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Primary Objectives
•   Understand more about the world of food, across consumer food trends, use of food media and response
    to food advertising

•   Demonstrate that C4 ‘know food’ and are at the vanguard of consumer trends both in terms of
    programming content and affinity with the lifestyles of the C4 target audience

•   Explore the hypothesis that the Channel 4 food environment results in greater levels of engagement with
    food advertising

•   1,000 Online interviews. Nationally representative sample
•   Qualitative groups
•   In home interviews
The Home of

 Six typologies emerged that reflect the changing nature of of the food audience

        ‘Food TV’ works on many levels - it is much more than ‘How to TV’
     Food inspiration is not a didactic process - ideas and influence beyond the
                                    straight recipe

Channel 4 is the food channel - an environment that gets you in the mood for food
  Programme range appeals to diverse lifestyles and satisfies a hierarchy of format needs
 The brand is exciting, flattering, adventurous - a source of inspiration & focus of aspiration
     Emerged as the most expansive channel footprint that reaches all food typologies
The Home of
C4 Food - The Ten Big points

 1)   Time starved & faster food culture. Instant knowledge and quick inspiration. Traditional kitchen skills less evident in a soc iety
      with fewer lifestage certainties & inherited roles.

 2)   Food TV does what TV does well - it is larger than life. It entertains, informs & inspires.
      Food TV satisfies a hierarchy of audiences and need states - from mass appeal to niche

 3)   Food TV is not just for foodies. Food TV reaches everyone. It is not just ‘how to television.’

 4)   Everyone is a scratch cook to different degrees. Kitchen is both leisure & functional domain.

 5)   C4 has the most comprehensive TV food portfolio & most distinctive format/chef brands.
The Home of
C4 Food - The Ten Big Points

  6)   Internet is increasingly important as a source for specific recipe & follow up information.

  7)   Metro & young TV audiences cynical regarding advertising ‘manipulation’. C4 is a trusted brand that offers a credible
       environment reaching these harder to reach groups.

  8)   Cost of food has become a big issue. Decisions at retail and recipe stages to ‘do it for less’ yet maintain quality standards.
       Particularly so in the North. Health and wellbeing is a top of mind trend but people determine their own interpretation

  9)   Britishness is a useful device to unite and articulate a range of food trends - encapsulates sourcing, seasonality,
       authenticity, traditional values, organic

  10) Food advertising works harder in the context of food programming. Audiences are in the mood for food both consciously
        and subconsciously when enjoying food TV
    The Home of
    Broad attitudinal typologies are identifiable

                                                           Outer needs                                 Social
    Glory cooking                                                                                      lubricant
                                                                                   Food Lovers
                           Aspiring chefs


    About me                                                                                                       About others
                                Convenience                                                 Foodies

                                              Food Conscious

    Fueling                                                                                              Nurturing
                                                           Inner needs
Source: Food on 4 Study, TWResearch
The Home of                           Convenience Junkies

Food cooking skills, can cook one or two food trends. Most likely to reheat /rely heavily on ready
      meals, pizzas, takeout. Low interest in
                                              special dishes (Yorkshires, curry),
                                                                                  component cook

                                        Time-pressed Foodies

   Rely heavily on ready meals and components but aspire to ‘scratch cook’ and feel a little guilty about
         short cuts. Often pre/young family. For special occasions may move up to partial scratch.

                                            Food Conscious

 Interested in good quality and fresh ingredients but not excited or enthused by food or taste. Know their
  food but don’t necessarily enjoy it - tends to be a very functional transaction and a limited repertoire of

                                           Nurturing Foodies

  Mainly mums (can also be friends) cooking regularly for the family, using food as a way of looking after
    their families and showing they care. Will have the occasional pizza but add their own twist to it to
                               alleviate the guilt and prefer to scratch cook

                                              Food Lovers

 Enthuse about food and have a broad knowledge and experience of different food types through friends,
 travel and eating out. Aware of trends, concerned about quality ingredients. Comfortable and instinctive
                                       experimenting in the kitchen

                                             Aspiring chefs

    Keen to impress with cooking ability and proficiency of final product. Full scratch cooking frequently
        treated almost as a competition. Use ingredient knowledge as a matter of skill and show.
    The Home of
    The importance of quality and good value
    Q. Thinking about food, how important are the following factors to you?

                   Quality                                                                    92%
             Good Value                                                                      89%
                       Price                                                             85%
          Healthy Food                                                                 77%
       British Produce                                                           68%
            Food Waste                                                          65%
           Convenience                                                    53%
       Fair Trade Food                                              42%
              Food Miles                                      32%
                   Organic                                   28%
Source: Food on 4 Study, Propeller. Base:1,000 respondents
The Home of
                    For some air freight is good because it is
                      fresher but for others fewer air miles a
                          re more environmentally conscious

                      One of the easiest ethical approaches to
              understand & well-covered on TV programmes-
                               offering a fair price for goods

                            Seen as helping to support local
                communities and associated with better food,
                             but sometimes more expensive

                     Popular with many, a source of pride, a
                                   support for the economy

                        Easy to understand, mainly associated
                                with eggs but also chickens &
                                           even pigs for some
    The Home of
    TV programmes are a key influence for all
                                                                  Supplements &
                                                                                                  Food magazines
                                         Adverts &

                                            TV Programmes
                             Websites                                      Recipe books
                                                       Friends & Family            Supermarket offers
                           Local                                                        & deals
                                                                                                   Eating out

                                             Supermarket recipe

Source: Food on 4 Study, TWResearch
    The Home of
    Q. How much are your food ideas inspired by the following sources?

                              Recipe Books                                            53%
                           Friends/Family                                             52%
                 Food TV Programmes                                             32%
                                   Eating Out                                   31%
                                    Websites                              25%
          Supermarket recipe cards                                        24%
     New/Different food products                                          24%
                                         Travel                         21%
                                       Adverts                      17%
                         Food Magazines                           13%
                           Sunday Supps.                          12%
                      Daily Newspapers                       4%

Source: Food on 4 Study, Propeller. Base:1,000 respondents
    The Home of
    Creative Guidelines
    Consumers ask for…

                Factual information               Catchy / familiar tune
               Truthfulness                     Humour
               Price information
                                                 Tempting food shots
               Short & to the point             Sexy voice
               Topical and relevant
                                                 Unusual / different
                                             

                          Rational response          Emotional response

Source: Food on 4 Study, TWResearch
  The Home of
  Channel 4 is most closely associated with
  Of the following TV channels, which one do you most
  strongly associate with food?

                                                           All adults    ABC1 16-34

              60%                                                                     55%

              30%                                            26%

              20%             13%
                                 11%                                    9% 8%
                                                                                            0% 0%
                               BBC1                   BBC2              I TV1   Channel 4   Five

Source: Propeller January 2009: Base: All adults (1,000)
  The Home of
  Channel 4 has the broadest affinity across all
                                                                           QuickT ime™ and a
                                                                T IF F (Uncompressed) decompressor
                                                                    are needed to see this picture.

                                                                                                      Outer needs                            Social lubricant
  Glory cooking
                                                                                                                               Food Lovers
                                               Aspiring chefs                                                                                                               QuickTime™ and a
                                                                                                                                                                   TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor
                                                                                                                                                                      are neede d to see this picture.

 About me                                                                                                                                                       About others
                                                     Convenience                                                                       Foodies
                                                                                                                                                                            Quic kTime™ and a
             Q i ckTim e™ an d a                                                                                                                                   TIFF (Uncompres sed) dec ompres sor
   TIFF (Unc ompre sse d) dec omp re ss or                                                                                                                            are needed to see this picture.
      are n eed ed to s ee thi s pi ctu re .

  Fueling                                                                                                                                              Nurturing
                                                                                                      Inner needs
Source: TW Research
    The Home of
   Channel 4 food programmes makes viewers think differently

 I talked about the programme(s) with other                                                                                 66%
                    people                                                                                        47%
                                    1 in 4 adults tried something new56%
     The programme(s) made me think about
      food/cooking in new and different ways                      41%
                                         or different after watching a
     The programme(s) made me think about                23%
       changing something in my own life Channel 4 food programme
         I tried something new or different after                                                                       16-34
                        watching                                                            24%                         35-54
 I bought some ingredients I 'd never bought                                        15%
            before after watching                                                  13%

                I tried a new recipe after watching                                               29%
        I changed the way I shop for food after                                     16%
                      watching                                                    12%

                                                                    0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%
Source: Propeller. Base: All respondents who watched a C4 food programme. 16-34s (297), 35-54s (462). Q: Which of the
following statements apply to any of these food progs?
     The Home of
     Channel 4 food programmes inspire change

Source: Ipsos Mori Public Value Survey Dec 08
The Home of
Channel 4 food programmes result in greater levels of engagement with food

               Fits current food culture & behavioural trends better than any other channel

                       Appeals to the broadest spectrum of ‘food audience’ typologies

      As an advertising environment can encompass both the inspirational and the everyday - a trusted
                           environment where audiences are in the mood for food

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