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               Authorised Marriage Celebrant

Q How far out from my wedding do we need to book you as our celebrant?

A My recommendation is to book with me between 6 and 18 months prior to your
wedding day. This recommendation is based on ensuring my availability and leaving
plenty of time to create your perfect wedding ceremony.

Q What do we look for when researching wedding service providers for our

A The best thing to keep in mind when booking your wedding service providers is
that you need to look for value for money. So ask lots of questions and get a feeling
for what you are getting for your money.

You need service providers that you feel understand your wants and needs. You want
to feel you are being well taken care of.

Look for wedding service providers who are very well experienced. See what others
have had to say about them. You can find more detail on how to pick your 3 most
important wedding services providers for your perfect wedding in my “Andreas
Wedding Hints and Tips” booklet.

Q We don’t have a lot of time to see people while planning our wedding but we
still want to have a good connection with those taking care of our needs for our
perfect wedding day. How can we do this?

A There are lots of ways to stay in contact with those assisting in planning your day.
When choosing your wedding service providers look for those that offer online
support, phone, email and even Skype support.

Q What services are we best to book first once we have chosen our wedding

A My recommendation would be to book your Venue, Celebrant then Photographer.

Q Once we have booked you as our Celebrant what do we need to have for the
legal paper work to be completed?

A To complete the Notice of Intended Marriage aka NIOM form you will need your
full original birth certificates, if you have been married before you will also need
either your full original divorce certificate or death certificate if you are widowed.
You also need to supply Photo ID when lodging the NIOM. If you need to apply new
certificates within Australia follow this link to down load the application form.
Q When do we need to provide the information for the NIOM?

A No more than 18 months or less then 32 days prior to the wedding date.

Q Where can we get the Notice of Intended Marriage.

A You can down load the NIOM from my website or I can supply it when we first
Q Can we choose our own ceremony words? Will you help us?

A I will work with you to design your perfect unique ceremony, designed with care ,
and attention, concentrating on what is important to you. We will use a combination
of material I already have, new material, your own ideas and much more.

Q How long does the Ceremony Take?

A This is very dependent on your uniquely designed ceremony. With that in mind and
from experience a ceremony can be anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes, sometimes
ceremonies even differ from these times. Remembering that when designing the
ceremony we will talk about how long you would like the ceremony and what you
would like that to include.

Q Do I need official witnesses, what are the requirements of these witnesses?

A You will need two official witnesses; they will need to be over the age of 18 and
must have no more than 0.05 alcohol in their system. You will need to provide their
full names including any and all middle names prior to the wedding day.

Q Are we allowed to drink alcohol on our wedding day?

A You will also need to have no more than 0.05 alcohol in your system. If you would
like to have a drink just make sure you eat, drink plenty of water and ensure that when
you arrive at the ceremony you are no more than 0.05 in your system. Remembering
that after the ceremony is completed you will be able to have more to drink should
you wish to do so.

Q If I live interstate and will not be in QLD until a few week maybe even days
before the Ceremony how do we lodge the Notice of Intended Marriage?

A You can download the form from my website. You can fill it in (contacting me any
time for any questions) and sign the document in front of an appropriate person (there
is a list of authorities on the NIOM who can witness this document). You will then
scan and email the NIOM to myself and post the original via registered post to my
office where the NIOM will then be lodged.

Q Is it still traditional for the bride to be late?

A It is still traditional for some, it is very personal, however it is a courtesy these days
to be no more than 5 min late. Keeping in mind that if the Bride arrives on time it can
take up to 10 min for the Bride to get out of the car have some photos taken and make
her way down to the ceremony/aisle. If you would like to be traditionally late (more
than 5 minutes) you will need to let me know so I can keep things running smoothly.
Q Do we need a rehearsal and if so who needs to be there and where will it be

A Yes you certainly can have a rehearsal with me. The choice is completely up to

Just keep in mind; to get the full benefit of a rehearsal it is best if you can have
everyone who will be involved in the ceremony. This would include your Bridal party
together with anyone walking down the aisle; parents, those doing readings and
anyone else who may be involved in any mini ceremony.

Q What is a mini ceremony?

A A mini ceremony aka a ceremony ritual is a way you can personalise your
ceremony. Some examples are lighting candles representing each of you and then a
new candle symbolising your unity. The Sand ceremony with different colours can
also be used for this. Both the Sand and Candle ceremony are wonderful ways to
include children or other family members. Some other mini ceremonies are releasing
butterflies, binding of the hands and the rose ceremony.

Q Are there other mini ceremonies we can have? Can we create our own or
change an existing one?

A There are lots of mini ceremonies out there and I am more than happy to help you
choose or change or design a new one that is perfect for you and your ceremony.

Q Can we write our own Vows? Do we have to have the same vows? Do we have
to remember our vows?

A Yes you can write your own vows. I will give you each as much support as you
need and you can have different ones or the same. This is a wonderful way to really
personalise your love for each other. I take a lot of pride in helping you get this just
perfect for each of you. You can read, repeat or memorise your vows. Let’s talk more
about this once we design the vows.

Q What do you wear to our wedding?

A I feel that it is ok for a celebrant to be over dressed but not under dressed. I wear a
pant, skirt or dress suite and my rule is that if the Groom is wearing a jacket then I
will have a jacket on.

Q What time do you arrive at the ceremony?

A I will arrive 30 min prior to the start time of the ceremony unless otherwise
Q How many times to we need to see you leading up to the wedding day?

A This can depend on your availability. You are welcome to make as many
appointments as you like, however I do understand that life is very busy when
planning a wedding. For this reason I have systemised the planning so as you only
really need to come and see me in the office the once and then at the rehearsal should
you wish to have one.

Remember you are welcome to make more appointments if you like. You also have
unlimited access to me online. Skype, Skype name: Andreas Wedding, email:
andrea@andreasweddings.comand FB http://www.facebook.com/andreasweddings

Q When and how do we apply for our official Marriage certificate after we are

A You can go to the following link and download the official marriage certificate


Fill it in and bring with you when we first meet or post it yourself to Births Deaths
and Marriages aka BDM. Please allow 2 – 6 weeks for BDM to process and send out
the official certificate depending on what time of year your wedding is.

Q Do we need to see you after our Wedding?

A You don’t need to see me after your wedding however you are very welcome to
drop me an email and let me know how everything went. I love it when I receive
wonderful emails and photos after the event.

I do provide a letter and feedback form for you in your presentation envelope
presented to you on the wedding day. This is a way in which I can receive feedback
on how you feel everything went for your ceremony. You can have a look at the
feedback on my Website. www.andreasweddings.com

Please feel free to contact me at any time; I have my details below for you:




Skype: Andreas Weddings


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