Zachary E. Lewis a.k.a the Burly Man Releases His Site Weishendo Publications (Dedicated to Raising Awareness of Autoimmune Disease) by


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									Zachary E. Lewis a.k.a the Burly Man Releases His Site Weishendo Publications
(Dedicated to Raising Awareness of Autoimmune Disease)

Mr. Lewis story starts out in 1985, as he sat down one Saturday afternoon to watch a martial arts
movie. Years later, he wrote down detailed notes of what would be the foundation of his principles
and philosophy, which he called W E I S H E N D O. Mr. Lewis spent the next seventeen yrs. trying
to understand the answers to a question that was given to him from his late grandmother Mamie
Turner. On July 31st, 2008 Mr. Lewis had reached the end of journey, and published his work.

Santa Barbara, CA, April 06, 2013 --( On June 17th, of 2009, Mr. Lewis had his first of many
ER Visits to the hospital. Eight months later on February 12th, 2010, he was diagnosed with
Polymyositis, and on August 25th, 2010, he was diagnosed with Lupus. Both are incurable Auto-Immune
Diseases. Polymyositis affects the muscular system of the human body, while Lupus affects every major
organ of the human body. After finding out how both diseases would affect him he came up with a daily
fitness plan and daily exercise plan for people who deal with limited movement and range of motions
issues. The fitness plan involved a special diet that would allow him to lose the 60 lbs. that he had gain
from being immobile for so many months, and a medication called prednisone. The exercise plan would
also help him to maintain, and function on a daily basis through specially designed exercises. If it were
not for his 25 yrs. of martial arts training, and his firm belief in GOD, he would of been far worse than
what he is today. In the last seven months He has went from 256 lbs. to 186 lbs., and has gain back the
flexibility and muscle control he had before he was diagnosed. The exercise, and fitness plan is called,
“The Divine Spear & The Intrinsic Staff of WEISHENDO.”

During this time, Mr. Lewis wrote a daily journal, which he called: "The Burly Man" (which tells the
events that led to his diagnosis of Polymyositis). Having already written "The Principles & Philosophy of
WEISHENDO" (to help him better understand himself and others) he took something negative and turned
it into something positive by using his own techniques to help him fight against the illnesses that plague
his mind, body, and spirit. With the edition of his third book "The Divine Spear & Intrinsic Staff" (which
is a special exercise book that he has developed to help him maintain a better quality of life,) he has taken
his art form to a completely new level by adapting it for others.

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