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									                   Gigis Wholesale Boutique
                      "Extreme" Wholesale Price List
                                    For unlisted items, emaill us at s_modelli@msn.com
                                       *Bulk pricing applies to sale amount of $250
                                                          or more

                                                                                         Retail Price Bulk Price
               Name                                     Description
                                                                                          Per Unit    Per Unit*
Strapless Petti Rompers         Any Color Any Size                                            $10.50       $7.00
Petti Rompers with Straps       Any Color Any Size                                            $11.50       $8.00
Solid Color Petti Bloomers      Any Color                                                     $10.00       $6.00
Zebra/Cheetah/Ice Cream or
CupCake                         Any Color                                                     $12.00       $7.00
ButterFly Tutu Gown             Any Color                                                     $25.00      $15.00
Fluffy 3 Layer Tutu Dress       Any Color                                                     $15.00      $12.00
Princess Tied Tutus             Any Color Mixture                                             $15.00      $12.00
Lace Leggings                   Any Color Any Size                                             $6.50       $5.00
Zebra/Cheetah/Summer Time Fun
Bows                            Any Mixture of Bows                                            $3.00       $1.00
Lace Petti Pants                Any Color Any Size                                            $12.00       $9.00

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