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                                              Workpiece rotation                    01    Joystick control           02
Copia 380 SLI
Manual copy router

                                                                      04            02
              01                               03

Complementary technologies play an important part in the workshop as the product
line consists of various instruments designed to cater for special requirements. The
Emmegi range offers a broad spectrum of dedicated machines for all the various
milling, drilling, end-milling and filing operations as well as profile positioning and
stop gauges.
Copia 380 SLI is a single head copy router with electropneumatic downfeed and
manual traverse of the cutting head. The system for rotation of the clamp base allows
machining 3 faces of the workpieces by making a rotation in steps of 90°. The
machine uses short tools thereby reducing vibration and noise levels, while it
increases speed and machining accuracy. It can work steel up to 2.5 mm. The rotary
movement from 0° to 180° means that the work (feed) axis does not change, hence
the figure reproduced on the first face at 0°, will have the same coordinates as the
one reproduced on the opposite face at 180°. Pneumatic stylus with 5 adjustable

Clamps                               03       Quick tool change                     04    Clamping of cutting head   05
                                                                                          in position
Copia 380 SLI
Manual copy router

01                                     02                                 03                         04                               05
Workpiece                              Joystick control                   Clamps                     Quick tool                       Clamping of
rotation                                                                                             change                           cutting head in
Using the release foot                 2 joysticks of particularly        The machine has            Tool change with                 Horizontal traverse is
switch the rotary base                 ergonomic and comfortable          pneumatic horizontal and   bayonet toolholder is            powered pneumatically
can be moved manually                  design, allow moving the           vertical clamps with low   very quick to perform by         via the preset memories
with locking in the                    machine within the various         pressure device. The       using the spindle locking        thus allowing the milling
positions preset by the                templates Moreover push            clamps are adjustable      device and lifting out the       head to be clamped in
pneumatic stops, for the               buttons are located on each        manually and ensure        tool manually.                   preset profile positions.
machining operations to                joystick to allow selecting the    correct gripping of the
be performed on the                    various machine movements          profile in the machine.
other faces of the profile.            without having to remove the

      Motor: 1.1 kW
      Motor with inverter
      Tool speed: 3000 to 13000 rpm
      Travel (X-Y-Z): 2300, 150, 250 mm
      Clamp capacity at 90°: 150x100 H mm
      Toolholder with collet max. dia.12 mm
      Horizontal and vertical pneumatic clamps with low pressure device
      Spindle locking push button for tool change
      Adjustable PVC clamp jaws
      Pneumatic depth stop
      Single-lip cutter dia. 5 and 10 mm
      Cutter holder collet complete with ring nut dia. 6-8-10 mm
      Stylus tip with 3 diameters: 5 / 8 / 10 mm
      Injection lubrication system
      Template with standard figures                                                                                              4
      Compressed air gun for cleaning
      Quick spindle toolholder change

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