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					                                   Ceureumen 26 - Page 1

Lawet ka dame nanggroe Aceh nyoe
Bandum geutanyoe hae geumbira
Peu nyang ta peubeut sideh ngon sinoe
Tan meusoe gamoe hate lam dada

Deungon Pilkada, karab toe tanyoe
Beugot hai adoe taboeh keunira
Pileh peumimpin kepala nanggroe
Ureueng nyang hiro rakyat sijahtra

Uleh seubab nyan wahe rakan droe
Bek beurang kasoe pileh keupala
Meung salah pileh cit teulah dudoe
Nyang na jihiro keu blek droe saja

Bek teuperangih ngon bu sigo troe
Atau ji siboe ngon mangat haba
Sulet ngon burek beuna neu tusoe
Pileh geutanyoe peumpimpin taqwa

                                           T.A Sakti

2       Dragging BRR to Court
3       Understanding the Aceh Governance Bill
7       The Village Land Still Unsettled

(Picture: Many have protested that this bill is not yet aspiring. It is against a number of
bills, even against the RI constitution. Read pages 4-5)

The Floating Bridge of Lageun Village
Nani Afrida
Calang Aceh Jaya

At least we are able to cross it. The sentence was uttered by villagers of the Floating Bridge
area, Lageun Bridge, Setiabakti Sub District, Aceh Jaya. The condition of the bridge is not yet
perfect, but it is quite proper. It is made of wood and floats with the help of drums. It is also
quite lengthy, about 150 meters.
         Every day the bridge is filled with villagers crossing it. They are usually by foot or
riding motorcycles. This is understandable since the floating bridge connects 9 villages and is
the aorta for public transportation.
         The Project Concern International (PCI) is a Non Governmental Organization (LSM)
which actively aided the construction of this simple bridge after the previous bridge got carried
away by the tsunami. Previously, the villagers from the 9 isolated villages were forced to use
boats to cross. The crossing fee? Quite high, Rp.5000.

Too small
        What makes the villagers not quite satisfied is because the width of the bridge is too
small. Yes, it is only 1 meter wide, therefore only two-wheeled vehicles are able to cross the
        “Whereas, the 9 villages connected by the bridge are transmigration villages which
produce nature,” stated Sulaiman, a villager.
        The villages produce rubber, durian fruit, paddy, and also cattle. The natural goods
can only be transported out by four-wheeled vehicles. The problem is, the four-wheeled
vehicles are unable to cross the floating bridge.
        “Thus, there are plenty of natural produce which are unable to be transported out
from the villages. The people thus suffer financial losses. Therefore, the villages live in
deficiency,” stated Sulaiman.
        Additionally, the 9 villages connected by the floating bridge are conflict villages which
are extremely backwards. These villagers do not even have electricity.

Tired of asking
         Have you ever requested for Government help? “Yes, we have requested for the
Government help for so many times. We are even bored of asking any further,” stated
Muhammad, another villager.
         According to Muhammad, until present the Government has not conducted any
action, including considering the fates of the villages which are victims of conflict and are
suffering due to the severed bridge.

                                   Ceureumen 26 – Page 2



The Inaccuracy of News

T : In Aceh there are some local mass media that discuss the reconstruction and
rehabilitation. In fact, not only the mass media in Aceh, national mass media is also reporting
anything that happens in Aceh. However, I myself read a lot of the media in Aceh. The
media from outside Aceh we usually watch is electronic media which is television.
In the news reports, often the journalists are reporting news inaccurately, such as wrong
names of persons, mistakes in pronouncing villages’ names, even some of the facts
discussed are not entirely true. The resources used in that news are also inappropriate at
times. Sometimes I get upset reading it. What do we have to do as readers?

Lamlo, Bakti City

A : Journalists, as other people are common human beings. They could report news
inaccurately. If you have more accurate news, you could inform the journalists or the media
agency concerned. In doing their jobs, journalists actually have ethic codes, one of which is,
“To only report facts and opinions based on valid sources.”
If you are being ill-treated by some news, you could use the answering rights, which will then
have to be written in the media concerned. If the answering rights are also not enough for
you then you can take the legal approach and file a suit against the media concerned.

Free of Ambulance Service Charges

Q : We are underprivileged people. Some time ago we heard information that the Palang
Merah Indonesia (PMI) Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam is giving free services to the people
needing their ambulance. What we want to ask is, is it true that there is a free service from
them? This is because we heard from friends that ambulance aid is not free of charge.
Thank you for the explanation.

Mata Le, Aceh Besar

A : Palang Merah Indonesia Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam indeed gives free of charge
ambulance services. However, according to a PMI staff, for a while the free of charge aid
was only for victims in emergencies, such as a victim who got hit on a road. Currently, the
free of charge service also takes place in Banda Aceh and its surroundings. If you want to
get free of charge service, you could contact the number (0651)188. The number can be
contacted anytime needed, because it is watched over by an officer for 24 hours.

You can send questions on anything you want to know, particularly on the reconstruction and
rehabilitation. The editorial staff will find answers for your questions. Send it to PO BOX 061
Banda Aceh 23001 or email attaching “Q & A Column”

Dragging BRR to the green table

Mohammad Avicenna
Banda Aceh

          After firing two of their staff, The Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Body (BRR) of
Aceh are getting sued with the National Administration Court (PTUN). It is said that they were
fired without reason. Then, how did the episode between vilification of good name or
obstructing the integrity pact begin?
          Indeed, the enmity of the two ex staff of BRR Aceh-Nias is akin to David and Goliath.
Both of them assess BRR has impudently perverted the facts and vilified their names. The
results, the Manager of the Anti Corruption Investigation Force (SAK) Leo Nugroho and The
Deputy Secretary of Housing and Settlement Endang Julianti were dissatisfied.
          As known, the BRR Aceh-Nias fired Endang Julianti from the post of deputy secretary
for Housing and Settlement since last June 22. This lady is associated with the placement of
a year advertisement of BRR Aceh-Nias on a national private television station without the
process of tender. It is said that Endang tried to take the price cut of the advertisement given
by the station.
Before Endang, BRR also fired Leo Nugroho, the Manager of the Anti Corruption Investigation
Force (SAK) on last April 21. The reason for Leo’s dismissal is that the concerned apparently
appointed himself as the director of investigation of SAK.
          Even in the 43 letters which he released since 2005, Leo addressed his position as
the Director official and Director. He himself worked for the BRR since last Juli – August
2005. Leo and Endang, both are charged with the same indictment which is performing a
serious violation of stipulations, rules and the integrity pact which is legitimate in the institute.
          Endang who was contacted by Ceureumen not long ago said the she is preparing to
file a suit against the institution lead by Kuntoro. She feels she has been treated inhumanly.
“They regard me as a criminal,” she complained.
          For the prosecution to the PTUN in Medan, Endang declared she is preparing the
documents. As for Leo Nugraha, according to Endang, he will address his case to the Medan
PTUN soon.
          Endang admits, “What is being said by BRR are fabrications. BRR likes to lie.” The
nature of the suit to be filed is the indistinct dismissal of herself, the vilification of good name
and the unpleasant treatment she received when being forced to leave Aceh by the BRR.
          “They are afraid that I will reveal the substandards of BRR. That is why I was also
forced to leave Aceh with security guarding even when entering my office,” said Endang.
          Endang exclaimed that she never received any price cut money from the
advertisement placement. She also admits to never accepting any payment from any faction.
“All the facts have been turned around,” she said.
          “I am the one reporting that there is a price cut, but I am the one accused for not
reporting a price cut. BRR is also lying, because until this moment there is no investigation
being carried out by them on the case,” she said as quoted by a news site.
          Tuanku Mirza Keumala, the spokesperson for BRR Aceh-Nias, who was contacted
separately, said that they respect the law process chosen by Leo and Endang. Especially
when the efforts carried out by the two of them are still in the same corridor. “This is a law
matter,” said Mirza. In relation to this problem, according to him, the BRR will face the
allegation. Although at first, the cases of the two ex staff were considered as an internal
matter of BRR by Mirza. “In principle, we have acted according to the internal rules.
Especially when they have broken the integrity pact,” said the BRR spokesperson.
          While the Senior Advisor of BRR Aceh-Nias Bima Haria Wibisono to the reporters in
Jakarta not so long ago said that the two had indeed broken the integrity pact of anti
           corruption by receiving payments other than from BRR. “Whereas pact mentions about
           restrictions in receiving payment or asking for payment from other institutions,” he said.
                     According to Bima, in fact the two dismissed ex staff are still in the process of
           investigation by BRR because there more information is still needed. However, both of them
           chose to resign while under investigation. “What has been done by BRR is consistent with
           the procedures. But if both of them are not content, BRR is ready to face them in court,” he

           Ceureumen Editorial Staff

           Editorial Head: Sim Kok Eng Amy Editorial Secretary: Siti Rahmah Editor: Nani Afrida
           Journalist: Mohammad Avicenna, Muhammad Azami Artistic Coordinator: Maha Studio
           Photographer: Hotli Simanjuntak With contributions of freelance reporters in Aceh Address:
           PO BOX 061 Banda Aceh 23001 Email: Printed and Distributed by
           Serambi Indonesia.
           Ceureumen is a biweekly media funded and published by the Decentralization Support
           Facility (DSF). DSF is an initiative of multi-donors designed to support the government
           decentralization policy by increasing the harmony and effectiveness of support from the
           donors on every governmental level. The mission of CEUREUMEN is to provide information
           in Aceh concerning the reconstruction and news on humanity. Other than that, CEUREUMEN
           is expected to be able to facilitate information between the donor countries or NGOs with the
           local community.

                                               Ceureumen 26 – Page 3

           Saturday, 15 July 2006

 Ajudication                  Land Registration Location            Location/Basecamp     Ajudication Schedule
   Team           District/     Subdistrict       Village Plan            Address        Entering    Preparation-
                   City                                                                 Basecamp Delivery of
      2                             4                  5                    6               7             8

Ajudication       Banda        Kuto Alam      Laksana,              Jl. Gabus No. 38     2 July 06    4 August -
Team I,          Aceh City                    Peunayong, Kuta       Bandar Baru,                      19 Nov 06
Head: Drs.                                    Alam, Bandar Baru,    Banda Aceh
Jauhari Asikin                                Keuramat, Lam Baru
HP                                            Skep, Lam Dingin,
085260105852                                  Lampulo, Mulia
                               Kutaraja       Keudah,
                                              Gampong Jawa,
                                              Gampong Pande,
                                              Merudati, Lampaseh
                                              Kota, Kampong Baru
Ajudication        Aceh        Leupung        Menuasah Bak U,       Jl. Banda Aceh -     2 July 06    4 August -
Team II           Besar                       Menuasah Mosque,      Meulaboh Km 11,5                  19 Nov 06
Head: Sigit       District                    Pulot, Lamseunia,     Dusun Manggis
Jumantara,A                                   Layeun, Dayah,        Lhoknga - Aceh
Ptnh                                          Mamplan, Paroi,       Besar
HP                                            Baroh, Krueng Kala,
081360447305                                  Tunong Krueng Kala
                               Lhoong         Seungko Mulat,
                                              Kareung, Menuasah,
                                         Krueng Kala,
                                         Jantang, Baroh
                                         Blang Mee, Baroh
                                         Geunteut, Biriek,
                                         Teungoh Geunteur
Ajudication     Banda      Baiturahman   Sukaramai,           Jl. Bilal Lr. Melati   2 July 06   4 August -
Team III       Aceh City                 Kampung Baru,        No. 4 Kec. Jaya                    19 Nov 06
Head: Drs.                               Setui, Ajun          Baru, Banda Aceh
Achmad, MM                 Pelukan       Ajun
HP                         Bada
08122606057                Jaya baru     Lamjame, Bitai,
                                         Lampohdaya Lam
                                         Teumen Timur,
                                         Punge Blang Cut,
                           Meuraxa       Ulee Lheue,
                                         Gampong Pie, Cot
                                         Lamkeurh, Gampong
                                         Blang, Asoe
                                         Nanggroe, Gampong
                                         Baro, Punge Ujong,
                                         Lam Jabat, Uleu
                                         Pata, Deah
                                         Geulumpang, Deah
                                         Baro, Alue Deah
                                         Teungoh, Lambung,
                                         Blang Oi, Punge
                                         Jurong, Lampaseh
Ajudication     Banda      Syiah Kuala   Kopelma              Desa Lamseupeng         3 July     5 August -
Team IV        Aceh City                 Darussalam,          Simpang Surabaya        2006       20 Nov 06
Head: Imam                               Gampong Pineung,     Banda Aceh
Santoso, SH                              Lamgugob,
HP                                       Jeulingke, Tibang,
081542153280                             Alue Naga, Deah
                           Kuta Alam     Kota Baru

Ajudication      Aceh      Lhoong        Meunasah Lhok,       Desa Ketapang           3 July     5 August -
Team V Head:    Besar                    Teungoh Blang Mee,   Kec. Lhong              2006       20 Nov 06
Iman Hadi       District                 Lamkuta Blaang
Hermawan,                                Mee, Umong Sribee,
SH                                       Lamjuhang,
HP                                       Utamong, Gapuy,
081360627656                             Langriheu,
                                         Lamsujen, Mon
                                         Mata, Keutapang,
                                         Saney, Cundien,
                                         Glee Bruek, Pasi,
                                         Pudeng, Meunasah
Ajudication      Aceh      Peukan        Lamrugon,            Lr. Cempaka No.         3 July     5 August -
Team VI         Besar      Bada          Lampageu, Lam        252 Ajuen Lam           2006       20 Nov 06
Head:           District                 Manyang, Lam         Hasan Housing -
Sumardi,                Badeuk, Lam Baro,    Aceh Besar
S.Sos HP                Kampung Baro, Lam
08125705942             Lumpu, Lam
                        Teungoh, Lam Tui,
                        Meunasah Tuha,
                        Lam Awe, Lam Isek,
                        Lam Keumok, Lam
                        Rukam, Curah, Lam
                        Geu Eu, Lam Hasan,
                        Lam The, Beuraden,
                        Lam Pisang, Keuneu
                        ue, Rima/Jeune,
                        Meunasah Lamgirek
              Lhoknga   Meunasah Lambaro,
                        Meunasah Balee,
                        Mon Ikeun, Weu
                        Raya, Lam Kruet,
                        Tanjong, Lambaro,
                        Seubun, Meunasah,
                        Lamhom Mosque,
                        Meunasah Mon Cut,
                        Meunasah Mayang,
                        Meunasah Mosque,
                        Lampuuk, Meunasah
                        Kareng, Nusa,
                        Seubun Ayon,
                        Seubun Keutapang,
                        Kueh, Lam Gaboh,
                        Lambaro Kueh, Lam
                        Ateuk, Aneuk Paya,
                        Naga Umbang.
                        Lampaya, Meunasah
Ajudicatio                Land Registration Location             Location/Ba          Ajudication Schedule
 n Team       District/     Subdistri         Village Plan         secamp       Entering
                                                                  Address                   Preparation-Delivery
               City            ct                                               Baseca
                                                                                                of Sertificate
    2            3              4                  5                  6            7                 8

Ajudicatio   North Aceh     Banda      Pusong Baru, Pusong       Beurandang     05 July    7 August - 22 Nov 06
n Team        District      Sakti      Lama, Mon Gedong,         Village,        2006
VII Head:                   City       Keude Aceh                Syamtalira
Pardjo                      Lhok                                 Bayu
Wiyono,                     Seumaw                               Subdistrict
SH HP                       e
08136046                    Blang      Jambo Timu, Jambo
1269                        Mangat     Mosque, Kuala
                            City       Meuraxa, Blang Cut,
                            Lhok       Blang Teu, Teunong,
                            Seumaw     Baloi
                            Syamtali   Lan Cok, Baroh Blang
                            ra Bayu    Rimueng, Punti,
                            North      Beungong
                            Samude     Meucat, Puuk, Kuta
                            ra North   Krueng, Kuta Glumpang
Ajudicatio   West Aceh      Johan      Suak Raya, Suak Nie,      Jl. Purnama    05 July    7 August - 22 Nov 06
n Team        District      Pahlawa    Kampung Belakang,         Lr. Pw          2006
VIII Head:                  n          Panggong, Ujung Baroh,    Leman Kel.
Lalu                                   Gampa, Lapang,            Drien
Mandra                                 Leuhan, Blang             Rampak
P.,                                    Beurandang, Rundeng       Kec. Johan
SH.,MH.                                                          Pahlawan
Ajudicatio   Aceh Besar     Baitussa   Lampineung, Cot Paya,     Jl. Pel.       05 July    7 August - 22 Nov 06
n Team         District     lam        Minuk Lam Redeup,         Malahayati      2006
IX Head:                               Blang Krueng, Bait,       Cadek
Agung                                  Cadet, Kajhu, Lam Bada    Village,
Munanto,                               Lhok, Klieng Cot Arun,    Kec.
ST HP                                  Klieng Meuriah, Lam       Baitussalam
08132801                               Asam, Labuy, Lam
3406                                   Ujong
                            Masjid     Gampong Baro,
                            Raya       Lamnga, Meuhen,
                                       Durung, Ladong,
                                       Ruyung, Paya Kameng,
                                       Beurandeh, Meunasah
                                       Kulam, Meunasah
                                       Keudee, Meunasah
                                       Mon, Lamreh
Ajudicatio    Bireuen       Samalan    Meunasah Lancok,          Kp Baro         8 July     10 August - 25 Nov
n Team X      District      ga         Maunasah Puuk,            Village Kec.    2006              06
Head: Ir.                              Tanjong Idem,             Samalanga
M. Ridha                               Meunasah Lincah,
HP                                     Angkieng Barat, Tanjong
08131063                               Baro, Matang Teungoh,
9067                                   Pineung Siribe,
                                       Gampong Baro, Pante
                            Sp         Balee, Rheum Barat,
                            Mampla     Rheum Baroh
Ajudicatio   Aceh Jaya   Krueng    Kabong, Datar Luas,       Deah Baro      8 July    10 August - 25 Nov
n Team        District    Sabee    Keude Krueng, Sabee,      Calang         2006             06
XI Head:                           Padang Datar, Kuala       Village Kec
M. Taufik,                         Marisi, Dayah Baro,       Kreung
S.Si HP                            Kampung Blang, Bajia,     Sabee
08526043                           Batee Tutong, Ventosa,
2255                               Mon Mata, Ketapang
Ajudicatio   Aceh Jaya   Teunom    Tanoh Anoe, Tanoh         Padang         8 July    10 August - 25 Nov
n Team        District             Manyang, Batee Roo,       Kleng          2006             06
XII Head:                          Sineubok, Padang, Alue    Village Kec.
Solichin,                          Jeng, Alue Ambang,        Teunom
A.Ptnh                             Padang Kleng
                         Panga     Kuta Tuha, Keude
                                   Panga, Alue Piet, Lueng
                                   Gayo, Cot Trap, Paya
                                   Baroh, Panton, Pasi
                                   Tulak Bala, Keude
Ajudicatio    Bireuen    Samalan   Sangso, Keudu Aceh,       Jl. Banda      10 July   12 August - 27 Nov
n Team        District   ga        Namploh Baroh, Meuliek    Aceh -          2006            06
XIII Head:                                                   Medan No.
Jarot                    Sp        Arongan, Keude            10 Matang
Subiyakto                Mampla    Tambue, Peuneulet,        Village Glp
, A.Ptnh                 m         Baroh, Curee Tunong,      Payong
HP                                 Ulee Kareueng,
08526025                           Meunasah Asan, Curee
9364                               Baroh, Alue Leuhob,
                                   Blang Kuta 2 Meunasah,
Ajudicatio   Aceh Jaya   Jaya      Cenamprong, Kareung       Meunasah       10 July   12 August - 27 Nov
n Team        District             Ateuh, Meudng Geuhon,     Weh Village     2006            06
XIV                                Kuala Unga, Glee U,       Kec Jaya
Head:                              Lam Beusoe,               Lamno
Saiful                             Teumeureum, Kuala,
Bahri,                             Alue Mie, Jangeut,
A.Ptnh                             Meunasah Rayeuk,
HP                                 Meunasah Teungoh,
08136648                           Meunasah Tutong,
9967                               Babah Dua, Mukan,
                                   Rumpet, Glee Jong,
                                   Kuala Daya, Kampong
                                   Baroh, Jambo, Ujong
                                   Seudeun, Meudeum,
                                   Babah Le, Keuluwang,
                                   Kampong Luet, Lamtui
Ajudicatio   West Aceh   Johan     Suak Indra Puri, Padang   Ujong          10 July
n Team        District   Pahlawa   Seurahet, Pasar Aceh      Tanjong         2006
XV Head:                 n                                   Village Kec,
Riduan,                                                      Meurbo
A. Ptnh
                         Meurebo   Peunaga Cut Ujong,
                                   Peunaga Rayeuk,
                                   Peunaga Cut, Gunong
                                   Kleng, Peunaga Pasi,
                                   Langung, Paya
                                   Peunaga, Meureubo,
                                   Ujong Drien, Pasi
                                   Pinang, Ujong Tanjong,
                                   Rantau Panjang Timur,
                                           Rantau Panjang Barat,
                                           Ujong Tanoh Barat

  Ajudication                  Land Registration Location            Location/Basecamp       Ajudication Schedule
    Team           District/      Subdistrict      Village Plan           Address           Entering    Preparation-
                    City                                                                   Basecamp      Delivery of
       2              3                4                 5                    6                7              8
Ajudication        Bireuen        Peudada         Krueng Baro,       Jl. Banda Aceh         12 July     14 August -
Team XVI           District                       Meunasah pulo/     Medan, Balai            2006        29 Nov 06
Head:                                             Calok, Matang      Labang Village,
Jamaludin, SH,                                    Pasi, Meunasah     Bireuen City (Mr.
HP                                                Kukue/             Zaenal's house)
081383169820                                      Meunasah Blang
Vice:                             Jeumpa          Cot Bada, Mon
Merthayani                                        Jambe, Batee
HP                                                Timoh, Blang
081916230064                                      Dalam,
Ajudication         Aceh          Setia Bakti     Lhok Buya, Lhok    Blang Dalam Village    12 July     14 August -
Team XVII           Jaya                          Timon, Kuala       Kec. Sampoi Niet        2006        29 Nov 06
Head: Edwin B.     District                       Ligan, Babah       Patek
Kamurahan,                                        Nipah, Lageun,
A.Ptnh                                            Sawang, Lhok
HP                                                Geulumpang,
085260370404                                      Lhok Bot, Sapek
Vice: H.                          Sampoinet       Kuala Bakong,
Supono                                            Gampong Baroh,
HP                                                Babah
081611912418                                      Dua/Nipah,
                                                  Krueng No,
                                                  Gunung Cut,
                                                  Teupin Asan,
                                                  Pulo Raya, Ujong
                                                  Rimba, Patek,
                                                  Lhok Kruet,
                                                  Rantau Abon,
Ajudication         West          Arogan          Ujong Beuseo,      Drien Rampak           12 July     14 August -
Team XVIII          Aceh          Lambek          Drien Rampak,      Village Kec.            2006        29 Nov 06
Head: Achmad       District                       Cot Buloh,         Arongan Lambalek
Bajuri, A.Ptnh                                    Seuneubok
HP                                                Lheung, Kubu
081349613808                                      Arongan, Suak
Vice: Syarifudin                                  Kemudei, Suak le
HP                                                Beuso, Suak
085261920036                                      Bidok, Pante
                                                  Mutia, Cot
                                                  Kumbang, Rimba
                                                  Simpang Peut,
                                                  Teungoh, Pribu,
                                         Keup, Teupin
Ajudication     Bireuen    Sp            Calok              Jl. Banda Aceh -       14 July   16 August -
Team XIX        District   Mamplam                          Medan Blang Me          2006      1 Dec 06
Head: Tommy                Jeunieb       Teupin Kupula,     Timur Jeunib Village
Massie, SH HP                            Matang Bangka,
08136153922                              Matang Teungoh,
Vice: Marsudi                            Matang Nibong,
HP                                       Blang Mee Barat,
08563366069                              Blang Lancang,
                                         Lancang, Blang
                                         Mee Timur
                           Peulimbang    Padang Kasab,
                                         Sawang, Blang
                           Peudada       Sawang, Blang
Ajudication      Pidie     Sigli         Pasi Peukan        Blang Asam Sigli       14 July   16 August -
Team XX         District                 Baro, Pasi Rawa,   Village                 2006      1 Dec 06
Head: Moeljo                             Keuramat Luar,
Boediarto, AH                            Kuala Pidie,
HP                                       Benteng, Blang
08121075903                              Paseh, Pante
                                         Teungoh, Blok
                                         Keuramat Dalam,
                                         Cot Lueng, Blang
                                         Asan, Blok
Ajudication     North      Dewantara     Lancang Barat,     Gg. Satria No. 22      14 July   16 August -
Team XXI         Aceh                    Beluka Tubai,      Kp. Jawa Baru           2006      1 Dec 06
Head: Isa       District                 Bangka Jaya        Lhokseumawe City
Ismail, S.Sos              Muara Batu    Tanah Anoe,
HP                                       Keude Mane, Cot
08127580275                              Seurani, Mns.
                                         Lhok, Mns. Bro,
                                         Mns. Drang,
                                         Dakuta, Pante
                           Muara Dua     Meunasah
                           Kota Lhok     Manyang, Blang
                           Seumawe       Crum, Meunasah
                                         Mee, Cot
                                         Mamplam, Uteun
                           Banda Sakti   Hagu Barat Laut,
                           Kota Lhok     Ujong Blang
  Ajudication            Land Registration Location         Location/Basecamp      Ajudication Schedule
    Team         District/   Subdistrict     Village Plan         Address         Entering    Preparation-
                  City                                                           Basecamp      Delivery of
       2            3            4                5                   6              7              8

Ajudication      Bireuen    Jeumpa        Kuala Jeumpa,     Jl. Banda Aceh -     30 July 06    1 Sept - 17
Team XXII        District                 Cot Geurundong    Medan Kp. Baru                      Dec 2006
Head:                                                       Peusangan, Bireuen
                            Kuala         Kuala Raja,
                                          Krueng Juli
                                          Timu, Meuse
                            Kuta Blang    Babah Jurong,
                                          Krueng Juli
Ajudication       Pidie     Balee         Geuntong          Guha Tujoh           30 July 06    1 Sept - 17
Team XXIII       District                 Timur, Pulo       Laweung Village                     Dec 2006
Head: Ir.                                 Bungong,
Rohmat                                    Kulam, Ceulee,
Darmawan                                  Pasi Beurande,
                                          Tiga, Krueng,
                                          Gajah Tuha,
                            Muara         Batee, Tgk.
                            Tiga          Dilaweung,
                                          Ujong Pi,
                                          Sagoe, Mosque,
                                          Guha Gajah,
                                          Ingin Jaya,
                                          Keupula, Tuha
                                          Biheue, Blang
                            Pidie         Gajah Ayee,
                                          Pulo Bubee,
                                          Panda, Peukan
Ajudication       West      Johan         Drien Rampak,     Suak Ribee Village   30 July 06    1 Sept - 17
Team XXIV         Aceh      Pahlawan      Gampong Darat,    Kec. Johan                          Dec 2006
Head: Maserani   District                 Ujong Kalak,      Pahlawan
                                          Kuta Padang,
                                          Suka Ribee,
                                          Suak Sigadeng,
                                          Kampung Pasir
Ajudication      North      Samudera      Blang Nibong,     Jl. Aron Lr. AL-      31 July      2 Sept - 18
Team XXV          Aceh                    Sawang,           Muslim Meucat          2006         Dec 2006
Head: Nahrawi,   District                 Matang Ulim,      Village Kec.
SH                                        Beuringen,        Syamtalira A.
                                          Krueng Mate,
                            Tanah         Kuala Cangkoi,
                            Pasir         Kuala Kerto
                                          Timu, Kuala
                                          Kerto Barat,
                                          Matang Baroh,
                                          Keude Lapang,
                                        Matang Tunong,

                           Bahtiya      Paya Bateung,
                           Barat        Lueng Uncien,
                                        Merandeh Paya,
                                        Blang Rhaeng,
                           Seunudon     Mns Sagoe,
                                        Puntong, Lhook
                                        Puuk, Ule
                                        Rubek Barat,
                                        Ule Rubek
                                        Teupin Kuyun,
                                        Matang Lada
Ajudication      Pidie     Panteraja/   Keuda Pante         Jl. Iskandar Muda    31 July   2 Sept - 18
Team XXVI       District   Trieng       Raja, Mosque        Mns. Jurong Teupin    2006      Dec 2006
Head: Saiful,              Gading       Pante Raja,         Pukat Meureudu
SP                                      Pradee,             City
                                        Tupante Raja,
                                        Hagu, Keude
                                        Meue, Sagoe,
                           Ulim         Tijue Huram,
                                        Mosque Ulim
                                        Baroh, Tijeum
                                        Daboih, Grong-
                                        Grong Capa,
                                        Pulo Ulim, Siblat
                           Jangka       Kiran Baroh,
                           Buaya        Menasah Lhong,
                                        Kampong Sot,
                                        Jurong Binjee,
                                        Jurong Tengoh,
                                        Jurong Ara,
                                        Keude Jangka
                           Meura Dua    Peukan Baro,
                                    Ceureumen 26 - Page 4


Love Letter for Head District of Pidie

         By not wasting any more time with forewords, with all due respect, I directly address
the Head District of Pidie. As a citizen living in a very remote village, this pent up anger may
be difficult to accept. The Siron Tanjong village in Padang Tiji Sub District is a reflection of a
village that is extremely under-developed in so many sectors. Compared to other residences
or villages, Siron village, which once was the allegedly base of the Free Aceh Movement,
warrants deep concern. Through this “Voices of the People” column, I would like to convey
something that constitutes a demand from you. We are in desperate need of a bridge, which
has been damaged for quite some time due to the flood. The bridge connects Siron Village
and Cot Keutapang Tanjong Village, and so are the roads, which have never been paved, not
even once.
         Whom else should we demand these to? Should we always be the beggars, such as
now? As a regular citizen, we would like to state and, simultaneously, demand the rights that
are indeed the responsibilities of the regional government. And the obligation to implement all
of the above lies in your hands.
         The local keuchik has submitted proposals to the Heads of Districts/Sub-Districts so
many times without receiving any response. Why has it come to this? Is it because none of
the people in our region has higher education, unlike those in Peudaya Residence?
         Hopefully, you can immediately remedy this by not differentiating us. A hope and
gratitude for your time. Thank you for the editor of Ceureumen, who is willing to publish my

Zakaria Maulizan
Siron Tanjong, Padang Tiji
Pidie District

Do Not Worsen the Peace

         We, for certain, happily take the news of the legalization of Laws For the Governance
of Aceh (UUPA). It is a promise of the establishment of the Memorandum of Understanding in
Helsinki. Currently, the implementation is the most important.
For such, the highest priority is implementation of the points in accordance with the promises.
Unlike the previous Laws, which have no substance. This means that all of its regulations still
lies in Jakarta’s hands. Everything must be approved by Jakarta. Such bureaucracy is what
needs to be cut short and not be made more difficult. Whatever the name is, centralization
needs to be eliminated. This is what we learnt from Laws No. 18 of the year 2001 concerning
Special Autonomy of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, the majority of the points of which has not
been implemented yet.
         Therefore, we, the common people, highly expect that such problems shall no longer
be obstructions. This is because the price of this peace has been extremely high. Thus, the
government of Jakarta should not worsen the peace in Aceh with regulations that are not pro-
         Thank you for publishing my brief comment.

Abdul Kadir
Beurawe, Kuta Alam
Banda Aceh

 For those who would like to contribute to the Voices of the People column, may send ideas,
             suggestions, and critics concerning reconstruction through mail to

                                   CEUREUMEN Tabloid
                               PO BOX 061 Banda Aceh 23001
Understanding UUPA
Ceureumen Team
Banda Aceh

The House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia has legalized the Draft Bill of
UUPA (Laws of Governance of Aceh) to become a law last week. And currently, the Regional
House of Representatives of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam is processing tens of qanuns to
describe in more details the newly legalized laws.
Now, judicially, these laws provide a high amount of economic compensation for Aceh. As
written in the Laws, this economic compensation is considered large compared to the one
Aceh received since joining this Republic.
On the other side, there are evidently numerous parties still complaining that these laws are
not yet aspiring. They are in contradiction with a number of other Laws and even with the
Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia. The Free Aceh Movement (GAM) itself, as a party
signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which initiated the establishment of this
Law, stated that a number of substances in the UUPA are in contradiction with the MoU.

The Contradictive Articles
Articles 16 and 125: Providing authority to the Government of Aceh to implement the Moslem
Laws, which include Aqidah, Akhlak, and Syari’ah. This includes praying, family laws, social
laws, criminal laws, judicial process. The laws implemented are based on Syari’ah
interpretation, instead of the Constitution. According to the Prolegnas Pro-Women, both of the
abovementioned articles are in contradiction with the other following laws.

The potential that religious interpretation shall be made into means to implement authority.
The opportunity of gender-bias interpretations.

Constitution: The Republic of Indonesia is a Constitutional Country. Article 28E: Everyone is
entitled to freedom to have faith, state his/her thoughts and behavior, in accordance with their

Laws of Sipol:
Article 18(2): No one is allowed to be forced, thus obstructing his/her freedom to believe in or
receive a religion or faith of his/her own choice.

Laws of CEDAW:
Article 5: The Country is obligated to change the pattern of social and cultural behavior, which
discriminates women.

Laws of Human Rights:
Article 4: The right of personal freedom, freedom of mind and heart, freedom to have religion,
..., and the right to be acknowledged as a person, and equality before the laws, are Human
Rights that are prohibited to be reduced in whatever condition by whomever.

Article 67: Every one in the Republic of Indonesia is required to follow the constitution,
unwritten laws, and International Laws concerning the Human Rights that have been received
by the Republic of Indonesia.

Article 75: There is no obligation to guarantee representation of women. Only ’taking notice of
such’ and not in all decision making institutions, but limited only in the establishment and
management of political parties. According to Prolegnas (National Legislation Program) Pro-
Women, the articles are in contradiction with these following laws.

Women do not have full access and their rights to be involved in making decisions / public
policies (establishment of qanuns). In the context of implementation of syariah, no such
guarantee for women involvement shall urge frequent occurrences of qanuns that are
repressive towards women.

Article 28 H (2): Everyone is entitled to acquire facilities and special treatment for equal
opportunity and use such in order to obtain equality and justice.

Laws of CEDAW:
Article 4: The Country is required to establish temporary special regulations for women
(affirmative action), objection of which is to accelerate equality.

Article 7: Women have the right to participate in the formulation of government policies and
their implementation, acquire position in the government, and implement all governmental
functions at all levels.

Laws of Human Rights:
Article 46: The General Election system, parties, election of members of legislative
institutions, and the establishment system in executive and judicative sectors, must maintain
the representation of women in accordance with the determined requirements.

Economic Compensation in UUPA
1.    Balancing funds, consisting of:
      a.       Profit Sharing Funds from Tax, which are:
               1)       Share from the revenue from Taxes on Land and Buildings Erected
                        on It amounting to 90%. Share from the revenue from the Fee for
                        Acquiring Rights of Land and Building (BPHTB) amounting to 80%;
               2)       Share from the revenue from Income Tax amounting to 20%.
      b.       Profit Sharing Funds originating from hydrocarbon and other natural
               resources, which are:
               1)       Share from forestry amounting to 80%;
               2)       Share from fishery amounting to 80%;
               3)       Share from public mining amounting to 80%;
               4)       Share from mining of thermal heat amounting to 80%;
               5)       Share from oil mining amounting to 15%;
               6)       Share from mining of natural gas amounting to 30%;
      c.       Public Allocation Funds.
      d.       Special Allocation Funds.
2     Other than the Profit Sharing Funds, the Government of Aceh shall receive additional
      Profit Sharing Funds from natural oil and gas, which are:
      a.       Share from the oil mining amounting to 55%, and
      b.       Share from the mining of natural gas amounting to 40%.
3.    Special Autonomy Funds

30 Percent for Education Sector
1.     The Government of Aceh is authorized to manage the additional Profit Sharing Funds
       for Natural Oil and Gas. These funds constitute revenues in the Aceh Budget.
2.     At least 30% of such revenues are allocated to finance education in Aceh.
3.     At the most, 70% of the revenues are allocated to finance the development program
       mutually agreed upon by the Government of Aceh and the district governments.

Special Funds
Some parties stated that these funds constitute special funds for Aceh. No other province in
Indonesia receives these funds, except the Province of Papua. These funds are known as
Special Autonomy funds, amount of which equal 2 percent of the national General Allocation
Economy Expert from Unsyiah, Dr. Nazamuddin, said that if national DAU reaches Rp.150
trillion, then Aceh shall obtain approximately Rp.3 trillion. Each increase of Rp.50 trillion in the
national DAU shall contribute Rp.1 trillion to Aceh. “This is outside the Regional Budget. This
is because there shall also be profit sharing funds, PAD, and etc. These additional funds are
quite significant. It is left to the governor how to manage such. Do not let it end like the
education fund,” said the expert staff for economy sector, who also advocates the Draft Bill of
The Special Autonomy fund constitutes revenues of Government of Aceh, with the purpose to
finance development and maintain infrastructure, empower the economy of the people,
eradicate poverty, and also for education, social, and healthcare.
The Special Autonomy Fund is effective for 20 years.
       The first 15 years: 2 percent of the national DAU
       The following 5 years: 1 percent of the national DAU
       Aceh shall enjoy for the first time the abovementioned Special Autonomy Fund starting

Free Education
1.     Aceh citizens of the age 7 – 15 years are required to receive basic education without
       having to pay.
2.     The Government, the Government of Aceh, and government of districts/cities allocate
       funds to finance basic and mid level education.
3.     The Government of Aceh and government of districts/cities provide special education
       services for citizens of Aceh living in remote or under-developed areas.
4.     The Government of Aceh and government of districts/cities provide special education
       services for citizens of Aceh with physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, and/or
       social disabilities, and also for the ones with potential of special intellectuality and

Still Under the Name of NAD
         The name of Aceh as a provincial region and the title for the government officials
         elected shall be determined by the Aceh House of Representatives after the 2009
         Temporarily, the name Province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam shall remain to be
         utilized as the name of the province. Such name and title are established with
         Government Regulation based on the proposal from the DPRA and Governor of

Does UUPA violate the Constitution?
Mohammad Avicena
Banda Aceh – Jakarta

If the civil elements in Aceh consider the Laws of Government of Aceh as deviating from the
Memorandum of Understanding of Helsinki, then it is far worse in Jakarta. It was said that the
UUPA is in violation of the Constitution 1945. Huh??? And, evidently, it does not only violate
the Constitution 1945, it also violates a number of other Laws. Really?
A group, which calls themselves the Pro-Women Prolegnas, considered a number of articles
in UUPA are in contradiction as mentioned earlier. The mentioned articles are Articles 16 and
125, article 75 (Read: Articles in Contradiction).
Meanwhile, the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) and a number of civil elements in Aceh were
also unsatisfied with the substance contained in the UUPA, which are considered as not in
accordance with the points in the MoU of Helsinki. The articles that they view as problematic
are as follows.

Article 8
The draft for international agreement directly related to the Government of Aceh that is drawn
up by the Government shall be conducted through consultation with and through
consideration of the Aceh House of Representatives.

The plan for the establishment of the laws directly related to the Government of Aceh by the
House of Representatives shall be conducted through consultation with and consideration of
the Aceh House of Representatives.
GAM is unsatisfied with the word “consideration”. The word consideration is considered as
unbinding. In the MoU itself, the word “agreement” was mentioned, as in point 1.1.2.b of the
MoU that stipulates: The international agreements that are made effective by the Government
of Indonesia, which are directly related to the issues of Aceh’s special interests shall apply
with consultation and approval from the legislatives in Aceh.

Article 11
The Government stipulates norms, standards, and procedures, and also conducts supervision
towards the implementation of matters conducted by the government of Aceh, districts, and
cities. This “hidden” article is considered as Jakarta’s trick to maintain a hold on Aceh.
Previously, this clause was contained in Article 7 paragraph (3). Due to continuous protests,
the House of Representatives had it moved to become Article 11. GAM wanted the authority
of Central over Aceh to be limited to only six issues, as promised in the MoU, which are
international relations, external defense, national security, matters concerning monetary and
fiscal, judicial authority and freedom of religion. (MoU point 1.1.2.a)

Article 203
1.       Criminal acts that are conducted by soldiers of the Indonesian Army in Aceh shall be
         put on trial, in accordance with the Laws.
2.       Judicial process towards soldiers of the Indonesian Army, as intended in paragraph
         (1) shall be conducted in public, unless the Laws state otherwise.

Point 1.4.5 of the MoU of Helsinki states that: All civil crimes conducted by military parties in
Aceh shall be put on trial in civil court in Aceh.

Article 28
To examine, put on trial, rule, and settle cases of violations of Human Rights occurring after
this Law is established, a Human Right Court is to be established in Aceh.

                                    Ceureumen 26 – Page 6

Cartoon Caption
Cek Banun

Cooking is Easy - by Ms. Mulyani
Green Bean Custard with Jelly

First Layer
2 sachets Hunkwe flour (green bean flour)
250gr castor sugar
Dash of salt
Vanilla essence (sufficient)
1lt coconut milk, from 1 ½ coconuts
Second Layer
2 sachets of gelatin
250gr castor sugar
1200ml water
5 drops of dark green - food coloring
2 pandan leaves
300gr diced jackfruit

Cooking Method:
1.    Mix together Hunkwe flour, sugar, salt and vanilla essence, pour in the coconut milk
      little at a time stirring all the time. Bring the mixture to boil in a saucepan until creamy.
2.    Pour into small moulds or ramekins, reaching half of the mould, set aside.
3.     Bring to boil; gelatin, sugar, water, food coloring, pandan leaves and jackfruit, stirring
4.     Pour the gelatin mixture on top of the custard mixture until the moulds are full, set
       aside until set before turning it out. Refrigerate thereafter.
Happy cooking!

For you who have unique recipes, which could be cooked easily and are delicious, you can
write to PO BOX 061 Banda Aceh 23001. Alternatively, Email:
Attach your full address. Ceureumen will visit and watch you cook. A small gift will be made
available for you.

Crossword Puzzle Ceureumen No. 26
1.     Remain, not for a while
5.     Predestined hour of death
6.     Age (English)
7.     Try
8.     Shouting in a high tone, has intention to challenge
9.     A number
10.    Such as
12.    Nail
14.    Information, Announcement

1.        Sensitive
2.        Eel with ears
3.        Natural
4.        Paddies that are cooked
5.        Mechanic
9.        Not a sound, silent
11.       Tradition
13.       Rumors

Answers to Ceureumen No. 25 Crossword Puzzle
1. Premature, 5. Tuba, 6. Aus, 7. God, 8. Intestine, 9. Pen, 10. Ion, 12. Tool, 14. Concerned.

1. Pattern, 2. MoU, 3. Transit, 4. Rima, 5. Tsunami,9.Pump, 11. Neon, 13.Hope.

Winners of Ceureumen No. 22
   1.   Suriati
        SMA Negeri 3 Langsa
        Jl. Cut Nyak Dhien, Langsa.

     2.    Miftahul Jannah
           Cot Sareung A23, tingkem,
           Darul Imarah
           Aceh Besar

     3.    Saifullah
           Jl. Jend. Sudirman VIII
           No. 5, Geuce Inem

     4.    Fanni Abdi
           Jl. Belanak No. 19
           Lampried, Banda Aceh
As of this edition, Crossword Puzzles winners will be announced in every next two editions.
Send your answers to PO BOX 061 Banda Aceh. Five winners will receive an Indonesian-
English dictionary.

Tips for Health
14 Unthought of Benefits of Tea
A day has no worth without a cup of tea. However, did you know that tea has plenty of
benefits for our health? Besides its freshness, you are also free from illness.
Following are the benefits of tea for our health:
1.      From a scientific research, tea has a cancer resistant ability.
2.      Tea can also prevent heart disease and strokes.
3.      This natural drink has been proven to stimulate the circulation system, strengthen the
        blood circulation and reduce cholesterol in the blood.
4.      Tea is able to increase the white blood cells, which are responsible for fighting
5.      Green tea can prevent influenza.
6.      Tea sprouts can strengthen our teeth, fight germs in the mouth, prevent decays, and
7.      In our digestion system, tea can also help fight food poisoning and diseases such as
        cholera, typhoid and dysentery.
8. Drinking tea can reduce diarrhea.
9.      With its antibacterial ability, tea can prevent throat infection.
10.     Research has shown that by drinking tea, this could stimulate concentration,
        sharpness of attention and ability to solve problems.
11.     Tea can also be applied on external wounds. For example, in China green tea is used
        for house medicine to cure wounds or prevent skin disease and foot disease caused
        by water ticks.
12.     All parts of a tea plant can be used for cosmetic ingredients.
13.     Tea can reduce stress.
14.     Tea is good for staying young. (DBS)

                                    Ceureumen 26 - Page 7

My Village Lamno

That village land is still unsettled
Nani Afrida – Lamno Aceh Jaya
The housing supported by the World Vision and International Red Cross and Red Crescent
(IFRC) stand neatly in rows. They measure 6x6 square meters. From a distance, they seem
like dollhouses. The wood used come from pine trees, meanwhile the pillars are from light
iron. Sometimes you can smell the sweet scent of the pinewoods spreading, brought by the
There, 180 Kampong Baro villagers, Jaya District, Aceh Jaya, live. There lies their new
village, after their initial village was swept by the abrasion of tsunami on December 26, 2004.
They eventually moved to this temporary housing after living in tents.

Reasonably Well
Kampong Baru village is located at the border of the coastline. Most of its people are
fishermen and breeders. The devastated village has scattered them apart for a while. Now, in
their temporary home, donation from the IFRC, the people of Kampong Baro have rearranged
their lives.
“This house is very reasonable, much better than living in tents,” said Arifin, chief of the local
youth organization to Ceureumen. In tents, during the daytime the weather is sizzling hot, and
during nighttime the weather is piercingly cold. Moreover, after a year their tents are tearing
Arifin is a victim of tsunami. He lost five relatives during the devastating disaster. Now, he
lives in the temporary house with two of his next of kin.
Several Non Government Organizations (NGO) helped them to once live normal lives, for
example, The International Medical Corps (IMC). This NGO supplied the villagers with several
fishing boats and tens of goats to breed.
“Fortunately, since a long time ago we are already fond of raising goats; besides their simple
food staple, this is also easy to get,” said Jamal, one of the villagers of Kampong Baro, which
group was donated with 20 goats. It is anticipated that the economic recovery of the people at
Kampong Baro can be gradually restored.

Still Unsettled
Although they have moved to a brand new place, with a reasonable home from donations,
there is one thing which is still heavy on their minds. Up to now, the terrain where they reside
has not yet been settled. “This is what bothers us all this time,” said Arifin with a serious
mimic on his face. Hundreds of houses are built on 4.5 hectares of land that belongs to the
inhabitants around that area, which fortunately was untouched by the tsunami.
The local government is planning to procure the land for 8,000 Rupiah/square meter. 90
heads of family have actually chipped in together to ease the government’s burden. Each
family set aside 175,000 Rupiah. Even though the said amount is still insufficient.
“The government should actually help us, since our previous land has submerged. We cannot
afford to pay this land,” said Arifin seriously. Now, the villagers can only wait and pray. “If by
any chance the land owners will not wait any longer, I do not know where our fates lie.” Arifin

MoU Blessing for Sumirah
Firman Hadi – Aceh Barat
The middle aged woman welcomes Ceureumen into her small stall. Soon, a menu of rice and
boiled vegetables with peanut sauce (nasi pecel) was served. The taste is irresistible to her
customers even to Ceureumen’s first time tasting. In this area, only Sumirah serves nasi
pecel, no other vendors offer the same menu. Actually, Sumirah has been selling nasi pecel
for the last 7 years, when she was expelled from her home village, and only 4 months ago
she returned to this village, Pasie Malie village, Setia Bakti District, Aceh Barat District.
Like thousands of other people, when Aceh was overwhelmed by conflict, Sumirah was
forced to leave Aceh. Together with her husband who is a retired soldier, since 1998 they
tried their luck in Medan, North Sumatera.
According to her, it has taken such a long time to wait for peace to come. Therefore, when the
MoU was signed she was actually still bothered. What if the peace treaty is only for a
moment, therefore only 4 months ago the woman who originated from Java returned to this
After observation, with favorable developments occurring day by day, Sumirah and her family
decided to return home. According to her, living in Medan city is hard compared to her home
village. The living costs in a big city are certainly higher. Everything is counted with money, for
renting a house, water supply, food and others. “Basically, everything needs money,” said this
mother of four.
She said, sometimes she shed tears to overcome the burden of living in Medan. To rely on
her husband pension fund is obviously not enough.
In Medan her creativity emerged. She tried to sell nasi pecel, like what she is doing at
present. Meanwhile, her husband has actually retired five months prior to their evacuation to
Since the signing of MoU in Helsinki, Finland, the conflict has eased. This situation has
attracted the wife of Amir Syarifuddin to return to Pasie Malie village, although they have to
build a new home to reside, since their previous house was leveled by the earthquake.
Sumirah narrated; there is this indesribable emotional feeling when she returned to this
village. The people there thought that Sumirah’s departure was for good. “They all cried when
I returned,” she said. It is understandable, since Sumirah is like family to them.
For Sumirah, there are many reasons to return to this village. Besides the peace treaty, the
economic situation comes into account. This woman owns several assets of fields and
plantations, which were purchased prior to their evacuation to Medan. She said, the entire
fields total 4 hectares, including the coconut palm plantation therein. “It is a shame if they are
not taken care of, it is better to live here,” she said.
She hopes that moving forward there will no longer be any more wars to add to the people’s
misery. She is a perfect example; the conflict has made her family constantly suffer in Medan.
“We hope that this peace treaty will be maintained forever,” she explained.

                                  Ceureumen 26 - Page 8

The Dokarim Writing School
“Resided Besides the Large Current”
Mahdi Abdullah
Banda Aceh


Dalam cuaca sarat kabut – in the swirling mist
Dia terus melangkah – he continues to step forward
Dalam kata – in word
Di jalan setapak ada semerbak jeumpa – on a path the smell of jeumpa
Dan kelabunya asap mesiu – and the grey smoke of machines
Di sini ada makna dalam madah – there is meaning here
Yang mengalir dari mulut – which flows from the mouth
                                         Hasyim KS

The Hasyim KS (deceased) poem seems to perfectly represent the young Acehnese’s cultural
practitioner spirit while – during the conflict era- the veranda area was still unstable. They
have been awake since that exact moment. “The poem on the painting” era 2005 which was
painted by an artist, Round Kelana, seems to be specifically made for the study room. The
painting is significantly hung in the Dokarim Writing School study room in Ulee Kareng area,
Banda Aceh.
         A heavy rain has just stopped, Thursday (13/7). Five students dashed through the
rainfalls into a moderate room. The clock showed 16.20 western Indonesian time. The five
students, presently, are in a room where a wall is decorated with a Dokarim silhouette
painting and pictures of a number of the world’s thinkers and writers, among others Maxim
Gorki, Amin Maalouf, Milan Kundera, Arundhati Roy, Derek Walcot, and a number of others.

The Eastern Story
         A few students appeared to be busy flipping the pages of books (a photocopy)
distributed by Azhari (24), a teacher who is coincidentally in charge of leading books to the
students in the Dokarim Writing School on Thursday afternoons.
         The five students who were present because they had not been obstructed by rain,
were paying attention to Mohd Ithdal’s (23) book about Eastern Stories “Mother Mary, the
Layang-Layang Bird by Marguerite Yourcenar. They opted for a short story for discussion
material. The eastern story shall be discussed together from a free and critical point of view.
Sometimes, Azhari delivers questions for the students present. The others then joined in with
their responses. Such are students and studying spirits which we rarely witness anymore in
the present universities and or high schools.

Various Medias
        As acknowledged by Fauzan Santa (29) to Ceureumen concerning their method to
push the students to become more creative, “We focus on the use of media, this means that
we do not always use texts, but we also use photos, posters, paintings, and various other
media. With such method, we expect plenty of response,” stated the Principal of Dokarim
Writing School.

New Layer
        Presently, the Dokarim Writing School, wings of the Tikar Pandan Community, plans
to open or build new layers. As admitted by Azhari, they are planning to open their wings in
Western, Northern, and Central Aceh. “These areas are the three main pillars of Aceh’s
various cultures. This shall commence from the three areas,” stated Azhari.
         They seem to intend to investigate a more wide and plural expression of the Aceh
culture. Naturally, on how the expression shall emerge from the village areas into a much
more plural and cosmopolite character.
         Another interesting part is that the expansion is not meant as an opening of branches
in areas, however as an expansion of the pilot projects in Banda Aceh. “The model, method
and style may be different. Because we always take the method and style from the
participants, we are not the creators, but it is a joint creation. It is possible that we may
suddenly be able to present a great method and style from each area, “stated Azhari.
         The Dokarim School is presently preparing the third class of candidates of Acehnese
writers. The previous two classes have graduated. The students are targeted to be able to
understand again the meaning behind history as Aceh cultural producers. The students are
also expected to be able to build a critical view towards the history of Aceh, aside from their
writing skills.
         Why Dokarim? Behind every history of each big figure, there are always messages
and contents. Therefore, the Tikar Pandan Community prefers small figures to stand next to
the large flow.

(Picture: Fauzan)
(Picture: Short story from the East)
(Picture: The Dokarim pictures have been graphitized starting from the ground floor)

Azhari: Does not Believe in Divine Revelation

What is the message which is still relevant from a Dokarim figure which may become
the guidance or spirit for the Dokarim Writing School?
          It is not in actual words, but we may see the spirit expressed by the Dokarim. The
spirit to remember and to treat the past as a source of study. We do not wish to go back in
time. We know that it is impossible. And we shall be laughed at by the futuristic people as
being dreamers. We do not dream about Iskandar Muda or the polan Sultans. But the
question is why tragedies always occur here; because we are too hasty in forgetting the past.
As if nothing has occurred here, such as tragedy and abuse. Then. ten years later we are
once again falling into the similar sin. Just like a donkey that falls repeatedly into a hole.
Behind each big figure, there are always messages and contents. Therefore we prefer small
figures who stand beside the large flow. Thus, it shall be clearer for us to view the figure, not
the character but their spirit. We do not view character as an important essence.

         You stated that the Tikar Pandan Community shall open new layers in regions,
what is the purpose and goal of such action?
     Maybe in the Western, Northern and Central Aceh. These areas are like the three main
pillars of the Aceh cultural diversity. It may commence from these three areas. It is clear that
we wish to investigate a more expansive and plural expression in the Aceh culture. And of
course, how the expression shall emerge from villages and areas, into an extremely plural
and cosmopolite character.

         Or is it only a branch school?
         It is not a branch but an expansion of the pilot projects in Bna. The models, methods,
and styles may be different. Because we always take the method and style from the
participants, we are not the creators, but it is a joint creation. It is possible that we will
suddenly be able to present a great model and style from each region.

        Are there results from the Tikar Pandan research which have affected the State
decision in determining Aceh’s cultural politics?
        Hahaha. This would be difficult, because we think that we are not the ones taking part
in changing, but it is from the organized support and participation of the people. If we, the
Tikar Pandan, should change unilaterally, this would means that we are also determining it.
Just like the State’s character. The Tikar Pandan part is only to organize ideas and
movements within the people.
         What are the challenges facing you in improving Aceh’s writing and literature
         That we have to work hard. Because in my opinion, we are still in the phase of
building a tradition. For the last thirty years I have not witnessed the building of this tradition.
This is the most difficult phase. If this engineering fails then we must repeat it over and over
again. Therefore, we require a foundation to ensure the survival of this tradition. For example,
Seudati as a cultural product was built in a long tradition; therefore it has survived until
         A writer can be created. I believe in skills, not divine revelation. In Aceh, writing is
considered a divine revelation. Therefore, it may only be performed by certain people. I object
to such opinion.
(Picture: Azhari)

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