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					Kevin C. Cook

BSA Troop 362 Scoutmaster Report – February 10, 2008
Dog sledding. January 18 – 21, 2008 The Dog Sledding Camp-Out was a howling success. There were 21 members of the Troop left from the East Complex on January 18. Our group of 4 cars set off for the great white north at roughly 830. The trip to the bridge was uneventful for the most part. We did experience a whiteout north of Gaylord and two vehicles followed the wrong set of tail light up the wrong exit ramp, but were promptly able to return to I75 and join up with the other vehicles. The weather north of the bridge was much clearer and we were able to make good time and arrived at Camp Hiawatha about 5 PM. We had some difficulty finding the camp, as the road into camp was not plowed and the only thing marking it was the vehicle of the person opening the cabins for us. We quickly found out that 1 UP yard is equal to about 50 of ours. We were unable to see the cabins from the road and we could see into the forest at least 50 yards. The snow was about 1.5 feet deep and there was not trail broken. It was estimated that carrying our gear back to the cabins would take at least two hours. The scout leaders made an executive decision and elected to go elsewhere. Fortunately the folks at Hiawatha Resort were able to accommodate us. The two cabins we rented had heat and running water. All the scouts were in one cabin and all the adults were in the second. Meals were prepared by the adult leaders. Sunday morning the troop ate loaded up and went to Trail Outfitters. Our guides Fred and Jennifer were excellent in preparing us. The Troop went sledding in two shifts. Shift One went dog sledding while shift two snow shoed. The dogs were wonderful, but I had the distinct impression that they know we were armatures. When we returned to the cabins, 4 of the scouts finished the snow cave they started Saturday night and prepared to sleep in it Sunday night. Four scouts slept in the snow cave. We were informed that the temp in the cave was about 40 F. The return trip Monday was uneventful and we returned just about on time. Troop Elections. Will be held on Tuesday February 12, 2008. Patrol leaders will be elected for the next 6 months. The SPL will also be appointing new troop positions for the next 6 months. I am instituting new methods for tracking accountability for all leadership positions. Theses will assure that a position of leadership will assist scouts that have these position in their development as leaders. Each position will have a clearly defined set of duties and responsibilities that will be tracked over the 6 month period. This will assure that advancement is earned. Snow Sports Camp-Out - The snow sports camp is scheduled for this weekend at the Kensington Metro Park group camp. We have a roster of 11 scouts and 5 adults at this time. If the snow hold out the scouts will be sledding, tubing and tobogganing. If the snow melts we will use the time to Geo-cashe. There are 10 geo-cashe site with in 1 mile of our camp site. We are also holding the new parents meeting for the scouts that will be crossing over to our troop. The meeting will be held at cabin in Kennsington.

Kevin C. Cook New Scouts. We have had a total of 6 Webelos join us from the Pack 368. We also have the older brother of one Webelos wanting to join the troop. He should have crossed over last year and I intend to place him with the Phoenix, as he is their age. We also have been told that we can expect 8 and possibly as many as 11 more webelo scouts. We have been invited to 3 more Blue and Gold Banquets. Pack 366 on February 22, and Packs 362 and 365 on February 29. Scoutmaster Conferences. I have instituted a new methodology for scoutmaster conferences. Each week I will put out a put out a sign-up sheet for conferences to be held the following week. Scouts will need to sing up and also to take a Rank Advancement Sheet. A completed sheet will give me information on the scouts advancement since the last scoutmaster conference, his views regarding his patrol and the troop and also his plans for attaining his next rank.

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