Date November_ 26-th 2008 Name Romanova Lera Topic Extinct animals by dffhrtcv3


									Date: November, 26-th 2008
Name: Romanova Lera
Topic: Extinct animals
     They were alive
     about 150 million
     years ago. They had
     small heads, long
     necks, long tails and
     huge bodies. They
     couldn’t run fast.
     Nobody knows why
     they disappeared.
  They were large
   birds, which lived
   350 years ago.
   They had small
   wings, a short
   tail, a big beak
   and short legs.
   So they couldn’t
   fly or run fast.
Woolly mammoths
       They had big heads,
       big tusks, long
       trunks and long
       brown hair. They
       could dig for grass
       under the snow. It
       was very cold when
       they were alive. It
       was about 10
       thousand years ago.
Other extinct animals
Endangered animals
Love animals and
take care of them!

     The end.

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