Teachers' Workshop Die List
* available in large and small size A Acorn*, Tiny African Kinara Airplane* Alligator Ambulance Anchor Angel* Ant* Apple*, Tiny Apple Blossom Apple Slice* Armadillo Arrow* Arrows, Curved Astronaut Award* B Baby* Badge* Ballerina Ballet Slippers Balloons*, Tiny Balloon/Hot Air* Banana* Barn Baseball Baseball Hat Baseball Player
Baseball Player, Child

Birthday Cake*
Birthday Cake Slice

Boat* Bone Book Closed* Book Open* Bookmarks: Elephant Frog Heart Teddy X-mas Bow* Bow, Corner Box, Tiny Boy* #1, #5 Boy, Generic Bread, Challah Broccoli Bull Bunny* Bushel Basket
Butterfly 1*, 2, 3 *, 4*

Cherub Chick* Chili Pepper Chipmunk
Christian Fish #1, #2
Christmas Light* tiny

Butterflies Tiny Button* Circle Square Triangle C Cactus #1, #2
Caldron/Pot of Gold

Basket* Basket Ball
Basketball Player

Bat, Ball & Glove*

Bear Bear Cub Beaver Bee, Tiny Bees & Hive #2 Beetle* Bell* Bicycle Bicycle Helmet Binoculars Bird #1*, #2A*, #2B, #3, #4 Bird 3-D Bird, Zoo Baby

Camel Camera Campfire Candle* Candy #1, #2 Candy Cane* Canoe & Paddle Car #1*, #2*, #3 Cardinal Castle #1, #2 Cat Cat, Kitten Cat, Halloween* Caterpillar #1, #2* Cello Cement Truck Cheerleader

Christmas Tree #1*, #2, w / Star Tiny Church Clock Face Clock Hands Clouds Clown Cocoon, Small Coins Computer Coral Corn/Ear Cornucopia* Cougar Covered Wagon Cow Cow/Calf Cowboy Cowboy Boot* Cowboy Hat* Crab Crayfish Crayon, Tiny Crayon Box Cricket, Small Crocodile Cross Crown Cup* Cup & Saucer #1 Cupcake Cupid* D Daisy #1, #2 Dancers Deer Dinosaur Bronto* Pterodactyl* Stego*

Tyranno* Triceratops* Dinosaurs Tiny Diploma Diver Doctor Dog, Beagle Dog, Collie Dog, Puppy Dog, Scottie Dog, Sled Dogs Dogsled Dogwood Petals Dolphin* Domino Dots Domino Tiles Donkey Dragon Dragonfly Driedle Drinking Glass Drum & Sticks Duck* Duck, toy Dump Truck E Easter Lily Eagle Eagle, Bald Egg, Cracked Egg, Folded Eggs, Tiny Elephant*, #2 Eskimo F Feather* Fig Filmstrip #1 Firecracker Fireman Fire Truck Fish #1*, 2*, 4, 5* Fish Tiny Fishing Pole Flag* Flamingo Fleur de lis

Flower #1*, #2* Flowers, Mixed Flowers, Tiny Flower Pot Fly Food Pyramid Football Football Helmet Football Player Footprint, Baby* Footprint*, Tiny
Fortune Cookie #2

Four leaf Clover* Fox* Frog #1*, #2, Tiny G
Game Spinner #1, #2

Garden Tools Hand Shovel Hand Rake Gecko Ghost #1*, #2, Tiny Gingerbread Boy
Gingerbread Girl*
Gingerbread House

Gingerbread Man*
Gingerbread Men, Tiny

Giraffe Girl*, #5 Girl, Generic Glass w/Straw Goat Goat, Kid Golf Bag Goose Gorilla Grad Boy Figure Grad Boy Head* Graduate Cap Grad Girl Figure Grad Girl Head* Grapes Grasshopper* Groundhog* Guitar Gymnast

H Hamburger Hammer Hand, Closed* Hand, Open* Handicap Symbol* Happy Face*, Tiny Hard Hat Hat, Snow Hat*, Top Hawk Hearts* Doubled* Hearts Tiny Hen Hippo Hockey Player Holly* Hornet Horse Horse, Colt Hot Dog House #1, Haunted I Ice Cream Cone* Ice Cream Scoops Ice Skate Igloo Iguana Indian Indian Head Indian Teepee Iris* J Jack O’ Lantern* Jar & Label Jefferson, Patriot Jelly Beans Tiny Jellyfish Jingle Bell* K Kangaroo Karate Figure

Key #1*, #2 King Kite Kitten (see cat) Knife, Fork & Spoon Knight in Armor Koala Bear L Ladybug* Lamb #1, #2 Lamb, Toy Lantern Leaf* Leaves, Jungle* Leaves, Tiny Lemon Leprechaun Light Bulb* Lighthouse Lightning Bolt Lily Pad Lincoln, President* Lion #2, #3 Lion’s Head Lips Lizard Llama Lobster M Magnifying Glass Man* Manatee Maple Leaf #1*, #2 Maraca
Martin Luther King

Moose Motorcycle Mouse Muffin Mushroom Music Notes, Tiny N Nativity Set Joseph Manger Mary Shepherd Wise Man No Sign Nurse Nutcracker Nutrition Set* Dairy Group
Fruit/Veg. Group

Grain Group Meat Group O Oak Leaf* Octopus Orange* Orange/Citrus Slice Organs Set*1-4 Ornament 1A, 1B, 2* Ostrich Owl* P Padlock* Pail & Shovel Palm Tree Parrot Paw Print #1, #2 Pea Pod Peach Pear* Pelican Pencil Penguin #1*, #2* Piano Picnic Basket

Picture Frame Picture Frame, Apple Picture Frame, Back Picture Frame, Heart Pie Slice Pig #1, #2, #3* Pig, piglet Pilgrim Hat Pilgrim Man Pilgrim Woman Pineapple Pizza Slice Pliers Poinsettia Pointing Finger Police car Policeman Poison Symbol Praying Boy* Praying Girl* Pumpkin*
Pumpkin Patch sm

Ribbon Ring Die* Robot Rocket Ship* Rocking Chair* Rocking Horse* Roller Skate* Rooster Rose* Runner S Sailboat* Sailing Ship Sailor Santa #1, #2*, #4, #5 Saw Scales of Justice Scarecrow Scarf School Bell
School Bus #1A*, #1B

Pumpkins Tiny Puppet Boy Girl Teddy Bear Puzzle
Puzzle, Cross #2 7pc Puzzle Links Set 3

Q Quail Queen R Rabbit #1*, #2*, #3* Rabbits, Tiny Raccoon Radish Rainbow* Raindrops Ram Reindeer* Reindeer BB Rhinoceros

Mayan Temple Megaphone Menorah Microscope
Milk/Juice Carton

Mitten* Molecule Monkey Moon*

School House Scissors/Thimble Screwdriver Scorpion* Seahorse Seal Sea Otter Seed Packet Senses Sight Smell Sound Taste Touch Shamrock*, Tiny Sheep Shell* Skeleton Set 1-4 Skin Diver Skunk Sleigh* Snail Snake Snowflake BB, #1*, #2*, 3-D Snowflakes Tiny

Teachers' Workshop Die List
* available in large and small size Snowman #1* Country Soccer Ball Soccer Player Soldier Sombrero* Space Shuttle Spider* Spider Web Squirrel Star*, Tiny Primitive Puffy, 3-D Starburst Star of David Starfish
State of Michigan

Statue of Liberty Stingray Stocking Strawberry* Street Sign Sun*
Sun Happy Face*

Sunflower Sunglasses Swan Swirl* Swiss Cheese T Tank Teapot Teddy Bear #1*, #2*, #3 Tiny Telephone* Tennis Racquet Tennis Shoe Tent Thanks, Word Tiger #1, #2 Toddler* Tomato Tooth Toothbrush Toothpaste Toucan Tow Truck

Tractor Excavator Skip Loader Traffic Set (4 dies) RR Crossing Signal Stop Sign Street Sign Train Set* Box Car Caboose Flat Car Locomotive Tank Car Zoo Car Train Set #2 Box Car Caboose Locomotive Tank Car Treasure Chest Tree* Tree, bare Tree, Tall Pine Tricycle Trumpet T-Shirt Tuba Tugboat Tulip* Turkey #1*, #2, #3 Turtle* U Umbrella* Unicorn USA V Vase Viking Man Volcano W Wagon
Washington, Pres.*

Wave* Whale #1, #2, #2B Wind

Wolf Woman* Worm, Bookworm Wreath* Wrench Wrestlers XYZ X-ray Xylophone Yak Yo Yo Zebra* Zoo Car Math and Music dies are also available in large and some small. Alphabet & Number sets available in sizes 1 1/4", 2", 3" and 5" block, 2" tall & thin, 4" D'nealian, 4" Fruit Smoothie & 8" upper case letters & numbers

BORDERS & DIORAMAS Accordion Card Bag #1 Border Birthday Crown Fence Filmstrip Flame Ivy
Mountain Range

Scallop Split Rail Fence Diorama Bird Dinosaur Manger Moon Palm Tree Plain Rain Forest Sailboats Stable Star Waves Door Hanger Mask Pop-up Card Road Traffic Set (4 dies)

EXTRA LARGE DIES Airplane Ant Apple Award Bag #1, #2 Balloons Barn Bee Parts Bees & Hive Beetle Beetle Parts Bell Bird #3 Birdhouse #2 Bird Nest Birthday Cake Boy #5 Boy, Generic Bowling Ball & Pin Box, #1, 2, 3, 5, 24 Box, #20 (2 dies) Box, Take-Out Carton Butterfly Butterfly Parts Caldron Pot of Gold Candy Cane Car Cards Gate Crescent Heart 3D Maze Square Mini Book
Mini Book Cover

Purse & Charms Tree 3D Cat, Halloween Caterpillar Cell Parts
Christmas Stocking Christmas Tree Christmas Wreath

Wasp Watering Can Watermelon Slice

Church Corn, Ear Cornucopia Cow

Daffodil Dinosaur Bronto Pterodactyl Stego Tyranno Eggs, folded Envelope: Open-end A6 #2 Feather Filmstrip #3 Fireman Fire Truck Fish Fish Bowl Flag Flashcard Flipper Flower #3 Flower Parts Flower Pot
Food Pyramid 4Set

Footprint Game Set (2 dies) Ghost Gingerbread Man Girl #5 Girl, Generic Globe Grasshopper
Gumball Machine Hat-Wrap Around

Heart House, Haunted House #1, #3 Indian Indian Teepee Iris Jack O’Lantern Jar & Label Jingle Bell Kite Lacing Fish Lacing Square Ladybug Leprechaun Mailbox #1 Maple leaf

Masks Antlers Cat Comedy Dog Mouse Tragedy May Basket Mitten Mobile Hanger Noah’s Ark Ocean Liner Ornament #1B Paint Can Pansy Paper Doll Clothes Hair Summer #2, #3 Winter #1, #2 Penguin #31B Picture Frames Rectangle Twig Pilgrim Hat Pilgrim Man Pilgrim Woman Pinwheel Planets #1 Plate Praying Boy Praying Girl Pumpkin
Puppet, Paper Bag

Snake #1 Snowflake #1, #2 Snowman Spider Spiral Star, 1A Star, Puffy Statue of Liberty Sunflower Tags Teapot Teddy Bear Teddy Bear #1C Telescope Train Set Box Car Caboose Locomotive Tank Car Zoo Car Tree Tree, Bare Trophy Turkey Turkey & Platter Umbrella
USA Puzzle #1-#5

XL MATH DIES Circles 8” & 2” Dodecagon Oval Rectangle Rhombus Square 8” Tangram Trapezoid Triangle

Visor Whale #1, #2 Witch-on- broom Wizard Word-MOM Work-THANKS

Cow Duck Rabbit Puzzle 13- pc. Rabbit #3
Rabbit, Action Figure

Record Reindeer School Bus School House Scorpion Shamrock Shirt & Ties
Skeleton Parts #1-3


Teachers' Workshop Price List
We accept cash, check or School P.O. only. No Charge or Debt cards

Prices per unit

Bags, handle-small Bags, handle-medium Bags, handle-large Buttons Calendar Poster Card Stock Card Stock Ream Colored Pencils Construction Paper 9x12 Construction Paper 12x18 Construction Paper Strips Construction Paper Pack 9x12 Construction Paper Pack 12x18 Craft Puffs Craft Sticks Crayons, reg. 8pk Crayons, lg 8pk Crayons, multi cult 8pk Display Board Display Header Board Easel Backs 3" Easel Backs 5" Easel Backs 7" Easel Backs 9" Easel Backs 12" Envelope Feathers Felt Felt – Self Adhesive Finger Paint Paper Foam Foam Board Funky Fabric Glitter Poms Glue Stick Sm. Glue Stick Lg. Grommets (set) Handwriting Paper Magnet Material Magnetic Squares Magnetic Tape Markers, Washable Metallic Foil Board MISD Mouse Pad Modeling Clay Overhead Marker Set Paint, Finger

$0.55 $0.65 $0.75 $7.00 $1.00 $0.05 $10.00 $1.20 $0.08 $0.10 $0.06 $3.00 $4.00 $2.30 $7.50 $0.25 $1.10 $0.50 $5.00 $2.00 $0.25 $0.30 $0.50 $0.65 $0.75 $0.05 $1.15 $0.25 $1.10 $2.75 $0.80 $8.00 $2.75 $2.30 $0.20 $0.75 $0.12 $2.00 $2.50 $6.25 $5.55 $1.20 $0.60 $1.00 $1.10 $1.50 $2.65

Paint, Tempera Paper, Brights Paper Packs Laminated Permanent Marker Pipe Cleaners Pom Poms (300 pc) Poster Board Reusable Adhesive Putty Rhinestones Roll Paper per foot Rubber Cement Rubber Self Adhesive Lg. Rubber Stamp Holder Sm. Rubber Stamp Holder Med. Rubber Stamp Holder Lg. Sentence Strip Packs Sequins Sharpie 8 pack Shiny Self Adhesive Sponge Tissue Paper Velcro Vinyl Cling Wiggle Eyes

$1.50 $0.05 $2.75 $0.35 $1.75 $8.60 $0.25 $1.75 $13.80 $0.11 $1.00 $2.47 $0.80 $1.30 $2.25 $2.00 $10.35 $4.65 $1.10 $2.50 $14.95 $4.85 $0.55 $3.25

Prices per foot

25" laminate 38" & 51" laminate

$0.40 $0.75

Prices per unit

Acetate Cover, Clear Book Ring Sm. Book Ring Med. Book Ring Lg. Paper Fasteners Spiral Binder 1/4” Spiral Binder 3/8” Spiral Binder 1/2” Spiral Binder 5/8” Spiral Binder 3/4” Spiral Binder 1” Spiral Binder 1½” Unibind

$0.10 $0.17 $0.22 $0.28 $0.01 $0.06 $0.11 $0.17 $0.22 $0.28 $0.33 $0.39 $1.25

Xerox Copies & Printers
Prices per unit

Service Charge
Customers who use their own materials will be charged a $3.00 service charge per person for the use of the Ellison machines, to help offset the costs of maintenance and repairs. School Year Hours Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Wednesday Friday 9:30-7:00 9:30-7:30 8:30-4:30

Color Copies Color Transparency Plotter Printer - per foot Poster Maker (Plain) - per foot Poster Maker (Photo) - per foot Poster Printer Plus - per foot
Prices per unit

$0.50 $1.60 $4.95 $2.00 $4.00 $1.50

Presenta Plaque
Presenta Plaque (8 ½ x11) Presenta Plaque (10½ x 13) $9.00

Summer Hours Monday-Friday 8:00-4:00

Thermo-fax Supplies
Prices per unit

Transparency Colored Transparency Transparency Frame

$0.45 $0.55 $0.28

Prices effective June 18, 2009 are subject to change without notice.

Sign Engraving
Prices per unit

Name Plate 2" X 8" Name Plate 2" X 10" Name Tag Pin – On Desk Holder 2" X 8" Desk Holder 2" X 10" Wall Holder 2" X 8" Wall Holder 2" X 10"

$3.60 $3.85 $3.00 $4.70 $4.95 $3.85 $3.85

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