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									                                  Silent smell tracking (Lesson 4)
          Lost wolf pups searching for other wolves from their family. In this activity,
students would work in pairs as lost wolves. They have to find other pairs of students with the
same extract in the covered playground. They then return to the laboratory and search for
their “home den” together. All through students should work in silence.


            5 different aromatic extracts (the smell should not be too strong otherwise it would
              desensitize the nose to other smells)
            25 plastic bottles and cotton balls
            labels (small enough to fit on the bottom of the plastic bottles)

1.    The 5 different aromatic extracts correspond to the characteristic smells of 5 different
      wolf packs.

2.    Prepare the secret scents by wetting cotton balls with the aromatic extract and placing
      the wet side at the bottom of the plastic bottles.

3.    For each wolf pack, prepare 5 plastic bottle of secret scents, one will be labeled with the
      name of the aromatic extract and placed at a specific area in the laboratory as the “home
      den” of that wolf pack. The others are randomly given to pairs of students.

4.    Ask the students to find their partners in the covered playground. When they have found
      all the other wolves they should return to the laboratory and look for their “home den”.
      (Designate the teachers’ bench as an “orphan” area.)

5.    Prepare small gifts for the group that wins.

After the activity, have the students in each group to label their plastic bottles for you, so that
it would be easier for the laboratory technician to collect and refresh them for the second

     Silent smell tracking (Lesson 4)
         Instructions for students
Wolves have a very sensitive sense of smell. They can smell prey more than a mile away.

All students play the role of lost “wolf pups” in this activity. Each pair of lost “wolf pups”
will receive scent in a plastic bottle. Several other “wolf pups” will receive the same secret
scent. This is the scent of their wolf pack. Their challenge is to find all the other pups that are
from their wolf pack, and then together find their home den.


1.    Each pair of students gets a plastic bottle. You would be told how many there are in
      your wolf pack.
2.    Take off the lid for a quick whiff, and then replace the lid.
3.    As you move around looking for other wolf pups you can compare smells with others,
      then replace the lid again.
4.    When you have located all the pups from your pack, you should together look for and try
      to identify your home den.
5.    The wolf pack that first successfully finds its members and their home den wins.

“Shhhh….!” Wolves cannot talk, so neither can you! The activity
         should be carried out in silence!
     If you are unable to match your smell with that of others, you have to go to the teacher's
      bench, which is the “orphan area”.

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