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									      Attention:   Tan Teck Chun                         Institute of Microelectronics
      Tel:         (65) 6770 5409                        11, Science Park Road
      Fax:         (65) 6774 5747                        Science Park II
      Email:       teckchun@ime.a-star.edu.sg            Singapore 117685

     12th Electronics Packaging Research Consortium (EPRC 12)
                       Membership Reply Slip
• Please indicate your interest in our consortium by completing this reply slip and faxing it to us by 17 Sept 2012.
• Upon receiving your reply slip and confirmation of no. of members for the projects, we will send you a draft legal
  agreement for review. All reviews to be completed by 14 Nov 2012(proposed).
• Your participation in this consortium will only be confirmed upon the signing of the legal agreement.
• It is scheduled to sign an agreement with the member companies on 21 Nov 2012 (proposed).

    We agree to participate in the this consortium under the name of______________________
    (Registered Company Name). Our level of participation is (please tick the relevant box) : -
                                                          Core Member -               Associate Member -
                 Project Title                          Membership Fee (S$)           Membership Fee (S$)
    Cu Pillar Interconnect and CPI on Advanced Cu
                                                                  $80,000/=                     $60,000/=
    Low K Chip
    Embedded Cooling Solution for 3D Stack Chip                   $80,000/=                     $60,000/=

    Development of Power Module for Device
                                                                  $80,000/=                     $60,000/=
    Temperature over 220°C

    Thin Wafer Handling for 3D Packaging                          $80,000/=                      $60,000/=

    3D-Embedded WLP                                               $80,000/=                      $60,000/=

    Our participation is conditioned on our review, acceptance, and signature of the member legal
    agreement. Our only obligation to this project, if any, will be the terms and conditions contained in
    the member agreement which we sign.

    Signed by for and on behalf of,
       Company :                                                       Email :
       Signature :                                                     Tel :
       Name :                                                          Fax :
       Title :                                                         Date :
       Address :

•     Information of these project are described in the proposals dated 15 Aug 2012
•     Payment terms are shown below:
           • 50% upon signing; 50% (9 months into project)

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