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									Equipped exhibition area Company name: The name of company payer: The name of company to the catalogue (Russian and English) : The name of company on frieze panel: The name of company in the diploma: Legal address: Postal address: The name of bank: Bank account: IBAN : SWIFT CODE: General Director: E-mail of General Director: A person to contact: Phone number: web-site: Company’s activity: The real estate of what countries do you offer: Country:

Phone number of General Director: Cell number of General Director: The post of the person to contact: Fax number: E-mail:



Required Amount


Registration fee Equipped exhibition area Stand’s cleaning (four days) (with vacuum cleaner)


Lease of conference hall Internet connection Banner

Complementary services 200 250 400 TOTAL:


-2№ Services Registration fee Includes: The information about participant in official catalogue on a web-site of the exhibition, extra tickets (according to booth’s size), access badges to the exhibition (1badge per 2 sq. m. of booked space), exhibition advertising campaign in mass media. Exhibition space rent (minimum -4 sq. m. ) Includes the following: Standard booth construction with a standard set of furniture, inscription on fascia board, 0.3 m. width on white background) common and individual lighting, common exhibition security in daytime, night exposition security, common space and aisles cleaning. Stands may be added with equipment and furniture according to price-list of developers or they are made according to exclusive project. Unequipped space rent (it doesn’t include connection of electricity) OBLIGATORY SERVICE: STAND CLEANING Indirect participation includes: The information in official catalogue and on a web-site of the exhibition, advertising information at the exhibition .1 (one) promoter Services Color advertising in catalogue the 2nd page of cover the 3d page of cover the 4th page of cover 2/1 page (double page) 1/1 page 1/4 page 1/2 page a logo near the name of company Rent of the space more than 30 m2. Advertising model is given . This service is free of charge. Banners above stands/aisles ( no more than 25 m2., no more than 22 kg) Rent of seminar halls, 1 hour (only for participants of the exhibition) The sanction to activity of the promoter ( only indirect participation) Radio announcement during the exhibition,1 min (only for participants of the exhibition) Additional person on a VIP-fourchette ( only for participants of the exhibition) Internet - one line (the request is accepted till September, 15 ) Discounts 10% discount is to May 20, 2009 The rest payment till September 9, 2009 Cost , Euro 420


390 per m2


3. 4. 5.

330 per m2 6 per m2 540


660 600 720 900 540 150 270 50

7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 14.

400 180 90 15 100



1. To make posters for pasting of panels follows, being guided by the information: height of the standard panel (with metal laths) - 2354 mm, width - 975 mm. Height of the standard panel (without metal laths) – 2340 mm, width-960 of mm. Height of frieze panels (with metal laths) - 331 mm, (without metal laths) - 317 mm. 2. Exhibition stands given by the Organizer to the Exhibitor could be used only according to its purpose. It is strictly prohibited to use balloons with helium for decoration of the booth. Violation of the rule is subject to fine of RUR 500.00 per unit immediate dismantling of the construction(s) and installations. It is strictly prohibited to apply any mechanical force to the construction of the booth including any mechanical damages, forbidden to draw it and (or) to fix promoting and advertising materials with glue or Scotch tape on the stands. Promoting and advertising materials could be fixed on the stand walls with hooks or decorative chains. Exhibition stand parts must be cleaned by the Exhibitor from all promoting and advertising materials prior stands dismantling. The stand’s dismantling is performed by the Organizer is from October 11, 06. 00. pm to October 12, 2009 to 12.00. pm 3. In case of violation of the p 2.2.12. of the Contract the Vendor executes a Defective Act listing all mechanical damages caused and submits it to the Customer for compensation. If the Customer refuses to provide payment the Vendor has right to refrain from fulfillment of its obligations and/or cease provision of services without any financial compensation, return of the money or any other fines, penalties, reimbursements and so on. 4. The order and payment of the additional equipment should be made till September 15, 2009 If you have a necessity to order the additional equipment directly at the exhibition, there will be a special person who will write down this information at the stand of exhibition management. Cost of additional services is doubled. After payment in accounts departments and check presentation, the additional equipment will bring on your stand. 4. Only companies renting the standard stand can make the order of the additional equipment. The applications for additional equipment at an exhibition are accepted till Friday on September 15, 2009 to ( if we can provide you with it) . The payment should be made within bank day of Friday on September 15, 2009.



Technical information
- Arrival of exhibitors for registration of standard stands is carried out on October, 7th from 12.00 pm till - The list of the companies – participants will be given to security of the Gostiny Dvor. The admission on an exhibition in day of building is carried out on assembly badges which you can receive on entrance after a letter presentation on equipment import \export. - Further at the information stand you receive a package with badges, invitations.

- The writing of the company name on the press should be identical to a writing of the company name in the contract. - It is necessary to send payment for participation only in that currency which is specified in your contract. If the transfer is made in other currency for participation, the payment will be sent back to the Customer. The stand in this case is not considered to be paid and can be exposed on sale. - If payment is made from the private person or from other company it is necessary to indicate whom and for what company made a payment. The sum exhibited for the additional equipment is paid by additional invoice.


-5Уважаемый участник выставки ДОМЭКСПО! Пожалуйста, заполните следующую форму для размещения в официальном каталоге выставки и отошлите в оргкомитет выставки или на e-mail Вашего менеджера с пометкой (для каталога) до 9 сентября 2009г . Dear participant of DOMEXPO exhibition! Please fill in the following form for official catalogue of the exhibition and deliver it by fax: + 7 (495) 258-87-64 or by e-mail to your manager. This information should be sent to September 9, 2009 Наименование компании на Русском языке(обязательно) Страна: индекс: Адрес: Тел: факс: Company name in English( obligatory): Country: p/o box: Address: tel: fax: http: E-mail: Description of company activities – (MAX 500 symbols) including spaces: Текст в каталог на русском языке (не более 500 знаков) Отметьте, пожалуйста, графы, которые соответствуют видам деятельности Вашей компании. Please, mark (with any symbol) appropriate type(s) of activity of your company for classification index Продажа новостроек New residential housing Услуги на вторичном рынке Secondary market operations Коммерческая недвижимость Commercial real estate Элитная недвижимость Elite real estate Загородная недвижимость Rural housing Строительство Construction Оценочная деятельность Evaluation services Управление недвижимостью Real estate management Юридические услуги Legal services Информационные услуги Informational services Иммиграционные услуги Immigration services Ремонт и отделка Design and renovation Инвестиции Investments Страхование Insurance Банковские услуги Banking services Ипотечное кредитование Mortgage services Издательская деятельность Publishing business Интернет-услуги Internet services ПРИНИМАЮТСЯ ТОЛЬКО WORD ФОРМАТ ONLY FILES IN WORD FORMAT ARE ACCEPTED SIGNATURE OF GENERAL MANAGER_____________ DATE_____________ STAMP:


Additional services:
You can also take advantage of the services of the companies co-operating with our exhibition. - Plasma rent. tel. + 7 916 245 54 13 - Oleg - An ornament of the stand with flowers tel. 979-30-98; 789-26-35

Please, do not send custom shipment to the address of our company or to its employees this shipment includes: advertising materials, billboard models and souvenir production.

PARTICIPATION IN BUSSINES PROGRAMM Country: Company name: Speaker name: Phone number: Post: Subject: Date: _________ 2009 г Время определяется по согласованию с организаторами:

We confirm with the present the participation in the Business program within the limits of exhibition DOMEXPO.
Заполненную форму просьба направить в оргкомитет выставки до 09.09.09. тел/факс: +7 (495) 258-8764, +7 (495) 181-66-02 e-mail: The filled form we ask you to send to the organizing committee of the exhibition to September 9,2009. Tel/fax : +7 (495) 258-87- 64, +7 (495) 181-66-02 e-mail:

Dear exhibitors sign and stamp all the pages, please.


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