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download curriculum vitae .pdf - one cole design


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									N I CO L E R O B E RT S                                                                                                         A I G A , S E G D, A S I D


                                                 g r a d u at e g r a p h i c d e s i g n a n d i n t e r i o r d e s i g n d e g r e e s
                                                 Three achievements reflecting multi-disciplinary design education at top ranking schools. Savannah
                                                 College of Art and Design is one of Kaplan’s Top 25 Cutting-Edge Schools and their graduate
                                                 interiors program is ranked number four by DesignIntelligence. The University of Cincinnati originated
                                                 the co-operative education model and is one of I.D. magazine’s Top 10 Design Schools globally.
                                                 Savannah College of Art and Design, School of Building Arts, Atlanta, Georgia
                                                 Master of Arts in Interior Design
                                                 Graduate Thesis: Brand Identity for the Built Environment
                                                 March 2010 – June 2011.
                                                 Savannah College of Art and Design, School of Communication Arts, Atlanta, Georgia
                                                 Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design
                                                 Graduate Research: Changing Graphic Design Pedagogy for the 21st Century Workplace
                                                 September 2007 – March 2010.
                                                 University of Cincinnati, College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, Cincinnati, Ohio
                                                 Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design
                                                 Professional Practice Achievement Certificate
                                                 September 1997– June 2002.

                                                 independent instruction, syllabus development, thesis research
                      Teaching Experience
                                                 Experience independently teaching beginner-level design coursework both online and in the
                                                 classroom. Syllabus and lecture development, in-depth thesis research on current design curricula
                                                 and how best to align with the changing twenty-first century workplace.
                                                 Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, Kentucky
                                                 Adjunct Professor of Graphic Design, Introduction to Graphic Design, Introduction to Computer Graphics,
                                                 and Information Design Studio. Undergraduate-level introduction to the principles and theory
                                                 of visual communication design; studio development of techniques and approaches for creative
                                                 conceptualization, design aesthetics and information design; exploration through the design process;
                                                 exploration of media/materials; presentational development.
                                                 Fall 2011– Current
                                                 Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Online Division
                                                 Adjunct Professor of Graphic Design, Typography Studio and Communication Design. Undergraduate-
                                                 level introduction to the history, evolution, and application of typography; students learn to discover
                                                 meaning and instill personality in design through typographic elements. Communication Design Studio
                                                 explores the role of design in corporate communications; students learn design strategies to visually
                                                 connect corporate objectives and target markets with typography and imagery.
                                                 Spring 2011– January 2012.
                                                 Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta, Georgia
                                                 Instructor of Graphic Design, Poster Design Studio. Beginner-level lecture and studio course discussing
                                                 poster design history, production techniques, software integration, craft, and technique. Students
                                                 research current events and produce posters highlighting a social awareness topic of their choice.
                                                 Summer 2010.
                                                 Teaching Assistant, Graphic Design II. Undergraduate Senior-level lecture and studio course
                                                 expanding upon existing knowledge, emphasizing research, analysis, and process. Students produce
                                                 comprehensive self-initiated design projects beginning with a custom identity design project.
                                                 Winter 2010.
                                                 Teaching Assistant,Typography I. Undergraduate Freshman-level lecture and studio. Introduction to
                                                 typography, history, vocabulary, hand-rendered letterforms, letter spacing, composition, craft, and
                                                 technique. Students produce varied type compositions by hand and then translate digitally. Fall 2009.

N I CO L E R O B E RT S                                                                                                                      A I G A , S E G D, A S I D

                      Professional Experience   t e n y e a r s e x p e r i e n c e w i t h d i v e r s e , m u lt i - d i s c i p l i n a r y d e s i g n s t u d i o s

                                                Six reputable design firms ranging from large to small, each with a different specialty and list of
                                                renowned clientele. Excelling from a Junior Designer to a Senior Designer and Project Manager
                                                with an extensive experience in environmental graphic design and retail design.
                                                FRCH Design International, Cincinnati, Ohio
                                                Senior Graphic Designer. Developing and differentiating retail graphic systems, signage programs and
                                                brand identity communications. Integrating graphic and interior design within the built environment.
                                                March 2012– Current.
                                                Champlin Architecture, Cincinnati, Ohio
                                                Freelance Designer. Implementing multiple interior space plans from CAD drawings into a custom
                                                web–based information–sharing software. Collecting and managing corporate headquarters’ facility
                                                information for a smooth digital archiving transition.
                                                February 2012– June 2012.

                                                Big Red Rooster, Atlanta, Georgia
                                                Senior Graphic Designer. Exclusively interpreting large-scale national brand identity guidelines within
                                                multi-dimensional retail experiences. Reinventing the shopping experience through research-based
                                                design and merchandising strategy. Development of signage, point-of-purchase displays, packaging,
                                                and various printed material to re-position and promote company initiatives, products and services.
                                                August 2010 – June 2011.
                                                Cooper Carry Inc., Atlanta, Georgia
                                                Senior Environmental Graphic Designer, Project Manager. Executing various architectural projects
                                                throughout all phases of design. Experience within numerous venues — Retail, Hospitality, Office, Civil,
                                                Residential, and Mixed-Use projects. Prevalent Client, Architect, Landscape Designer, Interior Designer,
                                                and Fabricator collaboration. Visionary design focus, creating memorable and connective experiences.
                                                Pioneered development of in-house concept design processes. Inspirational mentor to Interns.
                                                October 2005 – April 2009.
                                                Kolar Design Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio
                                                Environmental Graphic Designer. Administering multiple print and architectural graphic
                                                design assignments from conception to completion. Development of wayfinding schedules,
                                                construction specifications and mock-ups. Responsible for the wayfinding of comprehensive
                                                health care facilities and corporate headquarters. Experience in brand master planning,
                                                storytelling exhibits, and corporate placemaking features.
                                                June 2001– October 2005.
                                                Vanderbyl Design Inc., San Francisco, California
                                                Junior Graphic Designer. Assisting Graphic and Industrial Designers with several project deadlines
                                                and mock-up presentations. Responsible for the company portfolio and other in-house projects.
                                                Retail design focus with exposure to furniture design.
                                                January 2001– March 2001.
                                                Addwater Inc., San Francisco, California
                                                Junior Graphic Designer. Providing Senior Designers with various project refinement and other
                                                clientele requests. Participating in brainstorming sessions, contributing initial design sketches.
                                                Responsible for training new interns. Diverse corporate identity and web design experience.
                                                June 2000 – September 2000.
                                                Philips Design, Atlanta, Georgia
                                                Junior Graphic Designer. Collaborating with Senior Graphic Designers and Industrial Designers
                                                on concept development, revision and completion. Interacting with clients frequently and
                                                independently. Responsible for project deadlines and mock-up presentations. Various print,
                                                advertising, packaging, press check and photo shoot experience.
                                                June 1999 – September 1999, January 2000 – March 2000.

N I CO L E R O B E RT S                                                                                                                        A I G A , S E G D, A S I D

                      Client List                 b u i l d i n g r e l at i o n s h i p s w i t h n ota b l e l o c a l a n d i n t e r n at i o n a l c l i e n t e l e

                                                  Experience with a myriad of clientele, from start-up companies to major corporations, from
                                                  non-for-profit organizations to global conglomerates. Most client requests include but are not
                                                  limited to environmental graphic design and design for the retail environment.
                                                  + Action Greensboro, Downtown Greensboro Greenway
                                                  + Ad-Tran, Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology
                                                  + BHDP Architecture
                                                  + Camp Elite Performance Training
                                                  + Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
                                                  + Coldwell Banker Real Estate
                                                  + Dick’s Sporting Goods
                                                  + Forest City Enterprises, The Shops at Wiregrass
                                                  + General Growth Properties, Stones River Mall
                                                  + The Hershey Company
                                                  + High Real Estate Group, Lancaster County Convention Center
                                                  + The Home Depot, Home Improvement Stores
                                                  + Lot Specific Landscaping
                                                  + Lutgert Companies & Barron Collier Companies, Mercato
                                                  + Macy’s Department Stores
                                                  + National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
                                                  + Penn Square Partners, Lancaster County Convention Authority
                                                  + Procter & Gamble
                                                  + Simon Property Group, Menlo Park Mall, Cordova Mall
                                                  + Torti Gallas Architects, Lowe Enterprises, City Vista
                                                  + University of Cincinnati
                                                  + Vornado Realty Trust, Bergen Town Center

                                                  ac t i v e m e m b e r o f t h r e e p r o f e s s i o n a l d e s i g n o r g a n i z at i o n s
                      Professional Associations
                                                  Leveraging valuable professional, educational, and inspirational resources to advocate for design.
                                                  + AIGA, the Professional Association for Design
                                                  + SEGD, Society for Environmental Graphic Design
                                                  + ASID, American Society of Interior Designers

                                                  h o n o r s awa r d e d f o r d i s t i n g u i s h e d ac a d e m i c a n d a r t i s t i c ac h i e v e m e n t
                      Academic Honors
                                                  Graduating with an undergraduate grade point average of 3.62 and a graduate grade point average
                                                  of 3.84. High academic achievements and accolades are a direct reflection of aptitude and work ethic.
                                                  + Cum Laude and Dean’s List
                                                  + Darwin T. Turner Scholarship
                                                  + Buxaum Workum Scholarship
                                                  + Cincinnatus Scholarship
                                                  + Golden Key National Honor Society
                                                  + Artistic Honors Fellowship

                                                  award-winning design projects and design teams
                      Professional Awards
                                                  Competitions won through the collaboration and tutelage of expert design teams.
                                                  + Cincinnati Design Award 2002. Kolar Design, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
                                                  + Cincinnati Design Award 2003. Kolar Design, University of Cincinnati
                                                  + Cincinnati Design Award 2004. Kolar Design, Along Jordan’s Path Exhibit
                                                  + Sign of the Times Best in Show Award 2008. Cooper Carry, The Shops at Wiregrass
                                                  + Mid-Atlantic Construction’s Project of the Year, 2009. Cooper Carry, Lancaster Convention Center
                                                  + Urban Land Institute’s Development of Excellence Award Finalist, 2009. Cooper Carry, HudsonAlpha

N I CO L E R O B E RT S                                                                                                      A I G A , S E G D, A S I D

                                             d e s i g n a n d j o u r n a l i s t i c wo r k s p u b l i s h e d i n b o o k s a n d m ag a z i n e s
                                             Versed in both design as a practice and design discourse.
                                             + Wayfinding: Designing and Implementing by Craig Berger, featured University of Cincinnati
                                             + What is Exhibition Design? by Jan Lorenc, featured P&G Global Headquarters
                                             + In-House Design in Practice, featured written essays, edited by Cathy Fishel
                                             + SEGDdesign Magazine, featured written articles, edited by Pat Knapp

                                             commissioned public speaking engagements
                      Educational Lectures
                                             + The Conceptual Design Process, Cooper Carry
                                             + Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration: Graphic Design and Interior Design, Cooper Carry
                                             + What is Environmental Graphic Design?, Savannah College of Art and Design
                                             + The Art of the Design Proposal, Savannah College of Art and Design

                                             a p p l e m ac i n to s h o s x a n d m i c ro s o f t w i n d ow s p c p ro f i c i e n t
                      Computer Proficiency
                                             + Adobe Creative Suite CS5.5
                                             + Hot Door CADtools
                                             + Google SketchUp
                                             + CorelDraw X5
                                             + QuarkXPress 8
                                             + Microsoft Office 2010


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