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									                                   CAREER PATHWAYS

Career pathways are state-approved career enhancement programs defined as a coherent,
articulated sequence of rigorous academic and career related courses usually commencing in the
ninth grade and leading to an associate degree, and/or an industry-recognized certificate or
licensure, and/or a baccalaureate degree and beyond.

Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) provides all Georgia students with the
opportunity to select at least three sequenced electives in a career pathway, along with
recommended academic course work, to prepare them to continue their education at any level or
enter the world of work.

Selection of a pathway will be based on self- awareness and the investigation of occupations plus
related educational levels aligned with the pathway. Most high-demand, high-skilled, high-wage
occupations in all concentrations still do require education beyond high school. Implementation of
career pathways is a collaborative effort between the local system, the Technical College System
of Georgia and the University System of Georgia

                      Colquitt County High Career Pathways


Ag Mechanics Pathway
Basic Ag Science and Technology (02.4710010/20)
Ag Mechanics I (01.4210010/20)
Ag Mechanics II (01.4220010/20)

Forestry/Natural Resources Pathway
Basic Ag Science and Technology (02.4710010/20)
Forest Science (01.4320010/20)
Wildlife Management    (03.4530010/20)

Animal Science Pathway
Basic Ag Science and Technology (02.4710010/20)
Animal Science Technology/Biotechnology (02.4210010/20)
Agricultural Animal Production and Management (01.4320010/20)

Plant Science/Horticulture Pathway
Basic Ag Science and Technology (02.4710010/20)
*General Horticulture and Plant Science (01.4610010/20)(Counts as 4th Science)
Nursery and Landscape (01.470010/20)

Agriscience Pathway
Basic Ag Science & Technology (02.4710010/20)
*Animal Science Technology/Biotechnology (02.4210010/20)(Counts as 4th Science)
*Plant Science and Biotechnology (02.4410010/20)(Counts as 4th Science)
Agribusiness Management Pathway (Open only to 11th and 12 Grades)
Basic Ag Science and Technology (02.4710010/20)
Agribusiness Management and Leadership       (01.4120010/20)
Marketing Agricultural Products and Services (01.4130010/20)

Extra Classes
Veterinary Science (02.4240010/20)

                           BUSINESS and COMPUTER SCIENCE

Small Business Development Pathway
Business Essentials     (06.4160010/20)
Legal Environment of Business (06.4150010/20)
Entrepreneurial Ventures (06.4170010/20)

Interactive Media Pathway
Computing in the Modern World (11.4130010/20)
Fundamentals of Web Design (11.4310010/20)
Advanced Web Design (11.4320010/20)

Administrative/Information Support Pathway
Computer Applications 1 (07.4411010/20)
Computer Applications 2 (07.4412010/20)
Business Communication and Presentation (07.4831010/20)

Extra Classes
Intro to Animation and 3d Design (11.4280010/20)

                            FAMILY and CONSUMER SCIENCE

Nutrition and Food Science Pathway
Food, Nutrition and Wellness   (20.4161010/20))
Food and Nutrition Through the Lifespan (20.4171010/20)(Counts as 4th Science)
Food Science (20.4181010/20)(Counts as 4th Science)

Human Growth and Development for Early Childhood (20.4232010/20)
Health, Safety and Nutrition for the Young Child (20.4261010/20)
Introduction to Early Childhood Care and Education      (20.5251010/20)

Extra Classes
Interior Design (20.4410010/20)

                                  HEALTHCARE SCIENCE

Therapeutic Services – Nursing Pathway
Intro to Healthcare Science (25.4210010/20)
Application of Therapeutic Services (25.42200410/20)
Nursing Essentials (CNA program) (25.56100410/20)
Therapeutic Services – Medical Services Pathway (Phasing Out)
Intro to Healthcare Science (25.4210010/20)
Application of Therapeutic Services (25.42200410/20)
General Medicine (25.4250010/20)

Health Informatics Pathway – (Phasing In)
Intro to Healthcare Science (25.4210010/20)
Medical Terminology (25.4910010/20
Applications of Healthcare Informatics (25.4920010/20

Extra Classes
Medical Services Internship (25.5260010/20)


Transportation Logistical Support
*Foundations of Transportation and Logistics (Taught at CCHS) (47.4710010/20)
Electrical/Electronic Systems and design (47.4760010/20)
Chassis System and Design (47.4770010/20)

Construction Pathway
Occupational Safety and Fundamentals (46.4450010/20)
Intro to Construction (46.4460010/20)
Carpentry I (46.4500010/20)
Carpentry II (46.4510010/20)

Metals Technology Pathway
Occupational Safety and Fundamentals (46.4450010/20)
Intro to Metals (48.4810010/20)
Welding I (48.4510010/20) (48.5510010/20)
Welding II (48.4520010/20) (48.5520010/20)

Broadcast/Video Production Pathway
*Broadcast/Video Production I (Taught at CCHS) (10.4111010/20)
Broadcast/Video Production II (10.4121010/20)
Broadcast Video Production III (10.4131010/20)

                           Government and Public Safety
MCJROTC   II    (28.0420010/20)
MCJROTC   III   (28.0430010/20)
MCJROTC   IV    (28.5440010/20)
                         MODERN LANGUAGE/LATIN (3 Units)
                  (At Least 2 Units in the Same Language for College)
American Sign Language
                                JOURNALISM (3 Units)
Journalism I
Journalism II
Journalism III
Journalism IV
                             PERFORMING ARTS (3 Units)
Dramatic Arts
Music (Band)
                                VISUAL ARTS (3 Units)
Any Art Classes

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