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					Barley eye - what to do?

Let's talk today about such diseases as eye barley and how we treat the
eye of barley, ie, what to do if unfortunately you or your baby leaped
barley eye.
If the child barley - is, first and foremost, means that the immune
system is weakened. Perhaps the baby has chronic disease, gastro-
intestinal tract, intestinal worms, often barley "pop" on the eyelids in
patients with diabetes mellitus.
What is barley? This is an acute purulent inflammation of the hair
follicle eyelashes. Calls it usually Staphylococcus aureus, which is easy
to take a prisoner weakened body. How is this golden wielding villain?
And the result of his influence, makes itself felt in the form of
swelling at the edge of the century, which gradually increases and
blushes. Swelling is concentrated around the cilia. Eyelid swells, eye
gap narrows. If the disease is taking serious shape, the eye can not even
open. By eye discomfort often joins and headache may twitch an eyelid.
Barley can attack one or both of your eyes. When multiple barley or
severe disease may increase body temperature. In patients with
uncomplicated illness for 3-4 days on top of the lump formed yellow dot,
then barley opened, and out of the pus. After that, the state of a small
or a big man is starting to improve. Abscess in no way be squeezed! This
can cause serious complications such as abscess century (ie, purulent
inflammation of the hair follicles not only cilia, but also the entire
century) and even purulent meningitis (inflammation of the meninges).
ocular barley should begin immediately, as soon as will develop the
disease. No matter how easy it seemed not a disease, be sure to consult
your doctor. Inside is usually prescribed sulfonamides (the action of
these drugs is similar to the work of antibiotics) at doses corresponding
to the child's age. Sulfacetamide digs. In some cases, appointed a warm
compress, but it depends on the stage of the eye disease of barley.
Therefore, do not use any home remedies without prescription, better ask
the doctor . It is better to put a dry dressing on barley glazik sick.
Wearing it is not very nice, not only the child but an adult. Apply a
bandage over a black ribbon - here's a little thief. You can load for
ever ointment or sulfa antibiotics. If you've not done this before, have
to do it the first time a doctor.
the treatment of ocular barley usually prescribed physiotherapy (UHF).
Usually the disease is rapid. But this does not mean that the eye can not
return barley. Diseases always attack the weakest. If eye sty again
penetrated into the body - means the organism is vulnerable. What to do?
Need to strengthen the immune system, ie, to give the baby vitamins
(especially B group), tempered baby, try to get it was not in the dust.
If a baby is sick eye barley again, he has blood tests, common and
necessary for sugar. Usually assigned to the flora of the conjunctival
swab cavity. Check that there is not a lot of sweet foods in the diet of
the child. Patience and efforts to fight always yield results. Because
many diseases, and they have one enemy - health. Drink vitamins and lead
a healthy lifestyle and any eye barley, and other    childhood diseases
are not afraid of you.

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