Estate Auction of Charlie H. Repschlaeger Jr

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					      Estate Auction of
                                                                                         Charlie Repschlaeger Jr. was a collector of
                                                                                         tractors, hit and miss engines and antiques.
      Charlie H.                                                                         Over the last 25 years he has accumulated
                                                                                         several rare and unique items.
      Repschlaeger Jr.
                                                                                         Come join in on the bidding of these rare
      808 S. 261 E. Ave, Catoosa, OK       Tractors and trailers
                                                                                         and unique items to add to your own
      74015                                                                              collection.

                                                                                         As an avid collector, Charlie attended many
                                                                                         shows every year including Pawnee,
                                                                                         Haskell and Catoosa. He was an active
The Estate Auction will be held on                                                       member in the Route 66 Flywheelers and
Saturday, March 31, 2012 at 10:00                                                        OATA.

am. Registration will start at 8:00. Mr.
                                                                                        Driving Direction’s Sign’s will be
Willie Turner will be the Auctioneer.                                                                posted
                                                   Hit and Miss Engines and parts    West bound I-44: get off on Pine St. turn Left at Stop
                                                                                      sign, turn Right at 4 way stop, go to next stop sign
                                                                                    (Admiral) turn Left. Go to 257th Street. turn Right. Go
Parking is available for large                                                       ½ mile to 6th street, turn Left. Go to end of Street and
                                                                                                            turn Right.
vehicles.                                                                            From Chouteau, Ok: US-412, turn left on 265th East,
                                                                                      1st right onto E0590 Rd. Turn Left onto 257 th East
                                                                                     Ave. Go ½ mile and turn Left onto E. 6th Street, Turn
Equipment will be available to load                                                                   Right at end of street.
                                                                                      From Oklahoma City: I-44 to exit 241 merge Left
items after the auction.                                                             onto route 66, follow 66 to Pine Street, turn Right on
                                                                                    Pine. Go to 225th East Ave. Turn Right, go to Admiral
                                                                                      and turn Left. Go to 257th Street, turn Right. Go ½
                                           Farm Equipment                            mile to 6th Street, Turn Left. Go to end of Street turn
Payment terms are cash or check
with bank letter.
                                                                                        Sellers: Debra & Vern
For more information on items to be                                                              Myles
auctioned, see the website at:                                            
                                                   Antiques and collectables

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