The Cliff Bay launches the 2013 Stars Route Following the success

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					The Cliff Bay launches the 2013 Stars Route
Following the success of the Stars Route culinary festival, the event will be repeated in 2013, going into its
4th edition. Various entities join together to continue this interesting Portuguese culinary project that is
becoming more and more international!
The opening of the culinary route will be held once again in Funchal, at the Il Gallo D´Oro restaurant, in The
Cliff Bay Hotel (Porto Bay Hotels & Resorts). The first event of the 2013 Stars Route will take place between 20
and 26 February. And, once again, it looks promising!
Chef Benoît Sinthon will be the host of twelve guest Chefs not only from Portugal but also from throughout
Europe. On display will be the culinary inspirations of Finland, the United Kingdom, Spain, mainland Portugal
and, this time, France, the capital of European haute cuisine, will also be prominently represented.
5 memorable dinners are being prepared resulting from a meticulous blending of 12 world-famous Chefs. Host
chef Benoît Sinthon will be joined by eleven other international Chefs, all of whom have been awarded 1 or 2
Michelin stars.
They are Kei Matsushima (Keisuke Matsushima Restaurant, France, 1 Michelin star), Serge Goulomès (Le Mas
Candille, France, 1 star), Fernando Agrasar (As Garzas, Spain, 1 star), David Faure (Aphrodite, France, 1 star),
Hans Välimäki (Chez Dominique, Finland, 2 stars), Adam Simmonds (Danesfield House, United Kingdom, 1
star), Olivier Barbarin (Châteux d'Audrieu, France, 1 star).
From Portugal, and from other participating hotel restaurants of the Stars Route, we have Hans Neuner
(Ocean, Portugal, 2 stars), Dieter Koschina (Vila Joya, Portugal, 2 stars), Ricardo Costa (The Yeatman, Portugal,
1 star) and José Cordeiro (Altis Belém, Portugal, 1 star). There will also be a special presentation of pastry-
making, thanks to Pastry Chef Christophe Renou, from the famous Valrhona School, in France.
The Stars Route dinners will be preceded by a champagne cocktail. The tasting menu includes five to six dishes
with a selection of wines that go with them. Every day, various Chefs will get together in the kitchen at Il Gallo
d´Oro to present a sublime tasting menu. Dinners are available for advance reservation not only for hotel
guests, but for everyone interested in haute cuisine.
At the same time, The Cliff Bay Hotel promotes a culinary week with different activities, including visits to the
kitchen, cooking and hospitality workshops, wine tasting, demonstrations of sushi, molecular cuisine and local
beverages, and visits to culinary places of interest in the area.
The Stars Route culinary event at The Cliff Bay is part of the calendar of events created by the Porto Bay Group
– Porto Bay Events.

The Il Gallo d´Oro Restaurant
The Il Gallo d´Oro Restaurant, in The Cliff Bay hotel, was entirely renovated in September 2012. Now it has a
new look, with Southern décor in pastels, earth tones and gold. A symbiosis between classic and contemporary
styling that favours the tasting experience of its aromatic cuisine with Mediterranean and Iberian influences,
prepared by Chef Benoît Sinthon.
Along with the redecoration, a new area has been created dedicated to wines, with a demarcated presence right
at the entrance to the restaurant. The new wine cellar reinforces its commitment to haute cuisine and to the
wines, promoting an atmosphere favourable to the preservation of wine, regarding light, temperature and
humidity conditions.

Multimedia material:
CVs of the Chefs participating in the first event at Il Gallo d´Oro, here.
Photos and Video of the last edition of the Stars Route at Il Gallo d´Oro.

The Stars Route 2013
Between February and November, seven events will be held from the North to the South of Portugal, including
the island of Madeira and always involving restaurants distinguished by the Michelin Guide. The itinerant
culinary route will offer those who are passionate about cuisine the opportunity to savour the best Portugal has
to offer.
The restaurants which participate in the 2013 edition of the Stars Route are: Il Gallo d’Oro, The Cliff Bay Hotel,
in Funchal, Chef Benoît Sinthon; Ocean, Vila Vita Park Hotel, in the Algarve, Chef Hans Neuner; The Yeatman, in
the hotel with the same name, in Porto, Chef Ricardo Costa; Largo do Paço, Casa da Calçada Hotel, in Amarante,
Chef Vítor Matos; Feitoria, in Altis Belém Hotel, in Lisbon, Chef José Cordeiro; Vila Joya, Vila Joya Hotel, in the
Algarve, Chef Dieter Koschina; and, Fortaleza do Guincho, Fortaleza do Guincho Hotel, in Cascais, Chef Vincent

Calendar 2013
                 CITY                          RESTAURANT                          DATE                        HOST CHEF

                                               The Cliff Bay .
              FUNCHAL                                                            20-26 February               Benoît Sinthon
                                               Il Gallo D´Oro
               PORTO                           The Yeatman                         18-20 April                Ricardo Costa
                                                Vila Vita Park
              ALGARVE                                                            17 and 18 May                Hans Neuner
                                                 Altis Belém
               LISBON                                                              21-22 June                 José Cordeiro
                                                Fortaleza do
               CASCAIS                                                          13-14 September               Vincent Farges
              ALGARVE                             Vila Joya                       October (tbc)              Dieter Koschina
                                              Casa da Calçada
             AMARANTE                          Largo do Paço                    14-15 November                 Vítor Matos
You can follow the Stars Route at, available in Portuguese and English. Here you will
find the CVs and experience of the Chefs, the clipping created over the past few years, information on previous
editions, multimedia material of the event, contact information for reservations, social networks, and others.
The news of each event, namely the Chefs invited to each, will be updated here as the dates of each approach.

For more information: Fabíola Pereira | Marketing Director (Porto Bay Hotels) | +351 291 703 711 |

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