Concentration by xiaoyounan



 Adapted from Dennis Congo (2000).
Ten Tips for Better Concentration
1. Intend to Concentrate

     Concentrating is easier when you have a
     specified time for study. Knowing how
     long you will study helps concentration.
     Consciously tell yourself “I will
     concentrate for ___ minutes.”
Ten Tips for Better Concentration
2. Prepare to Concentrate

     Have everything you need to complete
     your task
     Make sure you have your texts, notes,
     pens, study guides, etc…
Ten Tips for Better Concentration
3. Use Concentration Promoting Activities

    Prepare to rewrite and organize
    Create diagrams, graphs, study
    Summarize the material
Ten Tips for Better Concentration
4. Vary Your Study Activities

   If you have difficulty focusing on one
   subject for long periods of time, vary
   the subjects you study
   Take breaks in between study
Ten Tips for Better Concentration
5. Study in a Non-Distracting

   Find one place, and use that place
   only for studying
   Remove visual and auditory
Ten Tips for Better Concentration
6. Devise a Specific Study Plan for
   Studying and Learning

     A step-by-step plan makes it easier
     to concentrate
     Use a text book reading strategy
Ten Tips for Better Concentration
7. Eat Regular Well Balanced Meals

   Researchers find students with
   healthier diets earn higher grades
   Avoid too much sugar and caffeine
   Don’t take stimulants
Ten Tips for Better Concentration
8. Get Plenty of Sleep at Night

   Fighting off sleepiness negatively
   affects concentration.
Ten Tips for Better Concentration
9. Set Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and
   Semester Goals

   It is easier to concentrate and self-
   motivate when you see yourself
   moving toward your goals
Ten Tips for Better Concentration
10. Take Regular Study Breaks

   It is normal that your concentration
   will wonder. When this happens, take
   a five minute break.
Improving Concentration
• Factors that Affect       • How to Control
  Concentration               These Factors
  – TV/stereo, loud noise     – Leave or rearrange
                                the environment
  – Too comfortable           – Use the library or
    seating                     empty classroom
  – Friends, family, pets     – Study away from
  – Telephone                   others and in silence
  – Music
Improving Concentration
  – Hunger                   – Eat high protein or
                               fruit snacks
  – Drowsiness               – Plan study times at
                               optimum hours, get
                               adequate sleep,
                               exercise lightly to
                               energize yourself
  – Dislike or disinterest   – Join a study group,
    in a class                 participate in class,
                               ask questions
Improving Concentration
  – Anxiety about a class   – Speak to instructor,
                              tutors, other
                            – Examine if you are
                              studying effectively
                            – Assess whether the
                              anxiety is cause by
                              the class or personal
                            – See a campus
Improving Concentration
  – Intimidating    – Break the larger
    assignments       assignment into
                      small manageable
                    – Tackle the most
                      difficult part first
                    – Reward yourself for
                    – Work collaboratively
Improving Concentration
  – Daydreaming     – When daydreaming write
                      down those thoughts and
                      refocus on the task at
                    – Focus on identifying main
                      ideas and details in text
                      and notes
                    – Make up questions
                    – Stop studying and
                      temporarily indulge in
                      focus on one thing

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