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									Phi Theta Kappa Project
The Academic Mentor Program
Authors: Olesia R. Stockhold, Daniel J. Bunt,
Dr. Merle Funk
Concerning the established academic assistance programs at FRCC:

 The collective goal at Front Range Community College is degree completion. This is a universal
 fact, and the college is very dedicated to bringing this goal to fruition. From the day the students
 register for the first class, the faculty and administration of FRCC is there to make sure the
 students cross the finish line at graduation. The College has implemented programs to aid
 students in reaching the finish line. The Writing and Academic Skills Center and Math Lab are
 places where students can receive individualized help from faculty in the areas of English
 composition, mathematics, public speaking and reading comprehension. Many students benefit
 from the center and lab, and FRCC Professors often integrate the use of these programs into their
 curriculums. There is a tutoring program available to students as well. When a student struggles
 to reach a C grade in one or more of their classes, they are eligible a tutor free of charge. The
 student must continue to struggle below a C, to maintain eligibility for the complementary service.
 The aforementioned services provided by FRCC are right on target with the ultimate goal of degree
 completion. In order to graduate with an associates degree at FRCC, the student must complete
 their required courses with at least a 2.0 GPA in each required class. This is the same as a “C” on a
 4.0 scale. Given the rate of graduates obtaining an associates degree reached a 10-year high in
 2011, it would appear that the established programs are a success. While we are thrilled to see the
 numbers going up, we would like to see achievement rise as well.

 The school does not offer the tutoring service free of charge to those maintaining a C or above in
 their classes. If a student is not in any danger of earning a C or below in a class, but is struggling to
 achieve potential at their desired level, they have to pay for a tutor. For many community college
 students, paying for a tutor is seen as a luxury they simply cannot afford. We see many of our
 members fall below the required 3.2 GPA because they assumed there was no way to get help. We
 also know many students who are desperate to join Phi Theta Kappa, and can’t seem to reach the
 required 3.5 GPA. We are determined to help any student willing to work to improve their
 academic future.

 We understand the school’s need to regulate the interest in order to accommodate the students
 below the line. However, it is the duty of those who find success at Front Range, to help others to
 do the same. We want to encourage and foster peer-to-peer study sessions, and share our strategies
 for academic success.

FRCC/ Alpha Mu Psi Academic Mentoring Program

Authors: Olesia R. Stockhold, Daniel J. Bunt, and DR. Merle Funk Spring 2012

The objectives of the Academic Mentoring Program are to:
    A. To provide academic assistance to students in areas not covered by FRCC tutoring or labs.
    B. To support the faculty with outside assistance for their students.
    C. To motivate students to achieve high academic aspirations.


Academic Mentor Program:

     A. The mentors will be selected from the Alpha Mu Psi membership. The sessions will be divided by academic department (i.e.
     Math 121 and above, Social and Behavioral Science, Humanities, Accounting). They will go through a vetting process, which will
     include an interview and skill assessment. We will require a letter of recommendation from a professor and a copy of the candidate’s
     transcript. The leader(s) of each group will need to have a 3.8-4.0 GPA in the department for which they are applying.
     B. The program is open to the students enrolled at FRCC Westminster, Brighton, and FRCC Online learning.
     C. If a student needs or wants help with their studies, we can offer it to them free of charge in a “group” setting.
     D. We can help a student understand concepts, study for an exams, brainstorm ideas for projects, and learn new study strategies.
     E. We will refer the student to the tutoring center or writing center at our discretion.
     F. We will provide workshops with material similar to the AAA course at FRCC. These workshops will be focused on transfer
     goals, MLA/APA, how to use a day planner for classes, online course strategy etc.


     Humanities and Soc/Behav Sciences:                     Monday 6 pm - 9 pm

     Mathematics and Science:                               Tuesday 6 pm-9pm

     Accounting/Business/Paralegal:                         Thursday 1pm-4pm

     Study Skills / Academic Success Coaching:               Saturday 1pm-4pm

       After hours individual or group sessions are available by appointment.

     Training: The PTK chapter plans, with the assistance of the Advisor, to train each mentor to:
          1. Identify those students who are in need of more focused assistance.
          2. Maintain a professional and ethical relationship with the student.
          3. Assure the methods used by mentors are appropriate and productive.

     Recordkeeping: The PTK chapter plans to monitor general attendance numbers as to adjust group size, composition, and needs so that
     we may make improvements to the Mentoring Program. The faculty advisor will prepare a report for the FRCC administration at the
     end of each semester. The report will provide data and insight into the program’s success.


     The program is open to any student attending FRCC Westminster, Brighton, Online and CCC Online Campus (Must have Front
     Range CC listed as home school).

          1. Students benefit from having a network of qualified peers in their support system
          2. FRCC Student Body achievement and completion rates will rise.
          3. PTK recruits and aids potential and provisional members in officially joining PTK.


     The PTK chapter plans to promote the Program by:
         1. Posting flyers in FRCC approved locations.
         2. Information on the FRCC website.
         3. Ideally, references from the Writing Center, Math Lab, and faculty members.


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