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VW T3 ’80 – ’89 Jolly and Speedy                                                                                                    Use your imagination in designing
                                                                                                                                              your camper

                               Jolly - Do-it-yourself Fitting
                               Chic and natural refinement
                               The Jolly Equipment Set is a complete furniture set
                               without foam and covers. All boards, doors etc. are pre-
                               cut, ready to be assembled.
                               The raw plywood surface offers multiple possibilties of
                               individual refinement: Lacquer the surfaces and colour
                               the interior of your car according to your personal wis-
                               hes, varnish or oil-impregnate the wood to keep a natu-
                               ral ambience. Of course this material lends itself to a
                               treatment with organic products especially.
                               As there is no finishing treatment of the wood with lami-
                               nate or other synthetic surface coating you benefit from
                               a lower price.

 Beginner’s Favourite                                                                                                                   wardrobe                     locker         kitchen unit
A time-tested concept for VW-transporter made of poplar plywood. The basic outli-
ne is similar to the popular Florida’80 / Speedy furniture line.
1  Jolly assembly kit,
   includes table set and foldable bench seat                130000
2 foam for bench seat                                        13201120
3 cover for bench seat, design Dream                         13201226
11 foam for rear area                                        13210020                                                                                                swivel table
12 cover for above, design Dream                             13210126
13 suspended roof locker                                     130001

                                                                                                                         rear section              bench seat

                                                                                                                               sleeping section ca. 1900 x 1220 cm

 Speedy - Get more for your money
 Speedy is a well proven furniture line for the classic VW transporter. This set was
 delveloped along the lines of Reimo’s successful Florida-furniture and will suit any
 With the SPEEDY-Set we now offer these new variants::
 Modern design „Graffiti“ with decorative furniture handles - combined with a perfect
 space-saving outline - for more joy in travelling
 1           SPEEDY-Furniture Set, including:
    Table set, foldable bench seat (without flap in front pannelling), combined wardrobe and
    rear clothing compartment.
    Kitchen unit with drawer, gas tank box, top cover (without cut-out; fitting of cooker and
    sink possible), with cut-out for refrigerator installation. Locker for dishes and cutlery left
    of kitchen unit, 1 door. Rear storage box above engine compartment.
 2 Foam for bench seat                                              13201120
 3 Cover design Dream, Standard                                     13201226
    Luxury cover Dream, stitched                                    13201326
 11 Faom for rear section above engine compartment 13210020
 12 Cover Design Dream                                              13210126
 13 Szspended roof locker with flap                                 13208115

 Complete your Speedy equipment with our technical installation sets:
 Water system, 12 V/220 V-installation, gas installation.
 Please see our accessories catalogue.

                                                                                                     Pictures may show different fabric or design.

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