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									    Study Smarts Transition Seminar for Incoming Freshmen

The move from middle school to high school is an important time of transition. At the
high school level, students are expected to be skilled in the areas of organizing, note
taking, listening, textbook reading, preparing for tests and test taking. In order to position
our students for a more successful transition, we will be hosting Study Smarts, a study
skills seminar for freshmen only, on Monday, August 15th, from 8:30am to 12:30pm.
Lunch will be provided before students visit with their teachers in the afternoon
from 1:00pm to 3:40pm. Students should bring a pen or pencil and a notebook. It
will be a full day!

The Learning Center is offering the Study Smarts seminar to students in order that they
may improve their study strategies. Although St. Michael’s Catholic Academy is not
publicly endorsing Study Smarts, we are offering our incoming freshmen this opportunity
to participate in this program on the first day of school as a courtesy.

Along with the live workshop, Study Smarts also provides a DVD/Workbook package on
the web site that is a valuable resource to you as a parent and a
great way to follow up at home as your student enters high school. It is the full version of
the workshop so you will know exactly what your student learned the first day of school!

The Study Smarts curriculum was developed by Dr. Cindy Evans who recently gained
national recognition through the University of South Carolina for the study skills
curriculum she developed for the college level. She took what she developed at the
college and specifically designed the Study Smarts curriculum to meet the needs of high
school students. The following is her philosophy statement:

“Our mission at Study Smarts is to inspire students to think positively about
themselves, create a desire in them to stay motivated to do their best and encourage
them to apply study skills concepts that will allow them to achieve their maximum
potential in school and life.”

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