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					Partnership with a promise.                                                  Networked efficiency
                                                                             in the production process.
Have we aroused your interest? Then please contact us for further details
about our spectrum of services. Benefit from the experience we have gained
in a host of previous projects. Put us to the test!

HOCHTIEF Facility Management GmbH
Business Segment Automotive
Alfredstrasse 236
45133 Essen

Telephone: +49 201 824-8032


 Concentration on the core business
Staying out in front calls for drive.                                                     Efficiency tuning partner needed?

        The automotive industry has traditionally been a pioneer of industrial            Greater responsibility for your service provider means greater benefits for you.
        development; trends in this sector have always blazed the trail for others        An external partner close to your core processes? That's a sensitive issue. And what about
        to follow. Today, the picture is dominated by shorter and shorter model           all-round support services for your entire plant complex? Contracting a service-provider to handle
        cycles, the demand for niche vehicles, and greater flexibility in production.     such demanding tasks on a long-term basis calls for an experienced and flexible partner you
        The value creation process between OEMs, suppliers and other vendors is           can truly trust.
        being redefined. To a growing extent, OEMs will concentrate on their core
        business—developing and positioning brands and models—while suppliers             What we offer meets this requirement. In the automotive industry, a partnership of this kind can
        and external service providers will assume responsibility for more and more       help to free up the resources of OEMs and suppliers alike and thus enable them to concentrate
        ancillary tasks, against a background of increasing product and process           more on creating competitive products. Working in close cooperation with manufacturers and
        complexity.                                                                       components vendors, we network our innovative services with the key processes involved and
                                                                                          help to optimize them. Our industrial know-how enables blocks of fixed costs to be made more
        This calls for comprehensive expertise and experience and a new form of           flexible. We uncover fresh potential for improved efficiency and in consultation with the client
        cooperation between all concerned. The automotive industry, its suppliers         make sure it is tapped to the full. And we assume responsibility for the results.
        and process-supporting service providers will become long-term partners.
                                                                                          A strategy that eases the strain:
                                                                                          • Highly qualified management of technically demanding production locations and sales centers
                                                                                            in the automotive and automotive supply industry.
                                                                                          • Development of innovative financing and operator solutions.
                                                                                          • Formation of long-term, flexible and end-to-end partnerships.
                                                                                          • Close interlocking with your processes and your value chain.
                                                                                          • Active refinement of our services in line with market trends and your strategies.
                                                                                          • Deepening of our production technology process competencies and gradual broadening—
                                                                                            in an ongoing dialog—of what we can offer you.

        Just in time, just in sequence, build to order?
        We speak your language.

        Strategy for the future.
        The challenges of the future are already known: a greater spectrum of variants,
        larger model ranges and increasing numbers of customized offers for final
        consumers, together with the goal of creating the five-day car. Whether this
        takes another five or six years is hardly relevant. What matters is that "build                           Our vision is unified and systems-oriented. We offer our clients
        to order" concepts are reflected in the structures of OEMs, suppliers and                                 future-proof solutions for all their process needs.
        process service providers. This necessitates a virtually stockless value chain,
        assured parts supply and provision, and the shortest possible implementation
        times. In other words, it requires the perfect process. It demands speed and
        smooth functioning. New forms of cooperation provide the platform for this,
        with partnership-oriented solutions based on the principle of assigning each
        function to those who can handle it best.
Synergies right from the start.                                                            We know what you're talking about.

        The benefits of big-group backing.
        HOCHTIEF offers a complete spectrum in the modules development,
        construction, services, concessions and operation. So talk to us before
        your investment plans take on concrete shape. We know the cost-drivers
        in your industry—and we know the potential for optimization. The possible
        synergy effects range well beyond just operation. The HOCHTIEF Group
        designs and plans, creates or modernizes buildings, facilities and entire
        complexes. If required, we can also provide a financing concept.

        Earlier, better, more efficient.
        As our client, you benefit from our unified vision. That's because the earlier     Our reference projects range wide. Our solutions are individual.
        we meet up to discuss your new production concept, the more efficient              Benefit from our automotive know-how and first-hand experience.
        your operations will be. Cost targets have to be in line with the required level
        of quality; the focus has to be on division of labor, workflow and thorough
        documentation of services and deadlines. The best basis for keeping
        subsequent costs flexible is looking at things in their entirety right from an     Dependable facilities and first-class logistics.
        early stage. And the best way of achieving this is with a long-term, dependable    On a shared site with an area of 55 hectares and bay space of 120,000 m2, ten automotive suppliers
        partnership.                                                                       produce components for a renowned manufacturer—for installation on site and for distribution to
                                                                                           other plants around the world. Our job: securing the functionality of the building and plant systems
        Our facility management specialists for the automotive and automotive supply       in the manufacturing and administrative areas. One particular focus is on avoiding downtime in
        industries can place practice-proven know-how at your disposal. The solutions      order to ensure top-grade logistics and parts supply.
        we offer range from individual assignments on a modular basis, handling inter-
        locking tasks to taking over comprehensive management and service-provision        Cross-border quality.
        for entire locations. And of course we have high-performance and user-friendly     At the Eastern Europe engine and assembly plant of an international automotive manufacturer,
        tools which have demonstrated their value in practice and which can be             we are responsible for the production and administrative buildings. We provide around-the-clock
        adapted flexibly to specific conditions—thus making costs transparent and          support for the manufacturing and development areas and the logistics centers with a total gross
        helping to provide an overview of all work sequences.                              floor space of 200,000 m2. The client makes extremely stringent demands on plant availability,
                                                                                           assured media supplies for the production lines and above all on the cleaning processes. The con-
                                                                                           ditions are similar to those in cleanrooms. Our particular assignment is to optimize the processes,
                                                                                           train the local employees to take over more challenging tasks and meet the high quality require-
                                                                                           ments of a vehicle manufacturer with a global reputation.

                                                                                           Perfection as a brand experience.
                                                                                           In the delivery and theme center of a renowned OEM, the focus is on providing personal care and
                                                                                           attention for customers—seven days a week. The client regards the location as a CRM platform
                                                                                           and a visiting card. So, in line with the client's own quality standards, the customer service rendered
                                                                                           here has to be outstanding. So the demands made on our personnel—their conduct, their response
                                                                                           times and of course their qualifications—are exceptional. But that, after all, is our daily business.
                                                                                           Another factor here is that in view of the variety of events and shows staged in the center, the
                                                                                           flexibility and creativity of our employees play a key role in overall success—as does the reliable
           New-style cooperation between OEMs, suppliers and service providers helps       availability of all the technical systems we look after.
           to create end-to-end process optimization and improved use of resources.
Your work is unique.
So are our solutions.

You expect efficiency, synergies and savings. You define your requirements
and ask for solutions.

As your value-adding partner, we provide those solutions. Our core competence
is optimizing secondary processes in manufacturing environments and
contributing to the reduction of production costs, to assured quality and reliable
output. With our help you can guarantee optimum availability of your production      There's more to Facility
and media supply systems. Our service spectrum ranges right through to the           Management than you might
end-to-end, needs-conformant location management of production, adminis-             think.
tration and sales complexes.                                                         Tap into our industrial know-how,
                                                                                     profit from our experience.
Partnership-oriented cooperation with HOCHTIEF Facility Management frees up
your business and enables you to concentrate on your own core processes.             We create value—and more
                                                                                     scope for your core business.

Integrated Facility Management—
interlocking with industry's value chains.

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