Principal's Letter - Woking High School by xiaoyounan


									   Woking High School

   Principal’s Letter
   The celebration of examination results last           examination students plan what they need to
   August seems a long time ago as we are now            do in order to achieve their full potential in the
   looking forward to Christmas and 2012 Olympic         coming months.
   year. We began this Autumn term proudly
                                                         We have been highly encouraged with the way in
   reflecting upon the best set of GCSE results in
                                                         which our new Year 7 students have settled into
   the history of Woking High School. The class
                                                         life at Woking High School. They are already part
   of 2011 achieved a 5+ A*-C pass rate of 76%
                                                         of our fantastic community of students and the
   with many students gaining over 10 GCSE
                                                         seamless way in which they make the transition
   awards at this level, 63% of students gained
                                                         from primary to secondary is a very positive
   5+ A*-C including English and Maths and 29%
                                                         reflection of the excellent induction programme
   of all GCSE grades achieved were at A*-A
                                                         in place at Woking High School. We are already
   level. These particular measures demonstrate
                                                         planning for our 2012 intake and have been
   the excellent attainment and progress made
                                                         delighted to welcome prospective parents and
   at Woking High School and are also vital in
                                                         students to our Open Evening, Open Mornings
   every form of post 16 provision – from sixth
                                                         and Afternoon Tea Any Questions? events.
   form colleges to employment and training. We
   are very proud of the achievements of all our         Please can I remind you that I write a weekly
   students and the high quality of learning and         blog on our website, highlighting all the
   teaching that enabled them to attain these            successes and achievements of our students.
   excellent results.                                    This is an excellent way to keep up to date
                                                         with all that is happening in the very busy life
   Examination season is now a year long event.
                                                         of Woking High School. You can read further
   Current Year 11 and 10 students have already
                                                         details of the special events in this newsletter.
   sat GCSE modules in Maths and Science and
   completed Controlled Assessments in several           Everyone at Woking High School is looking
   subjects. As I write, Year 11 students are sitting    forward to the many events scheduled for the
   mock examinations. It is crucial that all Year        remainder of this term. You are most welcome
   10 and 11 students perform to the best of their       to join us for the annual Horsell Schools Carol
   ability in each examination and assessment            Concert (at St Mary’s Church) on Monday
   throughout Key Stage 4 as cumulatively they will      12 December and the Woking High School
   form the final GCSE that is awarded in August         Christmas Concert on Wednesday 14 December.
   of each year. The opportunity to practise their       Students will also have the chance to enjoy our
   revision skills, test their examination techniques,   delicious Christmas lunch served on Thursday 15
   analyse WWW (what went well) and identify             December and a week of Christmas assemblies
   what would be EBI (even better if) will help our      where we collect for our Oxfam Unwrapped

Winter 2011 Newsletter                                                                         TECHNOLOGY
    Principal’s Letter                                                    Charities Update
                                               Governors’ News
Year 10 Dragons’ Den

     ‘Woking High School Christmas Present’ – this year a            Woking High School finishes the term on Tuesday 20
     farmyard.                                                       December at 12 noon and begins the Spring term on
                                                                     Wednesday 4 January 2012.
     May I extend a huge “thank you” to all parents who have
     supported the school in many, many ways, over the past          With best wishes from everyone at Woking High School to
     term. Your ongoing commitment, encouragement and                you, your families and friends this Christmas.
     contributions play a key part in the continuing success of
     our wonderful school.                                           Jane Abbott, Principal

     Governors’ News
     We were delighted to welcome Helen Campbell, newly              Governors were delighted by the record breaking
     elected parent governor and Jill Sanders who joins us           performance of 2011’s Year 11 students in their public
     as our clerk. At present we have a vacancy for a further        examinations, a fitting reward for all that hard work by
     parent governor and expect to hold a parent governor            students and staff.
     election next term. We said regretful goodbyes to Nigel
                                                                     This term, among much else, we have reviewed our
     Karney, Girish Deshpande and Amanda Jackson who
                                                                     school curriculum, admissions policy and set a balanced
     have all had to stand down due to business pressures.
                                                                     budget for the coming year. We continue to analyse
     We have been most grateful for their very considerable
                                                                     whether or not seeking academy status would be right for
     respective contributions to the life of our school. The role
                                                                     Woking High School.
     of governor can be challenging and is not generally high
     profile but it is vitally important for the well being of our   R Wernham, Chair of Governors
     school, our students and staff that the job is done well.

     Charity Update                                                  The Autumn term has been a busy period for charitable
                                                                     giving at Woking High with many events, such as
                                                                     workouts, special assemblies and mufti days, raising
                                                                     money for our chosen charities. In total we have raised

                                                                     Year 7 students have shown particular enthusiasm and
                                                                     the level of response from our Samaritans’ Purse Charity
                                                                     Appeal was outstanding with well over forty boxes
                                                                     created. These will be used to give children in Asia a
                                                                     much brighter Christmas. The Year 7’s also raised over
                                                                     £350 for LEPRA, a charity promoting health in action for
                                                                     children with leprosy. An assembly was held to share an
                                                                     awareness of the disease followed by a workout activity
                                                                     during one of our Day 11’s. Special congratulations and
                                                                     thanks go to Miss Woodroofs’ 7A who raised over £114, a
                                                                     fantastic effort!

                                                                     M Crowley, Assistant Principal

This year saw another great campaign at WHS for           Mr Brown, Mr Burgess, Mr Giles, Mr Griffiths, Mr
Movember. For those unfamiliar with Movember, men         Jones, Mr Martinez and Mr Scott all took part
are encouraged to grow a Moustache for the month          this year, and as you can see from the photo the
of November. The aim of this is to raise awareness        moustache suits some more than others! For
of Men’s Health, in particular Testicular and Prostate    more information, or to donate you can visit http://
Cancer. Staff also give donations which are given”
to The Prostate Cancer Charity and the Institute of
                                                          S Giles, Director of Maths
Cancer Research. For those involved it was great
fun, although perhaps not all their family would agree!

Year 10 Dragons’ Den
I would like to share some excellent Year 10 news.        The students took part in a Dragons’ Den style
The following Year 10 students attended the               competition and had to present their company
Young Leaders Conference at Epsom and Ewell               ideas to a board of directors. All our students
High School:                                              performed extremely well but, facing fierce
                                                          competition, Christian Moulding and Jack Fairey
Lokesh Rao
                                                          successfully presented their entrepreneurial
Sam Collett
                                                          ideas to the dragons and walked away with the
Jack Fairey
                                                          top prize earning themselves a visit to a leading
Ruaridh Wallace
                                                          manufacturer in London to present their idea.
Christian Moulding
Corrine Spiller                                           All students performed brilliantly and deserve to
Helen Tinlin                                              be congratulated. Thank you, from a very proud
Xenia Cobb
                                                          C Sweeney, Year 10 Learning Co-ordinator

     Eco Prefects                                                              Maths
                         Sensory Garden
                                                                  Currently the Eco Council are focusing on two key points
                                                                  which are:
                                                                  To recycle more paper.
                                                                  To reduce the use of electricity around the school and in
                                                                  One way that we are tackling these environmental issues
                                                                  is by each class having a green recycling bin for paper.
                                                                  Every week the bins are emptied so the paper can be
                                                                  recycled and reused.
                                                                  In classrooms the use of lighting and electronic equipment
                                                                  is being reduced. If no one is in the classroom then

    BEING ECO PREFECTS                                            the lights are turned off; this saves electricity and is eco
                                                                  friendly. At WHS we believe that taking the very best care
    In the summer of 2011, we were elected as Eco Prefects        of our planet and its resources is an important part of the
    by our class. As Eco Prefects at Woking High, we are          vision for a modern-day school. We also feel this can
    trying to make our school a more environmentally friendly     positively affect students’ learning by understanding how
    place for everyone. Mr. Dyer co-ordinates the Eco Council     sustainability benefits the school, the wider community
    committee and all activities we participate in. Our team      and our planet.
    of twelve most definitely derives great pleasure from the     We absolutely adore being Eco prefects, and always enjoy
    responsibility of making our school a greener environment     the benefits of sharing our ideas with the other members
    for everyone.                                                 of the school society.
    Together we wanted to be actively involved in making          We found the link below really interesting and useful,
    our school a sustainable place. ‘’The principle of care:      please visit it.
    care for oneself, care for each other and care for the
    environment”, this is sustainability. In addition we hope
    to assist in a variety of roles, primarily focusing upon      By Divanshi Trivedi and Erika Da Costa
    paper recycling and electricity-saving proposals, attending   Year 8 Members of the Eco Prefect Committee
    school council meetings and preparing a sustainability
    student update for this Parental Newsletter.

    Sensory Garden
    We have had a blitz to get the Sensory Garden ready           been planted to brighten up the garden for Spring.
    for the winter. On Day 11, 21 October, keen gardeners
                                                                  Thank you to all parents and staff who have collected and
    from Years 8 and 10 worked hard to prune, weed, clear
                                                                  sent in the Morrison’s “Lets Grow” vouchers, which will be
    rubbish, and save seeds for next year. Thanks also go to
                                                                  used to buy more equipment for the garden. Donations
    volunteers from the Friends of Woking High School, staff,
                                                                  of plants, equipment, expert advice, or time are always
    students and relatives who completed the labour-intensive
    work on the first Saturday of half term. As you can see
    from the photos, there was a lot to do! More bulbs have       H Gallagher, Sensory Garden Co-ordinator

Happy Puzzle

The Happy Puzzle Company paid a return visit
to Woking High School for the first Day 11 of the
year. Year 7 enjoyed working in groups of six,
putting road maps together and joining plastic
pipes for a ball run. The students also completed
a maths trail around the school answering maths
questions on different areas around the site.

On 2 November nine Year 10 girls from 10Z1
maths group volunteered to help at Goldsworth
                                                      Congratulations to the twenty two Year 11
                                                      students who took their Statistics GCSE exam
                                                      a year early. Everyone achieved a Grade C and
                                                      above with 82% getting an A or A*. Special
                                                      congratulations go to Ayushi Aggarwal, Charlotte
                                                      Bain, Misha Blair, Catherine Campbell, Eleanor
                                                      Cudby, Agnes Johnson and Kirsten Mclean who
                                                      all achieved an A*. Statistics GCSE has started
                                                      for Year 10 this year. The lessons take place on
                                                      Tuesday or Wednesday 3.30 – 4.30 in F6. The
                                                      exam will be in June 2012.

                                                      On 15 November eleven Year 10 girls from 10X1
                                                      maths group volunteered to help at the Horsell

Primary, to work with a group of Year 5 girls from    Village School, this time working with Year 1
different schools. The afternoon was to increase      girls from four different primaries. The objective
the confidence of the Year 5 girls in using maths     was the same, to increase the confidence of
through playing games. It really helped them          the younger girls through playing games. It was
to see the older girls enjoying the subject. The      interesting watching the Year 10 girls explain
activities were mainly mathematical board games,      mathematical concepts and taking the role of the
practising the four rules but there was an activity   teacher. Both Year 1 and Year 10 girls thoroughly
at the end involving biscuits, chocolate buttons,     enjoyed their afternoon engaging in activities
icing and smarties which made everyone very           ranging from making 3D shapes out of straws,
excited!                                              petal number bonds to 20, throwing bean bags
                                                      into buckets and rolling balls down tubes.

                                                      P Dixon, Maths/Primary Liaison

    Science                                               Art
                      Technology                                   English

    The Science department has had a busy term with a            Science club has had a makeover this year and is now
    number of important events taking place. Several Year 11     running purely as a chemistry club. This has proved
    students have sat exams and are preparing for their next     popular with students who have had the opportunity to
    modules. The Year 10s are now well underway with their       carry out some quite advanced chemistry with Mr Browne
    GCSE courses and are also preparing for their first exams    and Mr Youell.
    in January.
                                                                 We have many activities lined up for next term including
    During a Day 11, early in the academic year, a number of     attending the Salters festival of chemistry, a University
    students completed the practical element of the CREST        Challenge style quiz at Reading University and the Surrey
    awards that they began last year. This involved some         Schools Problem Solving Challenge. With all this and
    students designing wet suits for triathletes whilst others   more planned, the Spring term is already looking busy!
    synthesised paracetamol. Both activities were a huge
    success and the students are now creating presentations      B Spinks, Head of Science
    that will complete their awards.

    Five of our Year 9 students were privileged to visit the     racing cars. As a finale they were able to race their rubber
    McLaren Technology Centre in October. It was an              band powered car. Whilst not winning the race, the tour
    amazing day and the students enjoyed a three hour tour       and the afternoon tea of chocolate brownies more than
    which included a visit to the wind tunnel, seeing the F1     made up for the disappointment. The day clearly inspired
    cars of both Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton being          both students and staff.
    worked on and admiring McLaren’s historic collection of
                                                                 N Mills, Design & Technology

ART                                                        Clay Workshop
                                                           Richard Ian Heyes, a Sussex based artist, has been

Olympic Sculptures                                         commissioned by Barrett Homes to produce an
                                                           instillation in the new block of flats near the railway
A group of Year 9 Art students worked with sculpture       station in Woking. He has visited the Art department
artist Sara Holmes to create a set of five sculptures      twice this term to lead workshops with a group of
for the 2012 Olympics. These sculptures will be            Year 10 and 11 GCSE Art & Design students. Music
displayed in school and also along the cycling route of    from the Jam was listened to, lyrics were verbally
the 2012 Olympics.                                         discussed and students responded visually in clay to
                                                           produce stunning 3-D outcomes.
C Sweeney, Art
                                                           L Maley, Head of Art

Year 11 Theatre Visit
Seventy Year 11 students and six members of staff          engagement of their daughter when a man calling
were treated to an outstanding production of ‘An           himself Inspector Goole arrives at the door. What he
Inspector Calls’ at Richmond Theatre on Friday 18          has to tell them will turn their cosy, privileged world
November. Year 11 students will begin studying the         upside-down.
play in January and those who took the opportunity
                                                           The director of the play, Stephen Daldry, has taken
to see the play gave themselves a head-start in their
                                                           ‘An Inspector Calls’ to the West End of London
preparation for the English Literature Modern Drama
                                                           and Broadway in New York and it was easy to see
                                                           why his production has won so many awards. The
The play was first performed in 1945 but is set in an      set was particularly impressive; many of us in the
industrial city in 1912, the year that the Titanic sank.   audience jumped in our seats when there were
In the opening scene of the play, the rich Burling         loud explosions on stage and the Burlings’ house
family are holding a dinner party to celebrate the         suddenly tipped forward, shattering plates and
                                                           sending silverware flying!

    Readathon                                                                    Media
                   Craggy Island
                                                               If the animated discussions about the play on the way
                                                               back to Woking were anything to go by, Year 11 students
                                                               will have plenty to say about ‘An Inspector Calls’ in the
                                                               New Year!

                                                               Finally, thank you to all members of staff who made the
                                                               visit possible: Miss Bennett, Mr Cooper, Mr Cusack, Mr
                                                               Griffiths, Mr Reeves and Mrs Tuson.

                                                               R Cooper, English

    Readathon                                                  Students from Year 7 will set themselves manageable
                                                               reading targets that will be signed off by their parents and
                                                               teachers, over a half term period. They will be recording
    Reading for pure enjoyment enriches children’s lives       these goals and achievements in order to opt for the
    beyond measure – not only while they’re reading but        sponsored Readathon which supports the children’s
    throughout their lives. That is why we’re encouraging      charity CLIC Sargent.
    students to read for pleasure as part of a new homework
    project and charity Readathon in the English Department.   G Willett, English

    Touching the Void at Craggy Island!
                                                               On Friday 21 October, a group of inspired students from
                                                               Year 9, embarked on a mission to scale the walls of
                                                               Craggy Island indoor climbing centre in Guildford.

                                                               Students had been studying the autobiography ‘Touching
                                                               the Void’ by Joe Simpson during the half term and were
                                                               keen to learn some of the complex terminology that arose
                                                               in the non-fiction masterpiece.

                                                               It was not long before the group were kitted up and paired
                                                               for their hour of climbing. Expert instructors took the
                                                               students through the safety instructions and then they
                                                               were off!

                                                               “I was so scared Miss” said one student during the visit
                                                               “but I kept thinking, what would Joe do?”

                                                               G Willett, English

Film Club                                             Leeming, George Hill and Ben Clifton initiated
                                                      the club in Year 7 and are still faithfully serving in
                                                      Year 10. Duties include selecting films from our
Film Club was officially launched four years ago,     Lovefilm menu, setting and tidying up the room
with one student. Since then we have grown to         and ensuring the register is taken. We also enjoy
three clubs with up to 60 members. Tuesdays           discussing interesting aspects of the film and
at lunch time, the Year 7 Film Club meets in SC2      reflecting upon some of the issues raised.
under the enthusiastic supervision of Mrs Doe.        Although we have enjoyed the odd Hollywood
Fridays, the Year 8 and 9 students meet in Mr         blockbuster, we do try to vary the films to
Cooper’s room whilst the Key Stage Four students      challenge the students and to encourage them to
gather in Mrs Tuson’s room. This way we have          appreciate wider genres.
been able to ensure that the audience needs are
met and good times can be had by all!                 I think the students would all agree that Friday Film
                                                      Club is a wonderful way to end the week!
Our committee members, Hugo and Bertie
Woodward-Rowe, Prabhat Mehrotra, Daniel               J Tuson, Head of Media Studies

Eagle Radio
Year 10 Creative & Media diploma students went
to Eagle Radio to find out about radio and how
to produce their very own radio show. Students
created a pod cast which will be used in their unit
one assessment. Eagle Radio has included the
work of the Creative & Media students in their
news magazine which will be distributed to local
high schools.

C Sweeney, Creative & Media

     History Visits                                                   Music

     Languages - Day 11 Challenge
     On 17 November, Year 7 students took part in a              Having made a start with their booklets, they were
     cultural challenge comparing schools at home and            given the opportunity to hear about schools in France,
     abroad. The students worked in teams to produce a           Germany, Spain or Poland and how they differ. The
     booklet comparing the features of secondary schools in      best booklets will be sent to current and future
     England with those of some other European countries.        exchange schools in France, Spain and Germany to
                                                                 introduce them to our school.
     Student booklets presented the distinctives of English
     schools, ranging from the facilities to the staff and
                                                                 R Webster, Head of MFL
     from uniform to the range of extra-curricular activities.

     Year 8 History Visit to the National Army Museum
     This term, students in Year 8 have been studying the        The horrors of warfare.
     different experiences people had during the English
                                                                 How civilians were affected by the Civil War.
     Civil War. Using extensive source materials, we
     have analysed a series of arguments put forward by          To further develop student understanding a visit to
     historians such as:                                         the National Army Museum in Chelsea was organised
                                                                 on 17 November. After a short coach journey to the
     Who fought for whom?
                                                                 museum, with the usual comments of “Can we go
     Diversity of experience.                                    to Stamford Bridge on the way, Sir?” we arrived and
                                                                 began our seminar.
                                                                 As the students are already experts in the reasons why
                                                                 the Civil War started, our historian was able to focus
                                                                 on conditions, the lack of army discipline, why so many
                                                                 civilians died, what it meant for normal civilians, as well
                                                                 as dressing two students as Civil War Soldiers. There
                                                                 followed an artefact handling session where students
                                                                 studied objects as diverse as pikes, uniforms and a
                                                                 musket (thankfully not loaded!). The students also had
                                                                 the opportunity to handle weapons and armour the
                                                                 soldiers would have worn. One of the most interesting
                                                                 activities of the day took place with Mr Browne when
                                                                 the students took turns in practising defensive and
                                                                 offensive procedures with an eight foot pike!

                                                                 P Browne, History

Year 7 Visit - Battle
On 21 October, three coaches of Year 7 students            battle, from the time that William removed his helmet
made the journey to Battle in East Sussex to visit the     to show his troops that he was still alive, to the final
place where William of Normandy defeated Harold            slaughter of the English soldiers. Having walked
Godwinson on 14 October 1066.                              around the site, students were invited to charge up
                                                           the hill, imitating the Norman soldiers.
Since arriving at Woking High School in September,
Year 7 students have been learning about the history       In the Visitor Centre, students were reminded once
of England in the Middle Ages and all had a good           more of the key events of the battle, seeing a short
understanding of the key events of 1066. This              video narrated by David Starkey. They also had the
visit was therefore a wonderful opportunity to see         opportunity to feel the weight of real weapons and
where the battle actually took place and gain a fuller     armour – to gain a sense of what it might have been
understanding of what happened.                            like for armoured men to run up the hill.

At Battle, we walked around the battlefield, first         There is no doubt that this visit was another reminder
standing on the hill on which Harold and his army          of just what a difference it can make to student
took up a defensive position at the start of the battle,   understanding to have the opportunity to visit the
and then walked around the entire site, viewing the        scenes of historical events.
hill from the position of the Norman army.
                                                           T Ricketts, History
As we walked, students recalled key moments in the

Musical Success in Spain - Windband and
Choir Tour 2011
Organised in conjunction with Equity School Travel,        music rehearsal in the hotel and this helped us
36 students and five staff members set off for the         all to focus on the job at hand, in particular, our
traditional seaside resort of Coma-Ruga situated in        first concert that evening. We arrived at Parc del
the Costa Dorada region of Spain. Our five night stay      Pescador, Cambrills and by 8pm we had set up on a
incorporated four ninety minute evening concerts at        large but very windy stage near the sea front. Fraser
different locations, no further than an hours travel       warmed the small crowd up with his pipes and Miss
from our hotel. The programme of music featured            Gomez was filmed and interviewed by Spanish TV to
the superb bagpipe playing of Year 7 student Fraser        be broadcast later on a local station.
Tattersdill, the Windband plus nine vocalists and our
                                                           Wednesday started with a day at Port Aventura
brilliant eighteen piece ensemble, `Stage Centre’
                                                           Theme Park near the resort of Salou. Large queues
performing jazz classics. Accompanying us this
                                                           and hot weather did not spoil the high spirits of the
year was Paul Thomas, Principal Tuba of the Band
                                                           students. Our late evening concert was at our hotel,
of The Royal Logistic Corps. Pauls’ contribution as
                                                           with Stage Centre commanding the attention of
a member of staff and as the bass of the band was
                                                           many guests and residents to produce a lively and
outstanding and vital to the tours musical success
                                                           well received performance. Among the listeners were
and we are all very grateful to the army for releasing
                                                           members of Sutton Music Services who were also
him from his normal duties in order to assist Woking
                                                           on tour with an ensemble of 80. Their Director of
High School.
                                                           Music passed on his praise for our performance and
Our first half-day in resort was spent settling in and     said that most of his students’ `jaws dropped with
exploring the local area and most people welcomed          amazement’ when we struck up with the Theme from
an early night to recover from the twenty four hour        Mission Impossible. Needless to say WHS students
coach journey. Tuesday commenced with a good               were buzzing after hearing such a positive response.

                                                         Concert with the Royal
     Music Tour                                                  Logistic Corps

     Our first overcast day was on Thursday, spent on a hillside   us a standing ovation and demanded an encore. This was
     in Calafell. The Calafell Slides are a dry Toboggan run       an extremely satisfying concert and students left the stage
     and we spent a fun two hours being pulled up the hill,        saying `that was amazing’. A truly gratifying experience.
     to then try and beat our personal best times for getting      We departed for the UK the following day and arrived
     back to the bottom. A camera located at the fastest bend      back to Woking on Sunday morning. We all helped
     of the course recorded all of our smiles and grimaces         Georgia Cox celebrate her twelfth birthday on the coach!
     for eternity as the owner downloaded the images for us
                                                                   Following a whole year of intense musical preparation
     to laugh at later. Following dinner, we performed our
                                                                   and rehearsals, and because of the tour, the students
     third concert in a local square by the sea front. With
                                                                   have benefited greatly from the experience. Without
     Mr Booth falling ill earlier in the day and absent from his
                                                                   doubt, everybody had improved musically by the end
     duties of setting up the sound system, the students really
                                                                   of the week. The performances were challenging at
     pulled together to ensure everything was ready for the
                                                                   times requiring concentration, professionalism and
     performance. Preparing for each concert is no mean
                                                                   patience. The students adapted well to each new and
     task with microphones, speakers, mixing desk, stands,
                                                                   different concert location, developing their personal and
     lights, chairs, music and a box full of leads and cables of
                                                                   communication skills in addition to working well as part
     various descriptions that need to fit the correct device.
                                                                   of a team. Fifteen Year 7 and two Year 8 students were
     With a sense of urgency and all hands on deck, we had
                                                                   on their first music tour, and they will have gained a great
     everything ready some fifteen minutes quicker than usual.
                                                                   deal of confidence from working and living amongst older
     This provided another opportunity to drum up extra
                                                                   and more experienced musicians. Everybody took pride
     audience support, so Fraser was sent onto the stage for
                                                                   in their personal performances and Year 11 student and
     a ten minute set of bagpipe music. The sheer dynamic
                                                                   Principal Clarinettist Kirsten McLean commented that
     level of this one instrument must have encouraged the
                                                                   `The last concert was amazing as there was such a good
     locals to venture out, and despite a strong breeze and
                                                                   atmosphere and the audience seemed to really love the
     poor lighting, the seats soon filled and we had another
                                                                   music. It was definitely worth all the hours rehearsing just
     successful performance with everyone growing in
                                                                   for that one concert and standing ovation’.
                                                                   The reception received on our last night in Spain was an
     Aidan Gale celebrated his twelfth birthday on Friday 22
                                                                   inspiring, but emotional end to a school year, and probably
     July. His cake (packed by his parents) hadn’t travelled
                                                                   more so for five Year 11 students who are moving on to
     well, so we put together some small cakes from the
                                                                   study at college. We all wish them well and hope they
     buffet and added candles. The day was spent at the pool
                                                                   may come back again for another tour! All tour personnel
     and shopping before our last, but definitely our most
                                                                   should feel extremely proud about all that they have
     successful concert that evening at the town square of
                                                                   achieved in representing Woking High School and the
     Placa Del Casal, some twenty minutes drive away. The
                                                                   UK abroad and I would like to thank all participating staff,
     setting was superb with a massive stage hung with
                                                                   college and WHS students for making it such a rewarding
     Spanish flags. An enthusiastic audience of 150 plus gave
                                                                   and memorable tour.

Principal Flute        Zoe Kirk, Yr 11                  Trumpet                 Adam Best, Yr 7
Flute                  Caitlin Porter, Yr 10            Principal Trombone Alex Campbell, Godalming
Flute                  Anna Kozlowska, Yr 7                                College
Flute                  Jonathon Bell, Yr 7              Trombone                James Hardacre, Yr 7
Oboe                   Emily Pain, Yr 10                Trombone                Andrew Lumb, Yr 7
Principal Clarinet     Catherine Campbell, Yr 10        Trombone                Alex McLean, Yr 7
Principal Clarinet     Kirsten McLean, Yr 10            Percussion              Luke Stent, Woking
Clarinet               Beth Cornish, Godalming                                  College
College                                                 Percussion              Ben Griffiths, Yr 8
Clarinet               Jennifer Kirk, Yr 8              Bagpipes                Fraser Tattersdill, Yr 7
Clarinet               Rebecca Lynn, Yr 8               Vocalist                Indeera Shankla, Yr 11
Clarinet               Aidan Gale, Yr 7                 Vocalist                Elizabeth Nay, Yr 10
Alto Saxophone         Sarah Gee, Yr 11                 Vocalist                Sara Hill, Yr 8
Alto Saxophone         Isabel Weir, Yr 11               Vocalists               Natasha and Nikita
Alto Saxophone         Paul Best, Yr 7                                          Anderson, Yr 7
Tenor Saxophone        Frances Gee, Godalming           Vocalist                Jessica Atkinson, Yr 7
                       College                          Vocalist                Georgina Cox, Yr 7
Tenor Saxophone        Rosie McFadzean, Yr 11           Vocalist                Elizabeth Kozlowska, Yr 7
Bassoon                Indeera Shankla, Yr 11           Vocalist                Ilaria Rosa, Yr 7
Trumpet                Joe Payne, Godalming
                                                        Staff: Mr Booth, Mrs King, Miss Gomez and Paul
Trumpet                Emma Hardacre Yr 10
Trumpet                Richard Ackroyd,
                                                        S Goodwin, Director of Music Performance
                       Godalming College

Joint Concert with the Band of the Royal
Logistic Corps
Members from across the whole school community          Jeremy Ansell was superb, both in musical quality
were treated to a wonderful joint Royal Logistics       and in their professional manner, having hosted 40
Corps/Woking High School concert on the evening         of us at their base in Deepcut for a day’s rehearsal
of Wednesday 19 October. In the presence of the         prior to the concert. It has certainly become a
Deputy Mayor and Mayoress, students and members         permanent fixture to the performance calendar and
of the armed forces entertained the audience            I am pleased to be able to say that as a result of the
with pieces from the musicals Les Miserables and        concert, Woking High School musicians raised £400
Wicked, traditional Scottish melodies accompanied       which was donated to the Corps of Army Music Trust
by Fraser Tattersdill on the bagpipes, music from 70s   Fund, a charity which supports less fortunate army
favourites Weather Report and traditional Russian       personnel. Sincere thanks to the RLC band, the
folk music. One of the highlights of the concert was    Music Performance Committee and all students for
the spectacular “Dark Light Stick display” featuring    an amazing evening of music.
the Royal Logistics Corps of Drums. The Band of
                                                        S Goodwin, Director of Music Performance
the Royal Logistic Corps, under their Bandmaster

Concert of Remembrance                                                 Music
     The Peacocks Centre Sport Report

     Concert of Remembrance
     On the evening of Wednesday 9 November, a large               from Surrey Arts who gave of her time freely, as did
     audience of students, parents, families and the local         Julia Clifton, a recent addition to the peripatetic music
     community enjoyed a varied programme of music and             teaching staff who sang her version of Josh Grobans
     drama on our 3rd annual Remembrance Day Concert.              `You Raise me up’. There was a retiring collection in aid
     This year our theme was the Women’s Land Army.                of the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal which was
     Members of the Windband, Chamber Choir and Vocalise           added to the whole school effort.
     all performed well, but special credit must go to solo
                                                                   Emma Hardacre was again at centre stage, or centre
     performers – Luke Buchanan (Year 10 - piano), Sara Hill
                                                                   school! on Friday morning. The whole school fell silent
     (Year 9 - Soprano), Bethan Ledley (Year 11 - Guitar and
                                                                   for 2 minutes at 11 o’ clock on the 11th day of the 11th
     vocal), Lizzie Nay (Year 11 - vocal) and Frazer Tattersdill
                                                                   month of 2011 to hear a truly poignant performance
     (Year 8 - bagpipes). The compère for this special event
                                                                   of the Last Post and Reveille and the focus was on
     was Year 11 student George Bowen, who linked the
                                                                   remembering the events of 93 years ago through to
     musical items beautifully and Year 11 student Emma
                                                                   those of the past few days.
     Hardacre complimented the whole programme with her
     perfect rendition of the Last Post and Reveille. Special      S Goodwin, Director of Music Performance
     thanks also go to Fiona Godden, piano accompanist

     The Peacocks Centre
     As the usual saying goes `doesn’t Christmas seem              with the American popular music of Glee, and even a
     to come around quickly?’ Well, it seemed like that            hint of Scotland with the bagpipes of Fraser Tattersdill.
     when the Windband and `Vocalise’ the School Choir
                                                                   Runners up of Britain’s Got Talent, dance act Twist n
     spent a portion of a Day 11 to rehearse for their much
                                                                   Pulse performed on stage before Steve McFadden
     anticipated performance at The Peacock Centre in
                                                                   (EastEnders) and Harry Derbidge (The Only Way is
     November. Given the role as warm up act for other
                                                                   Essex), stars of Peter Pan at the New Victoria Theatre,
     performances, the musicians gave the packed shopping
                                                                   turned on Woking’s Christmas Lights in the Peacocks
     centre a selection box of seasonal carols, interspersed
                                                                   centre on Thursday 17 November. However, supporting
                                                                   parents and staff seemed to agree that Woking High
                                                                   School had stolen the show. One parent commented
                                                                   ‘I think you can judge how well it went down with the
                                                                   level of the ovation at the end’. We look forward to next
                                                                   year’s performance as rehearsals commence in earnest
                                                                   for two more Christmas performances:

                                                                   7pm on Monday 12 December at St Mary’s Church,
                                                                   Horsell. - Combined Carol Concert with Horsell Infant
                                                                   School, Horsell Junior School and Woking High School
                                                                   Windband and Choir.

                                                                   7pm on Wednesday 14 December at Woking High
                                                                   School Main Hall - School Christmas Concert, attended
                                                                   by the Mayor of Woking

                                                                   S Goodwin, Director of Music Performance
Examination Success in Music Performance
July to December 2011
The following students all passed practical            Jennifer Kirk (Year 9) Grade 4 Clarinet - Merit
examinations on various instruments or through
                                                       Rebecca Lynn (Year 9) - Grade 4 Clarinet - Merit
dance for the Associated Board of The Royal
School of Music, Trinity College or Rock School.       Emily Pain (Year 11) - Grade 5 Oboe - Distinction
Students were also successful in written theory        Daniel Pearce (Year 9) – Grade 4 Orchestral
of music papers. Graded examinations range             Percussion - Distinction
from 1 – 8. Congratulations to all students for
achieving such excellent passes and many thanks        Sophie Russell (Year 8) Grade 4 Music Theory and
to the instrumental peripatetic and private music      Grade 1 Saxophone
teachers for successfully preparing them for public    Tara Shankla (Year 10) - Grade 5 Music Theory -
examinations:                                          Merit & Grade 3 Alto Saxophone - Merit
Daniel Cheetham (Year 7) - Grade 3 Flute               Michael Sugden (Year 10) - Grade 4 Saxophone -
Thomas Crook (Year 8) - Grade 5 Music Theory           Merit

James Hardacre (Year 8) - Grade 6 Trombone             David Sugden (Year 8) - Grade 2 Trombone - Merit

Scarlett Hatchwell (Year 9) - Grade 1 Drumming -       Mr S Goodwin, Director of Music
Merit                                                  Performance
Sara Hill (Year 9) - Grade 5 - Singing - Distinction

This year has started extremely positively with        The boys had qualified after finishing 4th in the
many Woking High teams and individuals enjoying        Freestyle Relay and 3rd in the Medley Relay in
considerable success at District, County and           the Surrey/Kent County Championships at Trinity
National level.                                        School, Croydon. Our Year 11 Boys team of Ben
                                                       Haskell, Olly Weedon, Marcus Vlassak and Rob
The Under 14 swimming team consisting of
                                                       Hall had also done well in the gala winning both
Year 7 Students Alex Zalaf and Ewan Smith and
                                                       their heats in the Freestyle and Medley Relay but
Year 8 students Fraser Tattersdill and Edward
                                                       finishing fifth and fourth respectively overall.
Lee competed in the National Swimming Relay
Championships in Southampton. Out of on                At the District Cross Country the School had a
hundred and eighty schools who entered, the            lot to live up to after winning three of the eight
boys qualified for the finals event with the other     age groups last year. The Cross Country was
fifteen fastest schools in the Country for the 4 x     incredibly well attended and there were thirteen
50m Freestyle Relay. Although slowest qualifiers       Schools competing, meaning there were over
on paper for the finals the boys put in a sterling     seventy students in each event. Woking High
performance and beat their qualifying time by          was again the dominant force matching last year’s
a whopping three seconds to gain 14th place            effort and winning three age groups. Please
in the Country. What is even more impressive           see team results and selected individual results
about their performance is that all of the boys        overleaf:
have at least one more year left in this age group.

     Sport Report
     Team Results:                                                    Hall posted the fastest run of the day out of all four hundred
                                                                      competitors involved. The Year 9 Girls team surprised
     Year 7 Girls              4th
                                                                      all including themselves by finishing second. The team
     Year 7 Boys               1st
                                                                      consisted of Tess Weedon who was 3rd, Valli McAdam 5th,
     Year 8 Girls              7th
                                                                      Jenny Kirk 7th and Holly Barnes 10th. A number of other
     Year 8 Boys               2nd
                                                                      students competed and performed extremely well, showing
     Year 9 Girls              3rd
                                                                      promise for the future, with the majority of them setting
     Year 9 Boys               4th
                                                                      personal best performances in both the swim and the run.
     Year 10/11 Girls          1st
     Year 10/11 Boys           1st                                    The Girls Basketball has got off to an excellent start with all
                                                                      five teams currently unbeaten. Last year’s National quarter
     Selected Individuals:                                            finalists, the Year 11’s, have recorded three resounding
                                                                      victories thrashing George Abbot, Winston Churchill and
     Matilda Rainsborough      Year 10/11                1st          BDB by a score line of 84 – 0! Led by London and South
     Megan Brooke              Year 10/11               2nd           East player Misha Blair the team are determined to make
     Josh Bowden               Year 10/11               2nd           it into the National Final Fours Weekend in May 2012.
     Rob Hall                  Year 10/11               3rd           The Year 10 team have won two games beating Winston
     Stuart Wilkin             Year 9                   3rd           Churchill and George Abbot with Charlie Mason leading the
     Ewan Smith                Year 7                    5th          way. The Year 9 Team with comfortable wins over George
     Robert Green              Year 8                    5th          Abbot 48 – 12 and Winston Churchill 58 - 6 look to have
     Jacob Rainier             Year 10/11                6th          their sights set on winning District and County honours. In
     Jack Jeffery              Year 10/11                7th          the Year 9 team Chloe Last, Chloe Alexis and Holly Barnes
     Kaitlin Howard            Year 10/11                7th          have been instrumental in the success of the team. The
     Ciara Brophy              Year 7                    7th          Year 7 and 8 Girls Basketball District competitions are being
     Matthew Horler            Year 7                    8th          decided by the results over three tournaments. In the first
     Fraser Tattersdill        Year 8                    9th          of these tournaments both Year 7 and 8 teams won. Year 7
     Alex Zalaf                Year 7                   10th          won all their games on route to the final where they narrowly
     Alice Newton              Year 10/11               10th          defeated George Abbot 6 - 4. It was an outstanding team
                                                                      performance and there were some excellent individual
     Also in Cross Country the Inter Boys Team (Year 9/10) was
                                                                      performances, notably from: Ciara Brophy, Phoebe Grant,
     the only team this year to progress onto the London and
                                                                      Tilly Russell and Anisha Hill. The Year 8 Team won 6 - 2
     South East finals following the opening round matches
                                                                      in the final against Winston Churchill. The team consisted
     which consisted of all Schools from Hampshire and Schools
                                                                      of Becky Davies, Jessica Atkinson, Amelia Riley, Ellen
     from North West Surrey and Guildford. At the London and
                                                                      Steinbach and Atifah Abdullahi.
     South East finals the boys gave their all but finished in 7th
     place overall. The team consisted of Jack Jeffery, Addison       In Boys Basketball the Year 10 and 11’s suffered
     Bray, Sam King, Stuart Wilkin, Daniel Johnson and Josh           disappointing losses to Tiffin Boys School in the County
     Bowden. Special mention should go to Josh who finished           Cup losing narrowly on both occasions. However in the
     third individually and was beaten by two National runners.       District Leagues the Year 9, 10 and 11 teams have swept
                                                                      all before them. The Year 9 team have recorded four
     At the Surrey Schools Biathlon at the K2 Sports complex in
                                                                      wins against Salesian 49 – 31, Winston Churchill 39 – 22,
     Crawley, the School did incredibly well both in the team and
                                                                      SJB 41 -22 and BDB 67 – 11. Harry Wood has been
     individual competitions. Individually the Year 8 boys, Fraser
                                                                      outstanding and ably supported by Ben Rashbrook, Harris
     Tattersdill and Edward Lee, blew the opposition out of the
                                                                      Porter, Josh Evans and Reuben Bowler. The Year 10 team
     water. Fraser finished first overall after winning the run and
                                                                      have won both District games to date beating Salesian by
     coming second behind Edward in the swim. Edward had
                                                                      an incredible scoreline of 94 – 20 and BDB 35 – 12. The
     earlier come third in the run which placed him in second
                                                                      Year 11 team has beaten Winston Churchill 57 – 20, BDB
     place overall. The Year 11 Boys Team won the Surrey title
                                                                      68 – 9 and Salesians 79 – 11. All squad members have
     for the fifth year in a row which is a fantastic achievement.
                                                                      played their part in the team’s success. Like the girls, the
     The team consisted of Olly Weedon who was 2nd, Rob
                                                                      Year 7 and 8 Boys Basketball District competitions are
     Hall 3rd, Marcus Vlassak 4th and Jacob Rainier 7th. Rob

Under 14 Boys National Swimming Relay Finalists            Yr 9 Girls Biathlon Team Second Place in Surrey

being decided by the results over three tournaments.       received coaching and a Q and A session with several
The Year 8’s were exceptional reaching the final and       current England Women’s International team players.
narrowly losing to Winston Churchill in the final 8 – 6.   They then went onto Esher RFC to watch the England
The Year 7’s finished joint third, they showed some        Women’s team defeat the then World Champions
early promise but were let down by some erratic            New, Zealand, 21 - 7.
                                                           In Netball there have been some mixed results, with
In Boys Rugby there have been some excellent team          the Year 8 and Year 11 teams the most successful.
performances. The Year 11 team soundly defeated            The Year 11’s are currently unbeaten in the League but
Winston Churchill 57 – 0 and finished third in the         suffered a shock loss when they finished third in the
District Tournament narrowly losing to Gordons. Aaran      District tournament; however the girls were missing
Mawson, Sam Swingler, Eddie Young and Declan               several key members including star shooter Natalie
Jinman have been pivotal in the team’s success. The        Wood. The Year 8’s have had a really pleasing start
Year 10’s have had a difficult start to the season with    with four wins out of five. The only defeat coming by a
many injuries to key players. This made it tough to live   single goal against Collingwood. Captain and Centre
up to the expectations brought about by last year’s        Amelia Riley has led the team really well and the
success in reaching the Surrey State Schools’ final.       shooting from lead goal scorer Becky Davies has been
A tight 10 - 5 victory away at All Hallows and the         impressive.
comprehensive destruction of Fullbrook and Winston
                                                           The Girls Football teams have all had a very successful
Churchill was followed by disappointing losses to
                                                           start to their season. The girls have taken part in two
Heathside and Weydon. Qualification for the cup
                                                           tournaments this term and have performed very well
looks unlikely, but losing so many to injury had a huge
                                                           in both. The Year 8 footballers played excellently in
impact. Sam King, Harry Neale, Josh Bowden and
                                                           a local tournament at Gordon’s School. They beat
James Holliss have been the stand out players. The
                                                           SJB, Gordon’s and Winston Churchill in their group
Year 7 team have been impressive this season having
                                                           and had a fantastic 3-1 victory over SJB in the final.
scored 96 points in two games without conceding a
                                                           The Year 9 footballers also took part in a tournament
single point themselves (39-0 vs. Winston Churchill &
                                                           at Gordon’s School. They were unbeatable in their
57-0 vs. Fullbrook). Unfortunately they came unstuck
                                                           pool but drew their final game against Tomlinscote,
against Heathside, and after a brave performance
                                                           which unfortunately put both us and Tomlinscote on
went down 24-12. However, with a large selection
                                                           the same points. Once the goals were all totted up
of players and commitment to improvement, the
                                                           Tomlinscote were crowned tournament champions on
future looks good for this collective and they move
                                                           goal difference. The girls were very disappointed but
into the second half of the season ever confident.
                                                           are confident that they will come back stronger and
Oliver Gilbert, George Hawkins and Matthew Hill have
                                                           more determined than ever to win. Our Year 10/11
                                                           Girls team had a 2-1 win over Gordon’s in a warm up
In Girls Rugby there have been both team and               match before their first Tournament in early December.
individual successes. Two Year 10 girls, Natalie Wilson
                                                           The Boys Football has had a quiet but successful
and Samantha Halladay have represented Surrey at
                                                           start to the year with each team playing relatively
Under 15 level. The Year 9 team played in the Schools
                                                           few fixtures. The Year 7, 8, 10 and 11 Teams are
Festival at Dorking RFC where they won two and drew
                                                           unbeaten. There will be a full report in the Easter
one of their games. Notable performances came
                                                           newsletter when the Cup and League competitions will
from Chloe Alexis, Olivia Palmer, Jessica Edwards and
                                                           be nearing their conclusion.
Chloe Last. Following their success they attended a
development session at Cobham RFC where they               J Justice, Head of PE
           Food Technology                                Free School Meals
 Online Payment System                                           Friends of WHS
                           Sainsbury’s Vouchers

      Food Technology Room T6
     The Woking High School food technology room is in        carried out over the summer. The result has been
     use for practical lessons twenty three out of twenty     very pleasing. Additional cooking facilities have been
     five periods per week and by the beginning of 2011       provided and the “clutter” of storage at the front of the
     it was being to look rather shabby and run down.         room replaced with a “teaching wall”. Everyone agrees
     Following the Technology college redesignation in        that the duck egg blue colour scheme was an excellent
     2010 sponsors had pledged £13,000 which was              cooling and calming choice.
     unfortunately not match funded as previously promised
                                                              Many thanks to the Friends of Woking High, Proctor and
     by the Government. However it was felt important to
                                                              Gamble and generous parents for their support of the
     acknowledge the redesignation and funding from within
     the school budget was identified and a refurbishment
     project launched. Staff and students were consulted      K. Collins, Business Manager
     and their ideas incorporated into the works which were

     Woking High School - Online Payment System
     We are delighted to have launched our online payment     If you haven’t yet registered, please do so as we are
     system during the Autumn Term. This system allows        sure you will find the service useful.
     you to make payments to school using the Internet.
                                                              If you need help using the Internet Payments system
     Parents/carers were informed via letter and many
                                                              there is a User Guide on our school website at the
     have already registered to use the service. It is easy
                                                              following address:
     to use and a great way to find out if your child has
     successfully gained a place on a visit. All payments     Please contact the school if you have mislaid your letter
     made online and in school can be viewed on your          or require any further information.
     child’s account. It also allows you to budget more
     carefully as the payments are immediate.                 K Collins, Business Manager

Free School Meals
Did you know that as well as paninis, salad bar, jacket
potatos, pizzas and whole range of home baked
breads cakes and biscuits, your child can eat a two
course cooked lunch for just £2.05 at the school
                                                            lunchtimes. You can also “top up” the account either
                                                            on line or at the cash revaluers in school.
Additionally if your family in receipt of any of the
                                                            But did you also know that the school receives
                                                            “Pupil Premium” funding in relation to the number
Child Tax Credit with an annual household income            of its students in receipt of free school meals? So in
below the current annual threshold                          claiming this benefit everyone gains!
Income Support                                              Application forms can be downloaded from the
Income Based Job Seekers Allowance                          school web site or by contacting Mrs Harman, in the
                                                            administration office, who will post a pack out to you.

Asylum Seeker
Guaranteed Pension Credit                                             Please hurry; government funding is based
                                                                      on the number of claimants on the school
Income Related Employment Support Allowance
                                                                      census day, 19 January 2012.
your son or daughter will be eligible for free school
meals. The system is very simple. A credit of £2.05         K Collins, Business Manager
is uploaded onto your child’s restaurant account each
morning for them to purchase food at break and

                                                            charities commission. If you feel this is something
                                                            that might interest you, full training will be given and

Friends of WHS                                              again the time commitments are not too onerous.
                                                            For further details on this (no strings attached) please
                                                            e-mail or feel free
The Friends of Woking High continue to play a
                                                            to chat on 01483 474093.
valuable role to the direct benefit of the school and
all of its students. We would love to see any new           Julie Barker, Vice Chairman, FoWHS
parents or carers who feel they might be able to give
up a very small amount of time to join us. This is

                                                            Sainsbury’s Voucher
NOT a big time commitment; we get together around
4 times a year to catch up on events, donations,
the Prize Club and many other interesting topics.
During our meeting in September we were delighted           Collection
to be given a tour of the newly refurbished Food
                                                            A big thank you from the Food Technology
Technology Suite!
                                                            department for collecting Sainsbury’s vouchers.
We would love to invite any parent or carer who may
                                                            We were able to claim many pieces of new
be interested in the work of the Friends, to join us for
                                                            equipment to coincide with the refurbishment over
a lunch-time buffet on 21 March 2012 at 12.30pm in
                                                            the summer holidays. Students now benefit from
the school, during which you will get a chance to tour
                                                            new chopping boards, new baking trays, saucepans,
the school and view for yourself how the funds are
                                                            scales and many other new items to help support
used to the benefit of the students. Our next Prize
                                                            their Food Technology lessons.
Club draw will also be made at this get together.
Further details will follow. Our search also continues      Please help us with collecting vouchers for the 2012
for the role of treasurer, this duty involves maintaining   scheme.
the financial records, submitting an annual gift aid
reclaim to HMRC and filing statutory returns with           M Abbs-Rowe, Director of Technology

          Prize Club Update
                       Term Dates

                                  Prize Club Update
     Thank you for everyone who has already joined the Prize Club Lottery, our members are growing all the time,
     you can join at any time and subscriptions are £5 per month collected termly. This is an exciting opportunity to
     enter a cash prize lottery which directly benefits the school. An application form can be found on the website
     under “communities” then “Friends of Woking High” or if you prefer please e-mail me at carl.barker30@ or Carol Rothwell at so we can pop one in the post for you.

     Our AGM, on 1 December, saw our draw take place with the following winners:
     1st Prize - Mr & Mrs Best     £52.00
     2nd Prize - Mrs Grant         £36.40
     3rd Prize - Mrs Anderson      £15.60

     The Prize Club so far has raised £1,627.00 including gift aid donations, please consider taking part as more
     members equals bigger prizes and greater benefits for Woking High Students.

     Julie Barker, Vice Chairman, FoWHS

                                            TERM DATES
                 Spring              Wednesday 4 January – Friday 30 March 2012
                 Half Term           13 February – 17 February 2012 inclusive
                 Summer              Monday 16 April – Friday 20 July 2012
                 Half Term           4 June – 8 June 2012 inclusive
                 INSET Days          Friday 20 January 2012
                                     Monday 25 June 2012
                 Public Holiday      Monday 7 May 2012


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