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					Portland, Oregon, U.S.A
• Portland is a town located in the
 Northwestern United States
• Population: About 2 million
• Incorporated in 1851
• The city is noted for its light rail,
                                           Fun Facts
   microbreweries and micro
    – Portland has more micro
      breweries inside their city limits
      than any other city in the world.

• The Kennedy School McMinimins

                                             • Climate: dry summers
                                               and temperate winters.
                                                – 87cm of rain per year
                                                – Rare snow
                                                – Summer 29 C
                                                – Winter 2 C
              More Fun Facts
• Nicknames
  – The City of Roses
  – Stumptown
  – Bridgetown
     • 14 Bridges
                      Powell’s Bookstore

• Started in 1971 and
    has grown into one of
    the worlds greatest
    bookstores with 7
    locations in Portland.
•   Serves customers
    world wide
•   Used books

• White: 75.5%
• Hispanic: 6.8%
• Black: 6.6%
• Asian: 6%
• American Indian: 2.3%
• Mean household income: $47,143 [2007]
• Median home price: $295,000 [2007]
              History of Portland
• Began in 1843 – 2001 was
  150th anniversary
• Two founders wanted to
  name it after their hometown:
  Boston and Portland, Maine.
   – Name was decided over a flip
     of a coin.
• In 1851 had over 800
• By 1979 – 17,500
• Was major part of Pacific
  Northwest until 1890
Portland Trail Blazers
•   Play in the National Basketball Association (NBA)
•   Only professional sports team for Portland
•   Play in the Rose Garden Arena
•   They have only won 1 championship in 1977
•   They started in 1970
•   This year, the Blazers had the youngest team in
    the NBA and just recently lost in the first round
    of the playoffs
•   They have 3 international players, 2 from Spain
    and 1 from France
• Rose Festival
  – Started in 1907
  – Grand Floral Parade is the center piece of the festival,
    and the 2nd largest floral parade in the country
  – Since 1930, princesses are elected from every
    Portland high school and one is crowned Rose Festival
    queen and receives a scholarship
  – Fleet week occurs during Rose Festival, Navy ships
    dock at the waterfront
  – Other events include Champ Car Races, dragon boat
    races, starlight parade, firework display, and Carnival
    rides at the water front.
• Japanese Gardens: is a
 haven of beauty which
has been proclaimed one of
the most authentic Japanese
 gardens outside of Japan
• OMSI: One of the nation’s leading science
museums. It has 219,000 square feet
of brain-powered fun.
• The Grotto: 62 acres of botanical gardens.
Has more than 100 beautifully sculpted statues
and shrines. Peaceful ponds, cliffside vistas and
award winning architecture.
Concordia University

•   Founded in 1905
•   4 colleges
•   Graduate degrees in business and education
•   1700 students
•   Sponsored by Lutheran Church Missouri Synod
•   Affiliated with 9 other Concordia Universities

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