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					December 14, 2012
                  THE STALLION              marriotts ridge high school                                              Volume VI, issue III

                                                   Macbeth draws applause
  IN THIS                                                                       Bott believes “acting forms a        program came out to watch the

   ISSUE                                               Jason Kelly
                                                       Staff Writer
                                                                            human connection with the audience
                                                                            members, and if one person gains
                                                                            something they did not have before
                                                                                                                        Another phenomenal thing about
                                                                                                                     the production was the costumes
                                                                            they watched the show, then I have       worn by the actors on stage. The
NEWS:                                   Amazing sword fights, intense
                                    action, and a great theatre
                                                                            done my job.” The audience really
                                                                            seemed involved in the play as the
                                                                                                                     costumes used in the show were
                                                                                                                     very elaborate and looked very
                                    department made Marriotts Ridge’s       actors emotions really extended off      complex.       Bott excitedly says,
                                    production of Macbeth absolutely        the stage and made the acting and        “One thing I don’t think people
                                    amazing. The productions were           the characters very believable.          realize is that a lot of the costumes
                                    November 15-17 with a matinee             Davis plays Macduff, a character       are handmade by some moms and
                                    performance on November 18.             that is driven with revenge once         really require a lot of effort.”
                                      Macbeth is a great tragedy written    Macbeth kills his entire family to         Bethany Henderson, a sophomore,
                                    by William Shakespeare. Macbeth         ensure his power as king. Davis          says, “The costumes were very
                                    shows the detrimental effect that       exclaims, “My favorite part of           “tunicy” and hard to put on but well
                                    taking things that are not yours        performing is working with all the       worth it once put on.”
                                    and being greedy over power can         other talented actors.” The talent of      Pines says the best way she could
Marriotts Ridge Supports Toys for
                                    have on an individual. The show         the actors was definitely shown in       explain getting ready backstage
                                    had a lot of major draws to it and      the amazing production featuring         was with the word “hectic”. All
                                    was a great choice for the theatre      lots of speaking characters, with        of the actors had costumes usually
                                    department to put on.                   almost every person having a line.       involving armor and some kind of
FEATURES:                                One major draw of the show
                                    was the thrilling
                                                                                 Another major aspect of the         robe or tunic, as this play is set in
                                                                                                                                      medieval times.
                                    sword       fights.                                                                                     Part of what
                                    Darren Yang, a                                                                                    made       individual
                                    sophomore who                                                                                     scenes so great
                                    played      Young                                                                                 was the rehearsals.
                                    Siward,     states,                                                                               Davis states, “The
                                    “The          most                                                                                rehearsals      were
                                    enjoyable part of                                                                                 long and tedious
                                    the show for me                                                                                   with a lot of hard
                                    was participating                                                                                 work but were also
                                    in the intense                                                                                    very exciting to
Holiday Traditions Around the       sword fighting.”                                                                                  see what was being
World                               Throughout the                                                                                    learned each day.”
                                    show, there were                                                                                   The       rehearsals
                                                                             The Cast and Crew of Macbeth
                                    multiple group                                                                                     were twice a week
                                    battles as well as battles between
                                                                            production is the theatre department     after school in the beginning of
                                    individual actors.                      as a whole. This includes the            the year, but after Jukebox VII they
                                       It seems as if most of the actors    directors, stage crew, and sound and     were every day after school until
                                    enjoyed performing their scenes as      lights crew. Yang happily states,        5:30. Mrs. Liv went to every single
                                    well as watching the other actors’      “Mrs. Liv is an amazing director         rehearsal and helped all of the actors
                                    sword fights. Sophomore Corrine         and gives us lots of great pointers to   perfect their performing.
                                    Pines says her favorite scene was       help us give the best show we can.”         The stage crew put a lot of effort
                                    “the sword fight between Macbeth            Bott states, “Both the directors     into the show, building a complex
                                    and Young Siward because it is a        and the actors, as well as the crew,     set as well as designing multiple
                                    very good fight with a gruesome         put in so much effort to really put      props for use in the show. The
                                    death.”                                 on the best show we could.”              lighting and sound were very well
                                       Orlando Davis, a junior, states,       The turn out was good, but unlike      done and required a lot of work
Maryland’s 7 Questions              “My favorite scene to perform was       the other major performance the          with an original music score by
                                    the sword fight between me and Ben      department has done this year,           Lisa Alonso, a senior. Overall, the
                                    (Macbeth) because it was very fun       Jukebox VII, none of the nights sold     effort of everyone involved in the
                                    to do and a very emotional scene for    out. Davis solemnly says, “The           production was phenomenal.
                                    the audience to watch.”                 turn out was good, but I wish more         Henderson states, “All of the actors
SPORTS:                               A very crucial part of the show was
                                    the intense acting of the performers
                                                                            people came and supported the
                                                                                                                     and directors put in so much effort
                                                                                                                     and that really was what made the
                                    to convey the tragedy of the play.        On the more positive side of things,   production look and be so great.”
                                    After killing his uncle, Macbeth,       Pines happily says, “I really enjoy         Overall the actors seem to really
                                    played by senior Ben Bott, takes        the attention I get from the audience    enjoy the family-like bond the cast
                                    control of a kingdom, destroying        members after the performances;          as well as the crew and directors
                                    anything that threatens his power,      they really encourage the actors.”       seem to develop. Yang says, “It’s
                                    but by doing so destroys himself.            Even though the number of           a really nice bond to have because
                                    Bott says, “I really enjoyed this       audience members was not ideally         you always have other directors and
                                    show because it was very intense        as much as some of the actors had        actors to fall back on.”
                                    and much more serious than past         hoped for, most of the audience            The next production the Marriotts
                                    productions I have been in; I           members really enjoyed watching          Ridge theatre is performing is the
MRHS Students Cheer on the Boys
                                    enjoyed how active this show was        the production. Even some alumni         play Crazy for You this spring. The
Basketball team.
                                    with the multiple sword fights.”        and past participators in the theatre    auditions begin December 17.
   2                                                          News
                                                              THE STALLION
                                                                                                                              December 14, 2012

 Federal vs. state: Governments Battle the Legaliza-
                   tion of Marijuana

                   Jack Watson            while under the influence. A 25%           necessary to enforce their rules.        become necessary to analyze in
                   Staff Writer           tax will be imposed to the drug              As to who is targeted by the federal   depth the implications for public
                                          three times; when the grower sells it      government, marijuana users are          policy.” Until something has been
                                          to the processor, when the processor       more safe than others. Federal           worked out, there are no guarantees
                                          sells it to the retailer, and when the     agents aren’t as concerned about         for Colorado and Washington
                                          retailer sells it to the customer. It is   someone possessing marijuana as          marijuana users.
                                          estimated that tax revenues will be        they are about businesses growing
   Election Day has passed, and the
                                          as much as $500 million dollars.           and selling the drug. Even when
votes have been counted. President
                                              Controversy is sparked because         businesses are protected under
Obama was reelected, same-
                                          marijuana is only legal under state        state laws, the federal government
sex marriage was made legal in
                                          laws. Federal law still states that        still has the power to take the drug
Maryland, and marijuana was ruled
                                          marijuana is an illegal drug. State and    and shut down the business. This
legal for possession and recreational
                                          federal governments are clashing           includes businesses of all types,
use for any citizen over 21 in the
                                          in this battle of law. Technically,        mainly dispensaries.
states of Washington and Colorado.
                                          individuals are protected from state         So far there has been no agreement
   That’s right, the once illegal plant
                                          prosecution when following the             or negotiation between the federal
that was used the most out of all
                                          state laws when using marijuana,           and state governments. Colorado
illegal drugs in America is legal in
                                          but under federal law the accused          Governor John Hickenlooper said,
Washington and Colorado. Oregon
                                          person is still in danger of being         “The voters have spoken and we
put a similar vote on the ballot, but
                                          arrested and charged with drug             have to respect their will. This will
it failed. Under Amendment 64, the
                                          possession. Kevin Sabet from               be a complicated process, but we
marijuana law that was recently
                                 states, “Federal law          intend to follow through. That said,
passed, adults can privately grow
                                          is federal law; it’s pretty black and      the federal law still says marijuana
up to three mature or immature
                                          white.” Many federal law enforcers         is an illegal drug, so don’t break out
marijuana plants, and own up to an
                                          do not support the new decision            the Cheetos or goldfish too quickly.”
ounce of cannabis. Consumption
                                          Colorado and Washington voters                        Felipe Calderon from
laws are similar to the manner of
                                          made and plan to do whatever is   added, “It has
alcohol laws, including driving

                 Winter Wonderland: A New Snow Policy

                                          Last year, there were a few snow  “Many families, for many years,” days, will make the school year run
                     Julia Suter          days that were added to the end said Lasser, “would make summer a lot smoother than previous years.
                     Staff Writer         of school year, therefore makingdecisions – vacations, camps, etc.,
                                                                          based on the ending date without
                                          the year longer to make up for the
                                                                          factoring in the
                                          lost days. “Needless to say,” said
    Howard County Public School                                           potential five extra
                                          Coordinator of Strategic Planning
System (HCPSS) has built five             and System Improvement, Caryn   days.” With the
inclement weather days into the           Lasser, “there was confusion andnew snow policy,
calendar; any unused days will be         anger when the school year was  the date is set, so
dropped at the end of the year. The       extended.”                      parents can make
change was decided by a survey                                            decisions for the
                                            The 2012-13 school year includes
                                                                   f i v esummer. Teachers
                                                                          and          parents
                                                                          believe the new
                                                                          snow policy will
                                                                          reduce the amount
                                                                          of confusion at
                                                                          the end of the year
                                                                          because      parents
                                                                          will not have
                                                                          to change their
                                                                          summer         plans
                                                                          due to school
        Buses Battle Snow to Get Students to School, photo cour-          extending at the
                          tesy                             end of the year.
taken by parents, requesting that                                               Though it is
the inclement weather days be built inclement weather days built into not a big change,
into the calendar.                    the calendar. Students will get out the new snow
  Every year students need to attend of school on June 20, 2013. Any day policy, which
180 days during the school year. unused inclement weather days will includes the five
                                      be deducted from the calendar.      inclement weather
December 14, 2012
                                                           THE STALLION
       launch of the Wii U                                                           Marriotts ridge Helps
                                                                                      the Less fortunate

                Jon Schonfeld           Nintendo Land video game, a Wii U                           Jake Bender          Sophomore Jason Kohler states,
                Editor in Chief         Gamepad Stand, a Wii U Gamepad                              Staff Writer      “ I know we are helping others by
                                        Cradle, and a Wii U Console Stand.                                            bringing in toys, but I get more into
                                        The deluxe set is priced at $349.99.                                          it near the end because the holiday
                                          It has been confirmed by Nintendo                                           spirit kicks in.”
   Nintendo’s next big product, the                                               Two experienced clubs at Marriotts
                                        that the Wii Remote, Wii Remote                                                 “The toys collected from the Toys
Wii U, the successor to the Wii, was                                             Ridge High School, the National
                                        Plus and Nunchuk controllers are                                              for Tots are given to the marines,
released on November 18, and it has                                              Honor Society (NHS) and the
                                        compatible with the Wii U console.                                            who then take those toys to the Fox
been successful, selling 400,000                                                 Student Government Association
                                          Twenty-three games were released                                            News Studio, and from there, the
units in its first week alone.                                                   (SGA), are once again hosting Toys
                                        to coincide with the Wii U. The most                                          toys are sent overseas to the less
  The Wii U is very different from                                               for Tots. From November 28 until
                                        notable releases include Assassin’s                                           fortunate,” says senior Molly Dyer.
its predecessor in many ways,                                                    December 12, students brought in
                                        Creed 3, Batman: Arkham City –                                                     Dyer later says, “This is my
including the Gamepad controller                                                 presents for the less fortunate kids
                                        Armored Edition, Call of Duty:                                                favorite activity because I love
that comes with the system. The                                                  overseas.
                                        Black Ops 2, Darksiders 2, Epic                                               helping those not as lucky as us.”
Gamepad controller, according                                                       The members of SGA and NHS
                                        Mickey 2: The Power of Two, Just                                                With the fall clean up, the members
to, “removes the                                                    were pushing hard for all students
                                        Dance 4, Mass Effect 3: Special                                               of these two clubs were able to raise
traditional barriers between you,                                                to participate this year. They had
                                        Edition, New Super Mario Bros.                                                money to go shopping for toys.
your games, and your TV by creating                                              announcements throughout the
                                        U, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge,                                              These members went to Wal Mart
a second window into the video                                                   school, posters in every classroom,
                                        Nintendo Land, Transformers:                                                  and spent $1060 on presents for the
game world.” The Wii U Gamepad                                                   and posters around the school.
                                        Prime, and ZombiU.                                                            children.
controller “incorporates a 6.2                                                   Sophomore Jack Grote said, “This
                                             The Wii U is also backward                                                   Within the school, to get the
inch, 16:9 aspect ratio LCD touch                                                is my first year as a higher member
                                        compatible with the Wii, meaning                                              most participation, a competition
screen, as well as traditional button                                            of SGA, so I’m excited to see how
                                        that games that were originally on
controls and two analog sticks.”
                                        the Wii console can also be played
The Gamepad is also incorporated

                   Photo Courtesy

                                        on the Wii U console.
with motion control, bringing back
                                           Reviews for the Wii U have both                MRHS students shop for toys to donate to Toys for Tots.
what made the Wii so appealing in
                                        praised and criticized the system.
the first place, and also includes “a                                            this turns out.”
                               said that the Wii U “offers                                               was created among classes. The
front-facing camera, a microphone,                                                 Last year MRHS raised just over
                                        fascinating new ways to game” and                                                 top three classes each receive a
stereo speakers, rumble features,                                                1,500 presents for the children, and
                                        is “truly unique,” but they criticized                                            Chick-fil-A boxed lunch. With this
a sensor bar, a stylus, and support                                              are trying to do even better this
                                        the fact that the “Gamepad requires                                               at stake, students rallied together,
for Near Field Communication                                                     year. Senior Brooke Buehler wants
                                        outlet charging” and stated that                                                  bringing in as many presents as
(NFC).”                                                                          to “raise even more toys than last
                                        “voice chat is a huge mess.”                                                      possible.
    Nintendo will be releasing two                                               year to give children an opportunity
                                                                                                                                 MRHS students and staff
different sets for the Wii U, the                                                for a great holiday, who aren’t as
                                                                                                                          surpassed last year’s donation with
basic set and the deluxe set. The                                                lucky as us.” As president of SGA,
                                                                                                                          a total of 2,543 toys. The top three
basic set comes with a white Wii                                                 she is incharge of promoting the
                                                                                                                          classes were Mr. Eberhardt in first,
U with 8 GB of internal storage,                                                 Toy Drive and making sure things
                                                                                                                          Mrs. Czarnecki in second, and Mr.
a Wii U Gamepad, a Wii U                                                         are going smoothly.
                                                                                                                          Parson in third.
Gamepad Stylus, a Sensor Bar, a                                                        Buehler states, “The hardest
                                                                                                                                 The West Friendship Fire
Wii U console AC adapter, a Wii                                                  part about running this is getting
                                                                                                                          Department has partnered with
U Gamepad AC adaptor, and an                                                     participation during the whole
                                                                                                                          MRHS and has donated about 1000
HDMI cable. The basic set is priced                                              drive, not just at the beginning
                                                                                                                          additional toys.
at $299. The other set, the deluxe                                               and the end.” By only getting kids
set, includes all the features of the                                            interested for part of the drive, they
basic set but also comes with the                                                aren’t bringing in as many toys.
4              News
               THE STALLION
                               December 14, 2012

         Granite & Marble, Inc.

    Importers/Fabricators of Natural &
       Engineered Stone Products

             Andy Yavuzel

     8246 Sandy Court, Suite A & B
           Jessup, MD 20794



             MHIC #123242
December 14, 2012
                                             Features         THE STALLION
                                A Holiday Music History Lesson
               Andre Chen                  yourself a merry little Christmas, it                                              mythical. According to a popularly
               Features Editor             may be your last,” the carol is truly                                              told tale, the song came about
                                           a bittersweet masterpiece.                                                         in the winter of 1818, when St.
                                              Another carol that seems eternal                                                Nicholas’ Church at Obendorf, near
  As in previous years, music for the
                                           is that of Rudolph the Red Nosed                                                   Salzburg, Austria, was preparing
winter holidays now seems to play
                                           Reindeer. The legend of the fateful                                                for Christmas. A dilemma arose,
on every street corner, delighting
                                           night when Rudolph guided Santa                                                    however, when Joseph Mohr, the
listeners with their charmingly old-
                                           through foggy weather has become                                                   assistant to the priest, discovered
fashioned jingling. Despite their
                                           so famous across America that it is                                                that the church organ was broken,
outward simplicity, however, there
                                           almost hard to believe its modest                                                  making it impossible to deliver
is often more history and meaning
                                           beginnings. The iconic reindeer                                                    music during the services. To solve
than meets the eye to these timeless
                                           first came to life in 1939, when                                                   this problem, Mohr organized a
                                           Robert May, a copywriter for the                                                   simple Christian poem he had
   The famous tune, Have Yourself
                                           Montgomery Ward department                                                         written two years ago and asked the
a Merry Little Christmas, often
                                           store in Chicago, was given the task                                               organist Franz Gruber to arrange
brings with it an atmosphere of joy
                                           of inventing a promotional holiday                                                 a song from its lyrics that could
and festivity. It is a quaintly pleasant
                                           story to give away to customers                                                    be accompanied by guitar. The
idea, but one quite inconsistent
                                           in booklets. May knew where to                                                     resulting carol would be titled Silent
with the melancholy tone once
                                           draw his inspiration. As a small,                                                  Night, Holy Night and go on to
associated with the song. Written
                                           shy, and frail young boy, he often       An original copy of May’s famous          receive worldwide recognition after
by Ralph Blane and Hugh Martin
                                           found himself left out, teased for                      poem.                      its rediscovery in 1825.
in 1943, the tune was originally
                                           his appearance. Thus, Rudolph’s           Photo courtesy of              So, next time you happen by a
intended to bring comfort to many
                                           famous red nose was born, a             million copies nationwide and              radio playing the sweet, joyous
soldiers fighting overseas in World
                                           physical abnormality that separated     become one of America’s favorite           tunes of the holidays, revel not
War II. In fact, the lyrics listeners
                                           him from the rest and made him          holiday tales.                             only in the cheerful atmosphere,
have come to know today barely
                                           an outcast, just as May’s physical        If the age of these contemporary         but also in its fascinating story and
resemble the ominous words of
                                           frailty did. The final product was a    holiday favorites surprises you, the       meaning. They were immortalized
the original, which tell a somber
                                           simple poem of rhyming couplets,        origin of the carol Silent Night dates     for a reason.
warning of hard days to come.
                                           which went on to sell over six          so far back that its history is almost
With dark phrases including “Have

                                                             Snow-suit Up
               Stirling Symon
               Staff Writer

   The winter season brings many
occasions to look forward to:
holidays, snow days, and the
opening of ski resorts. While
students are dusting off their skis
and snowboards, the resorts are
preparing for the start of the season.
    In order for the ski resorts to
open, the right conditions must be
present. Obviously, there needs
to be cold temperatures. Thirty-
two degrees Fahrenheit is cold
enough to make snow, but ideal
snowmaking temperatures are at
twenty-eight degrees and below.                       Students begin breaking out their gear for the upcoming skiing and snowboarding season.
Along with cold temperatures, one          snowflakes’ structures have fragile       Students who do not own their own        helmet, the consequences could
of the most important ingredients          legs sticking out, and when they        gear do not have to worry. Most, if        have been much worse if he had not
to effective snowmaking is low             are packed down, they break.            not all, ski resorts have on-site rental   been wearing one.
humidity. Low humidity and                 Artificial snowflakes are essentially   shops for skis, snowboards, boots,                Skiing and snowboarding,
low temperatures mean that the             snowballs and pack down more            and helmets. Some even offer more          although similar, are said to be
amount of snow created per hour            solidly.                                safety options, such as wrist guards.      totally different experiences. “I love
is increased. To actually create              Popular resorts in Maryland for         Safety is very important when it        skiing,” says Alex Taylor, a junior,
snow, ski resorts use snow guns.           students and their families are         comes to skiing and snowboarding,          “but snowboarding is so much fun!”
These machines compress air and            Ski Liberty, Whitetail, and Wisp.       especially helmets. Helmets can                Students are excited to get out
water to create snow. The snow             Some venture farther north to           prevent concussions and severe             to the slopes as temperatures cool
then travels through pipes weaved          Pennsylvania to Blue Knob and           head injuries. Traumatic Brain             down. “I can barely wait for the
throughout the mountain and are            Seven Springs. These resorts are        Injuries have often been the result        resorts to open up,” says Sean
then distributed to different areas of     open to all ages and skill levels,      of skiing and snowboarding                 Glotefelty, a junior. The opening
the mountain.                              providing beginner to advanced          accidents. In 2009, professional           days are just around the corner,
     Some may think that natural           slopes. Out of all these resorts,       snowboarder Kevin Pearce suffered          and both students and resorts are
snow is better for ski resorts.            Seven Springs is the largest. It has    a Traumatic Brain Injury while             looking forward to a successful and
On the contrary, artificial snow           thirty-three slopes and trails, seven   training for the winter Olympics.          exciting winter season.
provides a more solid base. Natural        terrain parks and eleven chair lifts.   Even though he was wearing a
 6                                         Features          THE STALLION
                                                                                                                        December 14, 2012

                                            Mr. E’s Choir of Angels
                                         for the first time, many people           made us sing and sing and sing,”         able to sing a variety of parts within
              Emily Linderman
                                         complimented them, saying they            says Marchetti.                          that one song as well.
              Staff Writer
                                         were so good, and wanted to know           The girls have to sight read, blend,         Eventually, the final cuts are
                                         who these girls were. So they said        harmonize, and have confidence           made, and Eberhardt has his angels.
    Everyone knows that Marriotts                                                                                           Sherman says, “[The auditions are]
Ridge has amazing music groups,                                                                                             pretty difficult just because there’s
but lesser known to the MRHS                                                                                                so much being judged.”
community is a group of five                                                                                                   In the end, it was all worth it,
girls that call themselves ‘Mr. E’s                                                                                         though. “You get to show off your
Angels.’                                                                                                                    voice [in a way] that you can’t in
    Made up of four juniors, Allie                                                                                          choir,” says Sherman.
Sherman,         Ryann     Marchetti,                                                                                          “I like being in an environment
Deandra Fike, and Katie O’Boyle,          The Angels from left to right: Ryann Marchetti, Rebecca Harton, Allie             where the singers are better than me
and one senior, Rebecca Harton, the                     Sherman, Deandra Fike, Katie O’Boyle                                and make me rise to the occasion,”
Angels are a female gospel group,                                                                                           says Marchetti.
singing mostly pop, R&B, and             they were ‘Mr. E’s Angels.’ Thus,         and sing loudly. They have to fit in           The Angels practice mostly
gospel style music.                      the Angels were born.                     with the rest of the group, but they     during break on Mondays and
   It all started three years ago at a       The group is difficult to get into    also have to be good with solo work.     Thursdays, with the occasional
chorus concert. There were a lot of      and extremely exclusive. After all,       And that is only the initial audition.   after school rehearsal. Their
girls who were interested in singing     there are only five girls out of a           After all of that, Eberhardt then     heavenly harmonies can be heard
more contemporary music, so they         potential ninety who are actually in      gets the potential candidates down       at the Alpha Achievers induction
formed a group where they could          it. Auditions for this group take a lot   to only ten girls. Those ten girls       in January, the MAC potluck, and
do just that. “There was a want to       of time and are especially difficult.     have to prepare a solo piece and         the multi-cultural assembly. Many
do it,” says Mr. Eberhardt.              “[The audition process] was long          also learn a song to sing with the       local churches also hire them to
       After they had performed          and grueling because Mr. E just           rest of the group. They have to be       perform at their Sunday services.

 Winter Concerts of 2012                                                                   Black Friday Frenzy
                                           The orchestra had also been                                                      around us was loaded up with
              Tamkeen Nusairee        preparing different pieces along                           Brad Preller               shopping bags covering their
              Photos Editor           with the chorus and band since the                         Staff Writer               arms,” claims Mr. Sageman, MRHS
                                      beginning of the year.                                                                science teacher.
  Winter’s here, and the school’s       Senior orchestra member Adele Fu             On November 23, 2012, businesses           The Monday following Black
  Fine Arts department is ready                                                    across the country watched as            Friday, Cyber Monday, is renowned
  to welcome the holidays.                                                         they reached record profits on the       for large online shopping sales
  The Winter Dance concert was                                                     busiest shopping day of the year,        that last throughout the week. “I
  on Friday December 7, and the                                                    Black Friday. For Marriotts Ridge        went online shopping the day after
  Music concerts were December                                                     students, many took part in the          Cyber Monday,” states Hannah
  12, and 13. The dancers and                                                      shopping frenzy by storming the          Berry, senior. “I bought Christmas
  musicians have been hard at work The dance concert was advertised                aisles or working one of the busiest     presents like clothes and shoes for
  preparing for the concerts.          on posters throughout the school.           shifts of their lives.                   friends and family.”
   The dancers had been rehearsing                                                     “I had the privilege of opening         This year, online shopping sales
since the beginning of the school said, “We’re going to do Halleluiah              the doors where I work when the          reached record heights on Black
year, putting all their effort into with the chorus and band along with            day began,” senior Lucas Redman          Friday as well, reaching over
the routines for the concert. Junior the 1812 Overture.”                           sarcastically expressed. “Even at
Sarah D’Apice said, “We’ve been           Also performing in the winter            a hardware store, everyone was in
working really hard and staying after concert is the Women’s Ensemble,             a hurry to get their chainsaws at a
school for rehearsals. Everyone has The Madrigal Singers, Percussion               good price.”
been really dedicated and put a lot Ensemble and Concert Band.                       In fact, chainsaws are widely sold
of effort in.”                           Women’s Ensemble sang Prayer              on Black Friday as someone could
  The Dance department had some for the gifts by Kinley Lange and                  find a $200.00 chainsaw sold for
new things planned for the concert. Somebody to Love by Freddie                    $120.00 at
 Junior Danielle Boateng said, “The Mercury along with other beautiful                Of all the products sold on Black
Mount View middle school dance songs. Sing me to Heaven by Daniel                  Friday, Apple products such as
club is coming, so that’s really E. Gawthrop and Bagels and                        iPods, iPhones, and iPads were
cool! It gives us a great opportunity Biscuits by Theodore Lucas were              topping charts across the country
to work with younger dancers!”        just two of the songs the Madrigals          once again, and for the second year      Black Friday shoppers scramble to
   Each of the dancers was excited sang.                                           in a row, Apple saw more profits            find good deals at Wal-Mart.
for different parts and different        Percussion Ensemble performed             than any other company.                           Photo courtesy of
dance routines.                       What Up! by Chris Brooks and                    For other students, Black Friday     
    Junior Hannah Lape, however, Frosty the Snowman by Chris                       is a family holiday. “It has become
was most excited for the tap dance Crockarell.                                     a tradition in my family that every      one billion dollars in sales. It was
routine.“The tap dance is something        The Concert band performed              year we go shopping that day,”           statistically the largest and most
new because we have never done it many beautiful pieces, one of which              claimed Todd Michelson, junior.          profitable Black Friday ever as the
in a concert before, so I’m really was Carol of the Bells by Sean                  “We don’t go to the shopping malls       shopping holiday becomes more
excited for that,” she said.          O’Loughlin.                                  where everything is too ridiculously     popular every year. This year’s total
  Sophomore Grace Yi agreed, “I’m         The Fine Arts department has             crowded.”                                Black Friday profits reached an
really excited for the tap dance worked strenuously for all the                        “We went to the outlets up in        approximate 30% increase over last
because we have worked really winter concerts; their efforts surely                Gettysburg and bought only two           year’s.
hard for it.”                         paid off.                                    pieces of clothing while everyone
December 14, 2012
                                           Features         THE STALLION
                  Holiday Traditions Around the World
                                                                                  family to clean their house in order nine-branched Menorah forms the
              Richard Alford                                                      to sweep away any bad fortune        main tradition of the festival. One
              Opinions Editor                                                     and to make way for good luck.       candle is lit per night for eight nights.
                                                                                  Buildings are decorated with red     The first day that the first candle is
                                                                                  colored paper-cuts and couplets      lit upon the Menorah has changed
   All of the holidays and traditions
                                                                                  with popular themes of good          each year. This year, the first day
that occur during the wintertime
                                                                                  fortune, happiness, wealth, and      of Hanukkah was December 8.
have quite a history.      Everyone
                                                                                  longevity. On the Eve of Chinese     Since Hanukkah is usually close
around the world has different
                                                                                  New Year, families have a feast      to Christmastime, it has expanded
ways that they choose to celebrate
                                                                                  together. In China, it is known as   towards a very popular gift-giving
common traditions, which are
                                            New Year’s Eve celebrations in        ‘Spring Festival’, since the spring  tradition.
mainly focused on the month of
                                          Berlin often feature brilliant light                                               The majority of Americans
                                                 shows and fireworks.                                                  celebrate Christmas with the
  The New Year’s celebration occurs
                                             Photo courtesy of gogermany.                                              exchange of gifts and greetings and
in many different ways around the
                                                                                                    family visits. For many, the day
world. Most are familiar with the
                                         which involves telling fortunes by                                            begins on Christmas Eve. There
famous American ball-dropping
                                         the shapes made by molten lead                                                are many gifts exchanged between
tradition that takes place in Times
                                         dropped into cold water.                                                      family members and friends, as is
Square as the New Year begins.
                                               In Spain, the countdown is                                              tradition for those who celebrate
The event draws many festive
                                         followed from the clock on top                                                Christmas.
citizens from all around the country
                                         of the Casa de Correos building             Citizens gather in the streets of    Kwanza was created as a unique
to celebrate together. In addition,
                                         in Madrid. It is traditional to eat         China to celebrate the Chinese    holiday for the African American
many create resolutions or goals to
                                         twelve grapes, one on each chime                       New Year.              population who wish to be more
live by to signify the change that
                                         of the clock. This tradition is             Photo courtesy of    in touch with their roots. Kwanza
comes with each New Year. In other
                                         practiced by almost every Spanish                                             celebrates what is called, “The
countries, however, this holiday is
                                         citizen, and the twelve grapes have                                           Seven Principles of Kwanza”, and
celebrated differently.
                                         become symbolic to the New Year.         season in Chinese calendar starts each of the seven days of Kwanza
  Every year, Berlin hosts one of the
                                         After the clock has finished striking    with “Lichun”, the first solar term is dedicated to one of the principles.
largest New Year’s Eve celebrations
                                         twelve, people greet each other and      in a Chinese calendar year.            There are certainly many different
in all of Europe, attended by over
                                         toast with sparkling wine, such as           Aside from New Year’s, there ways to celebrate the holidays
one million people. An important
                                         champagne.                               are also various celebrations for during the wintertime. Whether you
landmark in this celebration is
                                             Chinese New Year is the most         Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza choose to spend your time indoors
the Brandenburg Gate, where the
                                         important of Chinese holidays.           during the month of December.        or outdoors, there is always fun to
famed midnight fireworks are
                                         People spend all of their money            Hanukkah, like any other festival, be had among family during this
centered. ‘Pouring Lead’ is another
                                         on presents, decorations, food, and      has several traditions associated wonderful winter season.
German New Year’s Eve custom,
                                         clothing. It is traditional for every    with it. The lighting of the special

                           Marriotts Ridge’s Next Top Chefs
                                         from all of the different food           graduated last year. It is a big job    students will learn how to cook for
              Moniesha Lawings           groups. These include grains, dairy,     for only a freshman, but it is all      themselves,” says Lashley.
              Staff Writer               vegetables/fruits, and proteins.         worth it in the end. “I am interested      Even though Lashley is there to
                                              Even though these meals are         in cooking and wanted to bring the      help, she is just a guide. Students
  For those at Marriotts Ridge who       nutritious and complete, students        club back for other students who        actually prepare the meals by
enjoy cooking, there may just be         still enjoy making them. The best        enjoy cooking too,” says Harriday.      themselves using skills that they
the perfect place for you.               part, though, is when students are          In addition to the Food Science      already know or have learned from
   The Culinary Club meets every                                                                                          others. In the end, students get a
Thursday from 2:15- 4:00 pm                                                                                               rewarding feeling knowing that the
after school. Students meet in Ms.                                                                                        meal they are eating is one that they
Lashley’s classroom, room 111,                                                                                            made by themselves.
to gain cooking experience and                                                                                                 Many students do not cook at
teamwork.                                                                                                                 home on a regular basis, or even
   As of now, the Baking Club has                                                                                         at all. This is usually due to lack of
been combined with the Culinary                                                                                           experience with kitchen utensils. “I
Club to form one big group of                                                                                             sometimes cook at home, but there
cooking enthusiasts. Even though                                                                                          are times when I may accidentally
Baking Club members may be                                                                                                burn or cut myself,” says freshman
disappointed to see their separate                                                                                        Justin Levine. By joining the
club go, they are excited to be                                                                                           Culinary Club, students will help
able to expand their cooking skills      The Culinary Club creates a variety of dishes, incorporating ingredients         each other learn how to not only
from baking to all culinary skills.              that make them not only delicious but healthy as well.                   cook efficiently but safely as well.
In addition, the Culinary Club will                                                                                          Culinary Club is always looking
learn how to bake from their Baking      able to eat their creation after it is   classes, Ms. Lashley is the sponsor     for new members. Anyone who
Club peers.                              all put together. “My favorite meal      of the Culinary Club. Many adults       likes to cook or wants to learn is
  Each week, the students choose a       that we cooked was the nacho mac         think that when it is time for the      welcome to join. It may help to have
recipe that is nutritious. Most of the   and cheese because it tasted really      younger generation to step up           some experience, but if not, they
recipes that the students cook are       good,” says freshman Ayo Ifaloye.        and be leaders, they will not be        will teach you. If you are thinking
complete meals. A complete meal            Freshman Drew Harriday brought         able to make it in the real world.      about joining, see Ms. Lashley in
is one that contains ingredients         the club back after its club leader      “By guiding this club, I hope that      room 111.
 8                             Features     THE STALLION
                                                                                       December 14, 2012

           Senior Spotlight: Celebrating the Season
                                                         Meagan Huebner
                                                         News Editor

Brittany Freeman
                                                               Nickname: Britt
                                                               Most memorable MRHS memory: The Senior Crab
                                                               Favorite class: Dance
                                                               Now playing: Begin Again- Taylor Swift
                                                               Favorite holiday festivity: Baking Christmas cookies
                                                               Top college choice: Towson
                                                               Words to live by: “Love life and life will love you
                                                               Hidden talent: I’m pretty artistic.

                                                                                    Connor Delaney
                                    Nickname: Tiurd
Most memorable MRHS memory: Mix It Up Day 2012
                Favorite class: Aiding for Mrs. Gwoc
            Now playing: Trashin’ the Camp- Tarzan
  Favorite holiday festivity: Hanging the flag on Flag
  Top college choice: University of Maryland College
                      Words to live by: “Walk it off.”
                 Hidden talent: I can speak porpoise.

Patrick Woo

                                                               Nickname: P-Dubs
                                                               Most memorable MRHS memory: Watching the foot-
                                                               ball team win for the first time
                                                               Favorite class: Physics AP- Electricity and Magnetism
                                                               Now playing: Pokemon Theme (the original)
                                                               Favorite holiday festivity: Eating rice cakes on Korean
                                                               New Year
                                                               Top college choice: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, ITT Tech
                                                               Words to live by: “If you ain’t first, you last.”
                                                               Hidden talent: I can do math.

                                                                                Gabriella Barker
                                     Nickname: Gabbi
   Most memorable MRHS memory: All four years of
                            Favorite class: Psychology
            Now playing: Drunk on You- Luke Bryan
               Favorite holiday festivity: Snow tubing
           Top college choice: University of Delaware
   Words to live by: “Don’t regret anything because it
                     was once something you wanted.”
     Hidden talent: I’m really good at doing hair and
 December 14, 2012
                                   THE STALLION
                                I Say/You Say
     What             do you like to do on snow days?

               Tony Mollinero
               Staff Writer

“Sleep. Eat. Play. Xbox.”          “I go skiing and               “I go sledding with my dog.”
 -Sophomore Greg Speelmen          snowboarding at wisp.”        -Junior Carolyn Keeney
                                   -Sophomore Jason Kohler:

Put in a nice movie and snug-      “I go sledding and make the   “I just hang out with my
gle p by the fire with a warm      occasional snowman.”          neighbors.”
cup of hot chocolate.”             -Senior Eric Augustino        - Senior Emily Wolf
-Junior Kwame

                            The Stallion Staff
Editorial Staff                                       Staff Writers
Editor in Chief: Jonathan Schonfeld Jacob Bender     Jack Fleming
                                    Paige Furtaw     Reagan Harvill
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  10                                         OPinions      THE STALLION
                                                                                                                     December 14, 2012

                Top 10 Holiday Presents                                                                                      One Band,
                                                                                                                           One Dream, One
                                         the 4S include a bigger screen and    stopped students from putting dogs            Direction
                                         faster downloading. Senior Morgan     on their holiday wish lists.
                                         Crable said, “An iPhone is what I      4)      Car
                                         want for Christmas because they       It’s any high school student’s dream
                  Adam Yavuzel                                                                                                         Reagan Harvill
                                         look awesome and all the other        to get his or her first car, and what
                  Staff Writer                                                                                                         Staff Writer
                                         phones stink.” This opinion is wide-  better time than the season of giv-
                                         ly shared with Marriotts Ridge stu-   ing? Junior Syed Mehdi said he
                                         dents today, as most want the new-    would “love a new BMW for
                                         est version of the iPhone.            Christmas because a new car would
With the holidays right around the                                             be the best present ever.” He’s not
corner, Marriotts Ridge students                                               the only one to have this opinion;       They were five boys, all with the
have a pretty good idea of what                                                as many students are receiving their   same dream, that came together.
they want, from items as small as a                                            licenses, they are expecting a new They are One Direction.
phone to new, desirable cars.                                                  car to come along with it.                 Even though these five heart-
                                                                                5)      Laptop                        throbs are in a band, they each au-
 1)      Shoes                                                                 With a release of the new Mac Book ditioned as solo artists in the 2010
This year, the most desirable item                                             Pro and other high tech computers, season of the UK X Factor. The five
on the top ten list is shoes. Things                                           Marriotts Ridge students find them- ‘lads’ are Harry Styles, Niall Horan,
catching fire include Uggs for girls               Photo courtesy of
                                                                               selves wanting these items. Seniors Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Louis
and Sperry’s for guys. These types   
                                                                               are especially craving these new Tomlinson. They were mentored by
of shoes are now in trend for teens       3)      Pets                         laptops as they will soon be going
in high school, and if students don’t    It’s always nice to have a friendly off to college and will be in need
want to be left behind in style, these   pet around the house when coming of one. No one wants to be left be-
are the things to purchase. Sopho-       home from school. Marriotts Ridge hind in the world of technology, and
more Asad Dar commented, “Sper-          students are in want of dogs, also to keep up, a new Mac Book Pro
ry’s are my number one this year         known as a man’s best friend. Dogs would satisfy one’s needs.
because they’re comfortable shoes        can do more than just look cute;
that just happen to look good.” With     they can also keep today’s teens 6)            Camera
a combination of style and comfort,      entertained. Junior Jade Shumaker 7)           Clothes
it is easy to see why shoes are num-     said, “I want a puppy this Christmas 8)        Video Games
ber one on the top ten holiday gifts     because on that rare occasion that 9)          Wrist Watch
list.                                    I’m bored, I need something to play 10) Drivers License                      Photo courtesy of
 2)      iPhone 5                        with.”They are a big responsibility
Apple recently came out with the         and much effort is required to take                                          Simon Cowell, who many will rec-
latest edition of the iPhone. Fea-       care of a pet. Though, this hasn’t                                           ognize from American Idol, and de-
tures that differ on this model from                                                                                  spite their raving support from the
                                                                                                                      fans, they unfortunately got third
                                         Dance Fails                                                                  place.
                                                                                                                         They have sold many copies of
                                            Molly Dyer is one of the leading way students express themselves, their first album, Up All Night, and
                 Reilly Kahat            members in the SGA, and she be- most students would rather go to a they recently dropped their second
                 Staff Writer            lieves the main reason tickets are party, or spend their money hang- album, Take Me Home, on No-
                                         not selling is because of new poli- ing out with friends. If there were vember 13th. It consists of thirteen
                                                                                          no restrictions on what songs, plus four more on the exclu-
   Every year the Marriotts Ridge                                                         type of dancing is to be sive yearbook edition. This album
High School’s Student Government                                                          done, more people might is said to have a more mature sound
Association (SGA) plans and orga-                                                         be willing to spend their than their previous album.
nizes dances, and this year, aside                                                        money on tickets.                 This album is better sounding
from Homecoming, the dances                                                                 Another contribution to than the first, mainly because many
have not been successful.                                                                 the lack of ticket sales is teen girls and boys can relate to sit-
    The first dance scheduled was                                                         the procrastination of the uations they sing aout on the album.
the annual back to school dance.                                                          students who wish to at-       “As we grow older, we want the
After weeks of preparation, the                                                           tend. According to Dyer, music to grow up with us a little
SGA began selling tickets at lunch.                                                       “Students are not buying bit,” Payne said on Alan Carr, a
Despite numerous announcements                                                            enough tickets before the television talk show in London, on
and posters around the school, by                                                         cut off time.” There is a September 28th.
the time the date of the dance came                                                       chance that many stu-           Payne also mentioned, “Songs
around, only two tickets had been                                                         dents would buy tickets, are written about our actual experi-
sold. Obviously, the money from             Photo courtesy of but the people in charge ences.”
two dance tickets would not pro-                                                          cannot hold the dance           From the new album, here are
vide sufficient funds to pay for a       cies. The administration has been based on how many people they some thoughts about the more pop-
DJ, food, and staff; therefore, the      cracking down on the way attend- think will come.                            ular tracks:
dance was canceled.                      ees are dancing, despite student          If the Student Government As-
    The SGA decided to plan an-          complaints. In past years, grind- sociation wants to successfully or- Summer Love: The song takes a
other dance, which would be held         ing, or “90 degree dancing,” was ganize a dance, they will first need slow beat but catchy lyrics. It is
at the beginning of the fall season.     the popular and fun thing to do, to convince their peers that other referring to what we call ‘summer
This dance, the “Fall Ball,” had the     but recently, teachers are doing ev- styles of dancing are fun and also flings’ and how they want their
same outcome as the back to school       erything in their control to stop it. encourage them to purchase tickets ‘summer love’ to remember the mo-
dance. A miniscule amount of tick-       Rather than spending their money as soon as possible.                        ments they shared.
ets were sold, and, consequently, it     on a school-sponsored dance, in                                                   Continue on page 11
was canceled.                            which there are strict rules on the
December 14, 2012
                                              Opinions       THE STALLION
      One Band,
    One Dream, One
                                                                     General Petraeus:
                                                               Scab on the American Muscle
                                                                                tigation of Ms. Broadwell that lead          Yet, a career filled with unrecog-
                                                                                to further analysis on her relation-      nized charity and patriotism should
  Rock Me: For the boys, it’s a flash-                       Nicholas Sala      ship with General Petraeus.               not be overshadowed by the mis-
back to “summer of ‘09”, where                               Staff Writer           General Petraeus was known to         step of a single human error. Gen-
they miss the fun times they had.
                                                                                jog often, eat healthy, and live by a     eral David H. Petraeus should be
For me….it is an okay song, but
                                                                                moral code called “Petraeus’ Rules        remembered for his courage, sac-
could have more child-appropriate             Former army General David H.
                                                                                for Living”. In his rules, he dis-        rifice, and length of service to the
lyrics.                                   Petraeus formally resigned as Di-
                                                                                cussed how to act as a leader, stay       American people.
                                          rector of the CIA on November 9,
                                                                                fit, and to learn from mistakes.             Over the course of his 31year ca-
I Would: Song is catchy and lyrics        2012. A career built upon military
                                                                                  Scott Shane of the New York Times       reer, he obtained 45 distinguished
are great. I love for a fact that it is   prestige, honor, and commitment
                                                                                viewed Petraeus’ outward appear-          military and civilian awards, in-
written about a slight problem boys       was undone when an FBI investiga-
                                                                                ance as one of a “Brainy Ascetic,”        cluding six merit awards. He led
have: a girl he likes has a boyfriend     tion brought forth evidence of an af-
                                                                                or a person devoted to purity and a       troops in the Multi-National Secu-
and he wants the girl. He is won-         fair with Petreus’ biographer, Paula
                                                                                                          lack of over    rity Transition command in Iraq,
dering “Would he kiss you like I          Broadwell.
                                                                                                          indulgence.     as well as the Multi-National force
would?”                                        An extramarital
                                                                                                          General         from 2004 to 2008. General Petrae-
                                          affair took place
                                                                                                          Petraeus’       us was instrumental in the removal
The boys have taken the world by          in late 2011, af-
                                                                                                          moral char-     of American troops from the Mid-
storm and stolen many girls’ hearts.      ter both Petraeus
                                                                                                          acter has       dle East and aided in the training of
What will they do next?                   and Broadwell had
                                                                                                          created the     Iraqi and Aphgani troops to restore
                                          known each other
                                                                                                          basis     for   peace.
                                          since 2004. Ms.
                                                                                                          most of the        When deciding whether to judge
                                          Broadwell      began
                                                                                                          controversy     General Petraeus or to remember
                                          working on her bi-
                                                                                                          surround-       his legacy, the popular Batman
                                          ography of Petraeus
                                                                                                             ing why      quote comes to mind, “Do you die
                                          in 2004 and even           Photo courtesy of         such a       a hero, or live long enough to see
                                          joined him in Af-
                                                                                                             chaste       yourself become the villain?” But
                                          ghanistan where he was given com-
                                                                                man would have strayed so far.            consider this: the best heroes sac-
                                          mand from July 4, 2010 to July 18,
                                                                                    In contrast to his nickname, Pe-      rifice themselves for everyone else,
                                                                                traeus has deviated from his typi-        even if that means becoming the
                                             Upon returning from the Middle
                                                                                cally reserved and ritualistic life-      villain.
                                          East, they continued their affair un-
         Photo courtesy of                                                      style, supporting critic’s claims to           General Petraeus never denied
                                          til the summer of 2012. Harassing                                                     call him a heretic for having coun-       his affair with Paula Broadwell; he
                                          emails sent to a Petraeus’ family
                                                                                tered a life’s worth of discipline and    humbly acknowledged his mistake
                                          friend, Jill Kelley, were linked to
                                                                                moral values for a lusting affair.        and went home.
                                          Paula Broadwell, spurring an inves-

                                                A Decisive victory
                   Adam Czarnecki         of an economic decline. One case      of hope to the American people.           threats of a nuclear weapon from
                   Copy Editor            in modern history was in Novem-       “The group operation which you            Iran. Along with the country still
                                          ber of 1936, when President Frank-    guys represent is the best in the his-
                                          lin Roosevelt was re-elected in the   tory of presidential politics” assert-
                                                                                                ed Vice President
                                                                                                Joe Biden after the
    Enough Americans have felt the                                                              election results.
rightness of Barack Obama’s presi-                                                                All victory celebra-
dency that he was decisively re-                                                                tions aside, Obama
elected on November 6, 2012.                                                                    is yet to face some
  The minorities that gave Obama a                                                              of the most diffi-
second term were the Democratic-                                                                cult challenges of
voting Latino community. What the                                                               his presidency. Tra-
                                                                                                                                  Photo courtesy of
next course of events will show is the                                                          ditionally, second
GOP trying to re-asses its platform                                                             presidential terms
on immigration reform. In response                                                              are much tougher
to the election results, Sen. Marco                                                             than the first, usu-      being plagued by an economic mess
Rubio commented, “The conserva-                   Photo courtesy of               ally due to crises in     and any other issues that emerge in
tive movement should have particu-                                                              foreign affairs. This     the next four years, they will either
lar appeal to people in minority and      midst of the Great Depression. De- was true with presidents Woodrow             be Obama’s to resolve or to pass on
immigration communities who are           spite the efforts of his first term, Wilson with World War I, Dwight            to the next leader, whomever it may
trying to make it, and Republicans        FDR’s domestic agenda did not put Eisenhower with the rise of Fidel             be in 2017.
need to work harder than ever to          an immediate end to the depression. Castro in Cuba, and more recently
communicate our beliefs to them.”         What voters saw in him was a sense George W. Bush with the ongoing
Aside from the Latino community,          of hope that they had nothing to fear war in Iraq. In Obama’s case, there
president Obama also gained the           but fear itself.                      are a number of issues that could
upper hand in both the youth and             Considering that the unemploy- consume his second administration.
African-American vote.                    ment rate is where it was four years Among these are the escalating civil
   In theory, no sitting president has    ago, at 7.8%, one can take that pres- war in Syria, faltering economic re-
ever won re-election in the midst         ident Obama has brought the spirit lations with China, and the ongoing
12                                          Opinions                                                                 December 14. 2012

                                                          THE STALLION
                                                 Seven Questions
                                        referendums for Maryland voters to     referendum states that crooked of-        to each other. The fifth referendum
                                        decide on.                             ficials would be suspended from of-       was passed to allow for redistrict-
                  Sarah Hurley            Questions One and Two dealt with     fice when accused of a crime, and         ing. Sophomore Chris Garvey says
                  Staff Writer          the judges in the Prince George’s      they would be removed immediate-          that he is happy that the districts
                                        and Baltimore County courts. The       ly when found guilty of that crime.       will be redrawn, as it would “make
                                        question was whether these judges      “You should be punished for your          it less confusing.”
                                        need to be members of the Mary-        crimes regardless of who you are,”             Question Six is another refer-
  The election season does not only     land bar. Senior Anna Wehr says,       says sophomore Hannah Jacques             endum that was strongly talked
bring around the opportunity for a      “Without a background, they can’t          Question Four, or the Maryland        about. Same-sex marriage permits
new president and for new officials,    make educated decisions.” With         Dream Act, was one of the most            committed same-sex couples to
but also the opportunities for refer-   these referendums being passed,        discussed referendums. The Dream          wed. This question was so strongly
endums to be passed.                    judges in these counties now need      Act enables some undocumented             debated because many felt that it
   The referendums give the people      to be a part of the Maryland bar be-   students who have received an edu-        crossed religious barriers. Jacques
the chance to take a second look at     fore becoming judges.                  cation from Maryland high schools         says, “Religion should not get in-
whether or not some laws should           Removing elected officials was the   to be eligible for in-state tuition       volved in the government, which
be passed. This year brought seven      topic of Question Three. The passed    rates at state universities. Although     is the main reason people object
                                                                               this would be a way for these stu-        the question. All people should be
                                                                               dents to continue their education,        treated equally.” Maryland is the
                                                                               sophomore Carly Albright says, “It        seventh state to pass same-sex mar-
                                                                               is unfair because people who aren’t       riage.
                                                                               actual residents should not be able           The question that probably drew
                                                                               to receive in-state tuition.” This        the most attention was Question
                                                                               referendum was passed and now             Seven. Question Seven dealt with
                                                                               all Maryland high school students,        the gambling expansion. The ques-
                                                                               legal or not, will be able to receive     tion was whether or not to add a
                                                                               in-state tuition rates.                   sixth casino in Prince George’s
                                                                                   Before this election, politicians     County and to allow table games,
                                                                               were allowed to choose their vot-         such as Roulette and Blackjack, at
                                                                               ers by drawing districts that would       all of the casinos. Freshman Marley
                                                                               favor the party already in office.        Scott is pleased with the passage of
                                                                               When looking at the maps of the           Question Seven, and says that “it
                                                                               districts, the districts were split and   will bring in more revenue to the
              Photo courtesy of                             spread into areas that did not relate     state and attract more tourists.”
    December 14,2012
                                                 sPorts   THE STALLION
                                            Playing To Win

                 Jack Fleming          three captains of the team include      unbelieveable amount of support game of basketball and pushes us to
                 Staff Writer          seniors Ryan Miller and Sean            from the students at Marriotts work harder everyday,” says Davis.
                                       Harrison, and junior Robert Davis.      Ridge. Every home game, and even Coach Lewis is very happy with his
                                            The team has already started       some big away games, the bleachers team’s work ethic during practices
                                       preparing for the season to begin by    behind the                                                  and believes all
                                       having a few small scrimmages with      Mustangs                                                    their hard work
                                       other schools and having hard and       team bench                                                  will pay off.
  The 2012 Boys Varsity Basketball efficient practices. “ Practices are a      is filled with                                              “This team works
team looks to pick up where they challenge. We do a lot of running,            enthusiastic                                                unbelieveably
left off last year.                    not just wind sprints and distance      fans. “It’s                                                 hard        during
   Returning as head coach, Coach running, but our drills require a lot        fun;      they                                              practices. They
Lewis is excited and ready for the of running. It’s really tiring, but         make        us                                              are a group of
season to begin. “I’m really excited when we’re in close games in the          play harder                                                 brothers       and
to be the head coach of this team. 4 quarter, we hope to be in better          every game,                                                 work very well

I can’t wait for                       shape than them and outlast them,”      and we love                                                 together, and I
                                                        says junior Keyan      to hear them    The Team looks for the trumendous fan believe that will
the season to get                                                                                          spirit to continue
started;      we’re                                     Shasti.                chant,” says                                                play a big factor
going to have an                                             The Mustangs’     Bryant.                                                     in our success for
exciting season,”                                       first   scrimmage             The students have one chant this upcoming season,” says Coach
says          coach                                     was         against    specifically that the team loves: Lewis. With continuous hard work,
Lewis. Although                                         North       Carroll    the I Believe chant. “The I believe the Mustangs are bound to have a
the Mustangs lost                                       High School. The       chant is great. It’s the fans way of successful season.
a couple of key                                         Mustangs came out      telling the other team that they were       After a great season last year, the
players last year                                       on top with a big      just beaten by the Mustangs,” says 2012-2013 Marriotts Ridge Boys
due to graduation,                                      victory. “Our first    Miller.                                   Varsity Basketball team looks to
the       Mustangs                                      scrimmage went          Coach Lewis looks ready to pick up have another winning season, do
have          young                                     very well. The         from where the team left off last year well in the playoffs, and win a state
players, such as                                        other team wasn’t      and lead them far into the playoffs. championship.
junior R.J. Bryant                                      very competitive;      Coach Lewis is already forming
and sophomore                                           it was good to start   special bonds with his players and
                       Gaurd Robert Davis shoots
Alex Caffes to step                                   out the season with      building strong relationships with
                              over a defender
in and fullfill the                                   a win,” says senior      his team. “ It’s great to have Coach
important roles and help lead the Sam Wilsey.                                  Lewis back. He’s a great coach and
Mustangs to a winning season. The             The Mustangs have an             a great guy. He really knows the
   14                                               sPorts   THE STALLION
                                                                                                                     December 14, 2012

                                              Prepping For Competition

                Paige Furtaw            every girl must be very dedicated stamina, and work on technique.                 Ridge; they typically perform well
                Staff Writer            to the team for the practices to be The practices are not every day,              at competitions. A competition
                                        meaningful and go the way they but up to three times a week. They                 coming up soon for Poms is in the
                                        are meant to go. The captains don’t practice every week.                          late winter season and the team
                                        that run these practices are Main         This school year the team               expects to do “pretty well, even
                                        Captain, junior Laura Jones, Co- performed at the Homecoming                      though it will be kind of difficult,”
                                        Captain, senior Brittany Freeman, pep-rally for all the students in the           says Chananovich. The team will
  The girls on Poms have been very and Lieutenant, senior Tori school. During the performance,                            start preparing for this competition
committed and focused in order to Chahanovich.                               the music stopped about halfway              soon enough so that they will be
have a successful season ahead. The                                                        into it. The girls             ready to do the best they can.
team performs at sports games and                                                          continued to dance                Last year the team competed in
pep-rallies, and is featured in dance                                                      as they practiced              many competitions throughout the
recitals and plays. Also, the Poms                                                         even though the                season. Chahanovich says, “We
Team competes against other teams                                                          music shut off                 did really well at competitions last
for the highest title of either first                                                      u n e x p e c t e d l y.       season. We definitely showed the
place in the competition or even                                                           Shelby           Ward,         other teams that we are getting
states.                                                                                    sophomore, felt that           better and better every year.”
     “The team has a really good                                                           the team “did not                  The team went all the way to
attitude. It is an even balance of hard                                                    get to finish as well          states last season, but did not win.
work and fun,” says sophomore                                                              as we could have               They are hopeful for an even more
Hattison Gaines. The Poms team                                                             because of the music           successful season this year. Good
interacts very well together as a                                                          stopping.” The team            luck to the team as they compete!
group. The girls even sometimes             Poms performing at the homecoming pep rally was disappointed
meet after practice hours and hang                                                         in this occurrence
out as a team to bond and get to                                                           and wishes they
know each other better. Everyone’s Jones says, “The practices have could’ve had another shot to redo
attitude on the team is very spirited been going good, and the girls are the dance.
and hopeful for a good season. This improving with each practice.”              Competition season is coming
attitude helps them get through the        Many other girls on the team feel up soon for the team. While they
long, hard practices they have after the same way. During practices, are a club team at the school rather
school.                                 the girls do many things like than an official sport, the team
    The practices are draining, and choreograph dances, build up bring a lot of honor to Marriotts

                                                    Regaining Hope

                Wes Brown                 quarterback, Cam Newton, for the He has proved them wrong.                      rookies in rushing and is fourth in
                Sports Editor             Rookie quarterback rushing record. Griffin has exceeded many fans’              the league in rushing yards. Morris
                                               Griffin is already among the expectations for this season.                 was a sixth round draft pick out of
                                          NFL’s most prolific quarterbacks In a recent game against the Ravens,           Florida Atlantic University. He is
                                          like Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Griffin went down with a knee                  making his way in history as one of
                                          and       Aaron                                              injury. It was     the all-time greatest draft steals.
The District of Columbia has              Rodgers. He                                                  not     serious,       Morris has ___ yards on the
regained hope with their superstar        is       second                                              but after also     season and is one of the only rookie
rookies, quarterback Robert Griffin       to       Peyton                                              getting        a   running backs to go over 1,000
III and running back Alfred Morris.       Manning       in                                             concussion         yards. Morris barely won a spot
  The Washington Redskins selected        passer rating,                                               a g a i n s t      on the team, but worked his way
Griffin second overall in April’s         a statistic that                                             Atlanta, fans      up to the starting running back.
NFL draft. The team traded away           is calculated                                                are concerned          This year’s Redskins team is
four draft picks, including three first   by using each                                                about       how    shining better than ever before. The
round picks, for the right to draft       quarterback’s                                                many of these      explosive play of RGIII and Alfred
Griffin. Many fans were on edge, not      completion                                                   hits he can        Morris has given hope to Redskins
knowing whether the Indianapolis          percentage,         Griffin III (left) seen here running     take.              fans everywhere.
Colts would select Griffin or             passing yardage, the option with Morris (right)                Griffin won
Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck.         touchdowns and                                           the        Heisman
     Since coming to Washington,          interceptions. He is the number trophy his senior season at Baylor
Griffin has had a rookie season           one quarterback in rushing and is University. He led the Bears to a win
unparallel to any seen before. His        second to his teammate, Alfred at the Alamo Bowl after receiving
explosive passing and slick rushing       Morris, in rookie rushing yards. his Heisman award. He started for
has led him to records all season.            A lot of people had pondered four seasons, leading the team to two
During a Monday Night Football            whether Coach Mike Shannahan bowl games in his final two seasons.
game versus the New York Giants,          was crazy for trading away so                Along with Griffin, Redskins
Griffin passed Carolina Panthers          much future talent for one player. rookie Alfred Morris has led all
   December 14, 2012
                                                    sPorts   THE STALLION
                                     Wrestling For A Strong Season

               Amanda Miller               Most of the team hang outs outside matches, and to be better all together          season is going to be an improvement
               Staff Writer              of school and have been friends as a team. The boys as individuals                   from last season because they have
                                         since middle school.         Michael also have some personal goals.                  better leadership, and the team as a
                                         Bernal, junior, says that, “The team Austin, says that his personal goal             whole is starting to become more
                                         gets along well. We all know each is to beat his opponent, Sean Twigg                disciplined.
                                         other ’s                                                          and      to           The team believes that they are
                                         strengths                                                         place in           going to have a good run this
    The Marriotts Ridge Wrestling        a     n     d                                                     states.            season. Their hardest matches
team is looking forward to a tough       weaknesses                                                        R y a n            are in the beginning, so their
but winning season.                      w h i c h                                                         Allwein,           goal is to weather the storm until
   Wrestling is a very hardworking       is      good                                                      junior,            after Christmas. Their toughest
sport, but hard work is not the          because we                                                        s a y s            competition will be Oakland Mills,
only thing you need, to be a good        can      help                                                     that his           which they always lose to by a
wrestler. Junior Chris McTague said      each other                                                        personal           couple points, Reservoir, and Wilde
that Wrestling takes “dedication         d u r i n g                                                       goal     is        Lake. If they beat these teams, then
and heart.”                              practices.                                                        to      get        they will be able to beat anyone this
      Ryan Austin, senior, added,        But even                                                          stronger           season. Their top wrestlers, Lyle
“Wrestling is a sport of pure            though       I                                                    and win            Fugate, senior, Chris Park, junior,
physicality and mentality.”              say we get                                                        matches.           Zach Moody, sophomore, Nick
   The team believes that they are       along, we                                                               Even         Spano, senior, and Ryan Austin,
going to have an excellent and           aren’t just                                                       though             senior, are all ready to step it up and
victorious season. When asking           always            Wrestlers look to bulid off of last season      the season         give it their all this season.
Coach Conley how he thinks the           nice;      we                                                   has      just          The team is looking to keep getting
team is going to be, he said, “It        want        to                                                  begun, the           better and better as the season goes
depends on if they have been             push each other as hard as we can to team is starting out working their              on. Some of the boys have said that
training in the off season. If they      make one another better wrestlers, hardest and pushing themselves as                 they will work their hardest to make
didn’t, I will know because they         even if it gets a little harsh.” The hard as they can so that they can all           this season the best one yet and to
will make excuses.”                      team considers themselves as “one meet their goals. Bernal, says, “So                not let Coach Conley down. They
  The team knows that if they work       big happy family.”                     far the season has been rigorous and          are hoping to win many matches
really hard during practices and on         The team has many goals for the painful, but it’s all worth it in the             and to place in states.
their own, this season will be a great   season. Their main goals are to get end.”
one for them.                            into regional duals, winning more           Coach Conley thinks that this

                                               Off to a Fast Start

               Eric Wang                 team did particular well in is in girl’s   groups, the distance runners and          “I feel like we are going to do well
               Staff Writer              shot put with Mary Hurd. “I feel           the sprinters. Some of the top male       this year,” commented Merrill.
                                         very good about this season because        runners this year include seniors         “We have good runners this year.”
                                         I only lost 1                                                  Gulraize Khan,         With each passing day, it’s hard not
                                         inch from my                                                   R y a n               to notice that the weather is getting
                                         previous record                                                Hermstein, and        colder. For many runners, cold and
  With hard work and dedication in       at the first                                                   Robert Kramer,        windy weather are what they most
mind, the Mustangs Winter Track          meet,     which                                                and        juniors    dislike about winter track; however,
team, led by Coach White and             is very good,”                                                 Clay Cochran          Coach Malt has a different approach
Coach Malt, is looking forward           commented                                                      and Silas Buck.       on this. “The team bonds at the
to a successful season this year.        H u r d .                                                      “Our 4 x 8 team       face of adversity of being rained,
    “I feel there are a lot of good            The next                                                 is going to kick      sleeted, and snowed on while
returning runners from last year, and    major event for                                                some         butt,”   running outside,” said Coach Malt.
if everyone focuses, we just might       the eam was the                                                commented                 And not everyone seems to be
be able to win counties,” said Ade       Track Winter                                                   C ochran.             discouraged by the increasingly
Togun, a returning senior sprinter.      Festival at the                                                              “I’m    cold weather. “We’re looking to get
   The first meeting of the season       PG Sports Complex on saturday.             pretty    confident     that     Ryan     ready for the season by participating
was December 1, where the athletes       Some of the biggest rivals for the         Hermstein and Gulraize Khan               to our fullest each practice no
competed against schools around          Mustangs that were at the festival         will lead the boys in distances,”         matter what,” commented Kramer.
Howard County. Coach Malt was            are the runners from Mt.Hebron,            added Buck, a distance runner.                As the season gets underway,
very impressed with the performance      River Hill, Howard, and Oakland              On the girl’s team, the top runners     the Winter Track team maintains
of the runners, especially the girl’s    Mills. There will be various events        this year include seniors Alison          motivation and practice to improve
4x8 and the boy’s 4x8. “Overall I        held at the festival such as the 55m       Jones, Ade Togun, and Alex McKay,         their previous records in hopes of
think we did very well, and I saw        dash, 55m hurdles, 200m dash,              and sophomores Abby Warman and            winning counties this year.
a lot of improvements from the           400m dash, 800m run, 1600m run,            Bailey Merrill. Togun, Jones, and
runners,” commented Coach Malt.          and many various field events.             McKay all went to states last year
   One of the field events that the          Winter track is split into two         for the sprinters of the girl’s team.
  16                                             sPorts     THE STALLION
                                                                                                                                 December 14, 2012

                                            NHL Season on Thin Ice

               Will Parks              New Year’s Day. For many hockey        With a lockout of such incredible                        that need to be solved eventually.
               Staff Writer            fans, the cancellation of this event proportions, some may wonder                               Unfortunately, the NHL has no
                                       marked the beginning of the end for why it has been such a challenge to                         sense of urgency on settling the
                                       the 2012-2013 season.                resolve the disputes. First, there have                    negotiations. Unlike the NFL and
                                              With only                                          been       serious                    NBA, which rushed to end the
                                       about 58% of the                                          problems                              negotiations in order to preserve
      American hockey fans find        season’s games                                            regarding the                         the season, the National Hockey
themselves frozen in place with        remaining, it is                                          distribution of                       League and the National Hockey
the National Hockey League in an       impossible     for                                        wealth around                         League Players Association are
ongoing lockout. Until recently, the   the NHL to know                                           the        league.                    both in it for the long run.
NHL Players Association had given      which players to                                          Before         the                      Even if the sides were to settle on
their owners the cold shoulder by      nominate for the                                          lockout, players                      a resolution today, the season would
declining to even participate in       All Star Week on                                          received 57%                          not start back up for another month.
negotiations.                          January 30. If the                                        of the NHL’s                          That means that about 370 games
   With the league announcing the      lockout were to                                           revenue. The                          will be wasted after the agreement.
cancellation of games through          end on December                                           player’s union                        Many players who are fed up with
December 30 (including the             14, there would                                           was prompted                          struggles in the NHL have joined
very popular Winter Classic and        only be twenty                                            to strike after                       leagues in other countries, such as
the All Star Week), many fans          games per team                                            the NHL took                          the Kontinental Hockey League in
are wondering if it is too late.       to judge the hot                                          their cut down                        Russia.
Negotiations on November 3 were        players from the Photo courtesy of to               47%.                        Other problems associated with
the first since mid-October, and the   cold players.                                               Members                             setting up the league could delay
lockout will have lasted over 100        Mediators have                                            of           the                    the start even further. If the National
days by the end of the year.           helped resume the negotiations, negotiations have attempted to                                  Hockey League and the National
     Since the lockout began on        and fans hope that the mediation set the proportion to 50-50, but                               Hockey League Players Association
September 15, 2012, one of the         by government officials will people on both sides have failed to                                finally reach an agreement, there
worst results of the disagreement      expedite a resolution. During the compromise.                                                   will still be more work to do before
was the cancellation of the Winter     NFL referee’s as well as the NBA       Other problems, such as the more                         things get back to normal.
Classic, an outdoor game set to        lockout, mediators helped solve talented teams failing to share their
be played in the University of         the problem shortly after they were money with the less talented teams,
Michigan’s football stadium on         allowed to participate in the talks. have caused more sensitive issues

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