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					Way more than you ever wanted to know about detergent…but its important information to pass on to
folks who are buying and it is important folks understand why only one variety is being offered. I just
                             cannot, in good conscious-offer anything else.

               Laundry products are marketed with added functional claims
                                  E.g. Detergent with…
      Bleach alternative
      Fabric softener
      Odor eliminators
      For Cold water
      Each type may cost a little more or a little less.
    But if you are a typical person, your load of laundry may be in need of all of
                                       the above!
                       That is: You may have a laundry load that requires you to
     Eliminate stains, eliminate odors.
     need to be brightened up a bit;
     Smell sweaty and sour.
     May have some fabrics that need to be cleaned in hot, warm or cold water.
     Want it to be soft & very slight nice fragrance when dried, right?
                                        So what should we do?
    Separate the items and run three or four (or more!) loads?
    Or maybe we should spend MORE MONEY on those “BOOSTER” products!
    (Gee I wonder whose best interest that’s in??!)
    Or why not use the detergent on market right now that contains all necessary ingredients to address
    all the above concerns? And it works in any temperature as well! Tide Total Care has all this in it and
    it’s the same price! Why pay for Tide with Bleach Alternative….when you can have Tide with
    This seems like a much more cost effective way to do laundry, not to mention time savings. Therefore
    we at GreenPaw Boxer Rescue have decided to only offer this Complete Care laundry detergent.
    Otherwise you and I are paying good money for inferior product.
    The manufacturing and marketing of laundry detergent is a money making, billion dollar industry!
    Where they keep repackaging the same products, marketing them as something else and charging
    more money! And that friends, makes me not want to offer their products at all….but we all need to
    use laundry soap so what can we do?
   It’s always been my goal to offer the best product at the best price. I feel to do business any other
    way is dishonest. So you will see below an explanation (in my best laymen’s terms) of what’s included
    in your laundry detergent and its functions. (Yes it’s very boring!)

    Oxygen bleach compound: This chemical allows the detergent to perform as Detergent with bleach
    alternative AND the power of oxygen, but it is color safe bleach because it is based on oxygen
    oxidation not chlorine. The same chemical has the function of oxidizing malodor producing
    chemicals and microorganisms, which is a function similar to odor conteractants and odor
    masking chemicals (example claims of Febreze).
    Mix of anionic and special non-iconic: The composition of detergents in our formula allows the
    product to perform well in hot, warm and cold water. The bleach needs warm or hot water but the
    non-ironic detergents produce a good soil removal at low temperature. This function is similar to the
    Cold Water Detergents in the market.
    Anti-redeposition polymers: The include polymers in the blend with the purpose of preventing the
    dirt to re-deposit on the fabric during the rinsing cycle. The polymer used acts as a softener for the
    fabric. Consumers may want to add fabric softener and/or dryer sheets if they want a stronger
    fragrance….I know most people smell “Downey” and think fabric softener-not true. That smell is
    just a fragrance added….but the actual softness of the fabric comes from preventing the
    redeposition of the soil during the rinse cycle.
   Surfactant molecules: Surfactants have two parts;
    One is "water loving" and the other is "water hating."
    The water-loving (hydrophilic) part breaks the surface tension of water.
      The water-hating (hydrophobic) part is attracted to oil and grease in soils, loosening and removing
      them from fabrics.

Scents: A scent is just a smell to cover up odors-Period. There is no special cleaning power/softening
power in any particular scent. People naturally associate certain smells with certain types of detergent.
PROPERLY WASHED AND RINSED. Why? Well because if you smell the detergent, it didn’t get completely
rinsed…which probably means you used too much (huge common occurrence). When there is dried
laundry soap on your clothing, it actually attracts dirt and organisms and gives germs something to
“hold on to” Properly washed clothing should come out of the wash smelling neutral with maybe a touch
of the fragrance on it.

Here is a quick and easy way to find out if you are using too much detergent.
Wash a load of towels or jeans….something heavy. Use typical amount of detergent you normally use.
Hang clothing on a hanger and air dry.
Are they soft and pliable? Great! You did just right!
All the detergent was rinsed out and none of the soiled water was redeposited on your clean clothes!

Or, is your clothing stiff and rough? If so, too much detergent was used and didn’t get rinsed. These
clothes now have dried detergent on them-which we already discussed-attracts germs, odors/sweat,
bacteria and grabs on tight to any stains…making it more difficult to remove. It also makes your clothes
smell sour when you begin to sweat.

Perhaps, (like me) you like to see suds! The more suds the better! Nothing can really be clean until I see
some suds! Unfortunately, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s almost impossible to get all those
dirty suds out in one rinse so guess where they go? Yup, right back into the fabrics you are washing.

                     To summarize, the formula in Complete Care liquid detergent contains
               All the Enzymes, Surfactants and Polymer’s to address all your laundry needs.
Do you want to buy a detergent with….
       Oxygen cleaner?
              It’s in Complete Care
       With stain fighter?
               It’s in Complete Care
       With bleach alternative?
               It’s in Complete Care
       Works well in any temperature?
              It’s in Complete Care
       With fabric softener?
              It’s in Complete Care
       With odor eliminator?
              It’s in Complete Care
       Want it to have a fresh scent that isn’t “covering up” odors?
              It’s in Complete Care
       Want it 2xultra, saving you tons of money?
              It’s in Complete Care

          What are we paying for all these detergents?
          The average price of Tide (at box stores) detergent has increased by over $7 in since 2000!
          Buying from GreenPaw just makes CENTS!
          You get a detergent with EVERYTHING in it for only $26 (no tax)
          130 loads for $26! No tax! That’s only $0.20/load! Good for Regular or HE machines
          And when you buy from Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart gets the profit
          When you buy from a local student athlete, the profit stays in your community
          It’s an investment in YOUR communities’ future!

                            If you really want to Save Money and Live Better,
                           Start by keeping YOUR profit in YOUR Community!
                                       Where it can do some good!!

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