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   People often find it hard to put their feelings
into words. So they keep hunting for new means
of expressing their feeling other than words.
Cartoons and comic strips, as such a means,
were thus born.
  Do you know some cartoon idols?
Such as Mickey mouse, Garfield the cat
and Snoopy.These idols help tickle the
imagination of children.

If you like Garfield the cat, you can
If you like Mickey mouse,you can
If you like snoopy, you can
  Certainly,the Superman and the Batman are
idols, too. They also bring bad people of
all sorts to justice.
    One night, in his father's study, Bruce Wayne relives the horror
of his parents' death. Suddenly, in a terrifying flash of blackness, the
window is shattered by the striking image of a black bat. In that
moment, Bruce Wayne's destiny is determined. He would become the
night... he would become the Batman. Bound by his personal code of
justice, Batman resolves to never kill an enemy. Instead, he relies on
his physical prowess and mental superiority to bring his enemies to
     During the day, Bruce Wayne is CEO of Wayne Enterprises and
maintains the public image of a millionaire playboy. In fact, Bruce
goes to great lengths convincing others that the self-centered socialite
is his true self. Bruce Wayne is the disguise, Batman is the true
    The timeless hero shines in his struggle for "Truth, Justice and
the American Way." Set in present-day Metropolis against the
backdrop of a bright, urban landscape, the ageless superhero
combats sinister villains and rescues innocent victims in exciting
new stories based on universal themes encompassing the time-
honored traditions of the classic Superman legend.
     Rocketed to earth by his parents Jor-El and Lara when a
cataclysmic explosion obliterates their planet, Krypton, baby Kal-El
is raised as Clark Kent by Jonathan and Martha Kent in Smallville,
U.S.A. As a teenager, Clark discovers and hones his "super" powers,
forges a close friendship with his female confidant.
     Lana Lang (who gradually becomes aware of his true identity),
obtains a job at the Daily Planet and grows into a mild-mannered,
yet hard-hitting crime reporter.
                            Oh, you like them,please go
  Mickey Mouse was Walt Disney's main cartoon character.
His public debut was in Steamboat Willie on November 18,
1928, at the Colony Theater in New York. Mickey Grew in
popularity during the 1930's but in the 1940's,Mickey's
popularity began to be overtaken by Donald and Goofy.
Mickey's voice was provided by Walt Disney from the
begining until 1946 when Jim Macdonald was given the role.
Jim provided Mickey's voice for three decades. When Jim
Macdonald retired, Wayne Allwine took over and is the
current voice of Mickey. Over the years Mickey has starred
in many televison shows including the Mickey Mouse Club.
He appears on countless merchandise items and plays a
vital role at all the Disney theme parks. Mickey stars in
120 cartoon shorts.
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