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					                                                   Darrick J. Lee
Objective: Obtain permanent position in a technology related field using known skills
       Bachelor of Arts, English, Professional Writing Focus, May 2005
       Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)
       Blacksburg, VA

Computer Skills:                                                       Certifications:
     Microsoft Windows 95–2003                                                 Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
     Microsoft Office 98–2003                                                  Windows 2000 Professional & Server
     Linux, (Fedora, Debian, Various Distributions)                            Windows XP Desktop Support
     Web Page Design
     C++ Programming
     Computer Hardware Troubleshoot & Repair
     Computer Software Troubleshoot & Repair
     Networking Troubleshoot & Repair

11810 Robertson Farm Circle                                Cell: 703–629–9964
Fairfax VA 22030                                                                         Home: 703–766–3331
11810 Robertson Farm Circle    Cell: 703–629–9964
Fairfax VA 22030                                      Home: 703–766–3331
Writing Skills:
         Professional Writing
                  Conducted interviews
                  Wrote and edited works in published Warm Hearth Biography
         Technical Writing
                  Worked in groups to design and produce various grants, reports, and articles
                  Compiled data regarding a new East Asian Studies Program for the English Department
         Contract Technical Writer – New-Bold Enterprises – November 2006
                  Served as Technical Writer for SAMHSA IDIQ Written Review
                  Attended review meetings and collected individual written reviews
                  Compiled and wrote 49 Written Review Summary Statements
         Internship – Center for Wireless Telecommunications, Virginia Tech – Spring 2005
                  Designed and produced 120+ page handout for multiple engineering workshops
                  Assisted in collaborative government proposal
                  Edited and designed flyers, handouts, and other documents as needed
                  Designed and produced CWT website
         Customer Service Associate Lead – Circuit City, Fairfax, VA – January 2007–March 2007
                  Resolved complicated customer issues and exceeded customer expectations
                  Assisted customers with purchases of all products in store, including home audio and video, computers,
                      imaging, movies and music
                  Assisted Managers with day to day operations as a Manager-In-Training
                  Maintained inventory and researched inventory discrepancies
                  Performed Cycle Counts to ensure inventory is accurate and up to date
                  Trained and developed new associates
                  Sorted and audited reports and other paperwork
         Lead In-Store PC Technician – Circuit City, Fairfax, VA – February 2006–January 2007
                  Assisted customers with computer purchases including configuring computers to meet each customers
                      specific needs
                  Assisted customers with Internet broadband purchase including signing up for AOL, Cox Cable or Verizon
                  Provided technical and desktop support to customers, including installations and repairs of PC's
                  Educated customers on computer features, specs, and complex technologies, such as different brands and
                      types of processors, memory, wireless networking, and monitor technologies
                  Completed installations and repairs in a timely fashion, usually two-three days
                  Simplified and improved software installations and setup to be completed in a timely manner
                  Troubleshooted and resolved hardware problems in store and over the phone, including PC components,
                      peripherals and accessories, such as printers, monitors, and routers
                  Troubleshooted and resolved software problems, including MS Windows 98-XP and MS Office
                  Removed viruses and Trojans and installed Internet Security software, such as Norton, McAffee, MS Live
                      One Care, E-Trust, Webroot Spy Sweeper
                  Performed data migration and data recovery of hard drive, flash memory, and thumb drives
                  Performed computer upgrades, including various brands of system memory, hard drives, optical drives,
                      video and sound cards
                  Converted home videos from VHS to DVD, DVD to VHS, and various other formats
                  Integrated computers into home entertainment systems including, a media server, media clients, receiver,
                      surround speaker, and large video display, such as wall projector or flat panel TV
                  Setup and configured home networks and routers of popular brands such as Linksys, D-Link, Netgear and
                  Setup and installed wireless internet access through mobile providers, such as Cingular and Verizon
                  Performed desktop and laptop setup in home and in store, using brands such as HP, Compaq, Emachine,
                      Gateway, Sony, and Toshiba
                  Installed and setup various game consoles into a home network for online gaming, including XBOX, XBOX
                      360, and PS2
                  Provide training in company policy and procedure, technical knowledge and sales
                  Mentor fellow associates to develop sales techniques and explain complex technology
         Customer Service Associate – Circuit City, Fairfax, VA – December 2001–February 2006, Seasonal
                  Resolved customer issues and met customer needs
11810 Robertson Farm Circle                                        Cell: 703–629–9964
Fairfax VA 22030                                                                                Home: 703–766–3331
                    Developed knowledge of store operations, including store open and close, register open and close
                    Developed knowledge of warehouse functions and duties including stockpicker certification, truck
                     unloading process, service center shipment process
                 Answer phones and redirect phone calls to appropriate departments
                 Assisted customers with defective merchandise and process customer units for repair
                 Multitasked and handle many situations at once
                 Frequently function as Manager On Duty to resolve complicated customer issues
        Technology Product Specialist – Circuit City, Fairfax, VA – Summer 2001
                 Assisted customers with computer and technology purchases including desktops, laptops, monitors, printers,
                     and peripherals
                 Assisted customers with computer setup of various brands, including Emachine, HP/Compaq, Sony, and
                 Assisted customers with networking setup of various brands, including Linksys, Netgear, D-link, and Belkin
                 Performed computer installations and upgrades including sound cards, video cards, system memory and
                     hard drives
                 Troubleshoot and resolved computer problems including MS Window problems, hardware diagnostics
                 Developed knowledge of all products and technologies
        Sales Specialist – Circuit City, Fairfax, VA – December 2000, Summer 2001
                 Stocked sales floor with merchandise and kept products clean and organized
                 Identified customer needs and informed customer about products such as telephones, alarm clocks, and
                     portable CD players
                 Assisted customers with game consoles and games, including XBOX, PS2, Gamecube and Game Boy
        Programs Officer – Resident Hall Federation, Pritchard Hall, 2003–2004
                 Planned and organized activities within the Hall
                 Coordinated events with other Halls in the Hall Council
                 Regularly attended weekly meetings and assemblies

11810 Robertson Farm Circle                                Cell: 703–629–9964
Fairfax VA 22030                                                                         Home: 703–766–3331

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