a note on
  him/her for the first few days with the bus number on
   Beginning of the year
• Please fill out and return all forms as
  soon as possible.
Contact Information
  • Call before school, after school, or
    during planning. 828-478-2662 ext
  • Agendas are the best way to get in
    touch with me! Utilize the agenda.
  • Planning Time:10:00-10:45
  • Do Not Leave a Message!

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