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Healing in the Himalayas - The Healing Arts


									Natural Healing Basics

    By Dean Alter

      July 1, 2010

Table of Contents
   1. Introduction to Natural Healing ........................................................................ 3
   2. How I Cured My Heart Disease ........................................................................ 3
   3. The Holistic Healing Program .......................................................................... 4
   4. Healing With Raw Foods .................................................................................. 4
   5. Healing with Water ........................................................................................... 6
   6. Healing with Air ............................................................................................... 7
   7. Healing with Light ............................................................................................ 7
   8. Healing with Body Movement .......................................................................... 8
   9. Bowel Cleansing ............................................................................................... 8
   10. Liver and Gall Bladder Cleansing................................................................... 9
   11. Kidney Cleansing ............................................................................................ 9
   12. Blood and Lymph Cleansing .......................................................................... 9
   13. Worms, Fungus, and Other Parasites ............................................................ 10
   14. Spicy Chutney ............................................................................................... 10
   15. Salads ............................................................................................................ 10
   16. Fennel and Celery ......................................................................................... 11
   17. Exercises for Healing the Whole Person ...................................................... 11
   18. Know That All Diseases Are Curable ........................................................... 12
   19. Connect with Your Spirit .............................................................................. 12
   20. Replace Negative Emotions with Positive Emotions.................................... 13
   21. Commune with Nature .................................................................................. 13
   22. Tell Jokes and Laugh .................................................................................... 14
   23. Minimize Your Needs ................................................................................... 14
   24. Things to Avoid ............................................................................................ 16
   25. Daily Program Basics ................................................................................... 19

1. Introduction to Natural Healing

It has been taught since ancient times that the body is the temple of the spirit. Just as
the temple is kept clean, so we need to make our bodies clean free from impurities
and diseases before we can meditate properly and reach mental and spiritual purity.

Natural healing is a holistic science using good thoughts, good words, good deeds,
and good emotions to cleanse and nourish the mind, the body, and the spirit. The
objectives are healthy persons, healthy societies, and a healthy world.

Natural healing can prevent and cure diseases without using drugs, X-rays, or
unnecessary surgery. Natural healing treats the causes of disease and has no side
effects. It is cheaper, faster, more effective, and much safer than “modern” medicine.

There are no incurable diseases. During the long history and extensive experience of
natural healing all of the known diseases have been cured.

To practice natural healing is to live in harmony with nature while taking personal
responsibility for achieving health and vitality. Prevention and cure of diseases
follows naturally as a result of healthy living.

This document Natural Healing Basics gives the basics of natural healing in a short
summary fashion. I have also written a longer book on natural healing which is
available on the Internet for free at The Guide to
Natural Healing goes into details about numerous specific diseases, foods, juices, oils,
medicinal herbs, historical healing programs, and sources of supplies, books, training,
and services.

If you have any questions or comments about anything at all, please send me an email

Dean Alter
Teacher of Natural Healing

2. How I Cured My Heart Disease

In 1995 I was 47 years old. I knew almost nothing about herbs or natural healing.
I was just hoping that nothing bad would happen to me. But I began having some
serious health problems including heart disease. Luckily, I discovered natural healing
before it was too late.

My father, both of my grandfathers, and two of my uncles died from heart disease.
Despite a life-long devotion to healthy foods, daily jogging, and outdoor exercises, I
was diagnosed with heart disease. A sonogram of the heart revealed leaky heart
valves due to plaque build up. Another sonogram of the neck arteries showed 85%
blockage in the arteries leading to the brain. I was having violent irregular heart beat,
high blood pressure, fatigue, and depression. With my family medical history, the
medical specialists told me my heart disease was hereditary and incurable and they
said I could have a heart attack or a stroke at any time.

But today my heart disease is entirely gone. The plaque clogging my veins and
arteries was dissolved by the juices and herbal teas which I drank daily. I followed a
program similar to the one described in this paper. It worked for me and maybe it can
work for you too.

3. The Holistic Healing Program

All living things need nutrition and elimination of waste materials. Even the simplest
single cell organisms take in food and pass out waste. By cleansing and nourishing
we can prevent and cure diseases – even the most serious diseases such as heart
disease, cancer, tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, arthritis, kidney
failure, tumors, brain disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes.

To cure diseases, we need a Holistic Healing Program which provides for all of the
things which are essential for health – not just some kind of medicine to take or a few
key herbs or a magic type of massage or some other “silver bullet”. The holistic
program is a philosophy of life and an action program.

The Holistic Healing Program described below, works by cleansing and nourishing
for health. All living things – if they get proper cleansing and nourishing – can be
healthy. It is that simple. So, in natural healing we cleanse and nourish.

We use natural forces including raw foods, pure water, clean air, sun light and star
light, and body movement.

We cleanse the key body systems. Anyone with a serious chronic disease probably
has a digestive system that is in sad shape, a liver and kidneys that are congested and
non-functional, fungus overgrowth, and other parasites. In fact, in a seriously sick
person it is pretty safe to assume that all of the internal organs are swollen and the
blood and lymph systems are clogged.

Simultaneously with healing the physical body systems, we also cleanse and nourish
the thinking body (the mind) and the feeling body (the spirit). We use special
exercises to adjust the thoughts and the emotions and thus to heal the whole person.

4. Healing With Raw Foods

If you kill your food, your food will kill you. Here is why:

Cooking above 120 F (50 C) destroys the vitamins and enzymes and life giving
properties in food. The first and most important thing, therefore, is to remember to
eat raw food. This raw food will give you all the nutrition you need and will also
enable you to eliminate waste materials from all parts of the body. This will enable
you to heal any and all deteriorated or damaged body parts. Cooked food on-the-
other hand will lead to continued deterioration and clogging of all the body organs
and systems.

The foods to include in the diet include fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. The
fruits and vegetables should be as fresh and ripe as possible. Make fruit salads and
vegetable salads. Blend fruits and vegetables to make soups and smoothies.

Grains, nuts and seeds should be soaked in water for 12 hours and then rinsed. Any
grain or seed that can be sprouted should be sprouted. To sprout grains and seeds,
first soak for 12 hours and then rinse twice per day. The easy way to do this is in a
bowl such a soup bowl or salad bowl. To pour off the water when rinsing, use one
hand to hold the bowl and the other to keep the grains or seeds from coming out of the
bowl while you pour off the water. Soaking and rinsing gets rid of the natural plant
pesticides in the grains and seeds and also activates the enzymes and vitamins.
Sprouting continues this process and results in a hundred times more life giving
qualities than cooked grains or seeds have.

The best diet is 100% raw. If you have any serious illness, the diet should be 100%
raw until you have cured the illness. 50% raw is the bare minimum needed to get
adequate nutrients.

Refined sugar is the tooth thief. If you want to lose your teeth, eat lots of sugar foods.
Similarly, if you want your wife to have no teeth, give her lots of candy and sugary
foods. To understand why sugar is bad, think of how it is made. It comes from sugar
cane or sugar beets and in this form (as sugar cane juice or beet juice) it has lots of
minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc. To make sugar they take out
all of these minerals and the result is that the sugar is empty and wants these minerals
back. So, when you eat foods with sugar or put sugar in your tea or your coffee, this
sugar goes into your blood stream and immediately starts to remove the minerals from
all of your tissues. It takes the calcium, magnesium, potassium and other minerals
from your veins and arteries, from your skin, from your muscles, from your bones,
from your teeth, from your brain, and from everywhere.

While refined sugar is bad, natural sugar is good. More than good actually, natural
sugar is essential for good health. Most fruits are high in natural sugars and this is
one of the reasons they are so good for health. The brain runs on natural sugar and
this is pretty important! Natural sugar is any sugar which has not been refined.
Honey has lots of natural sugar and includes minerals so the natural sugar in honey
does not rob your body of minerals but builds the body tissues instead. Sweet fruits
and vegetables are also high in natural sugars. Beets, carrots, melons, berries, papaya,
pineapple, apples, pears, and so on are all excellent sources of natural sugar.

Bread, pasta, cooked rice, cooked potatoes, and other starchy foods turn to sugar
when you eat them and this causes the same problems that sugar does. Cooking with
oil is especially bad because the cooked oil is unusable and very hard to remove from
the body. Instead, eat soaked and/or sprouted grains, nuts, and seeds and these
problems will not occur.

Avoid cooking spinach, Swiss chard, beet greens, turnip and mustard greens, kale and
collards, and broad-leafed French sorrel which are all high in oxalic acid a valuable
nutrient that promotes the peristaltic motion of the intestines when these vegetables
are eaten raw. However, if these vegetables are cooked and eaten the oxalic acid in

them combines with the calcium in your tissues and can result in such a serious
deficiency of calcium that it has been known to cause decomposition of the bones.

Coffee and black tea should not be consumed in large amounts. An occasional cup in
my opinion can be beneficial provided it does not exceed one or two cups per day.
One cup of coffee can open up the blood vessels and lift the spirits. It was
administered in small doses as a medicine. But to continue drinking in large amounts
is very destructive to the nervous system and the digestive system. The same is true
of black tea.

5. Healing with Water

The average size adult needs at least 4 liters of pure liquids daily. This is equal to 16
glasses of average 250 ml size. This liquid can be in juices, in herbal teas, or in plain
pure water. Drink one glass every hour or half hour for a total of at least 16 glasses
every day. Dehydration is a major cause of disease. All of the internal organs get
clogged with waste materials and they must be flushed out. The body tissues can’t be
rebuilt when they are dehydrated.

The water in fresh squeezed juices is pure and clean. Besides the water in fresh juices
we need water for drinking, for making herbal teas, and for food preparation. There
are two methods of water purification which really get the water clean: (1) steam
distillation with carbon filter and (2) reverse osmosis with carbon filter. It is best to
purify all of the water coming into your house or apartment removing most of the
impurities at the point of entry. A whole house system will avoid getting chlorine and
other toxins in through your skin and lungs while you are taking a bath or shower. In
addition, water for consumption should be purified 100%.

Don’t be fooled by claims that mineral water is good for you. The minerals in water
are just dissolved rocks. These minerals are inorganic and dead and of no value at all.
You get plenty of minerals from food and juices and don’t need any more in the form
of mineral water. Mineral water just calcifies your arteries, brain, and all of your
internal organs. In India there is a high incidence of arthritis, rheumatism, heart
disease, and kidney and urinary stones. One cause of all these diseases (and of all the
other diseases too) is the high inorganic mineral content in the water. Minerals can
clog up the pipes in your house and they can clog you up too.

When fighting any disease it is good to have a daily hot bath for at least 30 minutes –
as hot as possible and accompanied by a good hot sweating tea such as ginger or
peppermint. In the case of a respiratory disease, fever disease, or debility it may be
best to proceed to bed after the hot bath wrapped in several layers of clothing and
continue sweating while in bed. Otherwise, you can follow the hot bath with a cold
shower or cold bath. Or you can alternate from hot to cold and back several times to
stimulate circulation in the whole body or in one part of the body where there is
disease perhaps. Many variations are possible. For example, for problems in the feet
and ankles you can use plastic waste baskets full of water – one hot and one cold and
every few minutes switch feet from hot to cold and cold to hot. Herbs can be added to
the water in the foot bath with excellent effect.

6. Healing with Air

When the blood doesn’t have enough oxygen in it, recovery is not possible. Due to
shallow breathing for many years, not enough oxygen has been available for cleansing
and nourishing the body parts. This also is a major reason for all diseases. Learn to
breathe from both the abdomen and chest at the same time. Extend both abdomen and
chest out to the maximum taking in as much air as you can. Exhale slowly and pull
the abdomen and chest inward as far as possible emptying the lungs as completely as
possible. Repeat this at a medium speed, fully inhaling and fully exhaling each time
for several minutes up to ten minutes at a time. Do this 3 or 4 times per day. In
between these deep breathing exercises, do single or double deep breaths with full
exhale. Feel how this refreshes you and gives power to your body. Deep breathing
can lift your spirits and inspire creative thoughts as well.

The quality of the air is very important as well as the quantity. Become sensitive and
observe what the quality is where ever you are. When possible avoid going into
buildings with smoke, chemical smells, or stale air. Keep your windows open to get
in clean air. Inside air is much more toxic than outside air. Even in the winter, open
the windows enough to get an exchange of air. Wear your winter coat if necessary
and turn on the heat, but get that clean air. Go outside as often as possible and go to
the hill areas and spend time there reading or exercising and of course watching

7. Healing with Light

Direct sunlight on the skin causes release of healing chemicals essential to curing
serious diseases. There are many scientific studies which have proven this. The
ancients knew of the benefits of sunbathing and practiced it thousands of years ago.

Some people believe that sunlight causes skin cancer. But Dr. Christopher tells of a
patient who cured skin cancer with sunbaths and a cleansing diet including grape

The ideal sunbath is where sunlight hits the whole body. Try to find or create a
private place behind curtains where you can lie totally naked in the sun. Otherwise,
wear the smallest amount of clothing possible such as a bikini or dhoti. Lie in the sun
for about 30 minutes on the front and 30 minutes on the back. Don’t over do it and
get burned. Massage the skin over the entire body with a good quality oil while
taking the sunbath.

After finishing a sunbath, the longer you stay outside in indirect light absorbing the
joy of sunlight through the eyes and skin the better. Sunlight chases away depression
and strengthens motivation and life energy.

Starlight and moonlight at night are cooling and calming. They complement and
balance the warming effect of sunlight. They have colors which feed the positive
emotions. While watching the stars at night, one can reflect on the infinite nature of
the universe, on eternal life, and on the universal law which is truth.

8. Healing with Body Movement

Only with body movement and exertion can the waste materials be moved out of the
body and the nutrients moved to their proper places in the body. This is especially
true of the lymph system. Your body has more than twice as much lymph as it does
blood. The lymph is basically the same as the white blood cells in your blood. The
lymph is in vessels parallel to the arteries and veins, but is has no heart to pump it.
The lymph only moves when the body movement agitates it. So, while body
movement does increase blood circulation it is even more important for lymph

Of course with all diseases exercise can be difficult and painful. But be inventive and
do the best you can. Walk as much as you can. Climb hills up and down. Arrange
exercise mats and hanging bars to pull on. Use anything available such as a chair or
stool as a weight for lifting. If you can’t do full push ups do knee push ups. Do leg
lifts. Swing your arms. Touch your toes.

If possible get some massage to move the blood and lymph and stimulate circulation
to the areas which need it. Any friend or relative can help by massaging you. Special
training is not necessary. Or massage yourself.

9. Bowel Cleansing

A good healthful diet of organic fresh foods will be the first step to avoid constipation
and insure a clean and healthy bowel. Certain ordinary foods have mild laxative
effects and these should be tried before laxative herbs. These include all fruits and
also mucilaginous vegetables such as okra. All fruits are excellent laxative foods.

In a case of constipation, use laxative herbs starting with small amounts and using
only as much as necessary. Senna is a good laxative herb but is strong and needs to
be used in small amounts and at bed time. The laxative herbs need to be combined
with anti spasmodic and anti-gas herbs such as peppermint, fennel, cardamom, and

In many people the beneficial flora in the bowel get killed and putrefactive flora take
over. This results in gas, foul smell, and constipation alternating with diarrhea. In a
case like this, and eat foods which are mild and cleansing to the bowel. One excellent
herb for this purpose available in India is psyllium husk (isapgul or fleaseed). Mix
one heaping spoon full in a glass of water or fresh squeezed juice every hour until the
condition improves. Discontinue all regular food and eat only fruits like papaya or
mangoes. Steamed okra (not fried please!) is also specific for this condition. Also,
fennel juice or fennel tea will aid a quick recovery – see the section on fennel.

For an emergency condition (when nothing else works) do an enema with fennel tea.
For this you need an enema kit which consists of a bag or bucket, a hose about 2
meters long, a tip for inserting into the anus, and a clip to control the liquid flow.
Hospital supply stores and some pharmacies carry enema kits or can get them. About
a quart or more of pure water or herbal tea is injected into the colon and then ejected
into the toilet – thus cleansing the colon. Coffee enemas are not recommended
because the caffeine unbalances the nervous system and the hydrolyzed tannins

absorb the available iron causing cramping and constipation in the long run. The best
herb to use in an enema is fennel which is anti-gas and anti-spasmodic. Any mint will
have similar effects.

Heavy coffee or black tea consumption can deplete the iron in the bowel and cause
constipation. Coffee and black tea use should be very little or none. To get iron back
in the digestive system, use spinach, dock, nettle, beets, and berries and any other red
or purple foods which are high in iron.

10. Liver and Gall Bladder Cleansing

Bitter foods and bitter herbs in general stimulate bile flow and are cleansing to the
liver and gall bladder. The best herb available everywhere in India for this purpose is
turmeric. Fresh turmeric has vitamins and enzymes which the powdered turmeric
does not have. So the fresh is better, but the powdered will still be cleansing to the
bowel and gall bladder. The recommended dose is one heaping teaspoon per day or

Carrot and beet juice are especially cleansing to the liver and gall bladder. If you do
not have a juicer, grind up the carrots and beets and chew well. Drink plenty of water
along with them.

Stay on a mostly raw food diet and this will avoid clogging up the liver and gall

11. Kidney Cleansing

For kidney cleansing, the very first thing is to drink only clean water. The dead
minerals in hard water clog up the kidneys. Stop adding to the problem and start
flushing out with clean water.

Second, be sure to stay off of bread, noodles, processed cereals, refined sugar, and
any cooked foods with high starch content (e.g. no cooked potatoes, etc.). The reason
is that the sugars and starches in these foods clog up the tiny passageways in the

Third, start consuming more juices which dissolve stones and deposits in the kidneys.
These include the juice of the whole watermelon including skin and seeds, cucumber
and parsley juice, cranberry juice, citrus juice, blueberry juice, and grape juice. Drink
at least one quart per day of these types of juices while doing a kidney cleanse.

12. Blood and Lymph Cleansing

The blood and lymph systems are the rivers of life, carrying the nutrients to the body
parts and carrying away the waste materials.

For blood and lymph cleansing, the raw food diet described above will provide a very
solid foundation. If more help is needed, there are specific herbs to be used.

For blood cleansing and lymph cleansing, drink three cups or more per day of
burdock (gobo), chaparral, yarrow, or any other blood cleansing herbal tea.

13. Worms, Fungus, and Other Parasites

There are many parasites which invade the body. They include fungus and many
types of worms, including tapeworms, round worms, hook worms, and pinworms.
Other parasites include guardia and flukes. There are tests for parasites but they cost
money, take time, and are often wrong. The herbal cure for these types of parasites
uses herbs that are nutritional and harmful in no way when taken in the recommended
dosage. The cost also is very reasonable. In such cases, it is recommended to just do
the cures and forget about testing.

Neem, wormwood, thyme, cloves, papaya seeds, and black walnut teas will work for
fungus and most parasites as well.

14. Spicy Chutney

Garlic and onions are nature’s antibiotics. They will prevent and cure most diseases if
you eat them raw. They will prevent colds, flu, pneumonia, tuberculosis, urinary
infections, coughs, sinus infections, and on and on. So, if you eat them every day,
you will almost never get sick. Therefore, I recommend that you make spicy chutney
and eat it every day with your meals. Have it with your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Here is a sample recipe. Modify this recipe as you wish adding any vegetable or fruit
you like. Recipe: garlic, onion, tomato, cucumber, coriander, salt, red or green
chilies, black pepper, oil, apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, and honey. If you have
a blender/mixer you can make a paste of these things. Or just chop them with a knife
and mix.

15. Salads

Fruit salads and vegetable salads might sound boring to you if you are used to cooked
food. But there is an endless variety of salads you can make once you get into it. The
first thing is to think ahead and make a shopping list and get some good ingredients.
Be creative and make new salads and different salads. Grow sprouts and mix them
into the salads. Make salad dressings using oil, vinegar or lemon juice, salt, and
blended ingredients such as blended cucumber. Add on honey or soaked raisins or
bananas for a sweet accent.

20. Juices

Fresh squeezed juices provide much more cleansing and nourishing than is possible
from eating the fruit or the vegetable. To illustrate this concept, consider the task of
eating in one day ten pounds of carrots. This would result in a huge stomach ache!
But drinking the juice of ten pounds of carrots in one day is very feasible and is
unlikely to cause any distress provided the juice is sipped slowly throughout the day,
swished in the mouth, and chewed to mix it thoroughly with the saliva before

The intestines can only absorb liquids. Therefore, “solid food requires many hours of
digestive activity before its nourishment is finally available to the cells and tissues of
the body.” However, juices can “be very quickly digested and assimilated, sometimes
in a matter of minutes with a minimum of effort and exertion on the part of the
digestive system.” Since Norman Walker started juice therapy at his Norwalk
Laboratory in New York (established in 1910) natural healing practice has confirmed
time and time again that juices are the key foundation of any program to cure serious

16. Fennel and Celery

The fennel plant, fennel seed, the celery plant, and celery seed have similar properties.
They reduce gas, calm the stomach, and improve any and all digestive problems.
Whenever you have any digestive problem, eat fennel and/or celery and drink fennel
or celery juice, or drink fennel tea or celery seed tea. Before making fennel or celery
seed tea, grind up the seeds so that the benefits will dissolve in the hot water better.
Then add hot water and soak for 20 minutes or more.

Fennel seed is sweet and if you add it to other teas it can replace sugar. Your green
tea or herbal tea will taste sweet without sugar. This is very important because of the
problems with sugar discussed above.

17. Exercises for Healing the Whole Person

Most people with diseases have resentments, anger, fear, lots of misinformation, and
negative self-images. They feel lonely, unloved, misunderstood, and unfairly treated.
They believe that diseases can’t be cured and that diet and lifestyle have little or
nothing to do with health. They think they should take vitamins and supplements, get
regular medical check-ups, and visit the doctor whenever illness appears.

All these bad feelings, bad thoughts, and bad habits cause diseases. To break out of
the downward spiral, we need some specific healing exercises for the mind and the

Your mind is your conscious self. It thinks thoughts, learns facts, plans movements,
holds beliefs, and experiences emotions. All the senses come to the mind but often
times the mind is not aware of them and needs to be trained for awareness.

Your spirit is what makes you alive and is the source of your true feelings – which are
kept in the heart. Your spirit is also your source of conscience, creativity, fulfillment,
and joy.

The mind, body, and spirit are one. It is an illusion when they appear to be separate.
They are actually just different aspects or dimensions of the person. So in healing the
mind and the spirit we must bear in mind that all of the cleansing and nourishing of
the body which were discussed above are also for the mind and the spirit. Any
damage to the body will also damage the mind and the spirit and any help to the body
will also help the mind and the spirit.

Sometimes the body-mind-spirit link is extremely obvious. For example, depression
can sometimes be chased away in a few minutes with exercise or with an herbal tonic
such as hot pepper.

The reverse link from the mind to the body has been investigated by scientists who
have discovered that chemicals called neuropeptides are released by the brain when
ever we have a thought – any thought. About 100 different neuropeptides are known
to be released by different populations of neurons in the mammalian brain. Certain of
these neuropeptides travel through the blood and the lymph, attach to the immune
cells, and direct their activities.

So, there is never a purely physical disease and there is never a purely physical cure.
Preventing and curing diseases must be done by curing the whole person body, mind,
and spirit.

18. Know That All Diseases Are Curable

One of the worst causes of disease is the belief that diseases are incurable. Most of
the world’s population and most of the medical profession consider diseases to be

The incurable prognosis is devastating to the individual. It is like a nightmare come
true. It causes deep despair and depression. The individual has to fight hard to
overcome panic and fear, to regain composure, and to grasp at some degree of
happiness while accepting his or her “fate” as inevitable. Gradually, the individual
becomes reconciled, accepts the worst, and blocks out any thought of recovery.
Therapy or meditation may be used like a drug or trance to block out anxiety. He or
she refuses to reopen the issue, doesn’t look for a cure, and doesn’t ever want to hear
anything about a possible cure – because it would be painful to do so. The mind
becomes shut and the diagnosis of incurability becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Because there is believed to be no cure, no cure is looked for, no cure is found, and no
actions are taken to correct the condition. This is definitely a mental problem.

But thousands of people do recover from heart disease, cancer, muscular dystrophy,
multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and in fact all diseases. Not by accident, but because they
work hard at it and cure themselves. This proves that the diseases are curable. If
something has been cured, it is not incurable.

The first step in curing all diseases is to know that they are curable. Cleanse out all of
the negative and pessimistic ideas, thoughts, verdicts, and convictions that your
disease is beyond your control and there is nothing you can do. Throw out the gloom
and doom paradigm. Throw out the depression and despair – don’t just cover it up,
throw it out.

19. Connect with Your Spirit

When the link between the mind and the spirit is damaged through trauma or stress,
the mind becomes lost without conscience, feelings, or purpose. Restoring the mind-
spirit link becomes paramount. Light a candle and place it directly in front of you.
Stare into the flame. Be aware of the flame itself, of its shape, colors, and movement.
Don’t try to compose any thoughts about the flame but just allow it to be and
experience its existence. After some time close your eyes and view the afterglow of
the candle and the beams of light coming from it. Open and close your eyes repeating
this experience and liken one of the beams of light to your spirit. Your spirit (like the
beam of light coming from the candle) also comes from a higher source and your
spirit is an expression of that higher source. Meditate on this. With that meditation
fresh in your mind, turn your focus to reflect on your life up until now. What talents
and skills have become apparent? Note them down. What activities have given you
the most satisfaction and fulfillment? Write them down also. Now consider the
things you have written from the perspective of someone who doesn’t know you.
What would you advise this person to do to find joy and satisfaction in life? Good.
Start doing these things to make your life more satisfying and meaningful.

20. Replace Negative Emotions with Positive Emotions

Negative emotions will cause disease and make it impossible to cure disease.
Negative emotions can be replaced with their antidote – positive emotions. If you
monitor your emotions by paying careful attention to what you are feeling, you may
detect hate, anxiety, resentment, anger, cowardice, sadness, or grief. Once you have
detected them make a conscious effort to replace them with their counterpart positive

In order to do this, we need to realize that it is in our self-interest to drop the negative
emotion which is harming us more than it is harming anyone else. Negative emotions
damage our mind and body; they shut us away from our fellow humanity and make us
lonely. If we fully realize this, we will be motivated to drop the long cherished hate
or anger or what ever evil we have been harboring. This realization of self-interest
gives us motivation. Once motivated, we can find a way.

Some negative emotions, such as grief at the loss of a loved one are unavoidable. But
we need to reflect that grief when not reduced and ended can lead to neglect of the
mind and the body and eventually to disease and death. So we should not harbor grief
or cherish it. It is best to “let it go” and replace it with joy. Think about something
you can be joyful about, such as a sunset or a bird song, etc.

21. Commune with Nature

Perhaps the greatest source of joy is to be found by communing with nature. The
wonder of life can be observed and the truth of the cosmos can be absorbed. So many
people go through the day without even a moment of thought for the love of sunlight,
or moonlight, or wind, or rain. These people are too busy looking at troubles within
and missing the beauty all around.

Spend any amount of time with full attention watching cats at play, ants about their
work, birds building a nest, an eagle sailing through the clouds, and you come to feel

the casualness of nature towards birth and death. Each encounter with nature releases
the stress.

The colors of nature, the blue of the sky, the green of the grass and trees, the bright
red, purple, white and yellow of flowers, the pastel gray and brown of earth and rock,
all these colors enter the emotions and unravel the knots binding the spirit and holding
it down.

Sunlight gives strength and courage and drives out depression. Moonlight and
starlight are cooling and calming to an over strained heart. They bring truth and
peace. If the night sky is obscured where you live, make a pilgrimage to observe the
sky from some place with clear skies and no bright lights to dim the stars. Study
about the stellar topics a little bit so you can recognize the planets and the
constellations. Collect some pictures of astronomical wonders such as far away
galaxies and nebulae and keep them on the wall in your house.

The starlight is coming to us across thousands of light years. The light reaching us
today is truly ancient – much older than any history on Earth. Space is infinite in all
directions. Each speck of light is a star – or in some cases a speck of light is many
stars. Our sun is only a relatively small star among stars. Meteors and star dust have
brought to Earth evidence of stellar life coming to us from infinite space. This
cosmos which we see in the night sky is our home. We can glimpse it in the jet black
of the night void and the twinkling silver beauty of the star world beyond the Earth’s
warm atmosphere which enfolds us.

22. Tell Jokes and Laugh

My mother’s father was a Presbyterian minister. He had the gift of gab and an
endless stream of stories and jokes and puns (e.g. tomatoes were Tommy Toes). My
mother once told me she wanted to marry an Irishman because an Irishman has a good
sense of humor. Her implication was that most people don’t have a good sense of
humor and that the humor of her father’s generation has gone out of our culture. I
think she is right. There used to be more humor in daily life and in national
entertainment. The humor of Will Rogers, Mark Twain, Lucile Ball, and Bob Hope
are some good examples of the humor of the recent era. Bernard Jansen told Richard
Schultz that to cure his heart disease he should: “Lighten up, learn a thousand jokes.”
Richard took that advice and in turn he insisted that his patients tell him jokes and
learn to laugh to cure their diseases. He found it really does work.

23. Minimize Your Needs

We all need to have enough but not more. Those who devote themselves to
accumulating wealth, possessions, fame, or power become slaves to the process.
They must spend all their time and energy earning and protecting. They lose track of
their true selves. They become owned by their possessions. Freedom from this
prison is to be found in the simple act of reducing your needs to the bare minimum,
throwing out old stuff, and /or giving it away. Gandhiji used to live very simply with
very few possessions. This was deliberate. He said for example, if you have a chair
which you do not need, you should give it away. When you give it away, you create
an open space where it used to be and this space gives an open feeling of freedom. In

Hindi and in Sanskrit, the word for space is akash and akash has value. The open sky
and a clear horizon give the greatest sense of akash which allows the spirit access to
the energy flow of the universe. So, live a simple life focused on the important
values. Seek always to reduce your needs to the bare minimum: physical health, love
and compassion, peace and tranquility, harmony with nature, and a minimum of
material things.

24. Things to Avoid

Doctors and Hospitals There are a few exceptions, but in most cases doctors and
hospitals use toxic drugs, damaging X-Rays, and unnecessary surgery. They have no
concept of the most elemental natural healing methods (e.g. garlic for infections, hot
bathes for fevers, elecampane for respiratory problems, etc.) and any attempt to
discuss these with them gets nowhere. They have no cures for any diseases. They
only treat the symptoms and never get at the causes. Their treatments only reduce the
strength of your immune system. Besides all this, their fees are very high. True, if
you have insurance, your insurance may pay all or most of the cost, but still you are
paying for the insurance and so eventually the financial cost is high. In addition, there
are many cases of down right dishonesty in the medical profession.

Tobacco Life insurance companies publish tables showing the cost per month of life
insurance for men and women of different ages. These tables often have two
columns, one for tobacco users and the other for non users. If you examine these
tables you will see that the cost of life insurance for tobacco users is approximately
double the cost of life insurance for non users. This means that in any given year the
chances of dying are double if you are a tobacco user. Tobacco greatly increases the
likelihood of all diseases, it destroys the immune system, and it must be strictly
avoided by anyone who cares about health. Do a Google search for images of
smoking dangers and similar phrases and you will be shocked at how much damage
smoking causes.

Drugs According to a recent edition of the AARP journal, 11 percent of seniors in
the USA are taking no medications. The article says it is quite remarkable that these
people can do without medications. To me it is remarkable that 89 percent of seniors
have been duped into consuming poisonous substances of no nutritional value!! It is
easy to find out what some of the side effects are by looking in the Physician’s Desk
Reference which is available in the reference section of the public library. All drugs
have serious toxic effects (such as heart attack, stroke, indigestion, depression,
suicide, homicidal behavior, and death) and all drugs should be avoided. Of course, it
is necessary to come off drugs carefully. This may require starting the natural healing
program first and then gradually reducing the drug down to zero. A common
reduction plan is to reduce 25% each week down to zero in 3 to 4 weeks.

Cell Phones Cell phones produce radiation which causes serious tissue damage
including, memory loss, brain tumors, and cancer. The convenience of a cell phone is
very alluring and the industry is playing on this to make money while trying to
continue to suppress information about the damage done. But there is plenty of
evidence already. Cell phones are to be strictly avoided except in a truly life and
death situation. For example, if you are stranded in a remote desert canyon, can’t get
out, and don’t have any food and water, then by all means go ahead and use the cell
phone long enough to call for help. Otherwise, don’t use cell phones.

Microwave Ovens Microwaves reverse the molecular polarity of the foods they
come in contact with thousands of times per second. This destroys the molecular
structure of the food or drink being heated in the oven. Studies have shown much
higher incidence of cancer and other diseases form diets of microwave prepared food
as opposed to food prepared on a conventional stove. Cooking food kills it but
microwaving food toxifies it. For more on this go to
and scroll down to the article on micro-waved foods.

Aluminum Pans Aluminum is a very soft metal and dissolves into the food where it
poisons all who eat the food. It contributes to digestive problems, Alzheimer’s, brain
tumors and many other things. Don’t use aluminum pans.

X Rays X Rays destroy body cells and should be avoided – there is no safe level of
exposure to this type of radiation. Thermagrams use natural light and no radiation.
They take a picture of the body and detect the areas of relative heat. They often show
more than x-rays and are more useful in identifying the problem than x-rays are.
They are much cheaper than x-rays and don’t cause any damage at all. Doctors and
hospitals seldom have thermagrams, but an increasing number of chiropractors and
other practitioners have them.

Vaccinations Vaccinations are not safe or effective. Many serious diseases and auto
immune problems are caused by the toxic substances in vaccinations. Vaccinations
do not provide immunity and in fact often cause the disease they are supposed to

Fluoride Fluoride is a toxic poison which compromises the immune system. Besides
it makes the teeth brittle and doesn’t prevent cavities. Don’t drink water with fluoride
in it and don’t use tooth paste with fluoride in it.

Unnecessary Surgery It is truly amazing how much unnecessary surgery is
occurring these days. Probably less than one percent of the surgery which occurs is
really needed. It is usually unnecessary to remove body parts which are diseased – if
you understand, believe in, and practice the natural methods of healing. Bypass
surgery, removal of breasts, removal of uterus, removal of prostate, removal of
tonsils, laser surgery on the eyes, removal of the appendix, removal of gall bladder,
removal of thyroid, and many other types of unnecessary surgery have all been
avoided by many people many times by using natural healing instead.

25. Daily Program Basics

Here are the basics of a daily program designed to cure the worst diseases, such as
heart disease, cancer, tuberculosis, pneumonia, asthma, arthritis, HIV, brain tumors,
kidney failure, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and muscular dystrophy. Do as much of
the program as you can and each part of the program will add to the benefits.

Juices: Drink 4 liters of fresh squeezed juices per day. Start early in the morning and
finish in the evening. Drink one liter each three hours during the day. The juices can
be carrot, beet, cucumber, spinach, celery, lettuce, pineapple, orange, lemon,
grapefruit, papaya, and each and every vegetable and fruit. These juices provide
vitamins, enzymes, proteins, and all of the vital nutrients while cleansing and
removing the waste and toxins from every part of the body.

Herbal Teas: Drink also 1 or 2 liters of herbal teas per day. For heart disease, drink
ginger tea and eat garlic and chillies. For nervous problems, use chamomile. Visit
with herbalists herb shops to find special teas for your conditions.

Raw Foods: Eat mostly raw foods because only raw foods have vitamins, enzymes
and life qualities. Eat salads of vegetables and fruits. Blend vegetables, fruits,
grains, nuts, and seeds to make smoothies and creams. Soak all grains, nuts, and
seeds overnight and throw away the rinse water. Do sprout any grains and seeds
which can be sprouted. Grow them for up to 7 days and then eat them. Growing
sprouts are the very highest in life qualities for healing.

Pure Water: Install whole house and kitchen water filters and drink only pure water.

Sun Baths: Sunlight sustains life. For sun therapy, a sun bath of 30 minutes front
and 30 minutes back is ideal. Spend as much time as possible outside in the sunlight
and this light will warm your heart and heal.

Deep Breathing: Practice deep breathing at least 3 times per day for 5 minutes each
time. Breathe in expanding both the chest and the abdomen as far as possible. Then
breathe out as much air as possible and repeat again and again to clean out the lungs.
Feel how this cleans your whole body.

Exercise: Two or three hours per day minimum you must move your body. Walk,
run, swim, bicycle, jump up and down, do leg lifts, stretching, yoga, work in the
garden, etc. Use your body or lose it.

Practice Positive Thinking and Healthy Emotions: Know that all diseases are
curable and act on this knowledge avoiding needless fear. Love yourself and seek
every opportunity to help others, because this will also cure you. Forgive every
wrong against you and be at peace with yourself and with every person. Observe
nature, the moon, the stars, and the endless universe and reflect on their beauty and
eternity. Don´t smoke, drink alcohol, or eat foods with sugar, pasta, cooked potatoes,
cooked rice, or any fried foods because these all rob the vitality from your mind,
body, and spirit. May peace be with you.

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