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                                                                              Agenda Item: 7

  Follow-Up to APEC Transportation and Ministerial
                               Purpose: Consideration
                            Submitted by: EWG Secretariat

                                              43rd Energy Working Group Meeting
                                                          Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
                                                               08 -10 March 2012
                                             APEC TRANSPORTATION AND ENERGY MINISTERIAL CONFERENCE
                                                                ACTION AGENDA

WORKPLAN – 2011-2013

       Ministerial Taskings        Working   Lead         Activities                  Deliverables            Progress                    Notes
Item                               Group     Economy(s)


1.2    We instruct the Energy      EWG       ALL          A variety of projections    A summary paper on      Economies will work
       Working Group (EWG)                                and analyses were           EWG discussion and      towards the energy
       to intensify analysis of                           performed by the Asia       findings was            intensity goal
       the potential for further                          Pacific Energy              presented to senior     individually and
       energy intensity                                   Research Centre             officials and Leaders   collectively, sharing
       improvement with a                                 (APERC) in Tokyo.           in Honolulu in          information on smart
       view to recommending                               These were discussed        November 2011.          transport, buildings and
       an enhanced goal to                                in depth at EWG-41 in       Leaders adopted a       power grids through the
       APEC Leaders in                                    Canada and EWG-42 in        goal to reduce          Knowledge Sharing
       November                                           Chinese Taipei.             regional energy-        Platform of the Energy
                                                                                      intensity by 45         Smart Communities
                                                                                      percent by 2035.        Initiative (ESCI).
1.3    We direct the EWG           EWG                    Ongoing avenues for         EWG and TPT-WG to       Additional areas of
       and Transportation          TPTWG                  collaboration include       consider follow-up      collaboration to be
       Working Group                                      APEC studies and            APEC studies.           identified by the working
       (TPTWG) to assess                                  ESCI. APEC studies          Intermodal Experts      groups.
       the measures APEC                                  are completed or            Group and Expert
       economies could take                               underway on bus rapid       Group on Energy
       in the transportation                              transit, transit-oriented   Efficiency and
       sector to be more                                  development, and            Conservation to be
       energy efficient, and to                           intermodal freight.         consulted.
       identify additional                                ESCI tasks relate to
       areas of collaboration                             energy-efficient urban
                                                          transport, energy-
                                                          efficient freight
                                                          transport, and electric
                                                          vehicle demonstrations
                                                                                                                         SUGGESTIONS: February 17, 2012
                                                             and electro-mobility,
1.4   We direct the EWG to       EWG     Untied States,      EWG developed a             Voluntary reports by     EWG Lead Shepherd
      develop a voluntary                New Zealand,        voluntary reporting         APEC economies.          will encourage
      reporting mechanism                all other APEC      mechanism at EWG -42        Goal should be to        economies to volunteer,
      on reduction and                   economies that      in Canada and EWG-43        have several             discussion to take place
      phaseout of inefficient            wish to make        in Chinese Taipei that      economies report in      at EWG-43.
      fossil fuel subsidies to           voluntary           was endorsed by Senior      2012.
      be presented to APEC               reports on fossil   Officials and Leaders in
      Leaders in November,               fuel subsidy        Honolulu.
      consistent with                    reduction.
      approaches in the G20


2.1   We direct the TPTWG        TPTWG   Canada and          Discussion and analysis     Initial deliverable      TPTWG and EWG               ESCI tasks on
      and EWG to develop         EWG     United States,      of candidate                would be an agreed       should initiate             energy-efficient
      performance measures               perhaps             performance measures        list of performance      discussion of candidate     urban transport and
      for gauging the impact             Singapore and       by TPTWG and EWG.           measures.                performance measures        freight transport
      of livability-driven               Thailand                                        Candidates might         at TPTWG-35 in              include elements to
      interventions to reduce                                Gathering of examples       include reductions in    Thailand and EWG- 43        gauge the impacts of
      transport times, energy                                of impacts of livability-   energy use, carbon       in Malaysia.                specific measures
      use and carbon                                         driven interventions        emissions, and                                       on energy use,
      emissions, and to have                                 according to the            emissions of criteria    ESCI task on energy-        pollutant emissions,
      initial measures                                       performance measures        pollutants like sulfur   efficient urban transport   and carbon
      available for review by                                agreed.                     dioxide, nitrogen        has started to post U.S.    emissions.
      Energy Ministers in                                                                oxide, and               examples of energy use
      2012 and                                                                           particulates.            and emissions
      Transportation                                                                                              reductions from
      Ministers in 2013.                                                                 Subsequent               TIGGERs – Transit
                                                                                         deliverables would be    Investments for
                                                                                         a set of examples of     Greenhouse Gas and
                                                                                         improved                 Energy Reductions.
                                                                                         performance              Other economies will be
                                                                                         according to the         encourages to post
                                                                                         measures agreed,         similar examples.
                                                                                         followed by
                                                                                         assessment of best
                                                                                                                             SUGGESTIONS: February 17, 2012

2.2   We look for further       EWG     Japan, United   Energy-Smart                 Best practices for       Information is starting to   Outreach is needed
      development of                    States          Communities Initiative       energy efficient urban   be developed and             to major freight
      activities under the                              (ESCI) has tasks             transport, energy-       posted on the ESCI           transporters to
      Energy-Smart                                      relating to energy-          efficient freight.       Knowledge Sharing            encourage their
      Communities Initiative                            efficient urban transport,   Shared information       Platform (KSP) with          participation in the
      (ESCI) to be reported                             energy-efficient freight     on electro-mobility      website to be launched       APEC energy
      to Leaders in 2011.                               transport, electric          and electric vehicle     in March 2012.               efficient freight
                                                        vehicle demonstrations       demonstrations.                                       transport network.
                                                        and electro-mobility,        Network of energy-
                                                                                     efficient freight
2.3   We direct the EWG         EWG     Japan, United   APEC Low-Carbon              Key deliverables are     Preliminary information      Significant effort will
      and TPTWG to              TPTWG   States          Model Town (LCMT)            best practices to        is being developed and       be required to
      develop best practices                            Project.                     promote energy           posted on the ESCI           generate examples
      for reducing energy                               Energy-Smart                 efficient urban and      website.                     from a variety of
      consumption and                                   Communities Initiative       freight transport,                                    economies that can
      carbon emissions in                               (ESCI) work on energy-       interoperability of                                   be compared and
      the APEC region.                                  efficient urban transport    power grids and                                       contrasted to
                                                        and freight transport.       electric vehicle                                      develop APEC-wide
      We direct the EWG                                                              charging                                              best practices.
      and the TPTWG to          EWG                                                  infrastructure.                                       APEC support may
      consider additional       TPTWG                                                                                                      be needed for
      activities based on the                           Cooperative Energy           CEEDS workshops          CEEDS workshop               studies to assess
      results of the                                    Efficiency Design for        on energy-efficient      presentations and            the examples and
      Ministerial Conference                            Sustainability (CEEDS)       urban transport in       conclusions are being        draw conclusions.
      and related meetings                              project on energy            San Francisco in         made available on the
                                                        efficient urban transport.   September 2011 and       ESCI website.
                                                                                     Singapore in January
                                                                                     2012.                    EV workshop report to
                                                                                                              be made available on
                                                                                                              ESCI website.
2.4   We direct the TPTWG       TPTWG                   TPTWG-EWG                    Project reports on       Report on BRT was            TPTWB may wish to
      to study the expanded                             cooperative projects         TOD and BRT.             completed in                 consider follow-up
      use of TOD, Bus Rapid                             already underway on                                   September 2011 and is        analyses to develop
      Transit (BRT), bicycle                            the energy, transport                                 available on the APEC        more detailed
      lanes and walkways                                and environmental                                     website. Report on           information and case
      which can be                                      benefits of TOD and                                   TOD is in progress,          studies.
                                                                                                                          SUGGESTIONS: February 17, 2012
      incorporated into an                                   BRT and encourage                                   should be completed in
      assessment of the                                      follow-up activities.                               mid-2012. BRT report
      potential for reduced                                                                                      shows significant
      intensity of energy use                                                                                    reductions in carbon
      in the transportation                                                                                      emissions and energy
      sector.                                                                                                    use can be achieved.


3.1   We direct the EWG           EWG        Japan, United   Projects on                 Information on          ESCI task leaders to      ESCI Knowledge
      and TPTWG to identify       TPTWG      States          electromobility             electromobility         develop templates for     Sharing Platform
      and study appropriate                                  roadmaps and electric       roadmaps in APEC        information sharing on    may help to elicit
      strategies, approaches                                 drive vehicle               with focus on           electromobility           required information,
      and best practices for                                 demonstrations that are     strategies for          roadmaps and EV           with impetus from
      promoting efficient and                                included under the          expanding EV            demonstrations.           ESCI task leaders.
      alternative-fueled                                     ESCI.                       charging
      vehicles, including                                                                infrastructure.
      electric drive vehicles,
      based on life cycle                                                                Information on EV
      assessments                                                                        demonstration
                                                                                         projects, including
                                                                                         estimates of
                                                             APEC workshop on            improvements in
                                                             Energy and Green            range, charging time,
                                                             Transport Benefits of       performance and
                                                             Electric Vehicles (Hong     efficiency.
                                                             Kong, October 2011)                                 Workshop report
                                                                                         EV workshop report.     drafted 2/2012.

3.2   We call on officials to     APEC       All APEC        Discuss effective           Elements of             Elements were             Includes the
      identify common             Auto       economies       procedures and              procedures and          developed and             importation of small
      elements of                 Dialogue                   regulations to facilitate   regulations to          presented to Leaders in   numbers of non-
      procedures and                                         the introduction of         facilitate the          2011.                     salable advanced
      regulations to facilitate                              energy-efficient vehicles   introduction of                                   and alternative
      the introduction of                                                                energy-efficient                                  fueled
      energy-efficient                                                                   vehicles                                          demonstration motor
      vehicles throughout the                                                                                                              vehicles with
                                                                                                                            SUGGESTIONS: February 17, 2012
      APEC region by the                                                                                                 adequate level of
      November Leaders’                                                                                                  safety

      We encourage the
      development of
      approaches to
      addressing the safety
      of electric vehicles.
3.4   We recommend that          EWG     EWG Biofuels Task           Follow-on studies to      Follow-on studies not     EWG Biofuels Task
      the EWG and                        Force completed a six-      assess the cost-          yet agreed or funded.     Force found 2nd-
      individual APEC                    year effort in 2011 on      effective resource        EWG-43 and Expert         generation biofuels
      economies consider                 biofuel resource            potential of second-      Group on New and          from farm and forest
      and assess in greater              potential, cost,            generation biofuels in    Renewable Energy          residues could
      detail second-                     infrastructure, and         detail for individual     Technology (EGNRET)       displace up to two-
      generation biofuels,               sustainability, to assess   economies and             may discuss options.      fifths of gasoline use
      while ensuring carbon-             the biofuel resources       APEC as a whole.                                    and one-fifth of
      reduction, stable                                                                                                  crude imports in
      supply and cost-                                                                                                   APEC.
      according to life cycle

3.5   We direct the EWG          EWG     Assessment of best          Best practices for        EWG Biofuels Task         Efforts by ICAO and
      and TPTWG to               TPTWG   practices for               modernizing air traffic   Force produced a report   IMO to address the
      cooperate on best                  modernizing air traffic     management.               in 2012 on resource       impact of
      practices for both the             management.                                           potential of algal        international aviation
      modernization of air                                           Best practices for        biodiesel which is a      and shipping on
      traffic management                 Assessment of best          development of            resource option for       climate change –
      and the development                practices for               aviation biofuels.        aviation.                 especially ICAO
      of aviation biofuels, in           development of aviation                                                         Res. A37-19, and
      coordination with                  biofuels.                                                                       IMO work on energy
      ICAO, to limit or reduce                                                                                           efficiency for ships.
      the environmental
      footprint for all phases                                                                                           Ongoing
      of flight, from gate to                                                                                            negotiations under
      gate                                                                                                               the United Nations
                                                                                                         SUGGESTIONS: February 17, 2012
                                                                                                                                       Convention on
                                                                                                                                       Climate (UNFCCC).


4.1   We direct the EWG           EWG     United States   ESCI task on energy      Network of energy-     Information is starting to   Outreach is needed
      and TPTWG, in               TPTWG                   efficient freight        efficient freight      be developed in the          to major freight
      consultation with                                   transport.               transporters, best     ESCI energy efficient        transporters to
      industry, to consider                                                        practices on energy-   freight transport task, in   encourage their
      strategies and best                                 Cooperative project on   efficient freight      cooperation with the         participation in the
      practices for energy                                intermodal freight       transport.             Intermodal Transport         APEC energy
      efficiency improvement                              transport.                                      Institute at the             efficient freight
      in freight transportation                                                                           University of Denver         transport network.

                                                                                                          Intermodal freight report
                                                                                                          should be final by mid-
4.2   We direct the TPTWG         TPTWG                                                                   Several APEC
      to develop best                                                                                     economies have
      practices for promoting                                                                             implemented intermodal
      intermodal freight in                                                                               freight strategies to
      APEC such as                                                                                        reduce the energy
      infrastructure                                                                                      intensity and
      expansion and                                                                                       environmental impacts
      planning to facilitate                                                                              of freight transport by
      intermodal freight                                                                                  encouraging freight
      connectivity                                                                                        shippers to shift where
                                                                                                          practical from energy-
                                                                                                          intensive transport
                                                                                                          modes like trucks to
                                                                                                          energy-efficient modes
                                                                                                          like rail, barge and ship.
4.3   We recommend                TPTWG
      implementing the
      Global Navigation
      Satellite System
                                                                                                                      SUGGESTIONS: February 17, 2012
      Implementation Team’s
      2010 – 2015 “Strategy
      for the Adoption of
      Measures to Include
      GNSS Technologies in
      the Development of
4.4   We direct the EWG        EWG     Outreach to major         Network of energy-     A few candidate         Many companies
      and TPTWG to work        TPTWG   freight transporters      efficient freight      companies were          have logistical
      with the APEC                    through ABAC to elicit    transporters, best     identified at the       strategies to ensure
      Business Advisory                information about their   practices on energy-   Transportation and      that their trucks, rail
      Council (ABAC) to                strategies as input for   efficient freight      Energy Ministerial      cars, ships and
      establish a network of           best practices.           transport.             Conference in 2011.     planes are optimally
      freight transporters                                                              Additional candidates   loaded on each trip,
      who will work to                                                                  need to be identified   increasing fuel
      develop best practices                                                            and approached to       efficiency of freight
      for reducing their                                                                participate.            transport operations
      energy use and to
      document their cost-
      saving, energy-saving
      and carbon-reducing

                                                                                                   SUGGESTIONS: February 17, 2012

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