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                The Monthly Magazine of Clogging!
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                                                                                  TIM                                                                       June, 2005

Guys                                                                     Finish

                                                                         From clogger to church
                                                                         missionary to television and
                                                                         motion picture star, Corbin
Updated Event Listings, Choreo by Trevor DeWitt of Indiana, Editorial:
                                                                         Allred’ star is rising and his
“Clogging the Issues”, Advice Column: Ask Stan and Kelle, Utah’ Amy
Poppleton “Toe Tapping Good TIme” plus our exclusive Instructors         life is in step!
and Dancers Directory withlistings from across the United States,
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       THE                                    FRONT AND CENTER
                                              Clogging the Issues
              Jeff Driggs
  A Clogging Magazine Published by
              Jeff Driggs
        2357 Harrison Avenue
                                              O      n a recent cross-country flight, I was reading some materials from a recent
                                                     conference I attended on educational technology. A title certainly caught
                                              my attention, “Dance-Activism.”
        St. Albans, WV 25177                    The article chronicled the political movement in Australia centered around
 An Independent Magazine not affiliated       music and dance. In part, it said:
 with any club or association.
 We reserve the right to edit or reject any     “The ‘ unifying power’of music has meant it has long been a powerful device
 copy or ads not germane to the spirit of     for protest movements and environmental campaigns. More recently, the dance
 this Magazine. Copy for ads and news
 must be received by the 15th of the
                                              music culture has embraced a range of environmental and social issues creating
 month preceding the next issue.              an aspect of the culture that has been described as “techno-activist”.
 Publication of advertising in this paper     Proponents of techno activism often assert that their enjoyment of techno music
 does not constitute endorsement by the
 Publisher/Editor. All advertisers agree
                                              brings them together and their political persuasions unite them. Techno activist
 to indemnify Publisher/Editor against        groups have recognized this and utilized multimedia dance parties to publicize
 complaints or suits based on that            their views. Australian environmental “techno-tribalism” can trace its roots back
 individual's advertised products or ser-
 vices.                                       to the UK and the emergence of the mobile sound system collective in the late
 There will be no advertising or subscrip-    ’80s. Whilst these groups drew on a number of influences, it was their conver-
 tion refunds on the cessation of this        gence with the growing punk movement that saw aspects of the dance culture
 Magazine due to sickness, death, or cir-
 cumstances beyond the control of the         moving towards a more proactive social agenda.”
 Publisher/Editor.                                              d
                                                Wow! Who’ have “thunk” it... dance as a means of persuading political
 The Publisher/Editor is not liable for
 missed issues and assumes no re-
                                              and social change. Cloggers are missing out on an incredible opportunity here
 sponsibility for non-delivery by the                                                                                t
                                              in the United States. Have you ever seen a clogging event that didn’ revolve
 Post Office.                                 around great dancing, music and great fellowship. Sure, there are politics in the
                                              clogging scene and behind the scenes, but once those feet hit the dance-floor
             U.S.- $26.00                     nothing seems to matter except the beat.
           Canada - $32.00                      Between all of the clogging teachers listed here in the Double Toe Times, we
           Foreign - $50.00
 *Must be U.S. or Canadian or International   have enough portable sound systems to blast the sweet sound of clogging music
 Postal Money Order only in U.S. Funds        all over this great land. All we need is to politically organize.
      INSTRUCTOR'S DIRECTORY:                   Our Slogan?
 One Year: U.S. and Canada $38.00*,
 Foreign $50, *includes subscription,                                   No beginner clogger left behind.
 Name, Club (or Clubs), Address, Phone.                                    A kinder, gentler cue sheet.
                                                                   Nothing to fear but toes stands themselves...
   Make Checks or Money Orders
    (POSTAL U.S. Funds Only)                                         Ask not what clogging can do for you...
             Payable to:                                                       s
                                                                            It’ the cloggers, stupid.
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       Post Office Box 1352
    St. Albans, WV 25177-1352                                Are you a better clogger than you were four years ago?
     Jeff Driggs (304)727-9357                               A chicken in every pot... a “Samantha” in every dance.
         FAX (304)727-9357                                 t
                                                2008 isn’ far away...

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The Double Toe Times                 June, 2005                        Page 2
 Cruise Clog
                     3rd Annual

                         &              with                                                                                         Jeff Driggs
           Departs Jan 11th 2006 from San Diego
           8 day cruise on the Carnival Spirit Jan. 11-18, 2006
                     to San Diego - Acapulco - Jihuatanejo/Xtapa-Manzanillo

  Price is Per Person and includes $175.00 Port Tax Per Person
          Air fare to San Diego and gratuities not included.
4A Inside Cabins:
Double $685.00 per person                               Total Dbl.              $1370.00
Triple  $595.00 per person                              Total Triple            $1785.00              Clogging workshops on board with Jeff Driggs and other nationally
Quad    $550.00 per person                              Total Quad              $2200.00            recognized instructors! Clogging Exhibitions on board, plus a special
                                                                                                    reception and fun dance just for cloggers group.
4B Inside Cabins:
                                                                                                      Have a great time with fellow cloggers and relax and enjoy a fun-filled
Double $735.00 per person                               Total Dbl.              $1470.00            cruise to the beautiful Mexican Riviera!
Triple  $628.00 per person                              Total Triple            $1885.00              Countless visitors gravitate to the Mexican Riviera to toast the drama
Quad    $600.00 per person                              Total Quad              $2400.00                                                             s
                                                                                                    of the sun setting into the Pacific Ocean. That’ the beauty of Mexico,
6A Outside Cabins:                                                                                  where the charms of the past and the pleasures of the present mingle
Double $835.00 per person                               Total Dbl.              $1670.00            together in a delicious tropical blend. Enjoy deep-sea fishing, snorkeling
Triple  $705.00 per person                              Total Triple            $2115.00            and shopping for silver jewelry.
Quad is $640.00 per person                              Total Quad              $2560.00
                                                                                                                 Day       Port of Call                           Arrive Depart
8A Balcony
                                                                                                                 Wed       San Diego, CA                                 4:00pm
Double $955.00 per person                               Total Dbl.              $1910.00                         Thu       Fun Day At Sea
Triple  $795.00 per person                              Total Triple            $2385.00                         Fri       Fun Day At Sea
Quad    $715.00 per person                              Total Triple            $2860.00                         Sat       Acapulco, Mexico                       1:00pm
Payment                                                                                                          Sun       Acapulco, Mexico                              2:00am
$100.00 per person deposit due with registration by March 1, 2005                                                Sun       Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa, Mexico             9:00am 6:00pm
$200.00 pp payment Aug 1, 2005, Final Payment due Oct 25, 2005                                                   Mon       Manzanillo, Mexico                     7:00am 6:00pm
           Insurance available for $129.00 per person                                                            Tue       Fun Day At Sea
    Cancellation Fee: $10.00 per person until Oct. 25th, 2005
 Cancellation Fee: Oct. 25 - Nov. 1, 2005 is $300.00 per person
                                                                                                                 Wed       Fun Day At Sea
   Cancellation Fee: Nov.1 - Dec 12, 2005 is 50% per person                                                      Thu       San Diego, CA                          7:00am
Cancellation Fee: Dec. 13 on Full fee - u n l e s s y o u o r I c a n s e l l y o u r c a b i n :
                                                                                                           8 day Cloggers Cruise for as little as
                       Mail Registrations and deposit to:
              Lee Adams - Lee’ Cruises
                              s                                                                                  $550.00 per person!
                    P O. Box 336                                                                      Based on Inside Cabin/Quad Occupancy Includes taxes and port fees / Gratuity not included
               Springboro, Ohio 45066                                                                     For more info: Phone Lee at   614-580-1950 or email JFLA67@AOL.COM
       Sign up now! We Need the Following Information:
IMPORTANT: NAME AS IT WILL APPEAR ON SHIP ID_________________________________________________________
Phone #______________________________Email____________________________________________________________
Date of Birth__________________Emergency Contact Person_________________________Phone #__________________
Cabin Choice:                                    [     ] Inside                   [ ] Outside                [    ] Balcoony
# of People in Cabin                             [     ] Single                   [     ] Dbl. [      ] Triple         [    ] Quad
Roomates Names 1._________________________ 2._________________________ 3._________________________
Dinner Time Requested                            [     ] Early                    [    ] Late

                                                                                                                 Page 3              June, 2005                    The Double Toe Times
                                                                                                                                 NEW EXPANDED
                                                             (W)        = Workshop    (D)                   = Dance
                                                             ( C)       = Competition (F)                   = Festival             LISTINGS
          CLOG                                               (P)        = Performance

                                    Jul. 29-31                  Sep. 9-11               Oct. 14-15                  Nov. 24-26                    Jun. 17-18
                            Aussie Clog Camp (W)      10th Australian Clogging        Southern Clogging           Midwest Clogging           Dieters Clogging Beach
                                       Australia    Association Convention (W)      Workshop & Clogging         Workshop & Hills of KY                Jam (C)
                              Info: Olive Borovsky         Gympie, Australia        Championships (W,C)           Competition (W, C)                   (CCA)
                                    07 3345 3066          Info: Donna Brown           New Orleans, LA            Drawbridge Est, Fort          Myrtle Beach, SC
   Workshops 2005                  07 3261 8646           Info: Joe Points               Mitchell, KY              Info: Dieter Brown
          Jun. 4-6               1-800-671-2879            Info: Fonda Hill (KY)
Sydney Clogging Fest (W)                             (859)-760-8497
      Sydney, Australia              Aug. 4-7                                                                       Jun. 24-25
      Info: Debbie Selby      CCA Clog Camp (W)                   Sep. 17                                          Competition                        Western Clog
         02 9477 4430               Asheville, NC      Clogging Workshop w/               Oct. 15                                               Dance Championships (C) Info:        Simone and MI Teachers         Oktober(clog)fest (W)          Events 2005                           (NCHC)                                                 (W)               Columbus, IN              For more information on             Anaheim, CA
                                  Aug. 18-20                    Bloomfield, MI        Info: Naomi Pyle       sanctioned competitions, visit the    Info: George Rigby
                                                                                                             4 major sanctioning organization’s
         Jun. 16-18            Suncoast Jamboree           Info: Brian Tucker       (812) 372-1201 day                                               (714) 533-1449
                                                                                                                        websites at:
 Cougar Clogging Classic Clogging and Line Dance               (269) 673-0042            
           Camp (W)                 Workshop (W)                briantucker@                          
           Provo, UT           Daytona Beach, FL                   Oct. 15                        Jun. 25
     Info: (801) 378-4851        Info: Dee Gallina                                 Stamp Out Cancer Dance              6th Annual Georgia State              (239) 433-0760               Sep. 23-24                        (D)                                         Clogging Competition (C)
                                  Fontana Clogging                   Kent, WA                   Jun. 3-4                    Dublin, GA
         Jun. 17-18              Jamboree (W)      Sher Francis or Doris Dyar Rocky Mountain Clogging            Info: Gail Hardison
       Washington State                                  Fontana Village, NC              (253) 761-2232            Championships (C)             (478-788-7702
   Federation Convention          Aug. 23-28                  Info: Jeff Driggs                                            (NCHC)   
        Enumclaw, WA        National Country Music             (304)727-9357                 Oct. 16                  Fort Collins, CO
        Info: Anne Mills                Muster            C.L.A.M. Workshop (W)           Info: Rick & Michelle              Jul. 2
        (360) 782-4073          Gympie, Australia     Naomi Fleetwood-Pyle         Brampton, ONT Canada                    Meehleis         United We Dance Clogging
                                 Info: Jenny Neal              (812) 524-0392         Info: Harold Craddock            (970) 218-1243               Challenge (C)
         Jun. 22-25                 07 5482 1749                  (905) 799-2560                   (CCA)
54th National Square Dance                                                                     Charleston, SC
 Convention with Clogging                                      Sep. 23-25                                                Jun. 3-4            Info: Matt & Kelly Sexton
        Workshops (W)              Aug 26-28         NWCA Workshop/General                  Nov. 4-6            North Carolina Summer              (423) 676-1305
          Portland, OR          Southern California              Meeting (W)               Sealion Stomp        Sports Games Clogging
      Info: Mike McDow        Cloggers Association             Rochester, WA        Clogging Workshop (W)             Competition (C)
        (503) 723-4330            Convention (W)          Info: Alberta Stamp       Nanaimo, B.C. Canada               (ACHF NCHC)                    Jul. 3
                                     Ontario, CA               (360) 683-7487           Info: Barb Guenette             Concord, NC             Explosion Clogging
           Jul. 7-9          Info: Angela Matheson                                        (250) 722-2953         Info: Eddie Carruthers         Championships (C)
      Festival 2005 (W)           (951) 461-7542       Sep. 30 – Oct. 2                     (757) 652-3893              (ACHF NCHC)
  Abbotsford, BC Canada 9th New Zealand National                                                     Charleston, SC
    Info: Helen LeCounte                                Clogging Convention                  Nov. 12                                         Info: Matt & Kelly Sexton
        (604) 941-2375               Sep. 2-4                   New Zealand       Great Texas Hoedown (W)              Jun. 10-11                  (423) 676-1305
                             Kick-Off Workshop (W)   Info: Veronica Brewerton                Waco, TX          Top Ten Championships
          Jul. 8-10                 Tacoma, WA                +64 3 547 5433                    Info:                    (C) (NCHC)
    Triple “ Stomp (W)
             S”                   Info: Anne Mills            Salt Lake City, UT             Jul. 15-16
         Pendleton, OR            (360) 782-4073                                  Info: Vickie Neilson &     Southwest US Clogging
  Info: Maureen Roxbury                                            Oct. 1                                               Bryan Steele           Championships (C)
        (541) 571-2393               Sep. 2-4        Camp Esperanza Benefit                  Nov. 19          (801) 446-0192 / 771-7073              (NCHC)
                              SCCA 25th Clogging                Workshop (W)      Teddy Bear Benefit Dance                                        Scottsdale, AZ
            Jul. 8                Convention (W)                  Dallas, TX                     (D)                      Jun. 11              Info: Matt & Colleen
       Luau Clog Dance               Ontario, CA       Info: Charles & Evelyn     For the Emanuel Children’ s      Grand Lake National               Pearson
          Whittier, CA             Info: Bob Trent                   Cole                     Hospital            Clogging Contest (C)            (623) 516-1621
      Info: John Habash           (858) 268-8665               (972) 235-9632        Info: Tim & Lorna Cole            (ACHF NCHC)    
        (949) 360-0218                                         (360) 574-2267                  Grove, OK
                                                                   Oct. 1 Info: Grand Lake Festival               Jul. 21-24
         Jul. 15-16                  Sep. 2-4           First Coast Clogging                                                 Inc.             Bahamas Competition
    Double Toe Jam (W)     Natural Bridge Labor Day              Classic (W)              Nov. 24-26                   (800) 526-2523               Cruise (C)
           Waco, TX             Weekend (W,D,P)             Jacksonville, FL      C.L.O.G. National Clogging        or Lou Maiuri 4944      Clogging & Xtreme Dance
    Info: Rhonda Butzke               Slade, KY             Info: Anne Lanier            Convetion (W, P)              (304) 872-5803          Info: Kevin Parries
        (713) 729-2190           Info: Richard Jett            (904) 693-7394              Location TBA              (828)687-8600
      or (254) 772-0227           (606) 668-6650                 Matt Koziuk         Info: David and Susan                                                                     (904) 881-4940                  Phillips                Jun. 17-18 
                                    Sep. 9-10                                             (770) 985-5557      Grand National Challenge of
         Jul. 28-31         26th Annual Folk Dance                 Oct. 8               Champions (C)          Jul. 26 – Aug. 6
 Circle 8 Ranch Weekend       Festival & Jig Dance  Silverhawk Stompers Barn                         (NCHC)             AAU Junior Olympic
         Workshop (W)           Competition (W, C)                  Dance                                               Branson, MO                 Games
         CleElum, WA                Mt. View, AR                Carlsbad, CA                                     Info: David and Susan         New Orleans, LA
      Info: Mike McDow         Info: Dave Peterson           Info: Mary Elliott                                             Phillips                 Info:
        (503) 723-4330            (501) 679-2935               (909) 698-1619                                          (770) 985-5557
           Mary Dart         or Kathey Wilson (AR)                           
        (360) 412-8142

The Double Toe Times                      June, 2005                     Page 4
                                                            P.O. Box 69
                                                            Nicholasville, KY 40340



   859-885-9235 or 800-882-3262 859-885-9440 or 800-884-9940
                         SHIPPING WORLDWIDE
                         RECORDS, CD’ CASSETTES,
                            Team quantity discounts

                                           Over 1,000 Dancers Paraded in our Nation’ Capital
                                               Hundreds danced in the streets of Hawaii
                                                 Now... a once in a lifetime opportunity!

     Lee Adams has years of experience in putting together tours for dancers. From the emotional and awe-
inspiring journey to D.C. the year following 9-11, to a perfect Hawaiian adventure, cloggers can count on a great
  trip with Lee Adams and Music Celebrations. Now you can be a part of this once in a lifetime clogging trip.
Intineraries are for 01 day or 11 day trips and include journeys to Xi’ (the ancient capital of China), Beijing (the
    modern capital) and a performance in Tianjin (the port city for Beijing). Visit the Great Wall, Tian An Men
                          Square, The imperial Palace, the Temple to Heaven and more!

 For more info: Phone Lee at 614-580-1950 or email JFLA67@AOL.COM
                                                        Page 5         June, 2005              The Double Toe Times
                               EVENTS                                                                                                        NEW EXPANDED
                                                                     (W)         = Workshop    (D)                    = Dance
                                                                     ( C)        = Competition (F)                    = Festival
                                                                     (P)         = Performance                                                 LISTINGS
                                     Sep. 9-10                     Nov. TBA                 Training Sessions                 Dances 2005                 Dr. Steve & Janet Smith,
                                NC Mountain State Fair         Blue Ridge Clogging                                               Sep. 2-4                        Lexington, KY
                                                                                                 Jul. 14
                               Clogging Competition (C)          Competition (C)                                          Natural Bridge Labor Day                  Aug. 13
                                                                                       NCHC Judges & Directors
                                    (ACHF NCHC)                      (NCHC)                                                  Weekend (W,D,P)               Country Taps (Sr.) Mt.
                                                                                               Training (TR)
                                     Fletcher, NC                Watkinsville, GA                                                 Slade, KY                        Olivet, KY
                                                                                               Scottsdale, AZ
                                   Info: Earl Powell          Info: Sandra Thomas                                             Info: Richard Jett                     s
                                                                                                                                                           Barnhill’ Hoedowners,
            Aug. 5-6                                                                      Info: Matt & Colleen
                                    (828) 891-3435                (706) 335-3039                                               (606) 668-6650                 Williamstown, KY
    Lonestar Shootout (c)                                                                         Pearson
                                                                                                                                     Aug. 20
                                                                                              (623) 516-1621
               (CCA)                   Sep. 9-10                                                                                Nov. 26                  Wizards of Dance, NE KY
            Dallas, TX        26th Annual Folk Dance           Nov. TBA                                             Natural Bridge Thanksgiving                 Taps In Motion,
        Info: Robert Ball       Festival & Jig Dance        Electric Stompers                                                Hoedown (D,P)                    Owingsville, KY
         (972) 253-4943                                                                           Oct. 8
                                  Competition (W, C)          Competition (C)                                                   Slade, KY                           Aug. 27                                                                               s
                                                                                        CCA Director’ Meeting
                                       Mt. View, AR                (ACHF)                                                   Info: Richard Jett             Old Dominion Cloggers,
                                 Info: Dave Peterson           Abingdon, VA                                                  (606) 668-6650                    Martinsville, VA
         Aug. 12-13                                                                            Asheville, NC
                                     (501) 679-2935         Info: Ginger Baker                                                                                    s
                                                                                                                                                          Kevin’ Rock n Rhythm
     America’ Heartland
                 s                                                                           Info: Lynne Ogle
                               or Kathey Wilson (AR)          (423) 764-0638                                                   Sep. 2-4                   Cloggers, Beattyville, KY
                                                                                         Natural Bridge Holiday                     Sept. 2-3
      Championships(C)                                          Nov. 4-5                                                     Hoedown (D,P)              Renegade Dancers, Milford,
                                                                                                 Nov. 22
             (NCHC)                     Sep. 10        Georgia Carolina Clogging                                                Slade, KY                              OH
      Independence, MO                                                                 NCHC Judges & Directors
                                Mid-Atlantic Clogging           Classic (C)                                                 Info: Richard Jett                      Sept. 11
    Info: Missy Shinoski                                                                       Training (TR)
                                 Championships (C)            (ACHF NCHC)                                                    (606) 668-6650                     Shack Shakin’
         (816) 358-5283                                                                         Orlando, FL
                                          (ACHF)                Augusta, GA                                                                               Hoedowners, Sadieville,                                                                   Info: Chip Summey
                                 Upper Marlboro, MD        Info: Teresa DeBolt                                          Hoedown Island                                 KY
                                  Info: Jim Loveless          (706) 855-7757                                             Summer Dance                             s
                                                                                                                                                          Kevin’ Rock n Rhythm
            Aug. 13                  (301) 884-5830                                                                           Schedule                    Cloggers, Beattyville, KY
                                                                                              Nov. 23-24
        Coastal Carolina                                        Nov. 4-5                                                                                            Sept. 17
                                                                                      Certified Clogging Instructror Richard Jett has been hosting
    Clogging Classic (C)                Sep. 24         SC Clogging Champion-                                       dances at the outdoor dance floor at Wizards of Dance, NE KY
             (ACHF)                                                                             Testing (TR)
                            NC Clogging Challenge (C)            ships (C)                                           scenic Hoedown Island at Natural                s
                                                                                                                                                           Barnhill’ Hoedowners,
           Burgaw, NC                                                                           Orlando, FL         Bridge Sate Park in Slade, KY. He
                                           (CCA)                    (CCA)                                                                                     Williamstown, KY
    Info: Nancy Aycock                                                                    Info: Barbara Foster       is a legendary caller and clogging
                                  Info: Chip Harrison     Info: Lorie Reynolds                                                                                      Sept. 24
         (910) 259-5192                                                                           promoter (1991 inductee into
                                       704-823-8667            864-850-0803                                                                              Owsley County Express,
                                                                                                                        Clogging Hall of Fame) and a
                                                                                                 Booneville, KY
            Aug. 13                                                                    Performances 2005 national treasure. Listed are the Southbound Cloggers,
                                                                                                                          dance dates and featured
         Bama Blast (C)                  Oct. 8                   Nov. 5                        Sep. 2-4             performers. For info, call Richard            Eaton, OH
               (CCA)                  Clogarama (C)       8th Annual Clogging          Natural Bridge Labor Day at (606) 668-3991. Tell him the                      Oct. 1
            Oxford, AL                     (CCA)                Contest (C)                 Weekend (W,D,P)              Double Toe Times sent ya!       Alene McClain & Clogging
     Info: Shannon South            Chatanooga, TN            (ACHF NCHC)                        Slade, KY                        June 4                McClain Clan, Georgetown,
           205-487-0335           Info: Marci Rickard         Fort Meade, FL                 Info: Richard Jett                s
                                                                                                                       Kevin’ Rock n Rhythm                            KY          (678) 445-6168        Info: Elaine Enfield               (606) 668-6650          Cloggers, Beattyville, KY                      Oct. 8
                                       Kevin Parries          (352) 583-5304                                                     June 11                          s
                                                                                                                                                          Kevin’ Rock n Rhythm
            Aug. 20                  (828) 687-8600                Oct. 16-17                           TBA                    Cloggers, Beattyville, KY
  Kentucky State Clogging                                                                 Disneyland Clogging                    June 18                    Owley Co. Express,
     Championships (C)                Oct. 14-15                 Nov. 12                      Spectacular (P)         Owsley County Express,                    Booneville, KY
               (CCA)                  Clogarama (C)     Fall Festival at Oconee                Anahiem, CA          Booneville,             KY            Southern Pride Cloggers,
        Georgetown, KY                     (CCA)               State Park (C)             Info: (714) 841-3913                   June 25                          Stanton, KY
         Info: Jeff Parrott       Info: Kevin Parries              (ACHF)                \                 Ralph Case Square                         Oct. 15
         (859) 489-5190               (828)687-8600        Mountain Rest, SC                                          Dancers, Upper Marlboro,              Hardwood Stompers,            Info: Pam Collins                Nov. 19-21                            MD                           Frankfort, KY
                                     (864) 718-9317             Disneyworld Clogging          Stoney Creek Cloggers,                        Oct. 22
            Aug. 20                                                                           Spectacular (P)                 Bulls Gap, TN                 Southbound Cloggers,
       Foothills Clogging             Oct. 14-15              Nov. 25-26                        Orlando, FL                       July 2                           Eaton, OH
           Challenge (C)           Southern Clogging  Hills of KY Competition (W,         Info: (714) 841-3913                     TBA                               Oct. 29
          (ACHF NCHC)          Workshop & Clogging                    C)                 \                        July 9                   Clogging McClain Clan,
           Valdese, NC         Championships (W,C)                  (CCA)                                                Clear Creek Park Line                Georgetown, KY
         Info: Jill Kohnle         New Orleans, LA     Drawbridge Estates, Fort                  Nov. 26              Dancers, Shelbyville, KY
         (828) 396-2052              Info: Joe Points           Mitchell, KY           Natural Bridge Thanksgiv-         Southbound Cloggers,            Send us your events              1-800-671-2879       Info: Fonda Hill (KY)            ing Hoedown (D,P)                   Eaton, Ohio                 for the next issue!
                            (859)-760-8497                     Slade, KY                     July 15-16
            Sep. 3-4                                         Info: Richard Jett          Charlie Burns & Steve    
   USA National Clogging                                         Nov. 26                      (606) 668-6650         Smith will be callers tonight
     Championships (C)                Oct. 28-30       Holiday Clogging Classic                                                  July 23        
             (NCHC)              ACHF Annual Grand                    (C)                       Sep. 2-4               Ohio Cardinal Cloggers,
           Nashville, TN           Championship (C)               (NCHC)                 Natural Bridge Holiday              Middletown, OH                fax (304) 727-9357
     Info: Matt & Colleen                 (ACHF)                Orlando, FL                   Hoedown (D,P)                      July 30
             Pearson              Maggie Valley, NC       Info: Missy Shinoski                   Slade, KY            Wizards of Dance, NE KY Don’ miss the chance for
         (623) 516-1621             Info: Earl Powell         (816) 358-5283                 Info: Richard Jett                   Aug. 6                 your event to be seen by              (828) 891-3435                 (606) 668-6650        Shack Shakin’ Hoedowners, thousands of cloggers
                                                                                                                              Sadieville, KY            throughout the United States
                                                                                                                       Stoney Creek Cloggers,                 and 14 countries!
                                                                                                                              Bulls Gap, TN

The Double Toe Times                           June, 2005                          Page 6
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Address_________________________________________________________                 EARL POWELL, President
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City______________________________ST________Zip__________________                                                                   TEAMCOMMITTEE
                                                                                 (828) 891-3435
                                                                                 LIB MILLS, Vice President                         LIB MILLS, Chairman
                                                                                 112 Clydesdale Court, Liberty, SC 29657                 (864) 843-3825
Club Affiliation_____________________________________________________            (864) 843-3825                                         DIANE LOFTIN
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stop with 4 tempo changes. Side two is full speed for                                     Matt & Kelly Sexton              8th Annual Clogging Contest
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2. Pickin’Medley Medley of Shuckin’the Corn,                                
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Black Mountain Blues and Foggy Mountain Breakdown.                                Coastal Carolina Clogging Classic            November 4-5, 2005
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3. Pyle-Driving Breakdown An Intermedi-                                                     Nancy Aycock
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Earl’ Breakdown.                                                                     Foothills Clogging Challenge                  706-855-7757
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4. Go West An Intermediate Clogging Routine                                                    Jill Kohnle               Fall Festival at Oconee St Park
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5. Clog Dog Creek An Intermediate Clogging                                         NC Mountain State Fair Clogging            November TBA, 2005
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Good Guys Finish First
From Clogging to Missionary to Movie Star, Corbin Allred has his Life In Step.
Adapted from a story                         Miami,”“  ER,”“The Division,”“   Judging               He continues to pursue a movie
by Doug Robinson                             Amy,”“  Dharma and Greg,”“     Boston               career, but on his terms, and who
Deseret Morning News                         Public,”“                    7th
                                                       State of Grace,”“ Heaven,”                knows where that will lead. Allred, who
                                             “JAG,”“  Navy NCIS”and “    Threat Matrix.”         married recently in St. George, is
  On the big screen, Corbin Allred —         “The funny thing is, before my mission              developing a backup plan. An avid
the actor and former kid clogger from        I played all-American roles,”he says.               climber, he teaches climbing classes.
Utah — has had Kirk Douglas cry on           “Since returning from my mission, I’  ve            He earned an emergency medical
his shoulder, argued with Dan Aykroyd,       played bad guys and disturbed people.               technician license and is trying to get
played the trumpet for Susan                 In ‘CSI,’I was a killer. I was crazy. The           a part-time job with search and rescue
Sarandon, been rescued by Cary                                      s
                                             message was that it’ wrong, and it                  in Los Angeles. He plays guitar and
Elwes and — eat your heart out, guys         was handled. I went to jail for the rest            sings in a band that is a regular on the
— kissed Natalie Portman right smack         of my life.”                                        Los Angeles-Hollywood club scene,
dab on the mouth, all before his 19th                                                            playing all original material. He plans
birthday.                                                                                        to return to school soon. Go ahead,
  At the time, Allred was a teen actor                                                           ask him what he plans to study.
on the rise. As soon as he finished one                                                              I’
                                                                                                    “ ve wanted to be a pediatrician
movie or TV show, he was starting                                                                since I was a kid — I love babies and
another one.                                                                                     kids,”he says. “              s
                                                                                                                    But that’ a lot of
   And then he threw a plot twist into                                                           school. A law degree would be cool —
his life Hollywood never would have                                                              and business and finance and commu-
imagined. He walked away from all of it                                                                       m
                                                                                                 nications. I’ an adrenaline junkie —
— the money, fame, premieres, the                                                                law enforcement or forensics would be
lights, cameras, action, and Natalie                                                             good.”
Portman’ lips.                                                                                      Did he miss anything?
  Allred took a two-year break to serve                                                              As
                                                                                                    “ long as my acting career contin-
a mission for The Church of Jesus                                                                                   ll
                                                                                                 ues to go well, I’ do it,”he says. “ itIf
Christ of Latter-day Saints, walking the                                                         dies out, there are a million other
streets of Australia all day in a suit.                                                                    m
                                                                                                 things I’ interested in.”
After giving up part of his childhood for                                                           Allred, who has never taken an
acting, he gave up acting for his God.                                                           acting class in his life, stumbled into
   “ was bad timing,”says Allred. “   I                                                          movies at the age of 12. His credits
couldn’ have been doing better. It was                                                           include a supporting role in “   Anywhere
movie after movie. It was the peak of                                                            But Here,”starring Sarandon and
my career.”                                                                                      Portman, and a co-starring role in
   Allred, now 25, was sitting in the                                                            “Diamonds,”with Douglas and
family room of his parents’home in                                                               Aykroyd. He was the star of the TV
Midvale during a Christmastime visit                                                             series, “ Teen Angel,”and had a small
from his home in Los Angeles. In the         Actor Corbin Allred, visiting his parents’home in
                                                                                                 part with Elwes in “  Robin Hood: Men in
four years since he returned from his        Midvale, lives in Los Angeles.
mission, he has made one movie —                          Laura Seitz, Deseret Morning News
                                                                                                    “ We really just fell into this,”says
the small-budget, Utah-made, critically                                                                  s                    It’
                                                                                                 Allred’ mother, Diane. “ s not some-
acclaimed “   Saints and Soldiers.”            This is the way it is for a devout man            thing we planned on. He just kept
  “ s been like starting over,”Allred
   It’                                       in Hollywood, this constant weighing of             getting these jobs.”
says. “  Physically, I’ different, too. I’
                      m                  m   roles and what they portray and trying                                             s
                                                                                                    He was a clogger. That’ how he was
older. It takes time to build momentum       to preserve a piece of himself. The                 discovered. Clogging is really akin to a
again. But that wasn’ my goal anyway.
                        t                    truth is, he has been offered several               type of competitive step dancing, with
I didn’ go on a mission so I could be
        t                                    movie roles, but declined them be-                  judging and scores based on show-
blessed and have this great career. The      cause they compromised his values.                  manship, tap skills (the sound of the
mission was the greatest experience of       Moviemakers have even offered more                  taps), difficulty, etc.
my life.”                                    money to change his mind.                              “When they told me he was a
  Allred hasn’ exactly been standing           “They would have been good to have                clogger, I said, ‘        s
                                                                                                                    What’ a clogger?’“
in the unemployment line anyway. He          on my resume, but at the expense of                                             s
                                                                                                 says Al Onorato, Allred’ longtime
has made the rounds as a guest star          my soul,”he says. “  There were some                             He
                                                                                                 manager. “ actually had a tape of it.
on a variety of TV shows — “    CSI:         sex scenes. One of them had the                     I thought it was hilarious.”
Crime Scene Investigation,”“    CSI:                            ve
                                             foulest language I’ ever heard.”                                       (Continued on page 10)
The Double Toe Times               June, 2005                   Page 8
Page 9   April, 2005   The Double Toe Times
                                              memories! I loved every minute of                every summer and never get an agent,
Good Guys Finish First                        it...and would still do it if I could fit it in. let alone an audition.”
Corbin Allred                                                                   m
                                              Clogging is the reason that I’ in show             Two weeks later Allred got an
(Continued from page 8)                       business! Someone saw me perform                 American Express commercial that
                                              and suggested that I go for a casting            never aired. A week later he won the
   A friend had a clogging class and          call in Salt Lake... the rest is history. I lead role in “       Quest of the Delta
Allred went along to watch. “ thought it                          s
                                              love the work. It’ like being on stage           Knights,”which required him to do a
would be so lame, but then I watched,                                       m
                                              all the time. Right now I’ trying to                                   I
                                                                                               British accent — “ had never done
and, I don’ know what it was, but I           find an Irish Step-dancing class. I              one, but I had watched hundreds of
thought it was really cool. Plus, the         think I could pick it up pretty quickly!!        hours of National Geographic,”he
room was packed with cute girls.”             And it would keep me in shape! You               says. The writers added a scene to
   He should have seen it coming. His               t
                                              can’ imagine how many people have                utilize his dancing.
father, Michael, now an accountant,           me clog for them in my auditions. They             He was such a novice that when he
was a professional tap dancer who                     t
                                              didn’ know who or what to expect                 appeared on the set for the first time
performed in the theater and appeared         when NBC told the dance group that                          t
                                                                                               he didn’ understand the terminology.
on TV shows and in a couple of                they had found a boy who could act               “Find your lights,”they would tell him,
movies, including the original “  Gypsy.”     AND clog. They were surprised to say                  Hit
                                                                                               or “ your mark, Corbin,”and, he’         d
   Allred took up clogging at 10 and          the least!”                                      say, “ What do you mean?”
became almost unbeatable. Rivals                 After watching Allred on stage, a                It
                                                                                                 “ was so surreal,”he recalls. “ had  I
videotaped his performances to try to         friend of the family suggested he                no interest in being an actor. Now, all
find a way to beat him. A natural ham,        attend an open                                                                of a sudden,
he loved an audience and the stage.           casting call for a                                                             m
                                                                                                                            I’ shooting a
                                                                            A friend had a clog
After performing his own routine during       Disney movie                                                         -       movie and
one competition, he reappeared again                                  ging class and Allr
                                              she had seen                                                                 memorizing a
on stage a second time in place of a          advertised in a
                                                                      went along to watch                                  script on an
friend who had dropped out of the             newspaper. The                                                      .        airplane.”
                                                                      “I thought it would
competition. One portion of the compe-        casting director,
                                                                                                                be         Suddenly, he
tition — called a cappella — consists         Sherri Rhodes,         so lame, but then I                                   was working
                                                                     watched, and, I do
of the judges turning their backs to the      decided Allred                                                              with Mel
clogger so they can focus on the              was too young                                                   n’ t        Brooks, Elwes,
                                                                     know what it was,
sound of the tapping. With the judges’        for a role
                                                                                                              but         Kris
backs turned to him, Allred put tap           opposite Reese         I thought it was real                                Kristofferson,
shoes on his hands, knelt on the stage        Witherspoon,                                                      ly        Aykroyd,
and performed a routine with his hands.       but she gave           cool. Plus, the room                                 Portman, Arnold
The crowd ate it up, laughing and             the kid rave          was packed with cu                                   Schwarzenegger,
roaring its approval. He was awarded
first place — for both of his routines —
                                                 “ s just
                                                                    girls.”                                              Jenny McCarthy,
                                                                                                                         Lauren Bacall,
but was later disqualified after rivals       got it,” she                                                               Jessica Beal,
complained.                                   told Diane Allred.                                                         Danielle Fishel,
   Once, he was scheduled to perform             After telling her associates in Los           Maureen McCormick, Jerry Van Dyke,
a synchronized routine with his sister,       Angeles about Allred, they asked for a           Ann-Margret and more.
Aleece, but at the last moment they           taped audition for “  Man Without a                The precocious Allred was unfazed
got into an argument and she refused          Face”with Mel Gibson, even though                by auditions that put him in a room
to perform with him. Allred went on           the parts were already taken. After              with just a cameraman and a 50-
stage without her, using a Cabbage            watching the tape, Rhodes and her                something woman, and he was consid-
Patch doll he found in the audience as        associates wanted him to come to                                          At
                                                                                               ered a natural actor. “ a young age, I
his partner. He held the doll’ hand as        California.                                      had an overactive imagination,”he
he performed, then tossed the doll in                                             I
                                                 Diane Allred was skeptical. “ thought says. “ was always pretending to be
the air and caught it, passed it be-          they were just after our money,”she              something. When I read in front of
tween his legs, etc. The crowd and            says. “   You hear about these scams.”           them at 12, my ability to convey
judges laughed, but he was disqualified          “Just give it one month,”Rhodes told emotion and play a role was unusual, I
again — “   One of the many DQs I got         her. The first day the Allreds arrived in        think.”
for doing stuff to lighten things up,”he      California, they were invited to dinner            He screen tested with the surpris-
says.                                         with various representatives. The next           ingly small Schwarzenegger for “       Last
   Corbin comments on clogging on a           day, Rhodes called to tell them they             Action Hero,”but he lost the part to
website dedicated to his career, “   I        had both an agent and an audition.               Austin O’                      I     t
                                                                                                            Brien because, “ didn’ make
really miss clogging a lot! It was such          “           t
                                                  We didn’ know it at the time,”says him look big enough,”says Allred.
a fun thing to do! I think about it quite a                     but s
                                              Diane Allred, “ it’ not supposed to              Instead, he won a part in “   Robin Hood:
bit. Clogging remains one of my best          be that easy. We know kids who come Men in Tights.”
The Double Toe Times                June, 2005                 Page 10
   Work continued to come his way.                             ll
                                              big star; you’ make your million this         he sang to his wife at their reception.
During his teen years, he made TV             year.’                t
                                                      They couldn’ understand that          (He proposed to his wife, McKenzie, in
movies — “                       My
               Blue Rodeo”and “ Son           there was something more than this            typical Allred style, falling to the
Is Innocent”— and played the lead             (movie) life.”                                ground with a fake ankle sprain so he
superhero role in “   Josh Kirby . . . Time                                      If
                                                Allred finally told his family: “ I don’t   could get to one knee without her
Warrior,”a straight-to-video movie                       ll
                                              go now, I’ never go.”                         suspecting what was coming.)
series that produced five sequels. He           He opened his mission call on the             Allred and Onorato believe he has a
was the co-star in one TV series —            set of “ Diamonds”in Reno, Nev. Half of       promising future in Hollywood; it just
“Teen Angel”— and a main character            the cast and crew thought he was              takes the right job, they say.
in another TV series — “    Social Stud-      crazy to abandon his career, but a few          “        s
                                                                                               There’ a naturalness and honesty
ies.”Teen Angel gave him his first real       days later, Douglas, the legendary                                                t
                                                                                            about (his acting) that you don’ teach
taste of celebrity.                           actor, called Allred at his home in Utah      people,”says Onorato, referring to
  “                              t
   There were times I wouldn’ go to a                             I       ve
                                              and told him, “ know you’ gotten a                   s
                                                                                            Allred’ lack of professional training.
mall,”he says. “    Security would have to    lot of flak for your decision, but it was     “There are certain people who learn by
escort me out. It was nice, but it was a      the right decision, and God will bless        doing and excel by doing it.”
burden. I experienced only a little part      you.”Douglas continued to write to                                               s
                                                                                              For his part, Michael, Allred’ father,
of it, but I can’ imagine being Brad          Allred during his mission.                    believes his son has built a career
Pitt.”                                          “There are certain roles that he            without losing himself in the process.
  Allred and his family — he has three                 t
                                              doesn’ audition for,”says Onorato. “    He    Michael Allred turned his back on an
brothers and sisters — settled into a         wants to look back on his career and          entertainment career because he didn’    t
routine. From the age of 12, he spent a                      t
                                              say he didn’ fall into the trap of just       believe the lifestyle was conducive to
month or so each winter in Los Ange-          doing a role to do it and then compro-        raising a family. He let his son venture
les for the TV pilot season and then          mised his values.”                            into Hollywood with some trepidation.
returned each summer for the movie                 s
                                                It’ a credit to his acting skills that        “The entertainment industry can be
audition season. He shared an apart-          Allred can play the rougher characters,       very ugly,”he says. “   We read about it
ment with his mother, living in a             because in reality he is a humorous,                                s
                                                                                            all the time. But he’ stayed grounded.
complex where most other child actors         happy man with a sweet disposition            His values are right, and we never saw
stayed. The rest of the Allred family                                          t
                                              and boyish charm. He doesn’ play the                                    s
                                                                                            a lot of ego in him. He’ kind to other
joined them in the summer.                    part of an actor off the screen. He           people, which is important to us, and
  The Allreds, who met as a family at         favors jeans and T-shirts and drives a                             ve
                                                                                            he works hard. We’ been playing at
the outset to determine if they would         Jeep with 140,000 miles on it that he         this game a long time, and he’     s
support Corbin’ acting career, strived        bought when he turned 18. About the           handled it well.”
for some degree of normalcy, but it           only thing he splurged on was a trip to
wasn’ easy. They negotiated contracts         Hawaii for him and his family, not to
that required the studio to fly the family    mention a handful of guitars.                 Photo: Corbin Allred plays World War
to the set for visits, but there were long      He carries a guitar with him when he        II Soldier Nathan ‘Deacon’Greer in the
separations anyway.                           boards airlines and finds a corner of         critically acclaimed motion picture
   Allred’ career continued its ascent        the airport to play music to kill time.       “Saints and Soldiers”that is based on
over the years, but there was always          He writes his own songs, including one        true events.
one thing on the horizon: his church
mission. For years he had been telling
his representatives that he planned to
drop out of the business and serve a
mission when he turned 19. As luck
would have it, his workload crested in
the months leading up to his 19th
birthday with “  Teen Angel,”“ Diamonds”
and “   Anywhere But Here,”as well as
several TV commercials and guest
appearances on TV shows.
  “ warned my representatives early
that I’ be gone for two years,”says
Allred, “ when it came up, they were
like, ‘ you serious? You’
       t                d
Can’ you go later?’I’ be lying if I
didn’ say I thought long and hard
about staying home.”
  Says Diane Allred: “   There were
agents who were saying, ‘          ll
                              You’ be a

                                                                 Page 11           June, 2005                The Double Toe Times
                                                                            Ask Stan & Kelle
                                                                           Question: What do you do -- as a director -- when
                                                                           you have a great dancer whose family situation
                                                                           does not make it financially possible for them to
                                                                           keep up dues, lessons or competition entry fees
                                                                           and expenses?
                                                                                                   Name Withheld by Request

                                                      Stan: You have to be careful when making excep-
                                                      tions for anyone in your classes or studio. But it’
                                                      your business and you have the right to make deci-
                                                      sions that are best for everyone involved. If you have
                                                      someone who just can’ afford tuition there are ways
                                                      that you can still allow them to dance but also earn
                        their tuition. The student or parent can actually work to pay for classes. Have
                          them run errands, answer phones, clean, or whatever can help you out as the
                          owner. If the student is capable of teaching have them assist or teach some
      classes or private lessons to go towards their own tuition. Also, most studios or teams do fund-
raising and they could use some of those earnings.

Kelle: There is nothing more exciting than to find a student with outstanding potential! Unfortunately, we
all know that participating in national clogging competitions is not cheap. Your very first instinct is to want
to support this student personally, just to get them there, but you have to be cautious as to not upset the
other teammates or dancers. Many people would find it very unorthodox or immoral for a director to
personally support a student. As long as you know in your heart you would do it for any of your dancers,
whether or not they had great potential, then I think it would be okay. In many cases, you’ find teams and
studios that are very close-knit and many of the other parents will even offer to take the child with their
family and support them for the weekend. You can also work out the situation in trade, offering discount
or free tuition for a student or student’ parents labor. If you work outside of a studio, use the student to
                                                           t             re
help teaching, cleaning, or other duties so that it doesn’ look like you’ helping them out for nothing.

                                                                                                  Want to ask Stan and Kelle a
     Stan Webb started clogging in 1977 at the age of 9 in Lawton, Oklahoma. He
  started a small, non-profit studio in Elgin, OK in the late 1980’ and started a
                                                                       s                         question about teaching clog-
  competition clogging team, The Clogging Sensation.          He moved to Branson,              ging, running a studio or manag-
  Missouri in 1992 to dance and choreograph for The Osmond Family Theatre. He
                                                                                                   ing and directing a winning
  also taught classes in Branson at Branson Performing Arts and started a younger
  team, High Voltage. In 2003, Stan and Kelle opened their own studio in Ozark, MO                      competition team?
  called The Dance Warehouse.
     Kelle Graves began tap dancing at the age of two.         Her first clogging teacher was
                                                                                                    Send your questions to:
  Pat Skinner-Bosche of Missouri. She began competing with Up ‘ Risin’and Star
                                                                       N                            ASK STAN & KELLE
  Struck Cloggers directed by Dorothy and Melissa Snow. She received her first
  Overall Female Soloist title at the age of 9 at the Armadillo Stampede in Oklahoma City,         c/o Double Toe Times
  OK in September of 1990. In January of 1994, she joined the Clogging Sensation.                      P. O. Box 1362
  She has been competing with The Clogging Sensation for eleven years now.
     The Clogging Sensation and High Voltage Sr. have receieved many prestigious                St. Albans, WV 25177-1352
  awards and titles over the years. TCS was able to perform in front of President
  Clinton and seven other world leaders at the Denver Summit of the 8 in June of 1997.                Fax (304) 727-9357
  Both TCS and HV qualified for the inaugural Jr. Olympic Games for clogging in 2003
  and brought home a combination of eight gold and four silver medals on a group level,
                                                                                                 or email your question to us at
  and numerous individual and duet titles. Together, Stan and Kelle opened their own       
  studio in Ozark, MO last winter, and now have added two more High Voltage teams to
  their clogging family. The Clogging Sensation and High Voltage have both won
  numerous National Champion titles both at NCHC and CCA finals.                                 The Doctors are IN !
The Double Toe Times                   June, 2005                     Page 12
                               The Longest Running Dance Convention in the Southeast

                                 Suncoast Jamboree

                                August 25-27, 2005
                               Clogging and Line Dancing Convention at the Hilton Hotel
                              Workshops for all levels • Exhibitions • Syllabus •Tshirts • Awards •Vendors

                              Schedule - Clogging & Line Dance                                Tracy’s Tro
                                                                                         For youngsters upe
  Clogging Instructors        Thursday                 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm               Sign up your ki 12 & under.
      • Dieter Brown (NC)     Friday - Workshops       9:00 am - 11:00 pm                them off for a fuds and drop
                                                                                        morn of cloggi n filled Sat.
       • Scotty Bilz (GA)     Glow in the Dark Dance   Friday p.m.                                      ng
                                                                                        routines (class & dancing
    • Ronnie Doggett (AL)     Saturday Workshops       9:00 am - 4:00 pm                                 es
                                                                                        Children will be 9-11 am)
                                                                                         Night Exhibition the Sat.
       • Jeff Driggs (WV)     Exhibitions/Fun Dance    7:00 pm - ?                                         s! 50’s
• Naomi Fleetwood-Pyle (IN)                                                                      Theme!
  • Jamie/Becky Conn (FL)          Line Dance              Register Early!
  • Sandy Smallwood (FL)           Instructors             All fees are for the entire weekend. One Day fees are
    • Tracy Foxworth (FL)          • Coordinator           available at the door. No refunds after July 1
                                Debbie Sweet (IN)                                        before 7/1     At the Door
       Jazz & Tracy’ Troupe                                Dancer (clog or line)         $30.00         $35.00
     • Steve Lanning (NC)     • Stella Cabecca (FL)        Child                         $25.00         $30.00
      Emcee for the Saturday     • Bill McGee (FL)         Spectator                     $18.00         $20.00
         evening festivities  • Marilyn McNeal (FL)        INFO: Make checks to S U N C O A S T        JAMBOREE
• Introducing Debbie Claxton • Junior Willis (FL)          Dee Gallina 7402 Lake Breeze Dr. #106 Ft. Myers, FL 33907
    (FL) Greg Dionne (FL)    • Arline Winerman (FL)        (239) 433-0760 Fax (239) 433-CLOG

                                             Page13             June, 2005                    The Double Toe Times
Toe Tapping Good Time
by:Rashae Ophus
from the The Herald Journal. Logan, Utah

  Amy Poppleton is proud of the lively dance form she loves and
coaches, but when she tells people what it is, she braces for the
wrong impression.
  “When I say I teach clogging, people say, ‘ so you do the
boot-scoot boogie with poofy skirts and bandannas?’”she said,
laughing at the notion. “Power tap is the new world of clogging.”
  Poppleton started clogging in fourth grade and got hooked to the
point she would clog at any opportunity to stand still, like in the
checkout line at the grocery store.
  “I really liked it because I’ not like a ballerina-type person,” she
said. “I clogged all through high school, and when I got married and
we moved to Cache Valley, there wasn’ any clogging here. So I
thought I would start my own (studio).”
  The valley had a clogging team once, but it dissolved more than a
decade ago. Poppleton launched Eclipse Power Tap in Hyrum last
year with more than 25 students and now instructs 40 cloggers,
preschool through retirement. As the teams continue performing in
halftime shows, parades and community, events, word is spreading
about the new world of clogging.
  Poppleton said it originated as a folk dance in the British Isles that
infiltrated America in the 1800s. A folksy hybrid of tap, jig and
country-Western dance styles, villagers would show off clogging
skills at community events like a barnraising, cornhusking or
  “It’ just evolved from all these different cultures — folk dancing,
square dancing, the Irish jig — and I really emphasize that we do jazz
and gymnastics all together, so all of this is what clogging is now,” she
  Modern cloggers hardly wear wooden shoes from Holland. And
though Poppleton may call it “power tap,” they don’ don tap-
dancing shoes, either.
  For beginners, Poppleton simply modifies virtually any white
athletic shoe with steel taps, or jingle taps. Rather than little tacks
nailed into the sole of the shoe, jingle taps resemble a flat metal sheet
folded in half with one side glued flat on the sole and a loose flap
directly below it. When the clogger’ foot strikes the ground and
rebounds, the flap snaps and strikes the plate on the sole, adding a
jingle to the initial tap.
  For the older students, who vie in state and national clogging
competitions, Poppleton orders clogging shoes from Kentucky.
           s                              s
  “There’ tap dancing and then there’ clogging,” Poppleton said.
“The difference is clogging is a lot bouncier and the knees bend a lot
The Double Toe Times             June, 2005               Page 14
Page 15   June, 2005   The Double Toe Times
                                    Photos: Top: National clogging instructor Stan Webb, of Missouri,
                                    (background, on stage) leads a clogging class during the “ Clog-
                                    ging Fools”dance workshop held in April in Indianapolis, Indiana.
                                    Left: Matt Sexton of Tennessee gets the crowd to jump up
                                    during one of his teaches at the Country Note Cloggers Festival
                                    held in Windsor, Ontario each February. The event is coordi-
                                    nated by Sam Gill of Michigan.
                                    Bottom: The Aftershock Cloggers, under the direction of Kellee
                                    (Hanzel) Ramirez, pose prior to their performance at the annual
                                    Possum Trot Workshop in Victorville, California. The event is
                                    one of clogging’ longest running workshops. 25 members strong,
                                    Aftershock has been together for 11 years, with members travel
                                    from all parts of Northern California to Sacramento CA for prac-
                                    tice. Team member Tanner Ike (inset) has been defending
                                    freedom in Iraq. You can visit the team online at:

    Send us your
    pics and news

The Double Toe Times   June, 2005           Page 16
                                                                                              Fontana Village
                                                                                              North Carolina

September 23 & 24, 2005
                                                                            Tandy Barrett, GA
  JAMBOREE SCHEDULE                                                          Scotty Bilz, GA
                                                                             Jeff Driggs, WV
                   Enjoy the Village...
                   no registration until 6:30 pm

                                                                         Naomi Fleetwood-Pyle, IN
6:30 - 7:30 pm     Registration
                   Vendors Open

                                                                             Matt Sexton, TN
7:30 - 10:30 pm    Trail-In Fun Dance
                   Enjoy easy teaches, fun routines, old-time
                   squares and more featuring the clogging staff
8:30 - 9:00 am     Registration, Vendors open
                                                                            Chip Summey, NC
9:00 am - Noon     Workshops - 2 HALLS!                                                  Old Time Squares & Flatfoot by
                   The Dam Room and Carolina Rooms will host
                   classes with our national staff in a variety of                            Lou Maiuri, WV
                   levels and musical styles.                                               plus special appearance by
12:30 - 1:30 pm    Front Porch Forum
                   During the lunch break, pull up a rocking chair
                   and join in as the Fontana Staff shares stories,
                                                                                             Bill Nichols, TN
                   songs and answers your questions.                        and more of your favorite Fontana teachers
1:30 - 4:30 pm     Clogging Workshops
                   The Dam Room will host more classes with our
                                                                            in a weekend filled with clogging memories!
                   national staff.
4:30 - 7:30 pm     Supper Break                                                                                                           porch and look at the grand
7:00 - 7:30 pm     Bluegrass Concert featuring Cashers Flat, PA           Enjoy clogging on hardwood floors, sit on the spacious front
                                                                                                                                                            a" style
                                                                          Smokey Mountains,     invite your friends to your cabin for a memorable "Fontan
                   Andrew & Lacey Williams, UT                                                                                 iate pop and country line dances, a full
7:30 - 10:00 pm    Fun Dance                                              after party. Enjoy a weekend of mostly intermed
                                                                                                                                        weekend of the year!
                   Enjoy easy teaches, reviews, fun routines, old-        traditional program, and evening fun dances like no other
                                                                          The magic of the Fontana Cloggin      g Jamboree is the atmosphere.
                   time squares, live music and more featuring the                                                                        e. There is something for
                                                                          Mostly adults attend, but kids (and kids at heart) are welcom                        all
                   clogging staff and guests. There will be some                                  celebrate the grand tradition of clogging workshops like we
                                                                          everyone here. We
                   special surprises for those who remember the
                                                                           remember: a grand hall, lots of fun material  and great fellowship. In addition, from hiking
                   "good ole days" of Fontana!                                                                                          Fontana will certainly become
                                                                           and fishing, to horseback riding, mini-golf and swimming,
10:00 - 10:30 pm   After Party!                                            your favorite clogging destination   too!
                   Do a skit, or tell a story, or join in a live music
                   jam (bring your own instruments and join in)
                                                                           info: Jeff Driggs (304) 727-9357
check out pictures from 2003 and 2004, get info and registration
   forms for the 2005 jamboree at our ALL NEW website at:                                                                 Noami Fleetwood-Pyle (812) 579-6979
                                                                         Page 17                June, 2005                              The Double Toe Times
Choreographer’ Corner
Enjoy this fun routine to one of the best traditional country sounding clogging songs to come
around in a long time. Newlywed Trevor DeWitt (his wife is clogging instructor and director
Stacy McWethy-DeWitt of Indiana) also is the owner of, a great
clogging info website.

The Double Toe Times        June, 2005            Page 18
                                            525 Poverty Lane                         We are the
                                          Salem, SC 29676-2414                          #1      plir
                                           FAX (864)944-8125                       Clogging Sup
                                      Web Address:     in the Nation

   ORDERS 1-800-848-6366    Inquiries (864)944-8125
         Call us for your Clogging needs!
  Shoes, Taps, T-Shirts, Videos, Socks,Clogging Bags and much, much more! Carl’ Clogging Supply is
available to vend at your workshop or weekend event throughout the year! Call us for more information
     Carl’s C l o g g i n g S u p p l y i s p r o u d t o a n n o u n c e t h a t w e n o w o f f e r
     C U S T O M E M B R O I D E R Y S E R V I C E for all of your needs.
   A ll goods made with PRIDE right here in Salem, South Carolina!

   It’ a true double toe!
A brand new clogging tap
                                      the   LIBERTY BELL TAP
                                                    Toe and Heel Sets now available!
     is on the market.                                    Call to order today!
? It’ made of steel and has a
double flange of metal over the
toe and the heel for maximum
                                                                                  Ask us
? No sharp edges to damage
the dance floor.                                                                   about
? No sharp edge holes on the
floor plate.
? Easy to Install.
Designed and patented by Dale

                                                      TOE STAND SHOES!
Isackson of Bell Taps and Carl
Blanton of Carl’ Clogging
Supply, Liberty Bells are a buck
dancers delight. The toe plate
hangs down in front in true “Bell”
style!                                               s
                                     Same great Carl’ quality! Full leather sole made without
         manufactured by             the metal arch SHANK, to give you maximum flexibility and
Carl’s Clogging Supplies                                                s
                                     support to do toe stands and today’ high intensity steps!

                                                  Page 19      June, 2005              The Double Toe Times
The Double Toe Times   June, 2005   Page 20
 Clogging Instructors and Dancers Directory
A listing in the Double Toe Times exclusive Instructors and Dancers Directory entitles you to list your events, competitions and festivals in the Upcoming
Events column free of charge.    The Directory is also a valuable source for networking, marketing and promotion. A bullet (? ) in front of the Instructor
or dancer’ name indicates that this person can, and does, promote old-time clogging and traditional dancing.

     INTERNA-                      MAUREEN & TOM DAKERS
                                      Bow Valley Cloggers
                                                                     DUFFY BROWN-SCHRYER
                                                                        Homespun Cloggers
                                                                                                            JUDY ROCHELLE
                                                                                                             School of Dance
                                                                                                                                               DAVID ROE
                                                                                                                                          Clogr1 Workshop Team
                                                                                                                                                                            ? FREDDIE FAGAN
                                                                                                                                                                           NCHC Certified Judge
      TIONAL                       319 Ranchridge Court N.W.         CLA Handicapped Cloggers          Pee Wee, Jr. & Sr. Troupes          13940 N. 133rd Lane            Pioneer 8 Cloggers, Rep.

                                         Calgary, Alberto                      s
                                                                        Duffy’ Free Spirits                 111 Fairview Drive              Surprise, AZ 85379               9301 Denker Avenue
                                        Canada T3G 1W6                   247 Spruce Street               Childersburg, AL 35044              (623) 546-2624                Los Angeles, CA 90047
                                         (403) 239-7507               Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario         (256) 378-7075/378-6549                        (323) 779-5994
      Australia                               Canada P6B 2H2
                                                                          (705) 949-8674
                                                                                                                                             DUANE STEELE                     LINDA GIGLIOTTI
    PATRICIA CULLIVER                    JACKIE EAGLE                                                ? ALICE G. MILLER-SOLBERG                    Oct-Mar                    Placer Adult School
      8 Belinda Coourt                   Eagle Cloggers                    JOAN THARME                    Rocket City Cloggers           303 N. Lindsay Rd. #P-4           GOld Country Cloggers
         E. Bentleigh                 #304,1251 W. 71st Ave.         Wild Rose Country Cloggers          Brindlee Mt. Cloggers                Mesa AZ 85213                  1860 Wildcat Court
              VIC                         Vancouver, BC                    4235 87th Street            Huntsville, AL Optimist Park           (480) 518-8266                Cool, CA 95614-2036
       Australia 3165                   Canada V6P 3A9                    Edmonton, Alberta               Scottsboro Cloggers                     Apr-Sep                 (530) 887-3402/887-8101                  (604) 266-2576                   Canada T6K 1C3                Old Rec Cntr Scottsboro                P. O. Box 6677    
                                                                            (780 463-9381                  305 Westview Lane               Kennewick, WA 99336
      PAULINE ELLIOTT                   BARB GUENETTE                                  s
                                                                                                        Lacey’ Spring, AL 35754               (509) 582-7333                  JOHN HABASH
 Colonial Cloggers (SA) Inc          The Bastion City Cloggers                                               (256) 498-5878                     Cuer & Instructor
        22 Ginko Street              Vancouver Island Hot Shots                                                                                East Whittier YMCA
 Hallett Cove, South Australia           2255 Bluejay Way                                                                                    BETTY SWIFT                    24101 Grayston Drive
         Australia 5158                    Nanaimo, BC                AGELIKA BRUGGENOLTE                 DENISE POWERS                 Tucson Mountain Cloggers         Lake Forest, CA 92630-3827
         (08) 8381 3024                  Canada V9X 1G7               Instructor from Funny Taps             805 22nd St.                 8701 S. Kolb Rd. 3-248               (949) 951-7329                  (250) 722-2953            Bad Ziebenzell – Clogging Eves       Phenix City, AL 36867              Tucson, AZ 85706      
                                                Emie Haag Sdr Af                & Columbus, GA                    (520) 574-5635
         LEE SMITH                                                     D-FA263 Weie der Stadt              (706) 332-4567                                                 ? JANICE YEE HANZEL
     Mornington Cloggers             ? SHARON HRYHORKA                     A30 280 Germany                     DONNA THIEL                    Hillbilly Cloggers
        3 Austin Road                  The Happy Cloggers                    (+43) 070331                                                   Caliente Cloggers                 L-APA Cloggers
      Somerville, Victoria             104-149 Fanshaw St.                                                                                     Hot Hot Hot                  Workshop Instructor
        Australia 3912                  Thunder Bay, ONY                GERTRAUD GAGNE                                                       280 Placita Sinfin              714 Sycamore Rd.
         0359 776985                    Canada, P7C 5Z9               Renegades-Quicksteppers             BETTY B. ATKINSON             Green Valley, AZ 85614-3812        Pleasanton, CA 94621                (807) 577-2925                  Danziger Str. # 20              Anchor Town Cloggers                    (925) 518-0636
                                   D-71229 Leonburg, Germany                3144 Delta Dr.                                       
 KEITH & KARYN UNSTEAD                                                   + 49-7152-949430                 Anchorage, AK 99502
 Esperance Country Cloggers              DONNA KUREK                       (907) 279-3318 fax 929-1676                                         HOWARD HUMMER
        P. O. Box 832                Saskatoon City Cloggers                                                           DONNA S. BIVINS                 Entertainer/Social
     Esperance, WA 6450                122 Sclandens Place                ELLI GUENTHER                                                        Konway Kickers            Security Stompers Director
          Australia                  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan           Schwabisch Sweethearts           GEORGIE HOLLANDER                Instructor / Choreographer         3645 Seattle Street
        089-071-4421                    Canada S7M 4C4                        SDC e.V.                     Borealis Dancers                   1825 Amos Drive              Hemet, CA 92545-2319                (306) 956-3460                   Sweetheart Beats               6601 Verboncaeur Dr.                 Conway, AR 72034                (909) 929-5961
                                   Heimbacher Dorfstrasse 7             Wasilla, AK 99654                   (501) 328-5715   
        Austria                                                        74523 Schwaebisch Hall
                                                                                                            (907) 746-6504    
  LEO & THORSTEN KROPF                 SHARON LAFFERTY                                                                                                                      LELIA HUNSAKER
                                      Rainbow Stew Cloggers                 791-855 445                    DAVID ULMER                                                       Raylin Cloggers
   Spiky Brush Clogging Club                                                                          Chugach Mtn. Range Clgrs.          ? LEONA MILLER, CCI
      Eugen-Mueller Str. 19            1891 Bonito Crescent                                                                                                                      Workshops
                                         Nanoose Bay, BC               DANIELA & ALEXANDRA                 P. O. Box 141464               Arkansas Clog Council              1540 Savin Drive
    A-5020 Salzburg, Austria                                                   SCHELL                 Anchorage, AK 94514-1464           Crowley Ridge Cloggers              Canada V9P 9J1                                                                                                                  San Diego, CA 92021-5114
                                           (250)468-7478              The Crazy Taps (Frankfort)           (907) 377-7495              Classes, Workshops, exhibits           (619) 444-2166                                       Devil Cloggers (Darmstadt)                  208 Bettie Drive
                                                                       Rotner Weingartenweg 14                                          Jonesboro, AR 72401-9553

                                       HELEN LE COUNTE                     65812 Bad Soden
                                                                                                             Arizona                         (870) 935-4774
                                                                                                                                                                              ALTHEA MASON
                                       Time Step Cloggers                                                MINGUS MOUNTAIN                                                     Carousel Cloggers
      BRIAN BUELER                     1468 Celeste Cresent                 +49 6196 25760                                                                                    Cadillac Cloggers
                                                                                     CLOGGERS                   ? KATHEY WILSON, CCI
    Home Town Cloggers                  Port Coquitlam, BC                                                     Joanna Buss                                                    Rainbow Cloggers
   19 Woodhouse Crescent                 Canada V3C 1E2                                                                                     Gateway Cloggers                 463 Weaver Avenue
                                                                       CLARISSA SCHNEIDER                   141 S. 10th Place                Walnut Ridge, AR
        Ajax, Ontario                     (604) 941-2375                                                  Cottonwood, AZ 86326                                                Merced, CA 95340
      Canada L1S 2N5                        M.M. Mixed Generations                                           Classes, exhib. & workshops            (209) 384-2469
                                                                          Charmed Cloggers              (928) 634-8689/634-0159                 296 CR 368
       (905) 683-2073                                                                                                                    
                                            IDA MURRAY                      Baeckerweg #60                                              Jonesboro, AR 72401-0443
   SHIRLEY BROWN, CCI             Central Alberta Rhythm Cloggers           Mannheim, FRG                                                     (870) 972-1942              MICHELE MILLIER-HILL
                                                                           Germany D-68309                SHARON LOPEMAN       
   Simcoe County Cloggers                 23 Howlett Avenue                                               Lynx Creek Cloggers                                            Redwood Country Cloggers
   Elmvale-Penetang-Orillia               Red Deer, Alberta                  0621-739778                                                                                        P.O. Box 15315
                                                                               HC 31, Box 65
    1261 Squire St. Box 81                Canada T4N 6K2                                                    Prescott, AZ 86303                                             Santa Rosa, CA 95402
         Lefroy, Ontario                   (403) 347-8098                                                                                                 (707) 566-8048
                                                                     United States
                                                                                                              (928) 445-0792
       Canada L0L 1W0                                                                                             KATHY CINOWALT       

        (705) 456-6714                  HOPE PENNOCK                                                                                     San Luis County Cloggers            Alberta Rhythm Cloggers                                         ? ALICE A. MARSH STUDIOS              3965 East Highway 41              DARL & MARYANN
                                         10538-67 Avenue                HELEN ADAMS, CCI               3 Levels Clog, Line, Partner,       Templeton, CA 93465                  MORELAND
     ANGELA CAMERON                     Edmonton, Alberta               River Bank Stompers                 Western, Ballroom                 (805) 466-3502           Workshops/Judging/Competitions
  Kick Up A Fuss Cloggers                Canada T6H 1Z6              Workshops/Instruction/Choreo               Ages 3-10                                                     119 Huntington Ct.
Markham, Scarborough, Oshawa              (780) 434-7736              6725 Spring Valley Drive            DJ Kids Club / Demos               ? LOIS ELLING                   Mt. View, CA 94043
     1995 Royal Road #212                                                 Elmore, AL 36025                 4195 Challenger Dr.            Diablo Mountain Clgrs.               (650) 386-6364
       Pickering, Ontario                A.J. POULTON &                    (334) 285-3179              Lake Havasa City, AZ 86406         Blossom Hill Cloggers  
       Canada L1V 6V9                    ALINE BRAZEAU                              (928) 855-0798                 Clogging Express
        (905) 686-8712                  Capiol City Cloggers                                       16000 Marcella Street                DAVID NIMMO                 1188 Priory Lane          ? NORA & LENDAL McCULLAR                                              San Leandro, CA 94578              Cuer and Instructor
                                           Ottawa, Ontario                Dixie Foot Stompers ? MATT & COLLEEN PEARSON                       (510) 278-8621                    53 Via Honrado
   DARLENE CUMMINGS                       Canada K1C 1Z9                 Honey Bear Cloggers        Pride Warehouse                         R. S. Margarita, CA 92688
    Fancy Double Dancers                   (613) 729-4974                Town & Country Team     Arizona Pride Cloggers                                                        (949) 939-1773
      115811 McBeth Rd.                    1307 Plateau Drive   Southwest US Championships                    MARY ELLIOTT         
          Surrey, B.C.                                                   Gardendale, AL 35071    1725 W. Williams Dr. #37                  Silverhawk Stompers  
       Canada V4A 1X9                NORMA, SHANNON &                       (205) 631-7572          Phoenix, AZ 85027                     Instructor / Exhibitions
        (604) 542-9907               SHERRI PRESZCATOR              (623) 879-7421                       Barn Dance Workshop                 LONI O’ DONLEY              Carry On Cloggers                                            azpride@                      39685 Ridge Crest St.             Black Gold Cloggers
                                              R.R. 3                                                               Murrieta, CA 92563               13220 Seann Court
                                         Clinton, Ontario                                                                                     (909) 689-1619                Bakersfield, CA 93312
                                        Canada N0M 1L0                                                                                         (805) 589-6469
                                         (519) 482-3141                                                                        

                                                                                            Page 21                    April, 2005                                    The Double Toe Times
 KELLEE RAMIREZ (HANZEL)                  DIANN BOLIN                      MATT KOZIUK                BUD SURRATT, Chairman              ? RENNIE LEHEW, CCI                 ? GAYLE TINGEY, CCI
       Aftershock Team                     LISA WILSON                   Instructor/Director          ANNE LANIER, Instructor             Hoot n’Holler Cloggers                   GT Cloggers
      Workshop Instructor            Platinum Plus Cloggers             East Coast Explosion            Klassi Taps Cloggers           Asst. Instructor/Choreographer      Gayle Tingey School of Dance
        3 Sophia Court                   205 Bomber Rd.              Parking Lot Exhibition Team             P. O. Box 669                    Beg., Int. Classes                 5374 So. 9th East
  Sacramento, CA 95831-5142          Winter Haven, FL 33880           4083 Sunbeam Rd. #501             Interlachen, FL 32148             4619 Sprucewood Drive                Idaho Falls, ID 83404
        (916) 391-5651                    (863) 294-8276               Jacksonville, FL 32257              (904) 684-6906                     Macon, GA 31210                     (208) 522-6197                    (863) 294-4339                   (904) 448-8194                                                      (478) 477-4410      
                                                   ? BARBARA WALKER      
   GEORGE & ERIN RIGBY                                                                               Director Sand Mtn. Cloggers                                             ? MARY ANN WALKER
       Event Directors               CHRISS BUHRMESTER                    ANNE LANIER                  Elaine Enfield - Instructor           ? MAMIE MCABEE                  New Steps Dance Studio
     Western Clog Dance              Chriss’Country Cloggers           Electric Rhythm Team          CLOG & NCHC Contest Nov.             Rhythm & Class Cloggers             Kick-Up Kids Cloggers
       Championships                   Year Round Clogging              Suncoast Jamboree                 412 NE 2nd Street              Celtic Rhythm Irish Dancers             522 E. Galloway
     2010 E. Clifpark Way               1611 Darrington Lane               Show Director                 Ft. Meade, FL 33841                  508 Shartom Drive                  Wesier, ID 83672
     Anahiem, CA 92806                   Lakeland, FL 33801             6227 Eastwood Lane                  (863) 285-9562                Augusta, GA 30907-4714                  (208) 549-2138
       (714) 533-1449                      (863) 665-4591              Jacksonville, FL 32211                                                   (706) 210-8222                  (904) 744-3642                  DEBRA L. WHITE      

         MARV SASS                    MARGE CALLAHAN                 GEORGE & PAM LIEDL
                                                                                                           Private Lessons
                                                                                                            P. O. Box 994
       Coyote Cloggers                  7224 Kivler Drive           Sunshine Express Cloggers           LaBelle, FL 33975-0994          ? SUSAN & DAVID PHILLIPS                PHYLLIS DAPRON
    NCHC Certified Judge              Jacksonville, FL 32210            3813 Afton Circle                  (863) 675-0717                CLOG Executive Directors            IPCA Southern Vice-Pres.
     21411 Baldwin Lane                  (904) 771-7987              Sarasota, FL 34233-4107                      Certified Judges                       Instructor
   California City, CA 93505                                             (914) 922-9193                                                  Competition Scorekeeping                Capitol Cloggers
        (760) 373-8301                WARREN DANIELS                                                  ? GRACE WIEDERHOLD                   3054 Ashly Pines Drive               1729 East Converse          Miami Sockknockers            THERESA MARGETANSKI              Wahoo Appalachian Cloggers           Snellville, GA 30078-4550            Springfield, IL 62702
                                      Senior Solo Clogger              Grapevine Cloggers                    Treasurer                         (770) 985-5557                     (217) 544-6912
       ? CAROL SMITH                Competition / Performance         3212 Peterborough St.                P. O. Box 4772                      
        Nevada County              12525 SE Sunset Harbor Rd.           Holiday, FL 34690            Homosassa Springs, FL 34447
    Tommyknocker Cloggers             Weirsdale, FL 32195                (727) 942-7942                   (352) 637-1698                   BARBARA SAYLORS                   ? HARRISON GREEN
      10966 Pekolee Drive                (352) 821-3660                                                                                    Dixie Style Cloggers             Parke County 4-h Cloggers

    Grass Valeey, CA 95949                                              KELLI McCHESNEY                                                       Senior, Junior &            Bennett Dance Center Cloggers
        (530) 477-5129               ? CAROL DRAUGHON                   Workshop Instructor                                                  Elementary Teams                 425 North Division St.                 Sunshine Cloggers                 CLOG Today Editor              AUGUSTA CLOGGING                  4320 Cleveland Highway                Westfield, IL 62474
                                      7124 Inniswold Drive               1st Klass Kloggers                   COMPANY                       Cohutta, GA 30710                     (217) 967-5105
 LENORE & RENEE STRONG                Pensacola, FL 32526                    P.O. Box 1895                Ashley Story, Inst.                 (706) 694-8746             
     Wildwood Cloggers                  (850) 944-0952                   Alachua, FL 32616              Feat. Perpetual Motion
   Choreography/Workshops                                                 (386) 462-KLOG                   (706) 863-1923                  ? PENNY LYNN SLOAN                  535 North 6th Street
    17347 Donmetz Street              MARY DUCKWORTH                  3956 Belair Road                 Carpet Capitol Cloggers             Charleston, IL 61920
   Granada Hills, CA 91344          Steppin’Out/Rare Footage                                             Augusta, GA 30909                        ages 5 & up                    (217) 345-2858
        (818)368-1773                  Family Fun Clogging                 HONEY NICK                      (706) 863-1923                    1285 Cleveland Hwy.              Christian Format/Perform.          Silver River Cloggers                        Dalton, GA 30721                  BRENDA NEWTON
                                      17109 Arbor Woods Ct.         Competitions and Performing         www.2augustaclogging             (706) 259-9766/fax 259-9680              IPCA Treasurer
  RAYMOND M. THOMPSON                Orlando, FL 32820-2252                    Teams                                      Thunder & Lightning Cloggers
   Insane Diego Hoedowners                (407) 568-4911                2505 N.E. 3rd Street                                                                                   6701 Remington Lane
2010 W. San Marcos Blvd. Unit 11                Ocala, FL 34471                    CAROL BROWN                     SANDRA THOMAS                       Maryville, IL 62062
  San Marcos, CA 92069-3978                                                (352)694-4205                    CAROL BUHLER               Miss American Clogger Pageant               (618) 344-2251
        (760) 727-5087                  ELAINE ENFIELD                       The Original Cotton                Judge/Instructor                                    N”
                                        Rhythm “ Motion                                                      Pickin’Cloggers                    19 Sunny Lane                     www.thunderand
                                       NCHC/ACHF Judge             ? MARY MIXON PATTERSON                 2555 Old Salem Road               Commerce, GA 30529      

       Colorado                             P.O. Box 51            Wahoo Appalachian Cloggers              Conyers, GA 30013                   (706) 335-3039
                                         Trilby, FL 33593              7979 E. Penbrook Lane                  (770) 483-1295                        KEN SENG
HIGH COUNTRY CLOGGERS                    (352) 583-5304                 Floral City, FL 34436                                          Sugar Creek Cloggers
  Rick & Michelle Meehleis                  (352) 726-7825                    ? TWILA WITLOCK                    Choreo/Instructors
    6113 Normandy Court                                                                                  “Steppin’Out”CLoggers                1906 E. Cloud Street
   Fort Collins, CO 80525               DEBBIE FEAGIN                                                      DIANE CERJAN                        187 Vienna Way                 Bloomington, IL 61701
       (970) 218-1243                 Bass Kountry Cloggers            ANGELA REASONER                  Something To Talk About            Douglasville, GA 30134                (309) 663-1412                112 Hitchcock Drive               Orlando Cloggers                   Clogging Team                      (770) 949-1601    
                                        Palatka, FL 32177              8914 Shadow Bay Drive              1800 Robinhood Rd.     
          REE PAYNE                      (386) 325-5319                  Orlando, FL 32825                 Albany, GA 31707

      Mile Hi & Wildwood                                                  (407) 277-2959                    (229) 436-9836                                                     ? RANDY SIEGEL
   Founder CO Clog Council           PAM & BOB GALLATIN                                                                                             Workshops/Choreo.
      Taught for 23 years             Sand Spur Cloggers                                                 CLAUDIA COLLIER                     LAURA BINGHAM                      Rainbo Cloggers
     14805 E. Security Way               121 Aspen Road                 JUDI REVERCOMB                  Home Cookin’Cloggers                   Boise Cloggers                       10120 Knox
       Aurora, CO 80011              St. Augustine, FL 32086                “Rever Dance”                  Nassau Woods                     Instructor/Workshops               Edwards, IL 61528
        (303) 363-6516                    (904) 797-3742                    s
                                                                       judi’ Crazy Cloggers                 P.O. Box 8394                   2840 Wildwood Street                 (309) 691-7592
                                             The Golden Girls & Co.             Savannah, GA 31412                    Boise, ID 83713       
     DALE LITTLEFIELD                                                    11611 Island Avenue               (912) 748-0731                      (208) 939-5302
       MARGIE POND                     DEE GALLINA, CCI                  Matlacha, FL 33993                                                     AUDRA TURLEY
        Clog Colorado              Suncoast Jamboree Director              (239) 229-3734              BLAIR DIETRICH                           Flying Feet Cloggers
         We Have Fun!               NCHC Judge/Workshops                 Old Capitol Cloggers                                                    Performances/Exhibitions
  Lessons downtown Loveland        Choreographer/Clog Clinic       121 Waits Rd. MW                    SHANNON EDWARDS                      214 South McLean
       7706 Leslie Drive           7402 Lake Breeze Dr. # 106                                       Milledgeville, GA 31061                 Rocky Top Cloggers                   Lincoln, IL 62656
   Loveland, CO 80537-9733          Ft. Myers, FL 33907-8049       ? GEORGE & JOAN RUPERT                (478) 968-7697                     Certi. NCHC Judge                     (217) 732-9137
        (970) 669-8891                   (239) 433-0760              Manatee County Cloggers                Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap                       6004 1st Avenue W.                     http://                         2092 Sherry Dr.            Bradenton, FL 34209-2423          Twin Falls, ID 83301                 LINDELL WEBB
                                                                           (941) 795-7631                                               (208) 734-5863 cell 404-1217       Thunder & Lightning Cloggers
         Florida                        BOBBIE GLEMBY                 DIANE WELLS HILL
                                                                                                        Dance with Diane
                                                                                                                                                     Exhibitions / Lessons
                                                                                                                                                                            2601 Columbia Lakes Dr. 3E
         SONYA ALLEN                      JOAN LITTLE
                                   Plantation Rhythm Cloggers      ? ELDON & LORI SHELDON                  Music Studio                      ? PATTY GASSER                     Columbia, IL 62236
    Citrus County Cloggers                                                                                P. O. Box 2076                      s
                                                                                                                                           Pat’ Country Cloggers                  (618) 281-2207
     8888 E. Gobbler Drive            4747 Tara View Road                     s
                                                                    Sheldon’ Village Stompers
                                       Leesburg, FL 34748             Lariettes & Two by Fours           Gray, GA 31032                   Teaches Tap & Clogging         
      Floral City, FL 34436                                                                              (478) 986-9889                       2303 E. 2300 N.   
         (352) 344-1715               Bobbie (352) 365-0716              846 Cortez Avenue
                                       Joan (352) 365-8373             The Villages, FL 32159                    Hamer, ID 83425
                                             (352) 750-0198                                                       (208) 662-5429
     PAT BEDINGFIELD                                                                                           BRIAN LAW
   Country Rhythm Cloggers                                    
                                        ROGER HARMON                                                       Crossroad Cloggers          ? GREG & ANGEL JOHNSON
         P. O. Box 214                                                                                        Sudden Impact              Treasure Valley Cloggers
      LaBelle, FL 33975             P. O. Box 4852 Key West, FL         SANDY SMALLWOOD
                                                33041                        (REDFERN)                 Georgia Agrirama Hoedown        Available for Int. & Adv. Choreo
       (863) 675-0671                                                                                       2055 Moore Street               Workshops, Judging                     (305) 295-0192                Indian River Cloggers
                                                   3915 Orion Way                   Adel, GA 31620               2010 S. Greenhaven Way
                                                                          Rockledge, FL 32955                (229) 549-7965                  Nampa, ID 83686
     ? ARLENE BENTZ                                                                                 (208) 888-3469 fax468-0640
     ? KATHY LANGLEY                    ANDY HOWARD                    (321) 631-5104/452-6757
                                      Jamco Dance Center               
  The Villages Clog-Hoppers
      705 DelRosario St.                 P. O. Box 1425  crossroadscloggers/index.html
    The Villages, FL 32159          Gainesville, FL 32602-1425
       (352) 753-8557

The Double Toe Times                                June, 2005                                Page 22
       Indiana                      KATHY RUCKER
                                   Circle City Cloggers
                                                                    BEN GRAHAM
                                                               Kentucky Home Cloggers
                                                                                                  Louisiana                          Maryland                            ? JO SARNELLI
                                                                                                                                                                      Small Planet Dancers
       KATHY CURTIS               Still Kickin’Cloggers           Lincoln Cloggers           E.J. COLVIN PRODUCTIONS               ? ANNAPOLIS DANCE               Traditional Clogging, Cajun
“MJ”Morgan Johnson Cloggers           Choreographer                    Instructor                  EJ Colvin Cloggers                      CENTER                      Celtic & International
      2925 Abraham Rd.            1819 Englewood Drive          3470 Salem Lake Road               Large Productions                 Home of Footworks             Instruction & Performances
    Martinsville, IN 46151        Indianapolis, IN 46219      Hodgenville, KY 42748-9534        Festival-Television-Films         2083 West Street Suite 101          Springfield, MA 01108
       (765) 342-8121                 (317) 356-0514                (270) 358-8034                   623 Pine Street                Annapolis, MD 21401                   (413) 746-9067              Minden, LA 71055                    (410) 897-9299    
                                                                                                     (318) 377-1582       

 TREVOR & STACY DEWITT              HESTER SHELBY             ? WILMYA GOLDSBERRY                 
      Workshop Instructors         Brandywine Cloggers         Workshops / Instruction
      Indiana Dance Force              6078 N. 50 E                 Louisville, KY            ? MARGIE EDGEWORTH                       KAY COTTON                    PAUL & KAREN ALLEN
   Lake Cumberland Spring           Fortville, IN 46040        5701 Spring Bluff Drive             Director/Instructor            LaPlata Express Cloggers            Whistle Stop Cloggers
            Workshop                  (317) 326-4014            Crestwood, KY 40014            Southern Jewel Cloggers               Westside Cloggers                 (of Walled Lake, MI)
   9 American Legion Place                                         (502) 243-8024               901 Wall Williams Road             Clark Center Cloggers               meet Th 6:30 - 10 pm

      Greenfield, IN 46140                                          West Monroe, LA 71291               16505 Boot Hill Road                  1414 Flamingo
(317) 467-0156 (812) 989-9184                                                                 (318) 396-9585 / 537-1867           Accokeck, MD 20607-9581                Wixom, MI 48393         ? CONNIE BARTELS                     FONDA HILL                          (301) 292-8689                     (248) 669-2253          Director/Instructor        Hills of Kentucky Cloggers                                        
                                 Workshops/Choreography        Midwest Clogging Wkshp.            NICKIE L. GRISSOM
       CINDY DYLUS               Waterloo Country Clgrs.        Hills of KY Competition            Westside Cloggers                    FOOTNOTES                  ? BARBARA BARRETT, CCI
       Dance Dynamics                122 Helen Road                  P.O. Box 175978              6289 Deanna Avenue                    Becky Kishter                  Toll Gate Cloggers
     592 N. Sunset Court            Waterloo, IA 50701            Covington, KY 41017               Brusly, LA 70719                3606 Dewberry Circle              Novi Community Center
     Greenfield, IN 46140             (319) 234-8091                  (859) 760-8497                 (504) 749-2620                Westminster, MD 21157              45175 W. 10 Mile Road
      (317) 326-8667 H                                                     (410) 549-7422                    Novi, MI 48170
    (765) 478-4510 Studio                                       MORGAN HUDSON                                                            (248) 698-4874             JIM & GES HOFFNER           Herrodsburg & Stanton, KY            ROSINE PIPPIN                                              
                                 4460 Deerview Rd. N.W.           Choreo/Workshops                Director/Instructor            ? JOHN & DEBBIE HAINES
  ? JON & DIANE HASLER                Cedar Rapids, IA            88 Mountain Road               Double Step Cloggers              The BasementCloggers                 MELISSA BECKETT
    Rise & Shine Cloggers                52411-7805               Stanton, KY 40380                5121 David Drive              So. Appalachian Green Grass          Just For Kicks Cloggers
  Directors/Choreographers             (319) 393-2857              (606) 663-0376                  Kenner, LA 70065                    Style and original             820 South Roberts Road
     5107 N. Logan’ View                 (504) 456-2503                  509 Narborough Court                 Grayling, MI 49738
    Bloomington, IN 47404                                                                                Severna Park, MD 21146                  (989) 348-5644
        (812) 876-6888            PATRICIA JOHNSTON           ? AUDREY L. HUMPHRIES                                                     (410) 544-3293            Director/Instructor                s
                                                               Audrey’ Twin City Clgrs.             JOE POINTS                Workshops/Choreography          Caller-Instructor-Line              Co-Director                                                          KEVIN BUTLER
                                  Stompers & Stompettes        Mountain Hoedown-Mixers        Southern Clogging Org.                ? JAMES LOVELESS                   Member of the MCIC
 BECKY HOSTETLER - Dir.             106 S. Main Street             865 Jones Road           Workshop & NCHC Competition             Guys & Dolls Cloggers          Community School Cloggers
 Heartland Country Cloggers         Danville, IA 52623            Clay City, KY 40312               P. O. Box 2672                 Country Docks Cloggers              1941 Willowood Drive
    Amber Miller - Asst.             (319) 392-8196            (606) 254-2490/663-2192            Kenner, LA 70063                Black Eye Susan Cloggers           Rochester Hills, MI 48307
  Maribeth Rhodes - Asst.                                           1-800-671-2879                  37034 West Spicer Drive          (248) 652-3844 or 505-5072
        28813 CR 52                                              ? RICHARD JETT                 Mechanicsville, MD 20659
    Nappanee, IN 46550             ? Q-C CLOGGERS               Appalachian SD Caller                    (301) 579-6461
       (574) 773-3569           Mary Ann Robinson, T  eresa    Hoedown Island Cloggers                                                                               KATHLEEN FLETCHER                     Young                      P.O. Box 396              PRISCILLA POINTS, CCI              ? DIANNE DOUGHERTY                Sourwood Mountain Clgrs.
                                  Square & Round Hall            Campton, KY 41301           Director, Southern Clogging                McGONEGAL                           22608 Avon
      BONNIE HUGHES                    Bettendorf, IA              (606) 668-6650           New Orleans Workshop & Comp.            aka DIANNE ROWE                 St. Calir Shores, MI 48082
     Applejack Kloggers              26718 235 Street                                         Director, Xtreme Cloggers                  Stepping Up                      (810) 296-3776
   10052 Shadow Lake Lane        LeClaire, IA 52753-9185          ? BARRY LANHAM                     P. O. Box 2672              Home of Cranberry Cloggers
     Ft. Wayne, IN 46835              (563) 289-5742             Foot Stompin’Express              Kenner, LA 70063                  11410 Palace Circle                     SAM GILL
        (260) 341-8802                 (Owensboro, KY)                  1-800-671-2879                 Germantown, MD 20876                Instructor/Workshops                                          4225 Ridge Road             301-353-8433/202-564-2518                Choreographer
                                       OPAL SMITH                  Philpot, KY 42366                              475 Spencer
  INCLOGNITO CLOGGERS           Heartland Country Cloggers          (270) 281-5307                                                                                      Ferndale, MI 48220
     Elaine Hershberger            317 7th Avenue N.E.                                       ? DARLINE TREITLER, CCI                JACKIE MOSMILLER                      (248) 414-3975
        John Stuckman                Clarion, IA 50525              LISA PILCHER                    Dixie Cloggers                  Silver Eagle Cloggers 
   8783 East Hatchery Road            (515) 532-2454          Lake Cumberland Cloggers              822 Minden Ave.                 2046 Knotty Pine Drive
   Syracuse, IN 46567-7542      31 Beechwood Point Drive            Kenner, LA 70062                  Abingdon, MD 21009                SHANE GRUBER
       (574) 457-2258                                             Somerset, KY 42503                (504) 305-2855                      (410)569-3006              The Shane Gang Cloggers
                                      Kansas                        (606) 423-5129
                                                                                                                                        MARK WILSON
                                                                                                                                                                   American Rhythm Dancers
       KEITH A. KING                ? JOHN HARDIN                                                                                  Carroll County Cloggers           4481 Borland Avenue
                                    DEBBY SULLIVAN             W. E. “ BILL”ROBINSON
       Dance-On-Tap                                           Director - Wizards of Dance                                            (of Westminster, MD)          West Bloomfield, MI 48323
          1507 S. 9th                 Co-Directors                                                  NANCY LIBBY                     151 Bear Mountain Rd.               (248) 363-5820
                                   Back Porch Cloggers             Classes at YMCA               Casco Bay Cloggers
     Noblesville, IN 46060                                            Ashland, KY                                                   Aspers, PA 17304-9717 
       (317) 409-8015              11301 LeCluyse Drive                                           176 Balsam Street                      (717) 677-8869 
                                  Gum Springs, KS 66203       233 Walker Cemetary Road          Scarborough, ME 04074
                                                                   Grayson, KY 41143                                         
   ? JANET KINGERY                   (913) 268-5088                                                 (207) 883-4476                                                ROBERT & KATHY HASSELL
                                                                    (606) 474-4344
   Horseshoe Cloggers
      9440 N. 200 W.                  NANCY KOHL                     TASHA POTTER                  Massachusetts                    Nat. Instructors, CCP & CCM
                                                                                                                                                                            41 Madison
  Wheatfield, IN 46392-8409       Miami County Cloggers                                        Maine Attraction Cloggers           JO-ANN EHRENFRIED                 Mt. Clemons, MI 48043
                                  Paola School of Dance            JACKIE SAVAGE                  1529 Branch Road                 Yankee Doodle Cloggers
      (219) 956-4715                                              Sundance Cloggers                                                                                      (810) 463-6663                706 Poplar Ridge                                              Wells, ME 04090                    9 Blue Heron Way
                                     Paola, KS 66071               118 Shannon Pkwy.                (207) 985-0167                  Acton, MA 01720-4778
                                                                Nicholasville, KY 40356                                                                           ? JACQUELINE HILL & BOB
      STACY McWETHY                   (913) 557-4072                                                      (978) 264-3935                       TRAVIS
                                      (859) 885-6099                                        
     Indiana Dance Force                                                                                                                     J”
                                                                                                                                                                      Lady “ Cloggers
   Southern Way Cloggers                                                                         NICOLE A. SAUCIER                                                      14822 Patterson
      Workshop Instructor         ? D. MAXINE WALLIS                                             Steppin’Out Cloggers                WENDY POMPEO                  Shelby Township, MI 48315
                                   Sunflower Stompers              ? STEVE SMITH            Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Clogging, Irish        LESLIE WARNER
   9 American Legion Place                                     Instructional Video Sales                                                                                (586) 247-4418
     Greenfield, IN 46140           Director/Instructor                                              Step, Hip Hop                   TGC Clogging, Inc.
                                     Exhibition Team             Workshop Instructor                308 Main Street                     3 Hadley Road
        (317) 467-0156                                            3363 Ironworks Pike                                                                                  DANIEL G. HOARD
     IDF             707 East Hulse St.                                           Saco, ME 04072-1515              Lexington, MA 02420-1414             Cork Pine Cloggers
                                McPherson, KS 67460-2914        Georgetown, KY 40324                (207) 283-2450                     (781) 862-0147
                                                                    (502) 863-6667                                                                                      2040 3rd St. Rt. #1
 FRIEDA & ROGER PAINTER              (620) 245-0454                                                                                            Vassar, MI 48768
       Cornfield Cloggers                                          NORTHERN EXPLOSION                                                         (989) 672-2935
                                                              STUDIO ONE SCHOOL OF                 DANCE STUDIO                    ? TINA VAN ROGGEN
     Inst. Donna Thompson
                                                                       DANCE                 Clogging & Hip-Hop Classes          Stamp of Approval Cloggers
 Instructor – Donna Thompson                                        Regina Culton                                                                                     RUBY LEWANDSKI
          3099 E. 300 S.                                                                          All levels and ages                    (Sudbury, MA)                Sixth Gate Cloggers
                                   ? CHARLIE BURNS                Kelly Goodpaster                   Heather T orno                 113 Patch Hill Road
     New Castle, IN 47362           Workshop Instructor             P. O. Box 4295                                                                                       218 Leon Road
         (317) 529-4290                                                                     PO Box 106/451 Carl Broggi Hwy.        Boxborough, MA 01719               Walled Lake, MI 48390
                                    Line/Buck/Mtn. Style        Winchester, KY 40391             Lebanon, ME 04027                      (978) 266-2642
                                     38 Amanda Drive               (859) 744-4044                                                                                       (810) 624-3837
? NAOMI FLEETWOOD-PYLE                                                                              (207) 457-2225         
                                     London, KY 40744              (866) 744-4016     
     Workshop Instructor              (606) 878-0798                                                                                                                THERESA MACARTHUR
  10720 E. Legal Tender Rd.                LOIS SOUTHALL                                                                                     Member, Rhythm Sensation
     Columbus, IN 47203                                        Marion County Cloggers                                                                                       Cloggers
       (812) 579-6979                                             108 Park Heights                                                                                    336 Spring Brooke Dr.                                         Lebanon, KY 40033                                                                                     Brighton, MI 48116
                                                                   (270) 692-6539                                                                                        (810) 229-7467

                                                                                      Page 23                   June, 2005                                     The Double Toe Times
                                        ED & DEB’ ENTERPRISES
                                        Full Line of Clogging Supplies
                                                                         MISSY PEARSON SHINOSKI
                                                                           Workshops, Choreo, Judge
                                                                                                                  JANICE LEE
                                                                                                          Biggest Little City Cloggers
                                                                                                                                                New York                              VICKY CONRAD
                                                                                                                                                                                        Clog Carolina
   APPALACHIAN SQUARE                          Workshop Vendor                   Klogghoppers            Sierra Sage Competition Team              NICOLE BELL                   14109 E. Rocky River Road
        DANCE SCHOOL                      We ship your shoes FAST        Workshop & Comp. Coordinator             P. O. Box 335               Cayuga Lake Cloggers                  Davidson, NC 28036
       Robert Warner, CCI                       3515 Kite Street             12312 E. 53rd Street               Wells, NV 89835                    8 Votapka Rd.                       (704) 892-9978
         1417 Johnson St.                       Isle, MN 56342            Kansas City, MO 64133-3132             (775) 750-5510                  Ithuca, NY 14850        
     Lake Odessa, MI 48849                      (320) 679-4790                  (816) 358-5283                            (607) 257-3165
          (616) 374-8205                                                                         REED M. DAVIS                                                                                  CORINNE MESSER               Judge/Instructor                 DEE GEE WALLIS
                                               Royal Sil-O-Ets
                                                                               Montana                      Muddy River Cloggers
                                                                                                          Corinne’ Creative Dancers
                                                                                                                   s                               DALE BURL
                                                                                                                                                                                     112 Sudbury Lane
                                                                                                                                                                                   Chapel Hill, NC 27516
  DUANE & BERDELLA ROOT                    Co-Director, Instructor               CARLA ALLEN                      P.O. Box 465                 RICHARD HAWKER                         (919) 960-9424
       Katy-Did Kloggers                  Royal Sil-O-Ets Cloggers            SUSAN RICHARDS                Logandale, NV 89021                Erie Canal Cloggers
        10426 E. 80th St.                   149 River Woods Lane           Kalispell Country Cloggers           (702) 398-3401                      P.O. Box 74                   ? KYLE & MARY SUE
      Reed City, MI 49677                 Burnsville, MN 55337-3376          30 E. Nicklaus Avenue                  Jordan, NY 13080                       EDWARDS
         (231) 832-1394                        (952) 890-5780                  Kalispell, MT 59901                                                (315) 689-1211                   The Stompin’Ground
                                                                                                         New Hampshire                        (406) 752-7919                                                    Clogging Capital of the World
                                                                                                                             Maggie Valley, NC
   SIXTH GATE CLOGGERS                                                         LEO & DIANE PAQUIN                                                         20 Kyles Way
           Paul Allen                                                                                          Village Cloggers               DENISE CARPENTIER                Maggie Valley, NC 28751-7634
          (Instructor)                        JULIE BLACK                     ? GINGER GRAY                Performances/Exhibitions          The Cloggin’Sweethearts                  (828) 926-1288
      c/o 9445 Elm Hurst                       Workshops                      Russell Country Cl.            Meet Tues Evenings                 104 Mud Pond Rd.
      Plymouth, MI 48170                  Clogging, Irish Dance                31 Ninth Lane NE              871 Dodge Hill Road               E. Nassau, NY 12062                    ROBYN SHIELDS
        (734) 453-7848                      English Clogging                  Fairfield, MT 59436           Francestown, NH 03043                 (518) 766-7237                      Elite Feet Cloggers
                                             1329 Ash Street                    (406) 467-2915                  (603) 547-8884                           2052 Chapel Hill Road
         BRIAN TUCKER                    Ocean Springs, MS 39564                                                                                        Burlington, NC 27215
       The Rhythm Sensation                  (228) 872-0141                   MELODY JOHNSON                   JOYCE CULLEN                         1-888-83-D A N C E
           3767 112th Ave.                   Bitterroot Cloggers                                          Hudson River Cloggers     
         Allegan, MI 49010                                                         #11, Ada Lane          MONIQUE PROVENCHER                 395 Peekskill Hollow Rd.
     (296) 673-6926/209-9390               ADRIENNE HARTLEY                    Missoula, MT 59801           Granite State Cloggers           Putnam Valley, NY 10579                  TANYA EVERS                   Choreographer                       (406) 829-0638          Classes Tues Sept thru May             (845) 526-2275                          DanzQuest
                                            Southern Sweethearts              P. O. 1331                        Coastline Cloggers
                                                2359 Hwy. 63                                                Manchester, NH 03105                                                   100 Spartan Dr. Unit 3
                                           Waynesboro, MS 39367                  VI SKOGEN                (603) 627-8837 or 627-4881          LINDA & KEN HALEY                    Wilmington, NC 28405
     TAMMY COHEN, CCI                         (601) 735-9434                     City Clickers                                               Western NY Clgrs. Assn.                  (910) 397-2822
      Wild Rose Cloggers
                                                2324 W. Kent Avenue
                                                                           Missoula, MT 59801-5312
                                                                                                           New Jersey                          9685 E. Holland Rd.
                                                                                                                                                Holland, NY 14080
            Workshops                         SUZIE McCRAW                      (406) 549-0511               REITTA PESTRITTO                    (716) 537-9662
                                                                                                          Burlington Co. 4H Cloggers                                            ? BETSY & EARL FARLOW
     8830 Coppersmith Ct.                     Suzy-Q Cloggers                                                             Certified NCHC Judges
  Inver Grove Hts, MN 55076                   1512 25th Avenue                                                    7 Bond Place
                                                                                                                                                                                 Compet. Committee Chrmn
          (612) 298-2343                     Meridian, MS 39301                                              Lumberton, NJ 08048          HILL COUNTRY CLOGGERS
                                                                                                                (609) 267-7405                                                  Ed./NCHC Clog Dance Book                      (601) 483-4710                                                                                     Of Hoosick, Inc.                   600 Parkview Drive                                      OLIVIA & JOEL HARRISON                        P. O. Box 204
                                                                           Capital City Cloggers, Inc.                                                                               Durham, NC 27712
                                                ANGIE MILLER                                                                                    Hoosick, NY 12089                 (919) 477-2789/687-3733
       PATRICIA DUGAN                   Mississippi Magnolia Cloggers          Home of Whiplash                HEIDI RUSCH      
                                                                            and Clog Your Socks Off         Blue Ribbon Cloggers                                         
     North Country Cloggers                   102 Sweet Gum Lane                                                                             hillcountrycloggers.html
        681 Clear Avenue                   Clinton, MS 39056-5800              annual Workshop                25 Tamarack Road
                                                                             4600 “ Street Ste. E
                                                                                   W”                        Belvidere, NJ 07823                                                            KATE E. GUZY
       St. Paul, MN 55106                       (601) 925-0839                                                                                 LAKESIDE COUNTRY                            Instructor / Judge
         (651) 772-0822                Lincoln, NE 68503               (908) 453-2750                         CLOGGERS
                                                                                (402) 466-2727                                                                                         Mountain Thunder Cloggers                                                                                     Tracy Spaeth, Director                    Beg-Adv, Exhibitions
                                                                          ? DEBBIE SHINN, Director               123 Fiddlers Hollow                       102 Andover Place
          LISA HOPKINS                                                                                      The Renegade Cloggers                 Penfield, NY 14526
                                                                               CHERIE SCARLE                Amy Meehan - Asst. Dir.                                                        Arden, NC 28704
        13463 Ibis St. NW                                                                                                                           (585) 377-6384                          (828) 651-0238
       Andover, MN 55304                       LYNNE D. DAY                   Cloggers for Christ          Rebecca Lynch - Asst. Dir.
                                          Rock-N-Country Cloggers             418 Chapel hill Drive               P.O. Box 752                                             
          (763) 862-1641                                                                                                                            Ozark Spirit Cloggers               Elkhorn, NE 68022             Moorestown, NJ 08057
                                             11840 Meadowview                    (402) 763-9944                 (856) 231-8822               SPENCER THOMPSON
                                              Rolla, MO 65401                                                             HEIDI KULAS
   ROB & SHERYL KELLER                                                                                                                      Local & Traveling Instructor           Percussive Step Dancer
       Clogging Premier                        (573) 364-9616                                                                                     200 Park Street
                                                TOM & LINDA KNIPP               MARY SNYDER, CCI                                                    Instructor / Choreographer
     Lake Country Cloggers                                                                                                                       Arcade, NY 14009                    100 Bearwood Drive
   Workshops/Choreo/Judge                                                  The Omaha Cloggers, Inc.       BRENDAN McCARTHY, CCI              (585) 492-1256/854-3845
                                                 ? PAT DENNIS               The Lil’Wipper Snappers         Lehigh Valley Cloggers                                                           Apt. J
       38162 Oasis Road                                                                                                                                  Mars Hill, NC 28754
   Lindstrom, MN 55045-9634                      s
                                            Pat’ Clogging Studios          Exh./classes/club Sun. 4-7           (Phillipsburg, NJ)
                                          Celtic Fire Irish Dance Co.             604 N. 3rd St.                    P.O. Box 33                                         
         (651) 583-3203                                                                                                                          CHERI TRUAX                 Instr. Ozarks Comm. College          Bellevue, NE 68005            Glen Garnder, NJ 08826          Kikcin’Rhythm Cloggers
                                             711 W. Farm Road 84                 (402) 734-6795          (908) 537-2564 (212) 569-3823                                              ? JAY LEDFORD
                                                                                                                                           Western NY Cloggers Assoc.            Managing Director, Bailey
        ? JUDY PAUL                         Springfield, MO 65803               Nickel City Clogging Fest.
                                                (417) 833- I TAP            ~marysnyder2/                                                     Mountain Cloggers
        Shoutin’Shoes                                                                                                                           Show Coordinator                     Mars Hill College
      Clogging & Flatfoot             or           7986/cloggers/Omaha.html           LVCLOGGERS.html                   3887 Main Street
                                                                                                                                                         Scholarships - Performances
    Sunrise Valley Dancers                                                                                                                   Strykersville, NY 14145
                                                                                Nevada                     New Mexico
                                                                                                                                                                                     Mars Hill College
      12395 St. Croix Trail                                                                                                                      (585) 457-4455                    Mars Hill, NC 28754
 North Branch, MN 55056-6725               ? DEBORAH KEELING                                                                      
                                            The Flatfootin’Follies              DENNIS COBIA                    ED HOOTEN                                                              (828) 689-1285
        (651) 674-4104                                                           Clog America                    Workshops                                                 
                                                                                                                                                  North                        MO CLog Council
                                              Newsletter Editor                           l.
                                                                             Clogging Int’ Tours             1720 Ross Place, SE

                                               8405 St. Rd. NN                344 Evan Picone Dr.        Albuquerque, NM 87108-4442                                              MAGIC FEET CLOGGERS
           PAM PORTZ                                                         Henderson, NV 89014               (505) 232-9131                                                         Kody Farrington
    Pleasant Valley Cloggers                  Fulton, MO 65251
                                               (573) 642-9825                   (702) 454-9492                         ? NANCY AYCOCK                    Choreographer/Instructor
     Smashin’Toe Cloggers                                                                                                  RIVENBARK                     5208 Vickery Chapel Rd.
                                                                                                                ANN MCCOY                       & BRUCE AYCOCK                     Greensboro, NC 27407
      6347 227th Avenue NE                                                        ANN KERN                  Bear Canyon Cloggers              Cripple Creek Cloggers              (336) 883-6076/669-1028
         Stacy, MN 55079                       MARCIA LUCK
                                            Lucky Star Stompers              Vegas Valley Cloggers           Meet Mon. & Fri. a.m.        Sound Emergencies DJ Service 
          (651) 462-3894                                                        2245 N. Decatur               3208 Christine NE               Pee Wee – Adult Dancers                     30 Amarylis Lane
                                            Hannibal, MO 63401                      Suite K              Albuquerque, NM 87111-4826                 P. O. Box 873                    ? MARVONNA                                                 Las Vegas, NV 89129               (505) 296-5376                    Burgaw, NC 28425                 PRODUCTIONS, INC.
                                          (573) 221-6881/221-4297
                                                     (702) 647-3501                            (910) 259-5192                    Lavonda Housand
      ? JOYCE SPECHT                                                                                                 Marienne Vilesek
      Crow Wing Cloggers                                                                                        CINDY NOE                                                              P. O. Box 399
       13202 Norway Dr.                   ? MARGE RASMUSSEN
                                          Rambling Rose Cloggers                   JIM KVOOL                 Workshop Instructor             LINDA JEWELL CARR                   Asheboro, NC 27204-0399
       Baxter, MN 56425                                                   Double-Down Cloggers, Las        NCHC Certified Judge            & Jamie Watson, Instructors                (336) 626-2786
        (218) 829-1605                       929 Warren Barrett
                                            Hannibal, MO 63401                        Vegas                709 Sundown Place, SE           Carolina Jewels Comp. Team    
                                              (573) 221-9431             Sun Country Cloggers, Pahrump     Albuquerque, NM 87108                 Classes all ages
 BUZZ & JESSIE VENHUIZEN                                                      4550 E. Chicago Ave.             (505) 268-6620                     213 Sampson St.                  ? JACK KNIGHTEN
    Lumberland Cloggers           
                                                                              Las Vegas, NV 89104                  Clinton, NC 28328                 Firehouse Cloggers
      Minnesota Motion                                                           (702) 431-8213                                                    (910) 592-4232                    8033 Ritter Drive
     Clog Jam Workshop                                                                                                 Charlotte, NC 28270-2776
      2439 200th Avenue                                                                                                                                  (704) 366-4552
      Mora, MN 55051
        (320) 679-0941

The Double Toe Times                                      June, 2005                                Page 24
? AMBER MILLER / BRANDI            GLORIA ASSENHEIMER             ? EVIE J. PURDIN PANGBURN              LINDA JONES                 MAUREEN ROXBURY                     TRACEY MADDEN
        WILLIAMSON                Country Crossroad Cloggers           Fancy Free Cloggers             The Okie Stompers                Director/Instructor             Horseshoe Cloggers
    Just for Kix Cloggers             Heartland Express                         Breakout              4221 Brookline Place          Round-Up City Cloggers                  310 Poplar St.
   Exhibition / Competition       Mon - Int. Thu - Beg & Easy       Avail. for workshops/Classes       Norman, OK 73072                S”
                                                                                                                                Triple “ Stomp Workshop -July        Roaring Springs, PA 16673
         And Classes                  1108 Rikki Lee Lane               14593 State route 41            (405) 360-8018                     P. O. Box 884                   (814) 224-1533
         P. O. Box 732                Bucyrus, OH 44820               West Union, OH 45693                    Umatilla, OR 97882-0884 
 Pleasant Garden, NC 27313              (419) 562-3667                      (937) 544-3985                                               (541) 571-2393
       (336) 685-9454                                                                                  SHELLEY JOSLIN             ? TAMMY MORRISON-                  JEAN BAIRD                 ? LOUISE PITCHER                River City Cloggers                  STEFFEE        Free Spirit Cloggers           Pitcher Perfect Cloggers              (Tahlequah)                                                Hickory Creek Cloggers
                                       1403 Tallmadge Rd.                8406 Lyness Drive               3467 Hwy 82 N                  LOY SAMPELS                         of Tidioute, PA
      KEVIN PARRIES                      Kent, OH 44240                Cincinnati, OH 45239             Salina, OK 74365              Sunshine Exchange                  181 N. Main Street
          Clogfest                        (330)673-0755                   (513) 522-3061                 (918) 434-6643                Cascade Rhythm                     Seneca, PA 16346
      Xtreme Trophies                                P.O. Box 129                     (814) 677-5164
Judge/Competition Coordinator                                                                                                       Powell Butte, OR 97753 
      82 N. Garden Ct.              MARTY BLACKMORE                    SUSAN K. SMEDLEY                ? ALAN KEENE                     (541) 548-2062
     Fletcher, NC 28732            Heart of Country Cloggers        Beg. & Intermediate Classes      Clear Water Cloggers              STEVENS CLOGGING
       (828)687-8600                 50155 Smithsferry Rd.           Clogging Fun for all Ages        11th Street Cloggers                                                   SUPPLIES              East Liverpool, OH 43920
                                        (330) 385-0849
                                                                       2221 Cardinal Avenue
                                                                         Dayton, OH 45414
                                                                                                       2308 E. 5th Street
                                                                                                        Tulsa, OK 74104
                                                                                                                                  Pennsylvania                          Clogging Products
                                                                                                                                                                          49 Franklin Road
? AUDREY & ELLIS PERRY                    (937) 890-8962                (918) 592-3255               CAROLE BENDICK                         P.O. Box 112
 Carolina Heartland Clgrs.                                                                               Cloverleaf Cloggers                 Mercer, PA 16137
       NCHC Judges               GEORGE & MARILYN FENNER            KEN & DONNA SMITH                                                 R. D. # 1, Box 424                 US (800) 722-8040
  Team Directors / Choreo            G & M Country Cloggers          Preble Pride Cloggers                  KICKERS                   Winfield, PA 17889                CAN (800) 544-7824
   1702 E. Bromfield Drive          5467 Maple Grove Avenue     Classes at Eaton Senior Complex        Stan Melby, Director            (570) 743-5531                      L
                                                                                                                                                                       INT’ (724) 662-0808
  Hillsborough, NC 27278              Blanchester, OH 45107         Every Tues. at 6-8:30pm            #15 S.W. 1st Avenue
       (919) 245-0175                      (937) 783-4682          St. Clair Street, Eaton, OH          Lawton, OK 73501          ROGER & JOANN BITLER                    MARK WILSON                                                    (937) 839-4886                 (580) 355-2564            Country Bear Cloggers             Carroll County Cloggers
                                   ? FOOT STOMPIN’FUSION                                                     70 Pentz Road                 (of Westminster, MD)
     ? EARL POWELL                        Larry & Judy Amos                                             SANDY LACKEY              East Berlin, PA 17316-9529
      ACHF President                  4560 Pennyston Avenue              LINDA K. SMITH                   Clicky Chicks                 (717) 259-0272               151 Bear Mountain Road.
  Caller & Clogging Judge           Huber Heights, OH 45424             Dayton Clog Dance              650 Cardinal Road                                              Aspers, PA 17304-9717
     9901 Boylston Hwy.              (937) 236-0206 ph. & fax            198 Omalee Drive              Ardmore, OK 73401            WILLIAM D. BITLER                      (717) 677-8869
   Horseshoe, NC 28742                      Xenia, OH 45385                 (580) 657-8862           Covered Bridge Cloggers      
       (828) 891-3435                                                     (937) 376-2480               41 Lookout Drive

                                             DARLA FOX                                              Bloomsurg, PA 17815
 ? SOUTHERN MOUNTAIN                       Darla’ Dancers
                                                 s                                                 CATHY, JEFF & JENNIFER              (570) 784-8915
            FIRE                    All-Star Clgrs/Y-City Clgrs          RACHEL SMITH                       MOORE
                                                                                                                                      ? KAREN ELDER
    Steve Tallent, Director           624 North Eighth Street          Showboat Cloggers            Shockwave, Electric Shock                                       ? LORETTA ADDINGTON
     Jennifer Holcombe              McConnelsville, OH 43756           3375 Everson Avenue           Moore’ Dance Supplies
                                                                                                           s                            Traveling Shoes
                                                                                                                                   Instructor/Choreographer         Blue Ridge Mtn. Cloggers
      26 Green Oak Rd.                     (740) 962-2755          Cincinnati, OH 45209-1812             117 S. 1st Street                                        ACHF Jr. All American Team Dir.
     Asheville, NC 28804                                                  (513) 708-7515             Broken Arrow, OK 74012                 Director
                                                                                                                                        4367 Marr Road                Homecoming on the Mtn
  (8280 258-0481 / 665/4672         FRED & LAURA GARCIA                     (918) 251-6685                                                      Jamboree
                                     Ohio Cardinal Cloggers                                             Pulaski, PA 16143
                                                                                                                                         (724) 964-8202                255-A Alexander Rod
       CHIP SUMMEY                   Buckeye Belles & Beaus           ? LARRY E. STAATS                                                  Salem, SC 29676
     Southern Connection                    5101 Eck Road          Flatfoot & Modern Clogger                                                                         (864) 944-1415/944-6143
       Southern Jewels                Middletown, OH 45042             6320 Faircrest Road            LADY DIANE ROZELL                   JOSIE FYE
                                                                                                                                   Appalachian Expressions
  Workshop Instructor/Judge                (513) 423-1069             Columbus, OH 43229              Allen Ranch Cloggers
      101 Wynnbrook Dr.            (614) 891-6293                 YWCA Cloggers                 (Bethlehem, PA)
                                                                                                                                      729 Butternut Lane            VICKI HARRISON BARNES
    Henderson, NC 28782                                                  14 K. Gold Line Dancers                                              Corner Cloggers
  (828) 712-CHIP / 698-7207          ? BILL HARKLEROAD                                                  325 South Olympia           Easton, PA 18045-5159
                                                                                                                                        (610) 253-0538                    Corner Classics                         Instructor         ? TEAYS RIVER CLOGGERS                  Tulsa, OK 74127                                                  SCCC Secretary
                                        Harkies Hoedowners               Betty Stickel, CCI               (918) 582-4852     
                                                                                                                                                                     All American Team Comm.
        BILLIE WILEY                     Hoedown in the Park        Don Huhman, Asst. Dir.                                                                               117A Bonnoitt Street
    St. Luke’ Cloggers
              s                            1783 Clough Pk.               361 William Drive         ? CHARLESETTA WALKER                LYNNE GILLIGAN
                                                                                                                                      Keystone Kloggers              Moncks Corner, SC 29461
     1108 Cuttler Place                   Batavia, OH 45103           Chillicothe, OH 45601           Clogging Connection                                                  (843) 761-5290
    Charlotte, NC 28205              (513) 732-CLOG (2564)                (740) 744-3803              4321 N. Frankfort Ave.      Mechanicsburg, PA 17050
       (704) 567-8013                        (740) 983-8277                Tulsa, OK 74106 
                                                                                                                                    http:/           ? RACHEL BROOME                                                                                (918) 425-9421                                                    TINA NELSON
                                     ASH-LEE HOLLOWAY                TIM & MICKEY WHALEY                                              /keystone.kloggers/
                                                                                                                                                                          BETTY BOWEN
        PAM WOOD
Campbell Folk School Cloggers
                                    Cloggin’Kicking Kickers
                                    13991 Farm-Gratis Road
                                                                       Fun-Time Cloggers
                                                                     3613 S. Newton Falls Rd.
                                                                                                         Oregon                 LAKE COUNTRY CLOGGERS                Carolina Bluegrass Clgrs.
                                                                                                         JERI BOUNDS                    Jim Zalewski                 Abbeville Clog. Connection
    1495 Hollybrook Drive           Farmersville, OH 45325             Diamond, OH 44412                                                                                    P. O. Box 101
   Murphy, NC 28906-7312                (937) 696-2930                    (330) 538-3216            Instructor/Choreographer         5065 Buffalo Road
                                                                                                    Wed. Grants Pass 6:30 pm        Erie, PA 16510-2305               Mount Carmel, SC 29840
       (828) 644-9532                                                                                                                      (864) 391-3172/391-3176
                                     ? SOFIE L. HORVATH                                              1150 T olman Creek Road          (814) 899-9477
 North Dakota                                                          Oklahoma
                                    Instructor/Choreographer                                           Ashland, OR 97520  
                                    Classes for all ages/levels                                           (541) 482-3935
      PATTY VOLLAN                                                  KEN, LISA & KEVIN BEACH              ? PEGGY LEIBY                    MARK CLIFFORD
                                           NE Ohio area                                                                                                                     Co-Director
    Capitol City Cloggers                           s
                                    12219 Fowler’ Mill Road            MINDY SULLIVAN                                                     FiddleKicks
       1029 N. 9th St.                                                       Trailblazers              ? BOOTIE BRILL                524 Cedar Hill Road           Upstate Carolina Dance Center
                                       Chardon, OH 44024                                                                                                       
    Bismarck, ND 58501                    (440) 286-1982                   2608 Sycamore            Country Rhythm Cloggers            Ambler, PA 19002
      (701) 223-7873                                                 Broken Arrow, OK 74012                 P. O. Box 54                (215) 643-4397                 10125 Anderson Road                                                       (918) 455-7009             Redmond, OR 97756                     Easley, SC 29642
                                       ? SHIRLEY LIPPS                                                                                                               Mark Cell (863) 423-0388
                                  Wildfire Cloggers Yth & Adlts                (541) 548-8361    
          Ohio                                                                                                                          Marie (843) 795-3368
                                   Lil Bits, Wild Bunch & Wild                                                                                                
                                              Things                     CLAUDIA CLARK                                               KERRY LENHARDT
          LEE ADAMS                                                  J. GAYNOR L. GOODE                LAQUITA MARKLE               KLICK Silver Cloggers
     Clog 4 U Cloggers                6181 Glenwillow Blvd.                                                                                                               ? PAM COLLINS
                                       Galloway, OH 43119                   C. FREEZE                  Kik-It-Up Kloggers                P.O. Box 531
    L.A. Country Cloggers                                           City with Just a Lil’Country     907 SW NYE Ave. Ave.           Green Lane, PA 18054              Palmetto State Cloggers
   All Ohio & Int. Cloggers               (614) 878-4069                                                                                                            Mtn. Heritage Fall Clog & Sq.
                                                 513 S. W. 3rd              Pendleton, OR 97801              (215) 234-6461
          P. O. Box 336                                                  Moore, OK 73160                 (541) 276-9642                             Dance
    Springboro, OH 45066                                                  (405) 793-8119                                               Fest & ACHF CHampionships
  (614) 833-2329 / 580-1950          VIVIAN & DONNIE MAY                                                                                                                193 Beaver Lake Drive
                                       Big Bend Cloggers                                             PAT & CLIFF LOEHR                                                                                   MIKE McDOW                  Mon-Valley Cloggers               West Union, SC 29696
                                     Young Adults, Over 40’s                                                                                                          (864) 718-9317/635-5329
                                        2100 Martin Street                GENEVA FORD                  River City Cloggers              120 Laura Lane
        SALLIE ADKINS                                                  Rhythm Clog Dancers             Carousel Cloggers              Elizabeth, PA 15037
      Heritage Cloggers                Pomeroy, OH 45769
                                         (740) 992-7853                    HC 61, Box 72                 2863 Mark Lane                 (412) 384-6442
   Heritage Clogging Sup.                                               Sallisaw, OK 74955          West Linn, OR 97068-2410              BOB CRAWLEY
      4354 Charlotte Rd.                                                                                                                       s
                                                                                                                                                                    Crawley’ Country Cloggers
                                                                          (918) 775-6938                 (503) 723-4330
     Columbus, OH 43207                                                  KEYSTONE KLOGGERS                    131 Jonson Circle
         (614) 491-0149             BILL & GLENDA MILLER                                                                                                                 Inman, SC 29349
                                       Jubilee Cloggers.                                                                                Kristyn Wooleves                                                ? BILL FRANSISCO                                               Mechanicsburg, PA                  (803) 578-8564
                                    4675 Nathaniel Glen Drive
                                      Cincinnati, OH 45248                   Sooner State                                              571 Landisburg Rd.
                                         (513) 598-6633              Show Production/Choreo                                          Landisburg, PA 17040
                                                                         3155 South Madison                                              (717) 789-2399
                                                                           Tulsa, OK 74105                            
                                                                            (918) 743-1506                                

                                                                                            Page 25                June, 2005                                  The Double Toe Times
  THE DANCE ACADEMY                 ? SHANNON GLASS               DENNIS & SABRINA WILLIAMS              JEAN MOELLER                      DENNIS COBIA                    ? JIM MAXWELL
   Amanda Gregory-Leigh            Certified Clogging Judge         Smokey Mountain Dancers           Brazos Valley Cloggers                Clog America                   Patchwork Dancers
    Michelle Leigh-Owen           Certified Clogging Instructor     Line Dancing & Clogging           2225 Lake Ridge Circle                         l.
                                                                                                                                        Clogging Int’ Tours                 1836 Poole Lane
        P. O. Box 417              Sound Equipment Rental               521 Morris Street                Waco, TX 76710                  344 Evan Picone Dr.                McLean, VA22101
   213 N. Duncan Bypass                     P.O. Box 179               Newport, TN 37821                  (254) 772-0227                Henderson, NV 89014                  (703) 503-9260
      Union, SC 29379               Surgoinsville, TN 37873              (423) 623-9315                        (702) 454-9492      
 (864) 427-6102 or 429-3013               (423) 345-2710                                                                                               ? ANNE MOORE                                                           ~jimmaxwell

                                                                           Texas                   Cadence Cloggers of Amarillo
                                                                                                   NW VP TX Clogging Council
                                                                                                                                       ECLIPSE POWER TAP
                                                                                                                                    StudioDirector: Amy Poppleton       ? DONNA M. RILEY
         CLOGGERS                     Power Dance Factory                  JIMI BAILEY               Cert. Judge & Instructor               677 W. 150 N.               ROSEMARY KNIGHT
     April Elwood – Dir.           Instructor / Choreographer              ELLEN LANE                    5805 Harvard St.                 Hyrum, UT 84319               Peanut City Cloggers
  Robin Elliott-Jones – Dir.          125 West Main Street          The Down Home Cloggers             Amarillo, TX 79109                  (435) 245-0995                     P.O. Box 3486
         P.O. Box 174                 Sevierville, TN 37862         Class Mn, Tu & Th 6:30pm              (806) 355-6219                           Suffolk, VA 23439
        Imo, SC 29063                    (865) 453-3022              101 Tyler St Longview TX                                           (757)934-2558(252)465-4106
       (803) 732-6525                      Mail: 3607 Gilmer Rd.                                                    GARY LARSEN                                                         Longview, TX 75605               ? SANDI PARRIOTT, CCI                Performer, Teacher
     www.southernconn                 ? GAIL GOLLIHER               (903) 759-7230 / 759-6512        Serving in the US ARMY in Japan Choreographer & researcher in          BARBARA ROZETT                   Director                                   PSC 561 Box 1067          clog and percussive dances                 Stepsisters
                                     Smokey Run Cloggers                      FPO, AP 96310-0021                  2329 E. 1300 S.            13912 Krim Point Road
         DIANNE LOFTIN                1341 Marymont Dr.                                               Salt Lake City, UT 84108          Midlothian, VA 23114
         SCCC President             Murfreesboro, TN 37129                 ? ROBERT BALL                                                        (801) 581-9808     
         ACHF Secretary                 (615) 494-0023                    Dixie Style Cloggers             ? SUSAN ROBERTS      
    ACHF Membership Chair               Dixie Dynamite Cloggers             Crossroads Cloggers                                                   MARY SMITH
         1896 Bairds Cove                       Lonestar Shootout         Calhoun High School Cloggers             BRYAN STEELE                     Inst/Dir/Choreo
      Charleston, SC 29414             smokeycloggers                 Camp Eseranza Workshop                    2108 Vail Drive               America On Stage               Blue Ridge Thunder
           (843)763-5806                                                1511 Brookhollow Drive               Pt. Lavaca, TX 77979          Backstage Dancewear              15352 Berlin Turnpike             CHRISTINA L. HALL                  Irving, TX 75061-5523                  (361) 552-4862           1177 W. Marco Polo Lane            Purcellville, VA 20132
                                      Founder/Coordinator                    (972) 25-DIXIE                                               South Jordan, UT 84095                (540) 882-4917
            ? LIB MILLS         Annual Radford Univ. Clogging                    LORI SHARPLESS                     (801) 446-0192  
    A.C.H.F. Vice-President                     Event                             s
                                                                                                             Lori’ Dance Studio
          Certified Judge                5224 Dove Trail                                                  Lori Sharpless, Director
   Seneca Clogging Classic            Hermitage, TN 37076                      SEAN BIMM                                                    LEE ANN WALSH
      112 Clydesdale Court                (615) 889-2405              Instructor, Choreographer              12443 Market Street                                                 AMY ADAMS
         Liberty, SC 29657                 1308 E. Elm Street                 houston, TX 77015                                             Lucky Stars Cloggers
          (864) 843-3825         Hillsboro, TX 76645                  (713) 453-0460             KAREN BRADFORD                       kids / teens club                                                   (254) 582-7880                Old Dominion Cloggers                  Ages 8 and up
                                         REBECCA LEE                    507 N. Kensington St.            4812 Executive Drive
          SIMONE PACE             A Step Above Dance Studio                                                                              Arlington, VA 22205-1036           Gainesville, VA 20155
    196 Maysons Cove Road         Slabtown Sweethearts, Up &                 BOBBI BOYCE               ROSELLEN KERR SHEETZ                     (703) 524-6497                 (703) 861-CLOG
     Inman, SC 29349-6947                     Runnin’                  Brush Country Cloggers                 4709 Augusta Lane
          (864) 599-5678                   & Those Girls                        P. O. Box 69              Wichita Falls, TX 76302                                          3916 Valleybrook Dr.             Campbellton, TX 78008                   (940) 636-3048                 BILLIE JO BLAIR               Knoxville, TN 37931                   (512) 657-9193                             Director
                                   (865) 690-3661/ 776-4586                                               Bull Run Cloggers, Inc.           ? ANNA R. WELLS
PALMETTO CITY CLOGGERS                                                  ? MARY VERNON, CCI                Potomac Double Down        Virginia Sugarcane Cloggers
      DANCE CREATIONS                                               ? RUSTY & LINDA CAROLAN                  Director & Instructor               P. O. Box 3237          Instructor/Choreographer
           1117 B Avenue             ? STEPHANIE LUSK                Fire-on-the-Mountain Clgrs         Hide-A-Way Lake Cloggers        Manassas, VA 20108-3237        Appal. Music/Dance Present.
   West Columbia, SC 29169            SHANNON MARTIN                        606 East Ramsey                1210 Horse Shoe Drive                (571) 228-2618              6228 Josephine Road
          (803) 926-4900          Rhythm Express Cloggers                San Antonio, TX 78216            Lindale, TX 75771-5108             Norton, VA 24273                 Youth-Adult                      (210) 344-2557                     (903) 881-9360                                                  (276) 679-2096
                                       509 W. High Street         MARTHA HEMINGWAY           
        S                            Manchester, TN 37355                                                            Happy Feet
            Marie Coster           (931) 728-8573 / 728-8669                                          ? WHITE ROCK CLOGGERS                        Fairfax, VA             THERESA WERNER
     Clog, Tap, Jazz, Ballet                    HELEN CASSADY                      ANN RERAT, CCI                6364 Generals Court               Cardinal Cloggers
      Interpretive Movement                                            Permian Basin Cloggers                      Traditional              Centreville, VA 20121             12402 Myterra Way
    245 Cooper Bridge Road           LYNNE GOODE-OGLE                    New Tex, Tall City, and                  Box 180695                    (703) 263-7934                Herndon, VA 20171
        Woodruff, SC 29388     Clogging Champions of America             Deep Creek Cloggers                   Dallas, TX 75218                (703) 860-0420
          (864) 476-7951         Spring Fling/Silver Dance Ex.                 P. O. Box 144                    (214) 533-8299
                                          P. O. Box 22398                Denver City, TX 79323   
     ? EVELYN H. SMITH                 Knoxville, TN 37933                   (806) 592-2968                                           CHRISTINA LORAINE HALL
     Electric City Cloggers               (865) 675-1185                                                        NEWT WEEKS                                                  LORNA & TIM COLE
    121 Wexford Drive. #106                                                     DEE DICK              Pres. Texas Clogging Council       Annual Radford University
                                                                           The Shufflin’Shoes                                        Clogging Workshop & Showcase            Silver Tap Cloggers
   Anderson, SC 29621-1721            ? DR. BOO RUCH                                                            P. O. Box 29153                                                Wed. Eve classes
          (864) 226-2719              Educational Seminars               7609 Riverbrook Drive            Dallas, TX 755229-0153         1995 Rishland Hills Drive
                                                                            Dallas, TX 75230                                                   Salem, VA 24153                    (Sept. - May)
                                       Show Choreography                                                        (214) 728-5207                                              11313 NE 38th Court
 CHRISTI MASON STANTON                   8151 Farmington                     (214) 739-9194                        (540) 378-5296
                                                                                                              Vanouver, WA 98686
         Owner / Director            Germantown, TN 38138                                                                                       (360) 574-2267
   Starmakers Dance Co. LLC               (901) 757-1651                 www.neighborhoodlink.                             
Sudden Impact & Suddenly Irish                                                                            ETHEL WILMESMEIER
            Dance team              MATT & KELLY SEXTON                                                       Rhythm Cloggers            JIM & SHARON JACOBS
                                                                         DEBORA DUCKETT                                                     Director & Instructor                MARY DART
       87 Hickory Hill Drive      Dance Explosion Cloggers                                                         of Houston                                               Tanglefoot Cloggers
         Inman, SC 29349         Judge, Priv/Public Workshops           Contemporary Cloggers                Editor, Step In Time            Virginia Fancy Feet
                                                                      Instructor/Director/Choreo                                              90 Channing Lane           8424 Spinnaker Lane S.E.
          (864) 814-0454        Explosive Clogging Champion-                                               410 Highland Mist Cir.                                          Lacey, WA 98503-4100
                                                ships                Traditional & Contemporary               Houston, TX 77015            Portsmouth, VA 23702
                                                                            7402 Brodie Lane                                                    (757) 558-1606                  (360) 412-8142
        CAROL WIGGINS                1200 Kennessaw Drive                                                       (713) 451-4815                                     
      Fancy Free Cloggers            Johnson City, TN 37615                 Austin, TX 78745 
     Double Dazzle Dancers          (423) 282-5065 676-1305            (512) 292-1030/288-7298
                                                                                                                                                                                ROSIE HAYES
     Clog for Fun & Fitness                                                                                                                KOUNTRY KICKERS
                                                                                                                                             Susie Woolard, Dir.                       s
                                                                                                                                                                              Rosie’ Cloggers
        595 Seaward Drive                                                                                                         Classes in Marysville, Stanwood
  Charleston, SC 29412-8939                                               PEGGY C. HADLEY                        LOLA BAKER               Jenny Joyner, Asst. Dir.
                                                                                  Director             Bear River Country Cloggers          1853 Oyster Bay Lane                and Oak Harbor
  (843) 795-1940 fax 406-1985       ? RENEE’M. SHELTON                                                                                                                      2916 Shawnee Place       Appalachian Attitude Cloggers                          s
                                                                       The Clogger’ Showcase                      P. O. Box 92             Suffolk, VA 23436-1235
                                                                            17228 Rock Falls                 Riverside, UT 84334         (757) 238-2027 988-0883         Mount Vernon, WA 98273
                                           Mars Hill, NC                                                                                                                        (360) 424-4608
    Tennessee                        2680 Asheville Highway              San Antonio, TX 78248                  (435) 458-3420    
                                                                      (210) 492-8700/680-CLOG                                           http://groups.hamptonroads.
                                      Greeneville, TN 37743
        GINGER BROWN                      (423) 552-3071                                                    SHAWNDA BISHOP                    com/kountrykickers
  Academy of Performing Arts                                            ? FLOYD & PATRICIA                  Castleview Cloggers                                              DIANE JACOBSEN
                                                                                                                                            Thistle Stompers
        The Kuntry Kuzins                                                       HOLLAND                          ClogAmerica               ? PHILIP LOUER, JR
   Choreographer/Workshops                                                      Risin’Star              Int. Arts Exchange Program    Blacksburg Hoorah Cloggers            1913 SW 119th Street
                                     MARY KAY SILKOWSKI                                                                                                                       Burien, WA 98146
       4148 Ringgold Road          Tennessee Clog Jammers            Traditional to Contemporary             6645 Castleview Dr.        Green Grass Clogger Style
     Chattanooga, TN 37412                                             12773 Forest Creek Drive         West Valley, UT 84128-4209         5556 Homestead Road                   (206)246-7990
                                        809 Weatherby Dr.                                                                                                   
  (423) 622-4501 fax 622-2407     Clarksville, TN 37043-2408                Conroe, TX 77304                    (801) 250-4883                 Riner, VA 24149                (931) 368-0018                     (936) 447-3191                                                     (540) 381-9712                                                                                                                ROSE MARIE KELLING
                                                                                                                                                BETH LYERLY                  River City Cloggers
                                                                                                                                           Swift Creek Cloggers                 2417 W. Rowan
                                                                                                                                             11001 Surrey Road               Spokane, WA 99205
                                                                                                                                              Chester, VA 23831                 (509) 327-9811

The Double Toe Times                                June, 2005                            Page 26
  ? BILL & AUDREY METZ              716 S. Marine Hills Way                                       347 W. 9th Avenue
   Cascade Country Clgrs.            Federal Way, WA 98003            ? LOU MAIURI               Oshkosh, WI 54902         Have you checked out
  Northside Snr Ctr, Bothell            (253) 941-0890                ACHF Treasurer               (920) 231-1676
South Country Snr Ctr, Edmonds             Certified Judge         the Double Toe Times
      1824-74th Street SE                                        Appalachian Country Clgrs
       Everett, WA 98203            ? LINDA WISSENBACH            Box 4944 Armstrong Rd.                                      website lately?
        (425) 355-1675                Silver Creek Cloggers       Summersville, WV 26651      TERESA OLSON-ALIOTO

                                        8837 W. Entiat Ave.            (304) 872-5803            Cream City Cloggers
         ANNE MILLS                    Kennewick, WA 99336       The Milwaukee Clog. Co.
      Country Cloggers                    (509) 737-9037                                          965 S. 58th Street
         P. O. Box 3361   LESLEY HADDAD-MEADOWS            Milwaukee, WI 53214
     Silverdale, WA 98383                                               WV Kickers                  (414) 443-1954
        (360) 308-9992
                                   West Virginia                 WV Mt. Valley Cloggers
                                 ? SAMYE & GEORGE ARTHUR
                                                                  Exh., Wrkshps, Lessons
                                                                   1146 Mulberry Circle
                                                                                                                           Find up to the minute
     WENDY ROBBINS                    River Cities Cloggers       Charleston, WV 25314         CECILE PETERSON
  Diamond Ridge Cloggers             308 4th St. Altizer Add.
                                      Huntington, WV 25705
                                                                (304) 344-5806 / 437-4123     Cripple Creek Cloggers         clogging news and
        187 Arroyo St.                                             Clogging Instructor
     Richland, WA 99352             (304) 522-1487/522-1928        MICHAEL MIDKIFF              Madison, WI based         events found in publica-
       (509) 628-9998                                            Lincoln County Cloggers         226 Monroe Street
                                        ? JEFF DRIGGS
                                        Double T Times
                                                                  Guyan Valley Stompers
                                                                        P. O. Box 40
                                                                                                Soak City, WI 53583
                                                                                                  (608) 643-6539
                                                                                                                            tions and the media
                                           P. O. Box 1352
                                      St. Albans, WV 25177
                                                                 West Hamlin, WV 25571
                                                                      (304) 824-2435
                                                                                                       around the world!
     Skagit Toe Tappers                   (304) 727-9357          NORMA J. SCHULTZ
          14641 SR 9                                                    Certified Instructor
                                                                 ? GARLAND STEELE, CCI
    Mt. Vernon, WA 98273
        (360) 424-9675                                               Accredited Judge
                                                                                              Cripple Creek Cloggers
                                                                                                 3069 Viking Pass          Read Clogging History              ? CINDY L. FRIESE                 CBS Travelers            Sun Prairie, WI 53590
                                  WV Mountain Pride Cloggers             Box 112                  (609) 825-7428
        DUANE STEELE              Heart & Soles Clog Classes        Tornado, WV 25202
             Oct-Mar                 in Parkersburg, WV
                                        Rt. 1, Box 146-A
                                                                      (304) 727-8719            LYNN SZATKOWSKI           Tell your friends to visit
    303 N. Lindsay Rd. #P-4                                                    Instructor
         Mesa AZ 85213               Rockport, WV 26169
                                        (304) 474-3627
                                                                                                 Rainbow Cloggers          and try the Clogging
         (480) 518-8266                                          ? CLARENCE D. WATKINS          133 N. Wisconsin St.
          P. O. Box 6677              TERESA HOLBERT
                                                                    Workshops / Demos
                                                                                                Berlin, WI 54923-1506
                                                                                                   (920) 361-3530
                                                                                                                             Lessons ONLINE!
      Kennewick, WA 99336             Class Act Clogging             Big Circle Dance  
         (509) 582-7333                  P. O. Box 5436               506 Parkway Dr.
                                       Viena, WV 26105
          KAY VELMIRE                   (304) 295-4737
                                                                   Morgantown, WV 26501
                                                                      (304) 296-8550
                                                                                                                           Check out the events,
   ( teaching in Belfair, WA)
           PO Box 2613
                                                                                                                          classifieds and directo-
      Silverdale, WA 98383         MICHELLE KISH HAWKINS
         (360) 779-6652              Michelle Kish Dancers
                                       703 W. Pike Street               JAN ADAMS
                                                                                                                          ries sponsored by our
                                     Clarksburg, WV 26301
                                         (304) 622-6178
                                                                    Yellow Rock Cloggers
                                                                  Pres. Clogging Assoc./ of
                                                                                                                                  friends at
       Sound Stompers                         Wisconsin

                                                                                                                    The highly succesful DancePack
          Series Ending With Volume 28                                                                              Video Series will be ending with
                                                                                                                      volume 28 released in 2005.
                                       DancePack                                                                   Over the last 8 years, hundreds of
                                                                                                                     routines, steps and teachers tip
                                         Video                                                                     have been shared in this one-of-a-
                                      Subscription                                                                       kind instructional tool.
                                         Series                                                                    Jeff thanks all of those who have
                                                                                                                     used the videos and hopes you
   Your video connection to the latest choreogra-                                                                     enjoyed the dances and tips!
    phy and teaching techniques by Jeff Driggs

                     YES! Please begin my subscription to the DancePack Video Series! Mail to:
       Address___________________________________________________Apt. No.___________
       please send me                         Volume 28 for $29.95                            4 videos for $100.00               8 videos for $150.00
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